Final Resolution

May 14, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, January 14, 2007 in Orlando, FL
* Video highlight package opens the show.
* So Cal Val blew us a kiss
* Pyro went off

(1) Last Man Standing match: AJ Styles vs. Rhino. Match starts with Rhino going after Styles on the outside chasing him back into the ring before referee Earl Hebner rang the bell to start the contest. During the match, they showed the spanish announce table, with both announcers wearing LAX t-shirts. Styles scored a pinfall at the four minute mark, but Rhino answered the 10-count to continue the bout. Styles did his running dive over the top rope landing on Rhino on the arena floor. At 7:53, the War Machine scored a 1, 2, 3, but once again, Styles was able to answer Hebner’s 10-count to continue the action. Rhino hit two gores, and at 13:47, Styles laid flat on the mat. Rhino set up a table on the arena floor as Hebner counted. Styles didn’t answer the ten count, which ended the match at 14:42. Rhino wins. Rhino cut a promo, and went after Styles after the match.

* As the announcers talked about the card, Rhino hit a rhino driver on Styles on the entrance ramp. Rhino set up a table behind him, and went for a gore but Styles got up and Rhino went through the table into the entrance zone.

* Backstage, Cline interviewed Jerry Lynn. Lynn admitted he was taking a risk by agreeing to the match at age 43. Lynn said he isn’t going to waste his time teaching Sabin everything he knows, and after tonight, Daniels will call him teacher as well.

(2) X-division title match: Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Sabin. Fans chanted “Jerry, Jerry” as the bell rang to start the match. In text voting, TNA fans have Joe winning tonight’s iron match over Angle by a 61 to 39% margin. All three did a spot from the corner, which earned a TNA chant. BME by Daniels, but Lynn made a save. Powerbomb by Lynn, but Daniels made the save. Lynn hit Daniels with a cradle piledriver, but Sabin sneaks up behind Lynn and rolled him with a handful of tights at 11:42 to win the X-division title.

* Backstage, Borash interviewed a gray haired Kevin Nash. Nash introduces tonight’s head judge – Bob Backlund. As the segment ended, Eric Young wanted to go shopping with JB. Young said it was an honor meeting the “president” (Backlund) as he voted for him in ’95. Backlund said it was 2000, as they shook hands.
* Kevin Nash joined the announce booth.

(3) PCS finals: Alex Shelley vs. Austin Aries (10 minute time limit, otherwise the match goes to the judges). Before the match, the masked Samolian Joe came out as a judge. Big Fat Oily Guy is judge #2 (yes, the big Dick Johnson look alike). Guess they couldn’t get the Disco Inferno. Backlund came out as judge #3. The judge’s table is positioned in front of the announcer’s booth. A loud chant of “Alex Shelley” from the live crowd started the match. The Big Fat Oily Guy appears to be eating Doritos at the judge’s table. As the match progressed, fans continuted to support Shelley. The oily guy rubbed oil on himself. Starr went over to the judge’s table and scored a point for himself on Samolian Joe’s scorecard. Shelley added a point to Backlund’s score sheet. During the match, Starr grabbed a drink of water and spit it into Shelley’s face. One minute to go. Starr put on the camel clutch with 20 seconds to go, but Shelley didn’t tap and it ended in a ten minute time limit draw. Borash brought the scorecards into the rings. Samolian Joe judged it for Starr. Big Oily guy voted for Shelley. Backlund came into the ring, having the deciding vote. On the mic, Backlund went through his scorecard category by category. Backlund scored it a draw, which brought big Nash to the ringside area. He told Borash to re-start the match with a five minute over time period with Shelley quickly winning the match. Senshi, Jay Lethal, and Sonjay Dutt came out as Shelley received his trophey. Starr was not happy, and argued with Nash. Nash pushed down Starr. Starr got on the mic and said he didn’t come here to play second fiddle to Nash and the others. He said he only respected Senshi, but Senshi didn’t want to leave with him. Senshi and Starr got into it. Starr left the ring and went after the judges. He struck Backlund, and Backlund put Starr into the chicken wing!

(4) James Storm (with Gail Kim) vs. Petey Williams. Kim is in Storm’s corner, but played up she isn’t happy about it. Fans chanted “kill the Cowboy” at Storm. Storm hit the eye of the storm, but fans weren’t impressed. In text voting, fans have Joe still up on Angle, 60% to 40%. Fans started a “lets go Petey” chant. Storm blocked the Canadian Destroyer, and grabbed the ropes for the victory at 6:39. Rudy Charles asked the fans if Storm used the ropes, and Gaik Kim. Storm put the handcuffs on Williams. Storm went for the beer bottle, but Kim blocked it. Storm was going to hit Kim with the beer bottle, but Kim low blowed him. Kim grabbed the beer bottle, but Jacquelyn (former WWE Women’s champion) ran in and went after Kim. Jacquelyn hit a leg drop from the top rope, and afterwards, Storm hugged Jacquelyn!

* They showed VKM video highlights.
* Outcomes VKM to waste some time. They are armed with steel chairs. BG said tonight they came out to declare victory over WWE and Vince McMahon. BG said they didn’t do anything about their antics. He told Triple H to heal his wheel, as he doesn’t like to see any of the boys get hurt. BG called WWE cowards and stupid. He said if they had acted, WWE would have increased their ratings. BG talked about K-Fed beating the WWE champion. He talked about the Rosie-Trump match on “Raw,” and said fans started their “TNA” chants. BG said WWE insults the intelligence of their fans. BG encouraged the fans to sing “We aren’t going to take it,” and lead the “TNA” chant. BG said their is a new sheriff in town, and its TNA. Outcame Christy Hemme. She said she has something to say. She said Shawn and Hunter need a little respect. She said what about Chyna? Just because she’s just a woman in a man’s world? She said “what about Lita?” She asks about Val, Tracy, Gail, etc. Hemme said she wants to wrestle, and will continue to fight because she loves it. “Women deserve respect,” said Hemme. Fans chanted “we want wrestling” and “boring” during Hemme’s roll. BG said there is plently of room for women. Kip grabbed the mic and called Hemme a “slut.” Kip encouraged her to go back to the strip club she got fired at. Kip said women are only good for two things and crotch chopped her. Hemme slapped Kip and walked away.

* Backstage, JB interviewed Team 3D. Bubba said tonight its old school vs. new school. Bubba said they took out Brother Runt, so they took out Konnan. He pointed out that Konnan has yet to be in their corner. Bubba said they are jealous of what LAX has, the world tag team belts. Sting came out looking for someone.

(5) NWA World Tag Team title match: LAX vs. Team 3D. Moody Jack is back, and introduced LAX. Tenay noted that Konnan had hip replacement surgery in Mexico, thus he’s on the shelf. Fans chanted “USA” as the match started. Match started with Devon and Hernandez doing a series of power moves. TNA text messaging fans have Joe now up 57 to 43%. Brother Ray is sporting a black t-shirt, seems to have spent time recently raiding buffets. It appears Ray is bleeding from his forehead. Fans chanted “we want tables.” Devon hit his flying headbutt on Hernandez on the mat. Runt came out in his Santa Claus outfit, drinking. He jumped off the top rope, but caused Team 3D to be disqualified. An upset Ray tossed Runt out of the ring.

* Final text message voting: Joe 57 to Angle’s 43%.
* Backstage, JB interviewed Samoa Joe. Joe said Angle made this personal, as in the beginning this was about who was the better man. He said Angle stands in his way of the NWA world heavyweight title. “You will be broken,” said Joe.

(6) 30-Minute Iron Man Match (winner received an NWA World title shot at February’s Against All Odds PPV): Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle. Fans started with the “lets go Angle, lets go Joe” chant. TNA has the 30 minute count down clock in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Angle kicks out of a pinfall attempt at the five minute mark. Angle has his “violence” teeth guard tonight. No pin falls or submissions at the nine minute mark. Angle has been in control of the match early on in this contest. With Angle on the outside, Joe flew into Angle from the ring, but appeared to hit hard on the floor. Joe forced Angle to tap out from the rear naked choke at the 12:55 mark, as fans chanted “you tapped out.” Joe leads 1-0, with fifteen minutes remaining in the match. Angle forced Joe to tap out from the ankle lock with 13:58 remaining in the match. Match is tied at 1-1. Fans started the “lets go Joe, lets go Angle” chant again. With 11:05 remaining, Joe is forced to tap out from the ankle lock again. With 10:00 remaining, its Angle leading 2 to 1. Olympic slam by Angle, but Joe kicked out with 8:30 remaining. Muscle buster, and Joe tied it up with 7:40 remaining. With 6:30 remaining, its tied 2 to 2. Angle applies the ankle lock again with six minutes remaining, but this time Joe kicked out with his other leg. Angle gains a pinfall with 5:19 remaining to take a 3-2 lead. With 3:00 remaining, Angle leads 3 to 2. Angle rammed Joe’s knee into the ring post from the outside. Under two minutes remaining. Muscle buster, but Angle gets his foot on the ropes at 1:31 remaining. :30 seconds remaining. Joe puts on the ankle lock. Angle taps out, but the 30 minute time limit expired. Angle wins 3 to 2. Angle earns a February title shot.

* Backstage, JB interviewed Sting. Sting said the devil is pulling Abyss’s strings. In comes Jim Mitchell and Abyss. Mitchell said tonight Sting’s attempt to win over Abyss stops. He grabs Mitchell by the neck, but Abyss doesn’t act.

(7) Three Way Elimination match for the NWA title: Abyss (with Jim Mitchell) vs. Christian Cage (with Tomko) vs. Sting. Tomko came out with Cage, but Jim Cornette came out to assign Tomko to a cage near the ring to avoid outside interference from him. On the outside, Cage bulldogged Abyss on the entrance ramp and slams Sting on the floor. Shock treatment by Abyss, but Cage barely kicked out. Cage went for the frog splash, but Abyss catches him and chokeslams Christian. Blackhole slam by Abyss on Christian, but the referee attended to Tomko who had a hold of Sting through the cage. Scorpion death drop by Sting, and Abyss is eliminated at 5:35. We are going to have a new champion tonight. Abyss chokes Sting, and leaves him lifeless in the ring. Cage worked over Sting, but Sting hulked up at the 8:30 mark and regained control of the match. Gorilla press, stinger splash, but missed a follow up. Superplex by Sting, as Mitchell returned to ringside. Sting’s attention was focused on him. Mitchell opened the cage door as Sting applied the Scorpion. Tomko came in and dropped Sting with the referee distracted, but Sting kicked out. Tomko comes in again, but Sting flipped him over the ring. Abyss came out and went after Tomko. He throws Tomko back in the cage. Cage missed a belt shot. Unprettier by Sting, Cage kicked out. Mitchell hit Sting with the cane, but Abyss came in with the referee down. Sting puts Mitchell in the scorpion, but Abyss hit Sting with his chain. Cage hit the frog splash to win at 13:15 and capture the NWA World title. Tomko puts Sting on his shoulders as the PPV ends. Tenay says next month it will be Angle vs. Cage.


What did you think of Final Resolution?

Thumbs Up – 37%

In the middle – 12%

Thumbs Down – 13%

Didn’t see it – 37%

Best match at Final Resolution?

Storm-Williams – 3%

LAX-Team 3D – 3%

Sabin-Daniels-Lynn – 8%

Styles-Rhino – 5%

Shelley-Starr – 8%

Joe-Angle III – 57%

Sting-Abyss-Cage – 17%

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