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Sunday, May 13, 2007 in Orlando, FL

– The TNA opening hits. A video package then airs portraying TNA stars as heroes.
– A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Sacrifice. We go live to Orlando where a series of pyro goes off in the entrance area and above the ring.
– We kick off the PPV tonight with Chris Sabin defending the X Division Title in a Triple Threat Match involving Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt.

– Chris Sabin retained the X Division Title in a Triple Threat Match involving Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt. Jay “Black Machismo” Lethal got another big reaction from the Orlando crowd. The match kicked off with Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt teaming up to take out the champion ChriS Sabin. Sabin was quickly tossed out of the ring and then Lethal and Dutt began exchanging shots. Sabin returns to the ring and sends Dutt to the floor. Dutt attempts to return, but Sabin prevents that from taking place. Dutt with a huge springboard moonsault off the ropes to Sabin and Lethal on the outside. Dutt jumps off the top hitting a big dropkick, but Sabin dodges it and Dutt catches Lethal with it instead. Sabin with a big jumping dropkick to the face on Dutt and Lethal in the corner with both in the tree of woe. Lethal responds with a big flying elbow off the top rope on Sabin. Dutt with a big 450 Splash on Lethal. Crowd in Orlando is really into the match at this point. The finish sees Sabin push Dutt into Lethal and then Sabin rolls up Dutt with a rollup for the win.

– After the match, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt start to argue in the ring. Lethal pushes Dutt and they start brawling. Kevin Nash comes out and breaks up the brawl between the two. Dutt then kicks Nash in the back of the leg and takes off.
– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks. Roode said he told Eric Young to stay home tonight. He promised to beat Jeff Jarrett tonight and push himself to the status of a superstar.
– Back live, Kevin Nash gets on the mic and says this Thursday on iMPACT! on Spike TV, Sonjay Dutt’s ass was his.
– We go to the ringside area where Mike Tenay and Don West rundown the PPV card tonight in Orlando for Sacrifice.
– We then see footage from earlier today when Basham & Damaja attacked the Voodoo Kin Mafia at a meet and greet. They hint the match tonight could be in jeopardy as BG James was taken to the hospital.
– A video package airs highlighting the events between Jeff Jarrett and Robert Roode leading to tonight’s match tonight.

– Robert Roode defeated Jeff Jarrett. During Jeff Jarrett’s entrance, Roode left the ring and came up the ramp to attack Jarrett right away. This took place just as Jarrett’s pyro was going off. Jarrett counters a powerbomb attempt by Roode on the arena floor into a back body drop. Jarrett puts the action into the ring to start the match officially. Ms. Brooks gets involving holding the leg of Jarrett under the bottom rope. Jarrett ends up going after Brooks, but Roode takes out Jarrett on the floor. Roode then sends Jarrett into the steel steps. Roode throws Jarrett back in the ring and starts wrking on his shoulder after the steel steps spot. Jarrett is able to fight out of a sleeper applied by Roode and apply a sleeper of his own. Roode then breaks out of the sleeper and applies the Figure Four Leg Lock on Jarrett. Jarrett eventually makes his way to the ropes to break up the submission. Roode and Jarrett exchange lefts and rights until Jarrett gets the Figure Four locked on Roode. Ms. Brooks then distracts the referee and misses Roode tapping out. Ms. Brooks then distracts Jarrett and Roode takes out Jarrett with a low blow. Roode then goes for a steel chair on the outside and throws it in the ring. The referee stops Roode from using it and Jarrett dropkicks the chair into Roode’s face. Jarrett then hits Roode with The Stroke, covers and Ms. Brooks pulls the referee out of the ring. She gets sent to the back. Roode then pulls out some brass knucks and nails Jarrett with them, covers and Jarrett somehow kicks out. Roode then gets Jarrett’s guitar and tries to use it on him, but the referee stops this. Jarrett goes for The Stroke again, but Roode counters and hits the Pay Off to get the win. After the match, Roode starts beating on Jarrett and Ms. Brooks returns to the ring. Roode looks to take out Jarrett with the guitar when Eric Young hits the ring. Jarrett and Young lock Figure Four Leg Lock’s on both Roode and Ms. Brooks.

– Backstage, Leticia is with World Champion Christian Cage, AJ Styles and Scott Steiner. Steiner mentions that Tomko isn’t here yet and will blame Cage if he doesn’t show up in time for their match tonight. Styles adds that he isn’t scared of Samoa Joe because Cage and Steiner have his back. He goes to reassure they have his back and both men ignore him. Cage then chimes in that he will retain his title tonight.

– Christopher Daniels defeated Rhino. Christopher Daniels once again came to the ring wearing a Sting mask and carrying a bat. Early on, Rhino attempts The Gore, but Daniels dodges it. Daniels then begins to attack and work on Rhino’s arm. Daniels attempts locks on the arm that Rhino fights off. Rhino then responds with a big spinebuster on Daniels. Rhino favors his arm after executing the spinebuster. Daniels then locks on a full body koji clutch on Rhino. Rhino is able to make it to the ropes to break up the submission. Daniels then goes for the BME (Best Moonsault Ever), but misses. Daniels then rolls out of the ring to the arena floor and gets his baseball bat under the ring. The finish saw Rhino reach through the ropes to bring Daniels back in the ring, but Daniels hit him with the bat, rolled in the ring and pinned Rhino to get the win. After the match, Rhino goes after Daniels when Daniels takes off to the back. Rhino eventually catches up to Daniels and brings him back to the ringside area. Rhino gets a steel chair and takes out Daniels with it. Daniels is busted open at this point. Rhino then attempts to give Daniels a piledriver on a steel chair, but TNA Security comes out and breaks it up. We then see a shot of Daniels wiping the blood from his face, licking it and smiling.

– A video package airs highlighting the events between Christy Hemme and the Voodoo Kin Mafia over the last three months.
– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kip James. Borash brings up how BG James was attacked earlier tonight. Kip brings up that with BG in the hopsital and Lance Hoyt’s flight delayed, he will have to go at this alone tonight in a 2 on 1 Match.

– Basham & Damaja w/ Christy Hemme defeated Kip James in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match. Kip hit the ring right away to go after Basham and Damaja to prevent any form of double teaming. That didn’t last long as Basham and Damaja were able to overwhelm Kip. Lots of double team moves on Kip by Basham and Damaja. The former Basham Brothers of WWE fame are not getting over at all with the Orlando crowd. The finish sees Basham hit Kip with a diving headbutt to get the pinfall. After the match, Christy Hemme came into the ring and raised the arms of Basham and Damaja. Kip fought off post-match attack at first, but Basham and Damaja were able to come back with a huge kick to the body on Kip. Lance Hoyt then hit the ring and makes the save for Kip. The segment ends with Hoyt staring down Christy, Basham and Damaja as they headed up the heel ramp.

– A video package airs highlighting the history between Chris Harris and James Storm as America’s Most Wanted.
– Backstage, Leticia gets some comments from Chris Harris.

– Chris Harris defeated James Storm in a Texas Death Match. Mike Tenay & Don West point out the Texas Death Match rules stating the referee will start the 10 count once Harris or Storm gain a pinfall on each other. The action starts off with Harris and Storm brawling into the stands among the Orlando fans. We see Harris sending Storm shoulder first into the wall. Harris then goes back into the ring, gets up on the top rope, jumps and connects with Storm over the rail into the crowd. Harris covers Storm and gets the pinfall – Storm has to answer the 10 count or will lose. Storm gets to his feet on the 8 count and Harris sends him back into the ring. Storm responds sending a chair into the face of Harris. Storm then puts Harris in the tree of woe against the ropes and connects with a huge steel chair shot. Harris was busted open after this. Storm then sets up a table in the ring and tries to send Harris through it with a huricanranna off the top, but Harris counters that. Harris then puts the table up in the corner and sends Storm face first into it. Storm is busted open after this spot. We then see another big spot with Storm setting up the table again and giving Harris a powerbomb right through it. Storm covers Harris and gets the pinfall – Harris has to answer the 10 count or will lose. Harris makes it to his feet at the 9 count. Storm is bleedly badly. Storm gets another table setup on the outside near the ring apron. Storm gets up on the ring apron and Harris gives Storm a Spear through the ropes to the floor crashing through the table in a huge spot! The fans erupt in Orlando at this point. Storm is has blood streaming down his face and it is getting dangerous at this point. Harris then grabs Storm and connects with a big Catatonic on a trash can. Storm somehow kicks out after this. Jackie Moore attempts to get involved, but Gail Kim comes out and makes the save. Harris grabs a beer bottle and busts it over Storm’s bloody head and gets the pinfall. Harris covers Storm and gets the pinfall – Storm has to answer the 10 count or will lose. A bloody Storm doesn’t answer the 10 count and Chris Harris wins. The camera did a close up on Storm’s head and he literally has a hole in his head with blood streaming out. Mike Tenay and Don West believe Storm busted himself badly when he was sent into a table earlier in the match and the table leg caught him in the head causing a big gash. This was a bloodbath folks.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Sting. Sting tries to talk when Christopher Daniels interrupts him. Sting tells Daniels he doesn’t have time for him and leaves.
– Back live, we see TNA staff taking away the bloody mat and replacing it with a clean one.

– Jerry Lynn won the Four Way X Division Match over Alex Shelley, Senshi & Tiger Mask. Jerry Lynn and Senshi kick off the match exchanging takedowns and reversals. Senshi catches Lynn with an arm submission in the corner over the ropes. Alex Shelley gets the tag and works on Lynn’s arm. Lynn catches Shelley with a big arm drag followed by a big head scissors takedown. Lynn tags in Tiger Mask and Shelley quickly backs off. Shelley then draws a line for Tiger Mask to cross. He does and Shelley then quickly tags in Senshi. Tiger Mask and Senshi exchange stiff kicks. Shelley got back involved and started going after Tiger Mask. None of the shots seemed to effect Tiger Mask at all. Tiger Mask ended up hitting a Tiger Drop on Shelley when Lynn gave Senishi a sunset flip. The finish saw Tiger Mask knocked Senshi off the top rope and then Shelley sent Tiger off the top to the outside as well. Shelley then connected with a huricanrana on Lynn, but Lynn rolled through it and got the pinfall on Shelley. After the match, Shelley took out Lynn from behind. Chris Sabin came out and helped Shelley take out Lynn as well. Mr. Backlund then came out and took out Sabin and Shelley.

– Backstage, Leticia was with Tomko. He said he already told Scott Steiner he would be here tonight, calling him an idiot and that he would never trust anyone.
– A video package aired highlighting Team 3D winning the World Tag Team Titles at the Lockdown PPV last month in St. Louis.

– Team 3D retained the World Tag Team Titles against LAX and Scott Steiner & Tomko. Scott Steiner and Tomko argued when they walked down the ramp. LAX got a great reaction when they came out. They showed another shot of Hector Guerrero looking on from the spanish announce area. Team 3D still has the NWA World Tag Team Titles. The match kicks off with three men involved from each team (Brother Ray, Scott Steiner and Homicide). Believe it or not, the Orlando crowd starts a “3D SUCKS” chant. Lots of offense by LAX on Team 3D and Steiner & Tomko. Hernandez with a huge spot jumping over the top rope and taking out Brother Devon on the outside. Tomko & Steiner both an attempted Doomsday Device and start arguing. This allows Brother Ray to rollup Tomko for a quick pin attempt, but Tomko kicks out and Steiner goes after Brother Ray. The finish then saw Team 3D hit the 3D on Tomko to get the pinfall. After the match, Team 3D hold up the NWA World Tag Team Titles as they celebrate. Definitely was a quick match that didn’t quite turn out the best.

– A video package airs highlighting Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles.
– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle on the interview set that Sting normally uses. Angle started making fun of Sting, calling him a clown and asked for the lighting person to kill the strobe light. He said he doesn’t have to yell like some bitch, adding that he is a wrestler and that Sting’s a cartoon character.

– Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles. The TNA cameras spotlight a sign in the crowd that says “CENA FEARS JOE.” As usual with these two guys, lots of fast paced back and forth action. Styles connected with a big atomic drop on Joe, bounced off the ropes and connected with a big sidekick. This slowed down Joe a bit allowing Styles to apply a chinlock. Joe fires back with some stiff chops to the chest of Styles. Joe counters a springboard DDT attempt by Styles and connects with a big release german suplex. Styles then responded sending Joe into the corner with force. Joe with a big Death Valley Driver on Styles dropping him right on his neck. Joe then charges at Styles and Styles moves, allowing Joe to crash and burn on the outside. Joe teased a knee injury on the outside. Joe returned to the ring and kept selling that he had a severe knee injury. Styles smiled and started working on the knee. Styles then went up to the top rope looking to hit the Sprial Tap, but Joe was just playing with Styles. Joe stands right up and applied a rear naked choke on Styles. The finish saw Joe drop Styles with a suplex instead of fully applying the submission, covering and getting the pinfall.

– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s World Title Match tonight involving champion Christian Cage, Sting and Kurt Angle.

– Kurt Angle defeated Christian Cage & Sting to become the new World Champion. Jeremy Borash did the main event introductions for Cage, Sting and Angle. Cage still has the NWA World Title and it was promoted as such in the main event graphic. Angle was sent face first into the steel guard railing early on in the match. Cage stayed out of the action when Sting and Angle started brawling in the ring. Angle brought Cage back into the ring and gave him eight big german suplexes in a row. Angle attempted a pinfall, but Sting broke it up. A big spot saw Angle give Sting and Cage a double-german suplex from the top rope. Sting caught Angle with the Scorpion Deathdrop, but Cage pulled the referee out of the ring during the pinfall. Sting attempts to apply the Scorpion Deathlock, but Angle counters that into an Ankle Lock. Christian then attempts to break it up, but Angle applies an Ankle Lock on him as well applying a double-ankle lock on both Sting and Cage. The finish then saw Sting attempt a rollup pinfall on Cage, but Angle puts Sting in the Ankle Lock and he taps out. It was basically a Dusty Finish where it appeared Sting pinned Christian Cage, while Kurt Angle made Sting tap out. Kurt Angle is announced as the new World Champion over the PA system, but is not awarded the title on camera as they wrap up the ending very quickly. Looks like they could be holding up the title for next month’s King of the Mountain Match since they have lost the rights for the NWA belts.
– They cut right to a promo for next month’s Slammiversary PPV on June 17.

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What did you think of Sacrifice?

Thumbs Up – 31%

In the middle – 10%

Thumbs Down – 13%

Didn’t see it – 46%

Best match?

3D-LAX-Steiner/Tomko – 5%

Sabin-Dutt-Lethal – 7%

Storm-Harris – 31%

James-Bashams – 3%

Roode-Jarrett – 4%

Daniels-Rhino – 3%

Cage-Sting-Angle – 29%

Lynn-Mask-Shelley-Senshi – 4%

Joe-Styles – 13%

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