Against All Odds

May 20, 2010 - by Adam Martin


TNA Against All Odds PPV Results – 2/8/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Adam Martin of

– The new TNA HD promo hits.

– A video package runs highlighting the matches scheduled tonight including the main event featuring Sting defending the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Kurt Angle, Brother Ray and Brother Devon.

– A graphic opening hits welcoming us to TNA Against All Odds. We go live to the Impact Zone in Orlando where a series of pyro goes off above the ring and in the entrance area. Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to the show and preview what is scheduled.

– Up first is the TNA X Division Championship match (our first of five title matches tonight).

TNA X Division Championship Match
Alex Shelley (c) vs. Eric Young

Tenay and West mentioned that Chris Sabin will not be at ringside tonight. The bell rings and Alex Shelley goes after Eric Young right away. Young takes down Shelley, hits a few elbows and hits a big forearm from the top. Young clotheslines Shelley over the top rope to the outside. Young slides out and Shelley quickly slides back in. Young gets back in, Shelley goes out, Shelley jumps up on the ring apron, Young dropkicks him off and then connects with a springboard cross-body over the top rope. Shelley trips up Young on the ring apron. Both begin exchanging shots on the ring apron and Shelley sends Young ribs first into the steel ring post. Shelley with a flying knee to the chest of Young into the guard railing. Young recovers quickly dropping Shelley face first off the ring apron and into the guard railing. Young then quickly goes up top and jumps off at Shelley and Shelley moves causing Young to crash over the guard railing on his ribs. Shelley with a big kick to the chest on Young.

Shelley rolls Young back in the ring and kicks and slaps Young. Shelley with a big dropkick to the chest of Young who hesitates in the air from the corner. Shelley then applies a surfboard submission. Shelley with a knee to the gut and kick to the head combo on Young. Shelley with another big knee on Young. Shelley with a chest chop to Young. Young fires back with a clothesline from the ring apron. Shelley with a kick, goes up top and lands a flying knee to the back of the neck. Shelley chops Young on the ring apron. Shelley attempts a catapult on the ring apron. Young counters, but ends up missing a charge on Shelley hitting the steel ring post with force. Shelley tosses Young back in the ring and drives him to the corner. Shelley backs up, charges, hits a big elbow, hits a second elbow, Young falls down and Shelley hits a basement dropkick. Shelley with the cover and Young kicks out after two. Shelley with some stiff kicks to the back of Young. Shelley with elbows to Young’s shoulder.

Shelley pulls Young down and applies a neck crank submission. Young fights back sending Shelley into the ropes and then face planting him after sending Shelley up in the air. Young with big right hands. Young with a quick inverted atomic-drop and then levels Shelley with a huge clothesline! Cover by Young and Shelley kicks out after two. Shelley with a jawbreaker on Young off the top. Young with a big kick to the back on Shelley. Shelley counters two Death Valley Driver attempts. Young with a springboard legdrop on Shelley, cover and Shelley gets a shoulder up after two. Young misses a moonsault and Shelley rolls up Young for a close two count. Shelley with a big superkick on Young and then a big faceplant. Cover by Shelley and Young again gets a shoulder up after two. Shelley with a big flipping inverted DDT on Young, cover and Young barely kicks out after two. Shelley props Young up top, Young holds, Shelley flips up and hits a HUGE bulldog off top.

Shelley then goes back up top, hits a huge frog splash, hooks the leg and Young somehow kicks out! Shelley puts Young back up top, Young then gets Shelley up on his shoulders, Shelley fights off, but Young grabs Shelley and jumps down and Shelley hits the turnbuckle face first. Shelley favors his face after taking the hit on the corner. Young gets in the referees face and this allows Shelley to roll him up for the pinfall. Very good opener tonight.

Winner & STILL TNA X Division Champion: Alex Shelley

After the match, we see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Alex Shelley is celebrating with the TNA X Division Title.

– Members of the Detroit Tigers are shown at ringside.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle and mentions how he arrived to the building without Sting. Angle said he doesn’t want to lose tonight and knows Sting doesn’t want to lose either. He said that is who they are. Angle said there is no doubt in his mind they will get along tonight, but champions push each other. He said tonight he pushes Sting and regardless of who wins the TNA World Title, the Main Event Mafia will be a closer family than it ever was before. Angle kicks JB out of his locker room.

– A video package airs highlighting the history between Scott Steiner and Petey Williams.

Scott Steiner vs. Petey Williams

The bell rings and Scott Steiner circles the ring taunting at the crowd. Lock up and Steiner quickly pushes Petey Williams away. The crowd in Orlando is all over Steiner and he is eating it up. Lock up and Steiner backs Williams to the corner. Steiner with a big chop and hip toss on Williams. Lock up, Steiner with a knee and quick scoop slam on Williams. Steiner works on the left arm of Williams. Williams flips out and starts kicking the knees of Steiner. Steiner throws Williams down, but Williams fires back with a dropkick and neckbreaker combo. Williams with a big dropkick from up top, cover and Steiner quickly kicks out after one. Steiner rolls out of the ring and Williams hits a baseball slide dropkick. Steiner returns to the ring. Williams with a jawbreaker and big spin kick to take Steiner down. Williams starts going up top and Steiner cuts him off with a big right hand. Steiner with a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex from the top turnbuckle! Steiner with chops to Williams, clothesline and elbow combo.

Steiner props Williams up in the corner and hits more chops. Williams with a boot in the other corner and attempts a tornado DDT. Steiner pushes out sending Williams back across the ring. Steiner with a big belly-to-belly suplex, teases he will cover Williams and backs off taunting. Steiner puts Williams across the top ropes, secures his head against his shoulders and drives Williams down face first into the mat. Steiner covers Williams and once again pulls him off the mat wanting to dish out more. Steiner with more chops to Williams against the corner. Williams with a big dropkick to Steiner in the corner. Steiner comes back with a rake to the eyes. Steiner props Williams up top, Williams bites the head of Steiner, pushes him off top to the mat, Williams jumps and connects with a big cross-body. Williams with some flying forearms and a tornado DDT on Steiner. Williams attempts a Canadian Destroyer and Steiner counters it hitting an Alabama Slam on Williams.

Williams comes back with a kick to the head on Steiner. Williams with a springboard knees to the chest spot from the ring apron. Williams plays up in the corner as if he is injured bringing Steiner in. Williams attempts a rollup and Steiner kicks out after two. Williams with more forearms and a dropkick that sends Steiner to the outside. Williams attempts his twisting huracanrana over the top rope, but Steiner holds onto Williams and powerbombs him down to the mat on the outside. Steiner tosses Williams back in the ring and applies the Steiner Recliner. Williams gets to the ropes breaking the submission. Steiner grabs Williams, lifts him up in a vertical suplex and then counters that into a Steiner Screwdriver! Steiner covers Williams and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Scott Steiner

After the match, Scott Steiner grabs the mic and tells the fans he doesn’t need their cheers. He said this is how the Main Event Mafia and Big Poppa Pump gets the job done. Steiner throws the mic down, picks Williams up, puts him on his shoulders, goes up top and falls back dropping Williams down hard on the mat. Steiner then goes to apply the Steiner Recliner again when Samoa Joe’s music hits. Joe appears on the screen and said Steiner was one of the many who took him out. He said Steiner will be the first of the many sins he is about to commit in TNA.

– At ringside, Tenay and West rundown the card for tonight. They mention Mick Foley will join them on commentary for the main event and Foley will present the winner with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley and TNA World Champion Sting. Foley said he hopes Kurt Angle isn’t the guy he has to hand the title belt to tonight. Sting stops him telling him not to bad mouth a fellow Mafia member. He then wishes Sting luck tonight calling him “the” icon. Sting said that means a lot to him and Foley walks off. JB brings up Kurt Angle’s comment earlier tonight. Sting said he is fine with what Angle said and that there has to be a winner and loser tonight. He said they will live to fight another day and the Mafia’s goal to fight for respect.

– Brutus Magnus walks out to the ring and grabs a mic. Magnus said he despite the ignorant American opinion of British people, he is a gladiator and this brings us to tonight. He mentions his open challenge from Impact and tells his opponent to walk out now. Chris Sabin will be his opponent.

Brutus Magnus vs. Chris Sabin

The bell rings and the crowd is behind Chris Sabin. Brutus Magnus pushes forward, locks up and pushes Sabin away two times. Sabin offers a test of strength with Magnus. Sabin breaks it and works on Magnus’ arm. Magnus counters and works on Sabin’s arm. Sabin with big chops to Magnus. Sabin attempts a running shoulder block and Magnus stays on his feet. Sabin attempts this a second time and Magnus is still up. Magnus elevates Sabin up, Sabin jumps down, hits a few kicks and then a big dropkick to Magnus’ face. Magnus catches Sabin who springboards off the corner. Magnus drops Sabin face first down, hits a running knee, hits a knee across the chest, covers and Sabin quickly kicks out after a one count. Magnus with a big elbow to the head. Magnus with a big hanging vertical suplex on Sabin. Magnus with a big kick to the back and then applies a chinlock submission.

Sabin floats up from the corner, jumps off the shoulders of Magnus, Magnus counters a rollup attempt, Sabin hits an atomic-drop, hits a few clotheslines and then hits a springboard clothesline. Cover by Sabin and Magnus kicks out. Sabin attempts a sunset flip roll through, but Magnus counters that into a huge powerbomb. Cover by Magnus and Sabin kicks out after two. Sabin slides out of the ring, Magnus follows, Sabin slides back in, jumps up top, jumps off and takes out Magnus at ringside. Sabin tosses Magnus back in the ring, Sabin jumps up top, Magnus grabs the referee, hits the ropes, Sabin crotches himself, Magnus picks up Sabin and hits his Tormentum finishing move. Magnus covers Sabin and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Brutus Magnus

– Backstage, Lauren is with Team 3D and brings up how Kurt Angle and Sting might be ignoring 3D who are also in the main event. Brother Devon said while they fight, they will bring experience and win the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Lauren asks where this leaves him with Brother Ray. Devon said it looks like it puts them in the same boat as Sting and Angle. Brother Ray said after capturing 21 World Tag Team Titles, he often asked himself if he could have done it without his brother at his side and that the real question tonight is if they can get the job down on their own. He said one thing is for sure…Dudley blood is thicker than water. Ray then tells Lauren to come with them since they are going to talk to Sting.

– A video package runs highlighting tonight’s TNA Knockouts Championship match between champion Awesome Kong and challenger ODB.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Awesome Kong (c) vs. ODB

Awesome Kong was accompanied to the ring by the Kongtourage. Jim Cornette walks out and asked if they heard what he said on Impact about banning them from ringside. He said they can either go to the back and allow a title match to go down or he can take the title and hand it right over to ODB. Cornette gives them ten seconds to head to the back. They all head up the ramp and Kong jumps down grabbing Cornette by the throat. ODB then jumps down and takes out Kong as the bell rings kicking the match off.

ODB goes right after Kong sending her into the guard railing. Kong throws ODB down and Kong rolls into the ring. ODB jumps in and starts kicking Kong on the mat. ODB attempts a scoop slam on Kong, but is unable to. ODB kicks Kong a few times on the back of the leg and hits a big faceplant bulldog. ODB with a cover and Kong kicks out quickly. ODB goes up top, jumps and Kong catches her in mid air with a big clothesline. Kong pulls ODB by her hair and then hits a big kick to the back. Kong sends ODB chest first into the corner and Kong splashes her. ODB tries to fight back, but Kong keeps her down and hits some big shots to the back. Kong then applies a bearhug on ODB. ODB attempts another scoop slam on Kong, but ODB is unable to and Kong falls right on ODB. Kong then goes up top, jumps and ODB rolls out of the way. ODB gets to her feet and hits some big right hands to the chest of Kong. ODB sends Kong into the corners a few times. ODB is then able to get Kong up and down for a big scoop slam! ODB with the cover and Kong kicks out after two. Kong then counters a clothesline attempt from ODB into a kick to the gut, hooks the arms and hits the Implant Buster. Cover by Kong and she retains.

Winner & STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Awesome Kong

– Backstage, Lauren is with Team 3D who caught up with Sting. Brother Ray said when he was beaten down by the Mafia, he saw Sting walk away and not take part in the beating. He said that is the only reason he is able to stand here and talk to him. Ray said while Sting didn’t do the right thing that night, he can do the right thing tonight and says the Main Event Mafia stands for ego. He said Sting doesn’t stand for ego, but rather for respect. Ray said he is coming just as hard for his title just like his brother Devon and Kurt Angle will tonight. He said just incase the old Sting decides to show up then Team 3D has his back. 3D walks off and Lauren informs him that Kurt Angle wanted to say something to him. Sting walks off saying he will talk to Angle on his own time.

– A video package runs highlighting the events between TNA Legends Champion Booker T and referee Shane Sewell dating back to the Genesis PPV last month.

TNA Legends Championship Match
Booker T (c) vs. Referee Shane Sewell

The bell rings and Booker says “hold on” to Shane Sewell. Booker starts warming up and stretching in the corner. Booker pushes forward, extends his hand and Sewell backs off. Booker continues to circle the ring as Sewell stays back watching his every move. Lock up and Sewell pushes Booker to the corner. Lock up and Booker goes to work on Sewell’s left arm. Sewell counters working on Booker’s left arm as well. Booker gets to the ropes to break it up. Booker then pushes Sewell to the corner, hits a knee and follows that up with a few chest chops. Booker with a huge lifting knee to the head of Sewell. Booker with more shots to Sewell on the mat. Booker with a big side kick on Sewell. Booker then stands over Sewell taunting him. Booker with a Book End on Sewell. Booker hooks the leg and Sewell gets a shoulder up after two. Sewell then starts hulking up taking forearm shots from Booker. Sewell with some big chops to Booker. Sewell mounts Booker in the corner and hits some big right hands. Sewell with some big clotheslines on Booker and then a scoop slam. Sewell tosses his referee shirt and hits a big running bulldog on Booker. Sewell is then tripped up by Sharmell as he hits the ropes and this allows Booker to hit the Axe Kick. Cover and Booker gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL TNA Legends Champion: Booker T

After the match, Booker T takes the mic and asks if everyone saw that. He said he was never scared of a referee. Booker stands over Shane Sewell taunting him when AJ Styles’ music hits. Styles runs down the ramp and hits the ring. Booker cuts off Styles, but Styles makes a comeback getting in some big shots. Styles then sends BOoker to the floor with a big clothesline over the top rope. Booker starts heading up the ramp upset. Styles grabs the Legends Title, puts it over his shoulder and grabs the mic. The crowd chants for Styles. Styles said he didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth and he grew up dirt poor. He said what got him from there to here was a dream, a dream to be the best professional wrestler in the world. Styles said not just that, but to be a legend. He said there are pieces of him scattered in every ring around the world and he was happy to do it. Styles said it was time for AJ Styles to step up and be that legend against the Main Event Mafia. He said there can only be one, the phenomenal one, A-J Styles.

– Backstage, Lauren is with Matt Morgan. She said she knows she can talk Abyss out of this match tonight. Morgan tells her to shut up and hold the mic. He talks about having a staph infection in his shoulder just removed and yet he is still here tonight. Morgan said starting tonight he will wash the stank that is Abyss off his body with Abyss’ own blood and dares anyone to stop him.

– A video package runs highlighting the run of Abyss and Matt Morgan as a tag team and how Morgan turned on Abyss.

Abyss vs. Matt Morgan

The bell rings and Matt Morgan goes after Abyss right away. Both attempt shoulder blocks and hit each other each time still standing. Morgan sends Abyss to the corner and gets in some big lefts and rights. Morgan sends Abyss face first into the corner a few times. Abyss comes back doing the same to Morgan. Abyss sends referee Rudy Charles out of the ring who was getting in his face. Abyss drops Morgan over the top rope. Morgan with a big boot to Abyss. Abyss side steps Morgan who ends up going over the top rope to the outside, but lands on his feet. Morgan and Abyss exchange lefts and rights by the announce table. Morgan then sends Abyss over the guard railing into the crowd. Abyss backs Morgan even more into the crowd hitting some big rights. Morgan sends Abyss into the wall near the stands. Morgan starts choking Abyss against the wall. Morgan then grabs Abyss walking him even more up into the stands among the crowd in Orlando. They continue to brawl on the steps before walking back down towards the railing.

Morgan connects with a big superkick to Abyss who was making his way down the steps. Abyss then sends Morgan into the steel guard railing. Abyss sends Morgan back to the ringside area and right into the steel ring post. Abyss tosses Morgan back in the ring and then looks under the ring. Abyss pulls some weapons out including trash can lids, a trash can, baseball bat and a steel chair. Abyss has the chair in hand when the referee pulls it away and sends it to the outside. This allows Morgan to hit his running boot to the face. Morgan tosses the trash can out and the rest of the weapons Abyss threw in. Morgan hits some big elbows to Abyss in the corner, follows it with a splash, kick to the chest and a big russian leg sweep. Morgan with a cover and Abyss quickly kicks out after two. Morgan props Abyss against the ropes, hits the ropes and then hits a big body splash. Abyss peeks out under the middle rope and Morgan catches him with a leg drop over the bottom rope on the ring apron.

In the ring, Morgan goes up top and connects with a big cross-body. Morgan hooks the leg and Abyss kicks out after two. Morgan connects with a big standing dropkick on Abyss, another cover and Abyss gets a shoulder up. Morgan props Abyss up to the corner. Abyss fires back with some big right hands. Morgan then drops Abyss’ head off the top rope sending him backwards. Morgan goes up top, jumps, Abyss catches him across the throat, attempts a chokeslam, Morgan dodges, hits the ropes and both hit a double clothesline. Abyss fights back with a few shots and a big clothesline on Morgan. Abyss with a splash on Morgan in the corner. Abyss with a side slam on Morgan, cover and Morgan gets a shoulder up. Abyss then looks over and points to his bag. Abyss raises the bag up, Morgan levels Abyss with a clothesline and the referee tosses the bag out. Referee bump with Abyss splashing referee Rudy Charles when Morgan moved out of the way. Morgan has a steel chair and cracks it right over Abyss’ head.

Morgan revives the referee, cover by Morgan and Abyss somehow kicks out after two. Referee is still recovering as Morgan grabs the steel chair again. Abyss swats it away and hits a chokeslam on Morgan. Cover by Abyss and Morgan barely gets a shoulder up. Abyss places the steel chair over the chest of Morgan. Abyss hits the ropes looking to hit a splash, but Morgan tilts the chair up sideways and Abyss low blows himself when he goes for a splash. Morgan then hits a chokeslam on Abyss over the steel chair. Cover by Morgan and Abyss somehow kicks out. Abyss has the chair now, Morgan grabs the referee and Abyss hits the referee with the chair. Morgan charges and Abyss connects with the Black Hole Slam. Referee Slick Johnson runs down, makes the count as Abyss covers Morgan and Morgan kicks out after two. Morgan backs up looking to hit a big boot when Abyss hits another Black Hole Slam on Morgan. Cover by Abyss and he gets the pinfall.

Winner: Abyss

After the match, Abyss leaves the ring and grabs the bag full of thumb tacks. Abyss pours the tacks over the mat, grabs Matt Morgan, tears his shirt away, sends him into the ropes, Morgan holds on and bails to the outside.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with the Main Event Mafia. Booker T is upset at what AJ Styles did to him earlier tonight. Kevin Nash yells at him to sit down saying it isn’t about him right now. Sting walks in and Kurt Angle tells him to take a seat. Angle said they have been through a lot and he heard what Brother Ray said tonight. He said he doesn’t know what is going through his head right now, but hopes he doesn’t believe a word that Brother Ray said. Angle said Ray doesn’t give a sh*t about him and that the Main Event Mafia is his real family. He said Ray has the biggest ego of anyone in TNA and can’t be trusted. Angle said they all live by the pact they agreed to in Las Vegas. He said they need Sting to win the war tonight. Angle said he understands they have to do what they have to do, but said regardless of who wins the title, the Main Event Mafia will be as strong as it has ever been. He asks him if they have a deal. Sting hugs Angle and agrees. When Sting walks off, Angle looks at Kevin Nash and tells him to keep an eye on him.

– A video package runs highlighting tonight’s TNA World Tag Team Championship match with champions Beer Money, Inc. and challengers Lethal Consequences.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
Beer Money, Inc. (c’s) vs. Lethal Consequences

The bell rings and we start with Robert Roode and Jay Lethal. Lethal hits the ropes and Roode quickly backs off. Lock up and Roode hits a quick shoulder block. Lethal responds with a big elbow that takes out Roode. Roode retreats to the corner with Storm and asks for a time out. Lock up and Roode sends Lethal into the corner. Roode with some big chops to Lethal. Lethal with a high back body drop on both Roode and Storm who hits the ring. Tag to Consequences Creed. Creed and Lethal double team Storm and Roode. Storm gets the official tag. Storm and Creed circle each other, lock up and Storm hits a few knees to Creed against the ropes. Creed with a big hip toss on Storm followed by a big scoop slam. Creed with a huge tilt-a-whirl huracanrana takedown on Storm followed by some big elbows to the back. Tag to Lethal with Creed putting Roode up in the corner into the tree of woe. Lethal and Creed grab Storm and send him into Roode in the corner. Lethal and Creed slide out and pull Storm’s crotch into Roode’s face.

Roode falls down and they get into a 69 position. Both quickly move away and begin spitting. Beer Money regains the edge with Roode working on Lethal on the outside with the referee distracted. Storm covers Lethal and Lethal quickly kicks out. Tag to Roode with Beer Money double teaming Lethal. Tag to Storm Storm who hits a big backcracker on Lethal after Roode lifted Lethal up in a spinebuster position. Tag back to Roode who works on Lethal on the ground. Quick tag back to Storm who gets in a shot to Lethal’s ribs. Storm with a big running knee lift to Lethal and a tag back to Roode. Roode chokes Lethal on the ground with the referee pushing Creed back to his corner. Lethal fires back with a few right jabs. Lethal gets crotched up top by Roode who tags Storm back in. Beer Money then hit a double superplex from the top on Lethal. They then pause to do the “BEER!”…”MONEY!” spot that is gold. Tag back to Roode who works on Lethal and then tags Storm back in. Lethal fights back taking down both Storm and Roode.

Lethal dodges a double clothesline, hot tag to Creed and the crowd is dead for some reason. Creed with a big dropkick to Storm and right hand on Roode. Creed with a double clothesline on Beer Money and hits a cross-body from the top on Storm. Roode breaks up the pinfall attempt by Creed. Creed starts going up top when Jacqueline distracts him allowing Roode to launch him off to the outside. Storm wraps Creed’s arm around the guard railing on the outside and then tosses him back inside for Roode. Roode with a few shots on Creed who tags Storm back in quickly. Storm with a sledgehammer to Creed’s shoulder off the top. Storm drops Creed down face first across the mat. Quick tag to Roode who works on the shoulder of Creed. Tag again to Storm who drops his knee across Creed’s bad shoulder. Tag to Roode and Beer Money get in a few shots in the corner on Creed. Storm tags himself back in and gets in a few shots. Lethal wants in bad. Storm with a double underhook twisting powerbomb on Creed.

Tag to Roode who takes it to Creed in the corner. Lethal brushes past the referee and takes out Beer Money. Lethal tosses Creed across the ring, tags himself in and cleans house on Beer Money. Lethal with a cartwheel dropkick to Roode that Storm breaks up hitting an elbow on Roode by accident. Lethal is up top, sends Roode off who jumped up, jumps and connects with the flying elbow. Cover and Storm breaks up the pinfall. Jacqueline hits the ring and gets a back body drop from Lethal. Lethal Combination on Roode, cover and Roode somehow kicks out. Jacqueline then tosses a chain to Storm who wraps it around his hand. Storm takes out Lethal using the chain on his hand and Roode gets the pinfall.

Winners & STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: Beer Money, Inc.

After the match, we see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, we see a shot of Robert Roode and James Storm celebrating with the TNA World Tag Team Titles along with Jacqueline.

– A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way match with champion Sting and challengers Kurt Angle, Brother Ray and Brother Devon.

– Mick Foley makes his way out to the ring to join Mike Tenay and Don West on commentary.

– Highlight videos air looking at Kurt Angle, Team 3D and TNA World Champion Sting before their entrances. All videos were very well done.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Fatal Four Way Match
Sting (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon

They do ring introductions for the challengers Kurt Angle, Brother Ray, Brother Devon and champion Sting.

The bell rings and here we go. All four men stare each other down. Team 3D walk up first. Sting and Kurt Angle walk up as well. Ray goes after Angle and Devon goes after Sting. They switch it up keeping things fast. Ray is on Sting on the outside and Devon takes out Angle with a big shoulder block in the ring. Devon with a Lou Thesz Press and big right hands to Angle. Ray returns to the ring. 3D take out Angle with a double shoulder block. 3D bring Sting in, take him out, Ray covers and Devon backs off with Sting kicking out after two. Angle then shoves Ray into Devon. Sting and Angle then go to work on Ray and Devon. Sting with some big rights to Devon, while Angle chokes Ray against the ropes. 3D then level Angle and Sting with clotheslines. Ray with a scoop slam on Angle and then sends Angle over the top to the outside. Devon also dumps Sting out through the ropes. 3D then stare each other down, fist bump, Ray falls to his back and Devon pins him when Angle breaks it up. 3D with a face plant on Sting.

Angle is recovering on the outside with Sting down. Ray and Devon lock up. A loud “ECW” chant starts up. They break the lock up. Ray and Devon exchange shots. Ray with a scoop slam on Devon. Devon gets right back up and gives Ray a scoop slam. Ray then gets right back up. Ray slaps Devon away and then the two hit a double clothesline. Both get right back up as the fans cheer. Sting and Angle hit the ring and go after 3D. Sting tosses Ray into the guard railing, while Angle sends Devon into the steel ring steps. Ray fights back with some right hands on Sting. Devon starts choking Angle up against the ring. Ray tries to send Sting into the announce table, but Sting blocks it and hits a big forearm to the back. Ray gets tossed into the crowd by Sting. Devon then sends Angle face first into the announce table and starts choking him with a TV cable. Nice line by West who asks Foley what its like not to have anyone yelling in his earpiece while he calls a wrestling match.

In the ring, Angle has the Ankle Lock on Ray and Sting has Devon in the Scorpion Deathlock. Ray breaks it pushing Angle into Sting. Angle and Sting get in each others face. Angle is then sent into Sting once again. Devon low blow kicks Sting. Devon moves over to Angle who is busted open. Devon puts a boston crab on Angle, while Ray applies a Figure Four on Sting. 3D keep their respective submissions locked in. Angle counters rolling through sending Devon to the outisde. Angle tries to pin Sting who is still down in the Figure Four. Angle breaks up the Figure Four hitting an elbow on Ray. Angle then hits a kick to the back of the head on Ray. Ray rolls out as Sting gets to his feet and gets in Angle’s face. Angle attacks first working on the leg and knees of Sting. Angle continues to work on Sting who falls to the mat. Sting fires back with a series of clotheslines on Angle. Stinger Splash on Angle. Angle counters a Scorpion Deathdrop into an Ankle Lock on Sting. 3D then hit the ring and break this up.

Sting takes out 3D with lariats to the back of the head. Angle with an Angle Slam on Sting. Cover and Sting gets a shoulder up after a two count. Devon with a lifting inverted DDT on Angle. Cover by Devon and Angle gets a shoulder up after two. Ray with a Rock Bottom on Devon, cover and Devon gets a shoulder up after two. Sting with a DDT on Ray, cover and Ray kicks out after two. Angle tosses Sting out of the ring. Angle gets up on Devon in the corner. Ray walks up and puts Angle on his shoulders. Devon then goes up top, Sting is up on the ring apron, Devon hits the Doomsday and Sting breaks up a pinfall attempt by Devon on Angle. Ray chops Sting in the corner. Sting with a big kick to Devon and back suplex on Ray after countering a 3D attempt. Sting covers Ray and Ray gets a shoulder up after two. Sting gets a kick from Devon and walks into a scoop slam from Ray. Angle jumps up and suplexes Devon off the top. Ray then sends Angle over the top rope. Sting walks up, kicks Ray in the back and hits the Scorpion Deathdrop, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Sting

After the match, Sting is handed the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and holds it up in the air. We see a shot of a very upset Kurt Angle at ringside who is staring back at Sting. Mick Foley leaves the commentary area and hits the ring with Sting. They shake hands and Foley holds up the TNA World Title. Foley hands the title back to Sting as the fans cheer in Orlando. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Sting is still celebrating his victory as Angle looks on.

– A promo for TNA Destination X on March 15.


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