Against All Odds

May 20, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, February 10th in Greenville, SC

– The TNA promo hit.
– We go live to the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC where the National Anthem is sang with BG James, Bob Armstrong and members of the military at ringside.
– A video package runs featuring important landmarks in the United States while mixing the message with TNA wrestlers and the matches they are involved in tonight at Against All Odds. Another well done video package by TNA.
– A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to Against All Odds. We go live where BG James and Bob Armstrong lead members of the military around the ringside area as the fans in Greenville cheer. They are members of the South Carolina Army National Guard. BG gets on the mic, salutes the crowd along with his father and says in honor of all the men and women in uniform, not just here but also aboard – God Bless America. A series of pyro then goes off in the entrance area to kick off the PPV.
– TNA World Tag Team Champions AJ Styles and Tomko are out next.
– Before the match started, AJ Styles got on the mic and talked about Tomko ignoring him and joining sides with Christian Cage. Styles said he wants an explanation. Tomko tells Styles to get focused for the match right now since they are facing one of the best wrestling families of all time.

– AJ Styles & Tomko defeated BG James & “Bullet” Bob Armstrong to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championships. Jeremy Borash did ring introductions for both teams. AJ Styles and BG James begin the match for each team. Each time BG gets in some quick offense, Styles reverses and gloats. BG finally takes out Styles with a big right hand and tags in Bob Armstrong. Both BG and Bob give Styles a big double chop. Bob takes out Styles with a big slap to the face and then tags in Tomko. Tomko tells BG to tag himself in and Bob refuses. Bob slaps Tomko. Tomko throws Bob in the corner and lands a few rights. Bob responds with a few chops and punches of his own. BG gets the tag and they take out Tomko with a double elbow. BG with a few pinfall attempts on Tomko and he then tags Bob back in. Bob chops Tomko a few times, knocks Styles off the ring apron, but Tomko takes out Bob with a big powerslam. Styles slides in covering Bob, but Tomko pulls him off. Styles gets the legal tag, covers Bob again, but Bob kicks out. Backstage, we see a shot of Kurt Angle watching the match and Karen is trying to get his attention. Back live, Styles takes out Bob with a kick to the back of the head. Tomko gets the tag and goes to work on Bob. Tomko misses a big boot in the corner on Bob as BG is back in. BG takes out Tomko and Styles with big shots. BG takes out Styles with a series of rights followed by his knee drop to the face. Tomko goes after BG, but Styles takes out Tomko off the springboard forearm. BG gets Styles up for the Pumphandle Slam, connects, covers, but Styles barely gets a shoulder up. BG leaves the ring and goes after Tomko who is hitting Bob. Back in the ring, Styles takes out BG’s knee with a springboard dropkick. Tomko and Styles take out BG with the Tornadoplex (as Don West called it) and got the pinfall to retain the TNA World Tag Team Titles.

After the match, Kip James hits the ring to check on BG James. Bob Armstrong joins them checking on BG as well. BG is favoring his knee in pain. We see a shot of AJ Styles celebrating, but Tomko gets in his face telling him to focus. Kip and Bob then help BG out of the ring.

– Backstage, Karen Angle said she is sick of doing all of Kurt’s dirty work. She said all he cares about is making people like AJ Styles and Tomko happy. Karen asks Kurt when was the last time they did something romantic together. Kurt asks why she is doing this right now of all times. Karen walks off and Kurt calls her a bitch.
– Back live, Mike Tenay and Don West review the card for tonight.
– A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s match between Traci Brooks and Payton Banks.

– Traci Brooks defeated Payton Banks. The match starts with Banks slapping Brooks and Brooks slapping her right back. Brooks takes out Banks with kicks in the corner and then drags her to the middle of the ring. Banks mounts Brooks and punches her. Banks starts choking Brooks until the referee breaks it up. Brooks with a spear on Banks and then the two roll out of the ring to the outside. Brooks tackles and kicks Banks on the outside followed by throwing her in to the guard railing. Banks then trips up Brooks sending Brooks face first into the steel steps (which looked awful). Banks then sends Brooks into the guard railing and throws her back in the ring. The Greenville crowd is still into the match and are really behind Traci Brooks. Banks still gets more offense in on Brooks in the ring. Banks drives her forearm into the back of Brooks followed by a backcracker. Banks goes for a pinfall, but Brooks kicks out. Banks screams in frustration and goes back to work on Brooks. Brooks with a back body drop on Banks followed by getting some chest chops in. Brooks kicks Banks in the face and then takes her out with a clothesline. Brooks goes up to the top rope, but Banks knocks her off and drives her shoulder into her body. Banks attempts this a second time, but Brooks moves and then rolls up Banks to get the pinfall.

After the match, Payton Banks attacks Traci Brooks as she was celebrating her win. Banks goes to leave, but Brooks grabs her to stay in. Banks gets away and Brooks gives her a smile.

– A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s “Case vs. Case” match between Scott Steiner and Petey Williams.

– Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Scott Steiner and Petey Williams. Petey said he is sick of fighting over the cases and wants it all to be over tonight. He brags about being in better shape than Scott and adds, “TNA – Totally Natural Abs!” Scott calls Petey a punk from Canada and that tonight he will prove he is better.

– Scott Steiner defeated Petey Williams in a “Case vs. Case” Match. Each time Steiner went up to the top ropes to pose, Petey went up on the opposite top rope and posed with him. Both do a pose down, lock up and Steiner pushes Petey to the corner. Steiner then takes out Petey with a big hip toss and the crowd cheers loudly. Petey goes to the outside, Scott follows, Petey rolls back in and does some sit-ups to mock Steiner. Steiner then gets in, takes out Petey, looks to drop an elbow, but Petey rolls over and does some push-ups. Petey finally takes out Steiner with a few kicks to the body followed by a spinning heel kick. Steiner then responds right away with a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Steiner sets up Petey in the tree of woe in the corner. Steiner pulls back on the chin of Petey on the outside and then gets back in when Petey falls down. Steiner takes out Petey with a clothesline, drops an elbow and then does some push-ups as the fans cheer. Steiner then puts Petey up on the top rope and hits another big overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Steiner covers Petey, but plays with him and pulls him up by his hair. Steiner lands some powerful chest chops on Petey in the corner. Steiner puts Petey up on the top rope again, puts him on his shoulers and connects with a huge fallaway slam! Another cover by Steiner and he again pulls Petey’s shoulder up to break the pinfall playing around even more. Steiner leaves the ring to grab the two cases. Steiner puts the case with his name on it in the turnbuckles. He puts the case with Petey’s name in the other corner. Steiner goes to launch Petey face first into the case, but the referee stops it. Petey then takes advantage and sends Steiner into the case. Steiner bounches off and falls back. Petey covers, but Steiner kicks out. Petey then takes out Steiner with a huricanrana! Petey goes for the Canadian Destroyer, but Steiner reverses into into an Alabama Slam. Petey kicks out after a pinfall attempt and Steiner can’t believe it. Petey drives his knees into the face of Steiner, jumps off the top rope with a big body press, but Steiner kicks out. Petey then applies the Steiner Recliner, but Steiner gets to his feet and slams Petey into the corner. Petey counters into a big Tornado DDT on Steiner. Steiner gets in a low blow on Petey with the referee not looking. Petey catches Steiner with a low blow kick with the referee missing that as well. Petey throws Steiner face first into the other case and connects with a dropkick from the top rope. Petey goes to cover, but a very tall black woman jumps up on the ring apron and poses for Petey. This distracts Petey allowing Steiner to put Petey on his shoulders and drop him back in the electric chair to get the pinfall.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash previews the rest of the card when Kurt Angle cuts him off. He asks Borash to cut the announcer deal and asks for help with Karen. Borash said he has a “how to” book coming out on quote “how to bang broads.” Kurt asks him what he should do. Borash reminds Kurt that this Thursday is Valentine’s Day and that he should renew his vows with her. AJ Styles shows up as they act out what should go down on Thursday and Styles walks off. Kurt yells at Styles that it wasn’t what it looked like.
– A video package runs showing Eric Young getting prepared for his Drinking Championship Match with James Storm tonight.

– Eric Young defeated James Storm to retain the TNA Drinking Championship. James Storm attacked Eric Young as he tried having fun with the fans at ringside. Storm threw Young in the ring and took him out with a few punches. Young fought back with a big Lou Thesz Press and then clotheslined Storm over the top rope. Young then took out Storm with a huge cross body off the top rope. Jackie Moore distracted Young allowing Storm to spit beer in his face. Young sent Storm over the top rope, but Storm landed on the ring apron and kicked him in the back of the head. Storm removed padding at ringside and gave Young a hip toss right on the concrete. Storm threw Young back in the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. Young fought back giving Storm a suplex on the exposed concrete and throwing him back in the ring. When Young went to get back in the ring, Storm grabbed him by the head and dropped him down in a big DDT. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm on Young and signals he is getting the belt back. Storm chokes Young with his boot and then throws him into the corner hitting a few slaps. Young then takes out Storm with a big running powerbomb and gets the crowd pumped up. Young with a clothesline on Storm, shoulder block from the ring apron and then a quick belly-to-belly that results in a two count. Storm gives Young a quick scoop slam and then goes up to the top rope. Storm jumps attempting a flip dive, but Young moves and connects with a big moonsault from the top rope! Young puts Storm up on the top rope, Jackie comes in, Young puts Jackie on his shoulders and Storm on his shoulders as well. Young hits a double death valley driver, covers, but Storm somehow kicks out and Young can’t believe it. Storm with a sunset flip pin using his feet on the ropes, but Young kicks out. Jackie then gets in the referees face, tosses Storm a beer bottle, but Rhino appears in the corner! Rhino levels Storm with a huge Gore and Storm’s beer goes flying. Young hooks the leg of Storm and gets the pinfall.

After the match, Rhino leaves the ring and Eric Young holds up the Drinking Championship. Rhino gets in the ring with a mic in hand. Rhino said he has a lot to say, but tonight is not the night or the place. He said this Thursday night on Spike TV is where he will speak, but he is back and back to kick some ass.

– We go to the backstage area of the Impact Zone where Crystal is with Jim Cornette. Cornette talked about booking Barbed Wire Massacre 2 and how the South Carolina Athletic Commission banned them from having the match in the state. He said the Barbed Wire Massacre will take place tonight as advertised since TNA always comes through, but that it will go down “live” in Orlando, Florida at the Impact Zone instead. Cornette uses a tomato to show how brutal this match can be tonight running it against the barbed wire.
– A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s TNA Women’s Title Match between champion Awesome Kong and challenger ODB.

– Awesome Kong defeated ODB to retain the TNA Women’s Championship. The match starts with Kong shoving ODB. ODB shoved Kong back. They grab each other by the hair, break it up, ODB goes for a scoop slam, but can’t. ODB then slaps Kong on the chest, but Kong takes her out with a clothesline. Kong’s manager gets in the face of ODB when she leaves the ring. ODB slaps Kong when Kong puts her head out between the ropes. Back in the ring, Kong splashes ODB in the corner with force and then throws her out of the ring. Kong sends ODB into the guard railing on the outside. Kong grabs ODB and throws her again into another part of the guard railing. Kong throws ODB back in the ring and kicks her on the back. Kong drops a forearm over the back of ODB as well. Kong attempts a powerbomb, ODB gets in some punches, Kong puts ODB on the top rope and ODB goes for a tornado DDT. Kong fights out of it and slams ODB down. ODB reverses another powerbomb attempt and hits Kong with three dropkicks. ODB goes up to the top rope, jumps and finally takes Kong off her feet. Kong fights back with a huge clothesline and then connects with an Implant Buster dropping ODB right on her face. Kong covers ODB, but ODB somehow kicks out. Kong looks to hit a splash from the top rope, but ODB flips up and grabs Kong flipping her off the top rope to the ring. ODB covers Kong, but Kong kicks out. ODB grabs her flask and drinks it. ODB hits Kong with two big shots, but Kong stays up. ODB takes out Kong’s manager on the ring apron, but Kong connects with a spinning back fist. Kong grabs ODB and connects with the Awesome Bomb and gets the pinfall to retain the TNA Women’s Title.

After the match, Kong grabs her title and throws it over her shoulder staring down at ODB. We then see highlights from the match leading to the finish. Back live, Kong smiles at ODB and ODB has a frustrated look on her face.

– We go “live” to the Impact Zone with James Mitchell. Mitchell said tonight is about violence. He talks about how the barbed wire will cut into the flesh of Abyss tonight and how Abyss will beg for him to stop Judas Mesias from sending him to hell.
– A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s Barbed Wire Massacre 2 Match between Abyss and Judas Mesias.
– We then go “live” to the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Jim Cornette introduces the Barbed Wire Massacre 2 as we see a shot of referee Earl Hebner in the ring where the ropes have been removed and replaced by barbed wire.

– Abyss defeated Judas Mesias in Barbed Wire Massacre 2. The match starts with both locking up, pushing away and then posing. Abyss tries pushing Mesias into the barbed wire, but Mesias kicks off and goes after Abyss. Abyss puts his hand out to block his body from going in. Mesias then kicks Abyss and Abyss’ shoulder connects with the wire. Abyss then drops Mesias chest first off the wire and Mesias pulls the barbed wire from his chest. Mesias fights back giving Abyss a drop toe hold into the wire and Abyss gets a hand out to block himself from going all the way in. Abyss catches Mesias with a big boot to the chest when Mesias charged. Abyss then slid out of the ring and got a steel chair covered in barbed wire. Abyss gets back in the ring with the barbed wire covered chair in hand. Abyss puts it on the chest of Mesias, but when he looks to hit a splash, Mesias lifts it up and puts it in his groin. Mesias then cracks the barbed wire chair over Abyss’ head two times. We see blood pouring down the forehead of Abyss as a result of the chair shot. Mesias then leaves the ring and grabs a board covered in barbed wire. Mesias throws it over the barbed wire into the ring near the corner. Mesias places the board on the ring mat, but Abyss rolls out. Mesias follows and gets some right hands in. Abyss then sends Mesias into the steel steps and pulls another board out covered in barbed wire. Abyss places the board across the ring apron and guard railing. Abyss sets up Mesias for a powerbomb, but Mitchell hits Abyss over the back. Abyss looks to chokeslam Mitchell on the board, but Mesias gets involved to break it up. Mesias grabs a piece of barbed wire and slashes Abyss over the arm with it followed by punching him in the head with it. Mesias then slashes Abyss’ other arm with the barbed wire as well. Abyss with a boot to the gut and signals a chokeslam. Abyss then press slams Mesias over the board covered in barbed wire! Mesias lands stomach first and screams out in pain! Abyss throws another barbed wire board into the ring. Mesias follows Abyss to the outside and hits a few forearms to the back. Mesias gets up on the ring apron holding the barbed wire, but Abyss grabs him and chokeslams him over the other barbed wire board laying across the ring apron and guard railing! In the ring, Abyss takes out Mitchell with the Black Hole Slam. Mesias slides back in and Abyss catches him with a Black Hole Slam. Abyss covers, but Mesias somehow kicks out. Mesias with a low blow on Abyss. Mesias then sends Abyss back first into the other barbed wire board that was setup in the corner. Abyss screams in pain and falls off holding his back. Abyss and Mesias exchange headbutts and punches on their knees. They finally got to their feet and Abyss gives Mesias a Black Hole Slam over the barbed wire board! Abyss covers and gets the pinfall.

After the match, we see highlights from the match.

– Backstage live in Greenville, Scott Hudson is with Robert Roode. Roode said it was unfortunate what happened with Sharmell at Final Resolution. He said Booker was the reason her jaw was broken, not him. Roode talked about trying to apologize publically, but Booker wouldn’t accept it. He said he takes all of his apologizes back, says he hates Booker T and his horse faced whore of a wife.
– A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s match between Booker T and Robert Roode.
– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Booker T. Booker keeps it short and sweet saying in just a matter of seconds, Roode’s ass is his.

– Booker T vs. Robert Roode ended in a Double Countout. Robert Roode goes after Booker T right as he hits the ring taking him out with a few boots. Booker switches it up and mounts Roode hitting some right hands. Booker chops Roode and then connects with a quick side walk slam. Booker picks up Roode and connects with another side slam. Booker splashes Roode in the corner with a stiff clothesline and Roode falls over holding his chest in pain. Booker tosses Roode over the top rope. Booker follows out and clotheslines Roode on the outside. Booker throws Roode back in, but Roode catches Booker over the back and head with some stiff kicks. Roode fights back throwing Booker’s face off the corner and getting in some chest chops of his own. Payton Banks hits the ring and Booker almost hits her by accident allowing Roode to get the advantage back and mount Booker to hit some right hands. Roode drops a knee over the chest of Booker and hits a modified flipping snapmare. Roode with a standing dropkick on Booker followed by applying a headlock. Booker flips Roode to fight off the headlock. Booker then catches Roode with a big superkick to the jaw. Booker catches Roode with a spin kick followed by a big forearm to the head off the ropes. Booker plants Roode with a spinebuster and then does the spinarooni! Booker grabs Roode by the legs and crotches him into the steel ring post. Back in the ring, Booker misses the scissors kick on Roode. Booker then launches Roode over the top rope. Booker goes after him and Roode starts to walk up the ramp to the back with Payton Banks. Booker follows them and takes out Roode in the backstage area. The referee gets to the 10 count and calls for the bell noting a double count out.

Backstage, the two continue to brawl. Payton Banks gets a car and Roodes tries to get in, but Booker cuts him off. Roode sends Booker into some extra guard railing, gets in the car, throws Payton Banks out and takes off. Booker yells that it isn’t over.
– Backstage, Kurt Angle announces that this Thursday night on Impact, in the middle of the ring, he will renew his wedding vows with Karen. Karen gets excited and leaves to go make plans. Kurt then looks into the camera and tells Christian Cage that tonight is his last shot at the TNA World Title. He also warns Samoa Joe to stay out of his way.
– A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s Six Man Street Fight between Team 3D & TNA X Division Champion Johnny Devine vs. The Motor City Machineguns & “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal.
– Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Team 3D and Johnny Devine. Brother Ray says Hardcore Street Fight…enough said. He asks The Machineguns and Lethal if they put much thought into tonight’s match and if they think they can actually beat them. Ray said they respect Lethal for having heart, but said The Machineguns are jokes and don’t deserve to be called pro wrestlers.

– “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal & The Motor City Machineguns defeated Team 3D & Johnny Devine in a Six Man Street Fight; Lethal captures the TNA X Division Title. The never ending confusion with the stiplations continued as we are now told whoever pins Johnny Devine will become the new TNA X Division Champion. All six men start brawling when 3D and Devine come out. They do a split-screen shot of Lethal and Ray and Chris Sabin with Devine. In the ring, Lethal drops an elbow over the head of Ray. Shelley and Sabin hit Ray with a double suplex. Lethal grabs a sign from the crowd that turns out to be a road sign covered in paper. Lethal cracks it over the head of Ray. They then do a wide shot of Lethal, Shelley and Sabin all leaping over the top rope to the outside taking out Ray, Devon and Devine. Back in the ring, Shelley, Sabin and Lethal all hit a triple tornado DDT on Ray, Devon and Devine. Shelley throws a trash can full of weapons into the ring. Sabin even throws in an inflatable doll wearing a Machineguns t-shirt. We then see a kitchen sink get thrown in as well. Sabin takes out Ray and Devon with the kitchen sink. Sabin and Shelley jump on the backs of Ray and Devon to choke them out. Lethal gets involved and 3D suplex Shelley, Sabin and Lethal. Ray hits Sabin with a trash can lid. Ray grabs the inflatable doll and gives it a spike piledriver as the crowd laughs. Devine cracks a computer keyboard over the head of Lethal and pieces go flying everywhere. The crowd then chants “WE WANT TABLES” at 3D. Devon and Devine hold Lethal back as Ray looks to hit Lethal with a kendo stick with The Machineguns break it up. Devon is double-teamed by The Machineguns, but kicks out of a pinfall attempt by Sabin. Ray takes out The Machineguns from behind with a clothesline followed by dropping Sabin in the 3D. Shelley takes a 3D as well, but Lethal takes out Devon with a dropkick. Ray then levels Lethal with a huge clothesline. Ray cracks a piece of wood over the head of Lethal. We see a shot of So Cal Val telling them to stop the match. Lethal gets cracked over the head with a trash can after that. Ray then grabs Val and brings her into the ring. Ray teases using a cheese grater on the head of Val. Lethal breaks it up and hits Ray with a huricanrana off the top rope. Lethal hits a steel chair over Ray’s head, covers, but Devon pulls the referee out. Lethal takes out Devon over the top rope and then gives Devine a back body drop on the outside. Lethal takes out Devine, but only gets a two count. Lethal with a superkick on Devon, but can’t get the three count. Ray then drops Lethal with a full nelson. Wow, way too many close pinfalls for the crowd to take in. 3D then bring a table into the ring. Lethal sends Devon over the top rope and kicks Ray in the head. Devine grabs the road sign, misses and Lethal cracks it over his head. Devine falls on the table, Lethal goes up to the top rope and connects with a flying elbow crashing through the table! Lethal pins Devine and gets the win to become the NEW TNA X Division Champion. The X Division stays alive and Team 3D must now get their weight down as per the stipulation.

After the match, Brother Ray grabs the X Division Title and holds it up. Lethal jumps over the top rope and takes out Ray to get his belt back. So Cal Val hugs Lethal in the ring as Sonjay Dutt comes down to congratulate him.

– A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s TNA World Title Match between challenger Christian Cage and champion Kurt Angle with Samoa Joe as the special guest enforcer.
– Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Christian Cage. Cage said even though we know where everyone stands, the only thing that really matters is the TNA World Heavyweight Title. He notes that he has never seen eye-to-eye with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe. Cage said Joe does deserve a title shot, but not tonight because tonight belongs to him. He said tonight he will become a three-time World Champion.

– Kurt Angle defeated Christian Cage to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Jeremy Borash did ring introductions for all those involved. Joe dropped down to the arena floor to keep an eye on the action as Angle and Cage approached each other. The two circled the ring, locked up and Angle pushes Cage into the corner. Cage reverses and pushes Angle into the corner until the referee breaks it up. Angle with a quick takedown on Cage into a headlock. Angle with a shoulder tackle on Cage, pinfall attempt, Cage pushes off and then Angle goes back to a headlock on Cage. Angle misses an elbow drop and Cage counters into a headlock of his own. Angle with a back drop suplex on Cage to break it up, but Cage keeps it applied. Angle with an uppercut, but Cage bounces Angle into the corner and then goes back to a side headlock on Angle. Angle with a shot to the gut and forearm to the back on Cage. Cage catches Angle with a shoulder in the corner, but Angle catches Cage when he jumps at him and throws him over his head. Cage then side steps Angle and Angle hits the corner with force. Angle rolls to the outside, Cage goes up to the top rope, jumps and takes out Angle at the ringside area. Cage with a few chops on Angle and then throws Angle back in the ring. Joe is still keeping an eye on the action from the ringside area. Cage is sitting on the top rope and Angle throws him off. Cage grabs his shoulder in pain. Joe jumps up on the ring apron when Angle starts yelling at him. Angle then catches Cage with a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex over the top rope! Angle grabs a chair on the outside and looks to use it when Samoa Joe takes it away. Angle shoves Joe and Joe shoves him back sending Angle to the ground. Cage then starts to chop and punch Angle on the outside. Angle comes back with an uppercut and then puts Cage on his shoulder. Angle backs up sending Cage into the steel ring post. Angle throws Cage back in the ring, but Cage catches him with a kick to the gut. Angle then powerbombs Cage with force into the corner!

On the ground, Angle applies a full body submission using his legs to apply pressure. Cage breaks out, but Angle catches him with two german suplexes. Cage dodges a third and then gives Angle a huge overhead release german suplex! Cage drops Angle face first in the middle of the ring. Float over from the corner, Cage slams Angle down, pulls the legs back, but Angle kicks out. Cage goes up to the top rope, Angle jumps up with, Cage bites Angle on the head, shoves him off and connects with a Frog Splash! Cage covers, but Angle somehow kicks out. Angle then sends Cage chest first into the corner. Cage counters an Angle Slam and sends Angle to the outside. The two exchange right hands on the ring apron. Angle attempts a german suplex, but Cage holds onto the top rope. Angle then somehow gets the Ankle Lock applied as they rolled back into the ring. Cage then leaps forward and gets the bottom rope to break it up. Close pinfall by Cage or as Don West described it, “So freaking close!” Angle with the Angle Slam, cover, Cage gets a shoulder up. Angle up top, attempts a Moonsault, but Cage moves. Cage up to the top, Angle jumps up and slams Cage back into the ring. Angle picks up Cage, paintbrushes him, but Cage counters into the Unprettier! Cage covers…1…2…Angle kicks out. Angle takes out the referee and Cage has the Ankle Lock applied. Joe hits the ring to see if Angle will tap out. Angle reaches for the rope, but pulls Karen in the ring. Karen slaps Cage as Joe backs up. Angle splashes Karen in the corner when Cage moves. Cage rolls up Angle, but Angle kicks out. Joe carries a lifeless Karen out of the ring and sits her down in the chair at ringside. AJ Styles runs down to springboard in, but Joe catches him and pulls him down. Joe takes out Styles and throws him into the crowd. Angle has a steel chair, but misses and Cage has it. Angle low blows Cage and cracks the chair over his back. Tomko runs down and throws the chair away. Tomko grabs Angle, but pushes him away and takes out Cage with a modified shoulder suplex. The original referee gets in as Angle covers Cage to get the win to retain the TNA World Title.

After the match, Kurt Angle is handed the TNA World Heavyweight Title and celebrates as Karen Angle looks on smiling from her ringside seat just coming to.

– A promo for TNA Wrestling with the catchphrase “Cross The Line” airs.

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Tag Title Match – 2%

Steiner-Williams – 3%

Six Man Tag – 20%

Roode-Booker T – 5%

Mesias-Abyss – 16%

Cage-Angle – 34%

Kong-ODB – 9%

Young-Storm – 2%

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