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Sunday, November 11, 2007 in Orlando, FL

– The TNA promo hit.
– The PPV began with the crowd in Orlando standing for the National Anthem in honor of Veteran’s Day.
– A video package aired highlighting tonight’s PPV.
– Footage was shown of a limo arriving in Orlando for tonight’s PPV.

– Abyss defeated Black Reign in a Shop of Horrors Match. TNA placed weapons around the ringside area as the announcers remind us that anything goes. Abyss cracked a big board over the head of Reign followed by sending him through a wall. They brawled to the entrance ramp area and Reign gave Abyss a quick suplex over a few trash cans. Abyss got a barbed wire bat and hit Reign with it a few times. They did a big spot where Abyss chokeslammed Reign off the stage. Believe it or not, a board full of rap traps was revealed and put in the ring by Abyss. The finish saw James Mitchell try to interfere, but Abyss put Reign’s rat down his clothes and Abyss took a shot on the board full of rat traps. Abyss then dodged a brass knucks shot and hit a Black Hole Slam for the win. After the match, Abyss unlocked a black box at ringside. Inside was a wrestler with a red mask on (believed to be Johnny Stamboli doing his Red Rum gimmick). Reign and the wrestler beat up Abyss, put him in a box and pushed it off the entrance ramp. So much stuff went down that you almost couldn’t believe what you just saw.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash tried to find out who was in the limo that arrived earlier. A security guard told Borash to leave.
– Backstage, Crystal interviewed The Motor City Machineguns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley).

– The Motor City Machineguns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) defeated Team 3D. Very solid tag team match between these two teams. Sabin and Shelley attacked 3D during their entrance. The action spilled to the ring and 3D bailed from the ring early on when MCMG got in some offense. Sabin got taken out later on with some 3D double team moves. Brother Ray crotched both Sabin and Shelley on the turnbuckles when they were posing. Tons of quick offense by MCMG on Brother Devon at this point in the match. Ray pulled the referee out of the ring when Sabin had a pinfall on Devon. Ray then took off his belt and started whipping Sabin with it. Doomsday Device by 3D on Sabin, but Sabin kicked out during the close pinfall. 3D brought a table into the ring and put it in the corner despite the referee trying to prevent them from doing so. The finish saw Sabin run up the table, flip back and then send Devon through the table. MCMG then hit a double enziguiri kick on Ray to get the pinfall.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle, Karen Angle and Kevin Nash. Borash said he couldn’t find out who was in the limo. Kurt and Karen started arguing. Angle asked Nash why he wasn’t upset and then started accusing him of being in on the secret about Sting’s mystery partner. Nash then threw Angle against the wall and told him to calm down.
– Backstage, Crystal interviewed TNA Women’s Champion Gail Kim about her title defense tonight.

– Gail Kim defeated ODB, Roxxi Laveaux & Angel Williams in a Four Way Women’s Match to retain the TNA Women’s Title. Not much here as it was a fairly quick match. ODB was acting crazy throughout the match and the fans in Orlando seemed confused. The referee sent VKM to the back early on. ODB then continued the crazy and started slapping the ass of all the women in the ring. The finish saw Roxxi spit mist into the eyes of ODB allowing Kim to hit a modified neckbreaker on ODB to get the pinfall. After the match, Awesome Kong appeared and stared down Gail Kim.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Karen Angle. They approach the limo and Karen opens the door. James Storm and Eric Young were inside the limo drinking. Looks like it was the wrong limo.

– Jay “Black Machismo” Lethal defeated Sonjay Dutt to retain the TNA X Division Title. Dutt took out Lethal early on with a quick flip dive over the top rope to the outside. Lots of quick back and forth action between the two early on as well. Dutt grounded the action by applying a body scissors submission on Lethal. Another quick spot saw Lethal hit a suicide dive through the ropes on Dutt on the outside. Dutt responded with a Camel Clutch on Lethal in the ring. The finish saw Lethal hit the Lethal Combination followed by a flying elbow off the top rope to get the pinfall on Dutt to retain the title. After the match, Lethal and Dutt hugged and then So Cal Val was invited in. Team 3D then ran out and started attacking Lethal and Dutt. Ray got on the mic and said Sabin and Shelley cheated. Ray said they were taking the X Division Title hostage and left with the belt.

– Backstage, Crystal was with Kevin Nash. Nash said he knows that Sting’s partner won’t be Scott Hall tonight after what went down on Impact.

– AJ Styles & Tomko defeated The Steiner Brothers to retain the TNA World Tag Team Titles. The match started off early on with AJ Styles and Scott Steiner. Scott kept taking out out Styles, causing Tomko and Rick to get tags. Scary moment saw Rick hit Tomko with a botched Death Valley Driver. Tomko looked a bit dazed, but responded with a quick clothesline on Rick. Scott got the tag and Styles and Tomko did some double-teaming. Tomko broke up a pinfall attempt on AJ after a top rope bulldog by Rick went down. The finish saw the referee get bumped allowing Styles to hit a low blow on Rick followed by a steel chair shot. Styles got the pinfall on Rick to retain the tag titles.

– Backstage, Crystal was with Robert Roode. Roode reminded Samoa Joe that he made him bleed.
– A second limo was shown arriving to the Impact Zone. This one was white.

– Samoa Joe defeated Robert Roode. They showed the female fan in the crowd holding up a sign asking Robert Roode to hire her. She again stared down Ms. Brooks. Early on in the match, Roode jumped over the top rope and tried to take out Joe, but Joe moved out of the way. Joe put Roode on a chair at ringside to do the Ole kick, but Roode stood up and sent Joe’s knee into the guard railing instead. Joe responded sending Roode into the steel steps and then hitting the Ole kick. A shot of a knocked out Ms. Brooks at ringside was shown and the announcers have no idea how it happened. In the ring, Joe applied an STF on Roode that was eventually broken up when Roode got to the ropes. They kept showing shots of Ms. Brooks knocked out being checked on by EMTs. The finish saw Roode attempt The Payoff, but Joe blocked it and hit the Muscle Buster for the win.

– Backstage, Karen Angle tried to tell Kurt Angle that everything was under control. Kurt didn’t believe her and left the room. A shot of Angle going out the parking area to the white limo was shown, but Sting cut him off from getting close.
– Backstage, Crystal was with Christian Cage along with AJ Styles and Tomko. Cage said he is used to people trying to make a name off him and hopes Kaz is ready for tonight. Cage told Styles and Tomko to stay in the back because he didn’t need help tonight. Styles winked and said okay. Cage said he was serious.

– Kaz defeated Christian Cage in a “Fight For The Right” Tournament Final Ladder Match to become the #1 contender for the TNA World Title. Very good match between these two guys. Big spot early on in the match where Cage put the ladder across the ring apron and guard railing, put Kaz on top and connected with a Frog Splash from the top rope. A second ladder was brought in and both ladders were setup next to each other with both men climbing up. Cage reached over and took out Kaz with reverse DDT off the ladders. Another big spot saw Kaz attempt a leg drop on Cage from the ladder, but Cage moved and Kaz landed on another ladder. Cage setup the ladder again and went for the contract on a clipboard, but Kaz dropkicked him off. The contract actually fell off the clipboard and it was noted by the referee that the way to win was to get the clipboard. This is bringing back bad memories when the “X” kept falling during past Ultimate X matches. The finish saw AJ Styles and Tomko come out, which distracted Cage. This allowed Kaz to push Cage off the ladder and onto Styles and Tomko at ringside. Kaz then went up the ladder and got the clipboard to get the win.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash checks on James Storm and Eric Young who were still having a drinking contest from earlier in the night. Storm was passed out and Young stole the “drinking championship belt” that Storm was bragging about earlier.

– Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash defeated Sting & Booker T; Angle retains the TNA World Heavyweight Title. As assumed, Sting’s mystery partner was Booker T. They really built the anticipation for the announcement with some slow music until the familiar “CAN YOU DIG IT, SUCKA?” hit on the speakers. Booker got a huge reaction from the crowd in Orlando. Nash doesn’t look good and looks to be having trouble even moving around in the ring. They held off on tagging in Booker with Nash working on Sting in the corner and tagging in Angle as well to work on Sting. Booker finally got tagged in and connected with the Axe Kick on Angle and went for the pinfall, but Nash broke it up. Karen Angle distracted the referee and Sharmell came out to attack her. AJ Styles and Tomko also got involved, with the announcers noting it was probably the deal Karen was referring to earlier. The finish saw Styles give Angle the TNA World Title and Angle hit Nash with it as he was setting up Sting for a powerbomb. Angle then took out Sting with the Angle Slam and brought in the referee to make the pinfall. Angle retains his title. After the match, Styles and Tomko celebrated with Kurt Angle. Christian Cage came out on the ramp and had a confused look on his face after seeing what just went down.

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What did you think of Genesis?

thumbs up – 30%

in the middle – 10%

thumbs down – 15%

didn’t see it – 45%

Best match at Genesis?

Abyss-Black Reign – 7%

Team 3D-Shelley/Sabin – 8%

Womens Four Way – 6%

Lethal-Dutt – 4%

AJ & Tomko-Steiners – 2%

Joe-Roode – 4%

Fight for the Right Finals – 45%

Tag for the Title – 24%

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