Victory Road

May 14, 2010 - by Adam Martin


Sunday, July 16, 2006 in Orlando, FL

– The TNA promo hits. Following this, a video package rolls highlighting the “Road to Victory” #1 Contendership Match tonight involving Sting, Christian Cage, Scott Steiner and Samoa Joe. Halfway through the video package, the video cuts and we see a shot of Jeff Jarrett laughing. Jarrett runs down everyone involved and says he will get his revenge sooner or later.
– A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Victory Road. We then go live to the Impact Zone where a large display of pyro goes off.
– The music of The Diamonds In The Rough hits to kick off the first match of the night. Before the match, Shane Douglas got on the mic and took a quick shot at ECW. He said The Naturals you will see tonight are completely different from the men you saw before. Douglas introduced the newly Franchised-Naturals, Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens. Both have slightly cut their hair to shoulder length, so probably not what people expected based on the internet reports.

– The Naturals defeated The Diamonds In The Rough. The finish saw Stevens flip Skipper up into a powerbomb position and Douglas hit a big dropkick off the top rope on Skipper to get the pinfall. After the match, The Naturals celebrated the victory and Shane Douglas walked back out. Douglas yelled at them and appeared to have told them not to get cocky.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Christian Cage. Cage talks about the “Road to Victory” Match tonight with himself, Sting, Scott Steiner and Samoa Joe. He addressed fans asking where the “old Christian” went. Cage said he might have taken a break from that, but it never truly went away. He said Steiner lacks heart and after tonight, he will get his rightful spot back in TNA…standing in Jeff Jarrett’s shadow. Cage said Samoa Joe makes a lot of statements that he is TNA and that he also asks…are you going to eat those fries too? He then compares Sting to milk, that it is good for you, but that it eventually expires.
– A well done video package airs highlighting Rhino vs. Monty Brown tonight.

– Rhino vs. Monty Brown ended in a No Contest. During the match, Brown hit the referee with The Pounce and then Rhino later hit the referee with The Gore. The referee (Andrew Thomas) was knocked out in the ring and Rhino and Brown brawled into the crowd when they called for the bell. The fans booed the finish. Was probably the smartest thing to do so you don’t kill either character with a loss right now.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash was with LAX (Konnan, Homicide & Hernandez). They threw a Mexican flag over the Victory Road logo in the background. Konnan brought up how there is 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States right now and how people have to learn to accept it and not hold them down just like they have been in TNA. He also took a shot at Cornette for his “Jiffy Lube” comment a few weeks ago on iMPACT! Moody Jack Melendez did the ring introduction for LAX. They even get their own entrance area in the Impact Zone complete with a brick wall and barbed wire at the top.

– LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) defeated Ron “The Truth” Killings & Sonjay Dutt. The finish saw Konnan hit Dutt when he was up on the top allowing Hernandez to grab Dutt, throw him up over his head in a crucifix powerbomb postion, but literally launches him in the air halfway across the ring and Dutt crashes on the mat with impact. Hernandez covers and gets the pinfall. Solid match and that finish was something to catch.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash was with Scott Steiner. Steiner runs down Joe, Cage and Sting. He flexes his muscles and says he will win tonight. Borash says if that is the case then he will face Jeff Jarrett next month for the NWA World Title. Steiner says he doesn’t care who he wrestles because he has no friends inside or outside the business.

– The music of Team Canada hits and they all come out for the last time – Coach Scott D’Amore, Bobby Roode, Petey Williams, A1 and Eric Young. D’Amore gets on the mic and says the people are probably happy that Team Canada is no more thanks to Jim Cornette. The fans cheer. D’Amore sends off Bobby Roode first, saying he will be a future NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Roode shakes everyones hand but Eric Young. The fans chant for Young. D’Amore then sends off Petey Williams, calling him a son of his and that it is now his time to dominate the X Division once again. Williams leaves and blows off Young to the booing of the fans. D’Amore addresses A1, calling him the true muscle of Team Canada and that he will continue to be the muscle in TNA. A1 also blows off Young. D’Amore then comes down to Eric Young. The fans chant “SUPER ERIC” at him. D’Amore says Young should be happy. Young says he isn’t. D’Amore says it is because of Young’s paranoia that Team Canada is broken up. He said he made him into “Showtime” Eric Young and brought him to TNA. D’Amore blames Young for Team Canada disbanding. D’Amore has Young take off his Team Canada shirt and pants because there is no more Team Canada. Young, standing in his underwear, asks D’Amore for help. D’Amore says Eric Young will be fired from TNA and leaves. Young gets on the mic and asks the fans if they want him to be fired? The fans chant “NO!” loudly. He asks again and gets the same loud response. Young asks for help and they agree. He starts a “DON’T FIRE ERIC” chant and goes into the crowd laughing.

– A promo hits announcing that the Bound for Glory PPV will take place in Detroit, Michigan on October 22, the first monthly TNA PPV outside of Orlando, Florida.
– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with X Division Champion Senshi. Senshi says he came to TNA with a game plan to become the new X Division Champion…mission accomplished. He said he doesn’t care who his mystery opponent is tonight. Borash says he is a former X Division Champion. Senshi says he dares this person to try and take his title away from him.

– Senshi defeated Kazarian to retain the X Division Championship. The finish saw Senshi hit the double-stomp on Kazarian off the top rope. Kazarian is now sporting a shorter haircut. Match was slow at times, but picked up towards the end.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash was with Larry Zbyzsko. Larry Z was warming up in an athletic coat when Referee Mark “Slick” Johnson comes in informing Larry that he will be the referee for his Hair vs. Hair match tonight against Raven. A video package rolls highlighting the Hair vs. Hair Match up next.

– Raven defeated Larry Zbyzsko in a Hair vs. Hair Match. The finish saw Raven hit the Evenflow DDT on Zbyzsko to get the pinfall. After the match, Zbyzsko tried to run away, but TNA Security brought him back down and tied him to the barber chair. Raven then proceeded to shave all of his hair off. Even Don West got in on the fun.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kevin Nash, Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine. Nash says tonight is about competition and not about the money. Shelley brings up Nash’s past calling Bob Backlund a “human jellyfish” when Nash defeated him in eight seconds and how Hulk Hogan was the one who came to Nash about joining his group. Devine brings up that he will be filming the match tonight and says he has an advanced copy of the new X Division DVD, joking that Nash was on the cover. Nash grabs it and throws it away. He asks Borash if he wants to see it. Borash says he does. Nash instead pushes his chest together with both hands and asks Borash, “How about seeing these?” and adds, “They’re real and they’re spectacular.” Borash says thanks sarcastically and walks away. The segment ends with Shelley smiling at the camera. Very funny segment.

– Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal defeated Kevin Nash & Alex Shelley. The finish saw Sabin get a quick rollup on Shelley while lifting his body up to get the pinfall. After the match, Sabin and Lethal started attacking Nash when Shelley and Devine got involved. Jerry Lynn ran out with a steel chair in hand for the save to send Nash, Shelley and Devine to the outside. Mike Tenay brings up how Lynn is an agent with TNA right now. Lynn throws down his TNA Agent badge and challenges Nash, Shelley and Devine to hit the ring. They stand back staring him down as Lynn attends to Sabin and Lethal.

– Backstage, Brother Ray says violence repeatedly and gives Jeremy Borash one chance to guess what tonight is all about. Ray brings up how The James Gang went out and got Abyss instead of everyone expecting them to get “Bullet” Bob Armstrong. Brother Devon brings up how the missing link in Team 3D is now complete with Brother Runt and ends the promo with an, “Oh my brother…testifyyyyy.” A video package then rolls highlighting the events leading to tonight’s six man tag team match with Team 3D vs. The James Gang & Abyss.

– The James Gang & Abyss defeated Team 3D in a Six Man Tag Team Match. Before the finish, Abyss tossed Brother Runt into the crowd and the crowd did a body surf for Runt. They ended up tossing him pretty hard over the guard railing back at ringside however. Lots of weapons got involved later on in the match, including Brother Ray stapling a “ECW fears TNA” sign to the face of Abyss. The finish saw Abyss give Brother Runt a Black Hole Slam through a table, although the actual spot didn’t go as planned as Abyss had to drive his body into the table for it to break.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash was with America’s Most wanted and Gail Kim. Borash said last month it was AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels’ last chance to go for the NWA World Tag Team Titles, but now this month might be AMW’s last chance. Chris Harris says titles or no titles, America’s Most Wanted is the greatest tag team in wrestling today. Gail Kim goes to talk when James Storm moves in and tells her to shut up. Storm says they have worked on their communication problems and are focused tonight. AS he says this, he goes to drink his beer and Harris says they should keep the beer in the back tonight since he has 10 stitches in his head from last month. AMW and Kim leave. Borash has the beer in his hand, but Storm comes back in and takes the beer away from Borash saying Harris is over the stitches and will be fine. A video package rolls highlighting the NWA World Tag Team Title Match up next.

– AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels (c’s) w/ Sirelda defeated America’s Most Wanted w/ Gail Kim to retain the NWA World Tag Team Championships. During the match, Chris Harris and Gail Kim were launched to the corner followed by James Storm. Storm fell to the mat and Kim fell face first into his crotch. Harris then fell behind Kim, came to and smiled when Kim quickly rolled away. The finish saw some more miscommunication from AMW when Storm tried to use a beer bottle, but almost hit Harris. Harris looked to hit Styles with a steel chair on the outside, but hit Storm instead and this allowed Styles to hit a springboard sunset flip for the pinfall.

– A graphic hits promoting the Hard Justice PPV on August 13. Mike Tenay notes that Jeff Jarrett will defend the NWA World Heavyweight Title against the winner of the “Road to Victory” #1 Contendership Match tonight at Hard Justice next month.
– A video package rolls highlighting the “Road to Victory” #1 Contendership Match for the NWA World Title involving Sting, Christian Cage, Scott Steiner and Samoa Joe up next.
– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Samoa Joe. Joe says his competitors tonight only have to listen to the crowd because they will speak the truth…Joe will kill you.

– Sting defeated Scott Steiner, Christian Cage & Samoa Joe in the “Road to Victory” Match to become the NEW #1 Contender for the NWA World Title. During the match, a TNA camera man hit the ring and sprayed a liquid in the face of Sting. The camera man revealed himself to be Jeff Jarrett, laughing as he walked up the ramp staring at Sting. Mike Tenay and Don West said they could smell gas and that Jarrett sprayed gasoline in the face of Sting. TNA referees and officials came down and poured water in the face of Sting as they went to the back. TNA Security chased Jarrett to the back and out of the Soundstage. The match then turned into a Three Way with Sting being taken out. A spot took place with Steiner hitting an elbow on Samoa Joe through a table at ringside. All three got back into the ring and lots of back and forth action ensued. Sting came back out to the ring with a bandage over his eye. Sting and Christian had a confrontation. The finish saw Christian Cage and Samoa Joe go over the top rope to allow Sting to hit the Scorpion Death Drop on Steiner for the pinfall.

After the match, Christian Cage got in the face of Sting. They look to go at it when Christian extends his hand to Sting. Cage and Sting shake hands. The PPV goes off the air with Cage hugging Sting, leaving the ring and then clapping for him on the ring apron…


What did you think of Victory Road?

Thumbs Up – 27%

In the middle – 14%

Thumbs Down – 13%

Didn’t see it – 46%

Best Match?

Shark Boy-Devine – 5%

Naturals-Diamonds – 1%

Kazarian-Senshi – 9%

AMW/Kim-Daniels/Styles/Sirelda – 11%

Nash/Shelly-Lethal/Sabin – 3%

Brown-Rhino – 3%

LAX-Dutt/Truth – 9%

Raven/Zbyszko – 7%

James Gang/Abyss-Team 3D – 11%

Cage-Joe-Steiner-Sting – 40%

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