Destination X

May 14, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, March 11, 2007 in Orlando, FL

– The TNA opening hits.
– A video package airs focusing on Destination X tonight.
– A graphic opening then hits and we then go live to the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show as pyro goes off.

– NWA World Tag Team Champions LAX defeated Team 3D in a Non-Title Ghetto Brawl Match. Before the match started, Konnan noticed Hector Guerrero at the Spanish Announce Table. Guerrero stood up and stared at Konnan, but nothing else happened. Just an all out brawl with all four men in the ring to get the match kicked off. Lots of weapons are brought up, with the ring full of garbage cans and cookie sheets. One impressive spot saw Hernandez take out Brother Devon at ringside with a huge dive over the top rope. Lots of brawling into the crowd between LAX and 3D later on. Devon takes out Hernandez with a powerful shot to the head with a garbage can lid. 3D does the “whazzup” spot with Devon leaping off the top rope and connecting with a headbutt to the groin on Homicide. Ray has Devon leave the ring to get the table, but members of the Lation Nation hit the ring and go after 3D. Johnny Rodz then runs out to assist. Friends of Devon from Brooklyn run down to even things up. Just a big brawl taking place right now inside the Impact Zone. 3D hits the Doomsday on Homicide, but Homicide kicks out. They then hit the 3D, but a member of the Latino Nation interferes to break up the pinfall. Alex Shelley then appears at ringside with his camera filming the match. Shelley then goes up to the top and gives Devon a Frog Splash through a table in the ring! Homicide then covers Devon and gets the pinfall.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash plugs the text vote for AJ Styles vs. Rhino tonight in an Elevation X Match. Borash was with Rhino. He said tonight he will be different when he speaks about his match. Rhino said he was scared and that gravity plays no favorites. He said he normally ends his promos with “Gore, Gore, Gore”, but not tonight. Tonight is all about who doesn’t get thrown off the top of the Elevation X first.
– Mike Tenay & Don West rundown the card tonight at Destination X.

– James Storm & Jackie Moore defeated Petey Williams & Gail Kim in a Double Bullrope Match. Before the match, James Storm and Petey Williams were tied together with a bullrope, while Jackie Moore and Gail Kim were also tied together with another rope. The crowd in Orlando was really behind Williams and Kim. It was all Williams and Kim early on, with Kim wrapping Jackie around the ring post and hitting her with a big shot across the chest. Storm makes a comeback by wrapping Williams up on the ground with the bullrope. Storm lays in a few kicks, covers Williams, but Williams gets a foot on the ropes. Storm then responds with the Eye of the Storm on Williams, but Williams still kicks out. Storm then attempts the Canadian Destroyer on Williams, but Williams counters it into a back body drop. Williams puts the bullrope between the legs of Storm and uses it to his advantage flipping Storm over. The finish saw Williams go for the Canadian Destroyer, but Jackie gave Williams a low blow and Storm finished it up with a big superkick to get the pinfall.

– Backstage, Leticia is with Scott Steiner. Steiner hits on Leticia and she brushes it off. She asks him if he should be worried about Kurt Angle tonight. Steiner said he isn’t since he has been focused on him for months. Christian Cage walks up and says he has been looking for Steiner. He talks about Tomko being in Japan and calls him the weak link of the group. Steiner said there was a “group” and that Cage was on his own tonight. Cage said this wasn’t over and that he has an idea and takes Leticia with him.

– Senshi defeated Austin Starr in a Cross Face Chicken Wing Submission Match. This is a submission match. Austin Starr went to work right away on Senshi during his entrance to get the match started. Starr started to work on Senshi’s shoulder to attempt to lock on a Cross Face Chicken Wing. Lots of big chops from Senshi to Starr that gets the crowd into it. Bob Backlund walked out during the match. The crowd in Orlando is really behind Orlando. Starr hits a nice combination of a gut buster into a T-Bone Suplex and then follows that up with his spinning elbow drop. Backlund is cheering on Senshi at ringside still. Another series of chops by Senshi on Starr. Senshi is favoring his shoulder in the match. Senshi gets in a series of big kicks on Starr. Starr cuts off Senshi with a rake to the eyes. Senshi attempted a Cross Face Chicken Wing, but Starr countered into an arm drag. Starr with an impressive dropkick to Senshi’s face. Starr then takes out Senshi on the outside with a big suicide dive. Starr follows that up with a slingslot corkscrew splash onto Senshi in the ring. Starr applies the Cross Face Chicken Wing, but it gets broken up. The finish saw Backlund interfere and help Senshi get the Cross Face Chicken Wing locked on to force Starr to tap out. After the match, Backlund tries to shake hands with Senshi when Starr attacks Backlund. Starr applies the Cross Face Chicken Wing on Backlund. TNA referees hit the ring to break it up.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with AJ Styles. Borash plugs the text vote for Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe tonight. Borash mentions Rhino’s calmer tone earlier tonight. Styles calls Elevation X his match tonight and says Rhino is out of his element. He said it is Rhino’s ego that has him out of his element. Styles said he will beatdown and embarass Rhino tonight. He said there is only one way to go tonight and that is straight down.

– Voodoo Kin Mafia defeated The Heart Breakers (Christy Hemme’s surprise tag team). Christy Hemme came out and tried to announce her team, but VKM’s music cut her off. Kip James gets on the mic and says here we are again. James asks Hemme how that strip club thing has been working out for her. He calls Hemme that pimple on his ass that won’t go away. James offers to show it, but BG stops him. He said he hears Christy has some tag team and can’t believe any guy would work for a woman. James said he likes his women in the kitchen, the bathroom, the yard and especially in the bedroom. Hemme gets on the mic and says she is sick of VKM and introduces her tag team – Romeo and Antonio, The Heart Breakers. Tenay and West said The Heart Breakers were so oily that it would help them slip away from attacks by VKM. Lots of offense by VKM on The Heart Breakers. Hemme interferes holding Kip’s foot back, allowing Antonio to go after Kip. Hemme attempts a low blow on Kip, but Hemme favors her arm. Kip reveals he is wearing a cup. Kip puts the cup in Hemme’s face. Lance Hoyt comes out and takes a screaming Hemme to the back. The Orlando crowd has gotten quiet after the spot with Hoyt bringing Hemme to the back. Some boo’s could be heard. The finish saw BG get the Pump Handle Slam to get the pinfall. After the match, Hoyt returned and celebrated the win with VKM. Hemme also came back out and yelled at The Heart Breakers.

– Backstage, Leticia was with Christian Cage as he was approaching Abyss. Cage was great here telling Leticia that he was good with Abyss after last week. He said they had great witty banter on iMPACT! this past week. Cage brings Abyss a picture of him, the champ, to replace the photo of James Mitchell. He said the way family works is that if you do something for them, they do something for you. Cage said after he takes care of Sting tonight, then maybe he could help him out with Samoa Joe. He said he heard Joe wanted to go after Abyss before Sting could. Cage and Abyss touch fists and Cage is surprised. He even channels Will Ferrell’s “Ricky Bobby” line by adding, “shake and bake!” when they touch fists.

– Chris Sabin defeated Jerry Lynn in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match to retain the X Division Title. It was all Jerry Lynn early on with a series of arm drags and a quick dropkick. Sabin bailed to the outside to stop anymore offense. Lynn wastes no time and goes after Sabin. The crowd finally woke up again after the VKM/Heart Breakers match, with everyone way behind Lynn. Lynn got the first pinfall after a Tornado DDT. Tenay added quote, “43 my ass!” after the impressive showing of Jerry Lynn thus far during the match. Sabin won the second fall with his feet on the ropes rolling up Lynn. It is now 1-1. It looked to be over when Sabin hit the Cradle Shock on Lynn, but Lynn was able to kick out. Someone in a Sting mask jumped up on the ring apron, allowing Sabin to get the final fall against Lynn to retain the X Division Title. After the match, the masked man came inside the ring and took out Sabin with the Angel’s Wings. The masked man also took out Lynn with the X Division Title and revealed himself to be the returning Christopher Daniels (he now has a beard).

– Backstage, Jim Cornette said he will have an announcement regarding next month’s Lockdown PPV this Thursday night on iMPACT! on Spike TV. Christy Hemme comes into Cornette’s office and said she still won’t quite despite coming up short to VKM tonight.
– We see a shot of the Elevation X starting to come down over the ring inside the Impact Zone. Video packages air hyping Elevation X tonight featuring AJ Styles vs. Rhino.

– Rhino defeated AJ Styles in an Elevation X Match. Rhino and AJ Styles (with new entrance music) came out. Styles put on gloves before the match started. Rhino went after Styles right away and the two began brawling on the outside. Styles was the first up to the top of the Elevation X. Rhino followed Styles up and nearly fell down. Styles was jumping up and down on the platform to try and mess with Rhino. Styles spit in the face of Rhino when he got to the top. We see a few spots where both Styles and Rhino nearly fall off the top. Styles takes out Rhino with a baseball slide, who is just barely holding on from one side of the X. Styles gets out of the view of Rhino by hiding inside the X of the Elevation X platform. They show a shot of the fans pointing up at where AJ is to Rhino. Rhino sees Styles and Styles gives Rhino a rake to the eyes. Styles tries pushing Rhino off the side, but Rhino continues to hold on. Styles gets Rhino and attempts a Style Clash, but Rhino blocks it and starts hitting Styles with some rights. Styles with a jawbreaker on Rhino. Styles then looks to use some white powder on Rhino, but Rhino blocks it and it goes into the face of Styles. Rhino attempts a Gore on Styles, but Styles holds on to the side of the X. The finish then saw Rhino work on the hand of Styles until he couldn’t hold on anymore and fell to the mat to get the win. TNA’s medical staff is at ringside and they put a neckbrace on Styles.

– A video package for Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner airs.
– Back live, AJ Styles is on a stretcher. Highlights are shown from Elevation X, including the “thud” that Styles made when he crashed and burned on the mat.
– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle. Angle said last month Scott Steiner was a consultant and costed him the NWA World Heavyweight Title. He said after tonight, he will make the TNA ring look like a crime scene after he is done with him. Angle said he came to TNA to prove he is the best wrestler alive, while Steiner came to TNA for greed.

– Kurt Angle defeated Scott Steiner. Scott Steiner came out to the ring with two ladies. Steiner got busted open early on after a headbutt from Angle. Don West tries to point out that this will be a different type of match were brute power and force will be displayed, unlike earlier matches tonight. Angle then takes out Steiner with a few uppercuts following by three big german suplexes (letting go on the third one). Steiner comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex on Angle, covers, but only gets a two count. Angle responds with an Olympic Slam, but Steiner kicks out after a pinfall attempt. Angle then gets the Ankle Lock applied on Steiner. Steiner counters out and applies the Steiner Recliner. Angle breaks that up. Angle follows that up with another Olympic Slam and again applies the Ankle Lock on Steiner. Steiner reaches for the ropes, gets them, but Angle pulls Steiner back to the middle of the ring. Steiner kicks Angle away and takes him out with a big clothesline. Steiner is favoring his ankle when Angle blocks a belly-to-belly suplex attempt and hits a sunset flip on Steiner to get the pinfall. After the match, Tenay and West observe highlights of the match.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Samoa Joe. Joe said for two years, two long years, he was locked in a cage. For two years, he was denied what was rightfully his. Joe said tonight, he is set free and born again. He said tonight, he achieves his destiny. Joe said the only person standing in his way is Christian Cage. He adds that if Abyss tries to stop him from getting that destiny, he won’t hesitate to take him out just like all the others. Joe said tonight marks the start of the Samoa Joe NWA World Heavyweight Championship reign.
– A video package for Sting vs. Abyss airs.

– Sting defeated Abyss in a Last Rites Match. The match kicked off with both Sting and Abyss brawling on the outside of the ring. There are candles in each corner of the ring. Abyss grabbed one of the candles and smashed it into Sting’s face. Sting was busted open after this took place. Abyss then called for the death bed to be lowered into the ring. Funny moment saw the fans in Orlando chant “FIRE RUSSO” when this was taking place. Abyss then threw Sting into the casket and attempted to shut the lid, but Sting fought his way back out. Sting’s face is covered in blood at this point. Sting applied the Scorpion Deathlock on Abyss and Abyss tapped out. This does not finish the match though. Sting then broke a tombstone over Abyss’ head using his baseball bat. Lots of goofy objects being used in this match. Sting put Abyss into the casket and attempted to close the lid. Abyss then gives Sting a chokeslam onto the casket, causing a big dent. The finish saw Abyss try to suplex Sting onto the tombstone, but Sting blocks it. Sting then put Abyss into the casket and closed the lid to get the win. After the match, the casket/death bed was raised up to the ceiling of the Impact Zone.

– A video package airs for Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe.
– Backstage, Christian Cage is coping with the fact that he won’t have any help tonight from Tomko, Scott Steiner or Abyss. The Great Muta then appears and spits his green mist onto a locker.

– Christian Cage defeated Samoa Joe to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Samoa Joe’s entrance featured Samoan ring dancers, similar to his entrance from Bound For Glory 2005. Jeremy Borash did the main event introductions for champion Christian Cage and challenger Samoa Joe. Lots of back and forth chants from the fans in Orlando for Cage and Joe. It was all Joe early on with Joe hitting a suplex on Cage on the outside. Joe then tossed Cage into the crowd and the two brawled with the fans going up the steps into the bleachers. Joe then took out Cage with a big boot into the wall in the crowd. The action then finally hit the ring after the brawling in the crowd. Joe attempted a Muscle Buster, but Cage countered that into a quick inverted DDT with a pinfall that only resulted in a two count. When Cage leaped off the second rope, Joe took him out with another big boot. The fans in Orlando are really into the match at this point. Joe then applies an STF on Cage in the middle of the ring. Cage was able to reach the bottom rope to break the hold. Cage comes back with an Unprettier on Joe, but Joe barely gets a shoulder up after a two count. Fans are solidly behind Joe in Orlando. Joe hits a big splash on Cage followed by a big shoulder block on Cage as well. Cage starts to walk away when he gets knocked out, but Jay Lethal, Petey Williams and others force Cage to get back into the ring. Referee bump and Cage takes out Joe with a steel chair shot. The referee is still down. Joe then responds with the Muscle Buster. Joe covers Cage…1…2…Cage finds a way to kick out. The finish then saw Cage low blow Joe with the referee still out, but Joe also finds a way to kick Cage in the head after this takes place. Joe locked in his choke on Cage, but Cage was able to bridge over into a pinfall with his feet on the ropes to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

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What did you think of Destination X?

Thumbs Up – 25%

In the middle – 14%

Thumbs Down – 24%

Didn’t see it – 38%

Best match at Destination X?

VKM-Heart Breakers – 6%

Senshi-Starr – 2%

Lynn-Sabin – 2%

Petey/Kim-Storm/Moore – 2%

Team 3D-LAX – 4%

Angle-Steiner – 6%

Elevation X – 20%

Cage-Samoa Joe – 46%

Sting-Abyss – 11%

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