May 14, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, June 17, 2007 in Nashville, TN

– They show clips of the last five years in Nashville to open the broadcast.
– They do a skit where Tiger Woods is on the greens, but receives a chair shot from Jeff Jarrett’s guitar.
– Lo Cash Cowboys sing the Slammiversary theme song; pyro goes off.

(1) LAX (with Konnan) vs. Rhino and Senshi (with Hector Guerrero). Rhino went for a powerbomb on Homicide, but Homicide flipped over the top rope. This garnered the first “TNA, TNA” chant of the night. The crowd seems hyped and lively early on. Homicide covered Senshi for the first pinfall attempt at 5:00, but the babyface kicked out. Cracker Jack by Hernandez on Senshi. Spinbuster by Rhino, but Hernandez made the save. Senshi did a sprinboard move onto Hernandez on the outside. Rhino speared Homicide for the victory at 8:24. Konnan had given Homicide a slapjack, but Hector Guerrero took it away. Good match, but too short.

– The announcer’s talked about Scott Steiner’s injury. This will be addressed later in the night. Announcer’s hyped the card. West and Tenay talked about the King of the Mountain, and wondered who will be the mystery opponent.
– They showed a King of the Mountain highlight package. The James Earl Jones sounding guy went over the rules for the match.
– Backstage, JB was outside of Jim Cornette’s office looking for word on the fifth man in the King of the Mountain match. Eric (wearing his don’t fire Eric shirt) is seduced by Traci Brooks, until Gail Kim saves him and kisses Young. Kim gets into Traci’s face, but Brooks calls her a “b*tch.”
– Old man Kevin Nash lumbered his way to ringside, and joins the broadcast position. “Guru” Sonjay Dutt brought rose peddles out in a bowl and threw them into crowd.

(2) X-division title match: “Black Machismo” vs. Chris Sabin. Earl Hebner is the referee. Fans started a “black machismo” chant. They had trouble with Nash’s microphone, but was able to fix it. Tenay encouraged fans to vote for the winner of tonight’s King of the Mountain match via text voting. They show that Hector Guerrero has joined the spanish announcer booth. Lethal does all the signature Randy Savage moves, and a few of his own. Lethal plants Sabin face first into the mat, but Sabin kicked out. Lethal attempted the elbow drop from the top, and pins Sabin to win the X-division title at 8:52. Lethal hugs Nash after the match in the ring.

– They showed highlights of the TNA Slammiversary Press Conference, and the Frank Wycheck-James Storm angle.
– James Storm and Miss Jackie Moore was interviewed by Letitica Cline. Storm said tonight Wycheck enters his world. Moore asks Cline how much she paid for her breasts.
(3) James Storm and Ron “The Truth” Killings (with Miss Jackie) vs. Frank Wycheck and Jerry Lynn. The babyfaces came out with a current Tennesse Titan, all wore Titan jerseys. Matches started with Lynn vs. Killings, but a short time, it was Storm one on one with Wycheck. The heels brought in a football and Storm put on a Titan football helmet, and mocked Wycheck dropping the ball. Funny comedy spot. Wycheck drop kicks Storm! Wycheck pick up Lynn and tossed him over the top rope onto the heels. On the outside, Storm clotheslined Wycheck. Wycheck was rammed into the guard rail, and Tenay brought up that Wycheck’s NFL career ended due to concussions. Storm hit Lynn with an eye of the storm. Miss Jackie gave Storm a beer bottle, and he spitted into Lynn’s face, and into the face of the Tennesse Titan in the babyface’s corner. Storm went for the pin on Wycheck, but the Titan made the save. Wycheck hit the craddle piledriver on Storm at 8:53 for the victory.

– They showed highlights of the build up to the Bob Backlund vs. Alex Shelley match.

(4) Bob Backlund vs. Alex Shelley. Backlund, 58, came out in his vintage robe and towel. Tenay mentioned that Backlund hasn’t had a match in a decade! They said at the fanfest, Mr. Backlund would only sign an autograph if you could list of the U.S. presidents in order, and only one fan could and got his only autograph. Sabin runs out and interferes with Backlund. Backlund wins at 3:46. After the match, Backlund gets both Sabin and Shelley in the chick wing. Nash comes out and stops it. Lynn runs out and gets a big boot from Nash. Sabin and Shelley double team Lynn. Black Machismo comes out to make the save, and clears the ring.

– The lights go out, and some is calling for Sting. Its Christopher Daniels on the mic, cutting a promo in the dark. Daniels said he sees things in a new light. Daniels said he follows a god that says an eye for an eye, and a life for a life. “Sting, in the ring, my will be done,” closes Daniels.
– They showed clips of the VKM vs. Bashams saga. Yawn.

(5) Damaja and Basham (with Christy Hemme) vs. VKM. Kip and BG come right to the ring and start the action. They have a 30 second frey before the match actually starts. No heat for this one. Hemme tore up a fan’s sign at ringside. Kip scored the pinfall victory at 2:47. They needed to keep this one short. After the match, Kip chased Hemme. Hoyt caught her, and brought her back to the ring. It backfired, Hoyt turned on VKM. Hoyt helped the Basham beat down Kip and BG. No one cared. Hoyt kissed Hemme afterwards.

– In Cornette’s office, Cornette said Scott Steiner was injured in Puerto Rico and that the Steiners would have to forfeit. Rick whispers a name into Cornette’s ear, and tells Rick the match is on.
– Security is shown breaking up a LAX sneak attack on Hector Guerrero.
– They showed highlights of the Young-Roode saga.

(6) Freedom match: Robert Roode (with Miss Brooks) vs. Eric Young. Brooks came out with Young’s contract in hand. Fans are behind Young. A fan at ringside has a “Mr. Brooks” sign, nice! Miss Brooks slapped Young with the contract as Roode stayed on the offensive in the early stages of the match. Young did a comedy spot on the outside and danced with Miss Brooks. He pulled down Traci’s pants, exposing her butt crack. Young dropped an elbow from the top rope, but Roode kicked out. Young does an FU with both Roode and Brooks on his back, but Young kicked out. Roode hit a chair shot and Young and pinned him at 8:09. On the mic, Roode tells Young he’s fired. Out comes Jim Cornette with a microphone, and declares the match not over. Cornette tells referee Rudy Charles to re-start the match. Brooks goes for a chair, but Gail Kim stops her and chases her to the back. As Roode gloated at Cornette, Young cradled Roode for the quick pin at 1:03.

– Backstage, Team 3D cut a promo. Brother Ray said tonight, Scott Steiner punked out. He said Scott has a throat problem because he talked too much. Brother Ray tells Rick he hopes he found someone good.

(7) TNA World Tag Team title match: Team 3D vs. Rick Steiner and a mystery partner. Steiner’s tag team partner is Road Warrior Animal. Fans pop for Road Warrior Animal! Fans chanted “LOD, LOD.” A nice reaction for a true tag team legend, and thankfully he’s not teaming with Heidenreich tonight. Fans did a “3D sucks” chant. Announcer’s talked about Animal’s star son, who is projected first round pick at a linebacker from Ohio State. Animal called for the doomsday, but 3D countered. 3D on Steiner at 6:39, and Team 3D retains the tag team titles. Matches are too short, no replay, and we see more Daniels-Sting hype.

– Outcomes “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. PPV feels too rushed.

(8) Christopher Daniels vs. Sting. Sting dropped from the ceiling, right into the ring. Daniels gets heel heat by standing on Sting’s chest. Daniels chest bumped the referee, Earl Hebner as they were engaged in a heated argument. Daniels mocked Sting by pounding on the chest, but Sting answered him with an inverted DDT. Sting countered out of the angel wings and last rites, and Sting hits a scorpion at 6:33 to win the match. 6:33, thats it? No replay of the finish again.

– They hyped an Abyss vs. Tomko match. Backstage, Letitica interviewed AJ Styles, Christian Cage and Tomko. Cage played nice with AJ, and tells Tomko to take out Abyss. (9) NO-DQ; must be a winner: Abyss vs. Tomko. The two brawled outside of the ring. Abyss slammed Tomko into the steel ring steps. Tomko returned the favor, and bashed Abyss’s head into the ring steps. Chokeslam, but Tomko kicked out. Abyss went under the ring for the bag of thumb tacks. Abyss lays the tacks out on the mat. Tomko counters Abyss, and Abyss falls into the tacks. You can see the tacks in his back and in his arms, and blood flows. Black hole slam, but Tomko kicked out. Abyss grabs another bag from under the ring. Its broken glass, but Tomko again counters, and Abyss falls on the glass! Tomko takes a piece of glass, and opens up Abyss’s forehead. Tomko again smashed Abyss face first into the glass. Tomko found the barbed wired baseball bat under the ring and hits Abyss with it on the entrance ramp. They give this match more time than Sting vs. Daniels? What? They climb up the scaffold near the entrance ramp. Abyss grabs Tomko and throws him off. Abyss turns around, and drops himself atop of Tomko. They had a series of cardboard boxes set up to break their falls. They make their way back to the ring. Back in the ring, Abyss hits the black hole slam on glass for the victory at 13:52.

– Backstage, JB interviews Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. Joe tells Angle tonight its real. Angle said tonight its real, damn real.

– Tenay, in the ring, introduces a video with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett cuts a heartfelt interview about TNA, and its history. Jarrett mentions his wife Jill, and starts to cry. He said Jill gave himself the encouragement. Jarrett said Jill wouldn’t call him Jeff, but Jarrett. They showed pictures of Jill and the kids. Pretty girl. Jeff said she won the race of May 23rd. It was a similar interview to the Owen Hart interview he did for Raw is Owen after the PPV. He said the worst place for him right now is in the ring. He thanks everyone for their support as they show more pictures. Jill Jarrett, 1969-2007 it reads on the screen. Fans chanted “thank you Jeff.”

– In the ring, Cornette said its up to him to decide the 5th man in tonight’s King of the Mountain match. Cornette said he had two choices, Jarrett or another TNA original. Jarrett told him to select “Wildcat” Chris Harris, so it’s Harris.

(10) King of the Mountain: Chris Harris vs. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage. Tenay does the tale of the tape. Its a reverse ladder match, and as Don West calls it, more complex than a ladder match. In text voting, Samoa Joe won with 30% of the vote. Early on, AJ and Cage worked together. In fact, Styles even laid down for Cage to pin him. On the outside, Joe flung AJ into the guard rail. Cage went for the unprettier on Harris, but he countered. Harris pinned AJ at 3:45, so Styles is in the penalty box for two minutes. Joe rammed two opponents with a ladder, throw over the top rope. Angle hits three German Suplexes on Joe, but Cage broke it up. AJ is out of the box. Angle countered the styles clash into to the ankle lock. Harris flips AJ over the top rope onto Cage, who was laying atop of a setup ladder (ala Jeff Hardy). Harris grabs the belt and climbs up the ladder. Angle hits the olympic slam on Harris and pins him at 8:45. Harris to the penalty box for two minutes. Muscle buster on AJ by Joe, but Angle broke it up. Referee bump. Joe forces Angle to tap, but no referee. Cage pins Angle at 10:53, so Angle to the penality box. Cage climbs the ladder with the belt, but Joe climbs the other side. Joe dropped him off the ladder. Fans chant “TNA, TNA.” Harris grabs the belt from Cornette again and climbs the ladder. Joe climbs the other side again, but Harris knocks him off, and Cage too. AJ drops kicks the ladder, to stop him. Angle out of the penalty box. Joe and AJ fight atop of the penalty cage. Harris climbs the cage. Joe throws AJ off through the announcer’s table. Fans chant “This is awesome.” Harris suplexes Cage off the penalty box, as fans chant “TNA, TNA.” Harris spins the ladder into Cage and Angle. Harris sets up the ladder again. He climbs again with the belt, but Cage tips the ladder over. Cage climbs the ladder with the gold belt. Angle stops him, and puts the ankle lock on him on the ladder, but broke the lock by kicking him. Harris speared Cage off the ladder, leaving Angle alone on top of the ladder. Angle puts the belt on the hanger for the victory at 19:21. Why would Harris not tip over the ladder with both men on it? After the match, Joe wants to shake hands, but Angle refuses and hits the olympic slam.

– PPV ends with a promo for the 7/15 Victory Road pay-per-view. Thanks for joining us for Slammiversary PPV coverage. Congratulations to TNA for five years!


What did you think of Slammiversary?

thumbs up – 31%

in the middle – 11%

thumbs down – 15%

didn’t see it – 43%

Best match at Slammiversary?

Daniels-Sting – 6%

VKM-Bashams – 2%

Lethal-Sabin – 5%

Team 3D-Animal/Steiner – 5%

LAX-Rhino/Senshi – 4%

Abyss-Tomko – 12%

King of the Mountain – 59%

Backlund-Shelley – 3%

Roode-Young – 2%

Wycheck/Lynn-Storm/Truth – 2%

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