Bound for Glory

May 14, 2010 - by Adam Martin


Sunday, October 22, 2006 in Plymouth, MI

– The TNA opening hits. A video package then airs mentioning how Henry Ford grew his company in Detroit 100 years ago. And now, 100 years later, TNA is on the scene and on the rise in the pro wrestling industry. TNA stars from the Tag Team and X Division are highlighted. Matches on the card tonight are also highlighted including Monster’s Ball, the 8 Mile Street Fight, the arrival of Kurt Angle, Sting’s career on the line tonight and the NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett. The voiceover man then finishes the promo saying, “Tonight the dream is realized and tonight the dream grows.”
– A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to Plymouth, Michigan at the Compuware Sports Arena. A big display of pyro goes off in the ring and in the entrance area.
– Kevin Nash’s music hits. He comes out holding a trophy and in a suit.

– Austin Starr won the Kevin Nash Open Invitational X Division Guantlet Battle Royal. The final two were Jay Lethal and Austin Starr and the match is now under singles rules. Starr got the pinfall on Lethal following a huge brainbuster. After the match, Nash came into the ring and presented Starr with a trophy. Starr also hugged Nash as Alex Shelley looked on angry.

Participants in the match: Austin Starr, Sonjay Dutt, Matt Bentley, Jay Lethal, A1, Zach Gowen, Kazarian, Sirelda, Shark Boy, Alex Shelley, D-Ray 3000 (who hasn’t been seen in TNA in years), Johnny Devine, Elix Skipper, Short Sleeve Sampson, Norman Smiley and Petey Williams.

Order of Elimination:

1. Sonjay Dutt
2. Sirelda
3. A1
4. Matt Bentley
5. Zach Gowen
6. Kazarian
7. Shark Boy
8. D-Ray 3000
9. Short Sleeve Sampson
10. Elix Skipper
11. Petey Williams
12. Johnny Devine
13. Alex Shelley

– Footage is shown from TNA iMPACT! this past Thursday on Spike TV when Hernandez of LAX gave Gail Kim a huge Border Toss. We then go backstage where Jeremy Borash is with America’s Most Wanted. Harris says no disrespect to the teams they face tonight, everyone knows they are the best. He said AMW won’t look past what LAX did to Gail Kim. Storm said he doesn’t understand how people let LAX into the United States. He adds the “Sorry about your damn luck” line as they head to the arena.
– We see Shane Douglas coming to the ring. Douglas gets on the mic and says hello to Detroit Rock City. He introduces himself and said it is his privilege to introduce the #1 contenders for the NWA World Tag Team Titles, the newly Franchised, Naturals. The James Gang were out next and did their usual “New Age Outlaws” introduction. America’s Most Wanted were out third. Team 3D were out last. Brother Ray did a KISS reference saying, “Detroit, you wanted the best and you got the best.”

– Team 3D won the Four Corners Tag Team Match over The Naturals, America’s Most Wanted & The James Gang. There was a big “tower of doom” spot in the corner involving The Naturals and America’s Most Wanted that got a great reaction. Lots of comedy stuff between Team 3D and The James Gang as well. At one point, they went spot-to-spot with two people going at it, a spot taking place and another person hitting the ring after that. The finish saw Andy Douglas take out Chase Stevens by accident, allowing Team 3D to hit the 3D on Douglas to get the pinfall. After the match, Shane Douglas walked back down the ramp and did a stare down with Team 3D. They let him go by. Douglas then yelled at Douglas on the ground and then slapped Stevens when he came up.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is at Samoa Joe’s locker room. Jake “The Snake” Roberts shows up and pretty much makes no sense on the mic. One thing able to make out was that Roberts didn’t like stripes, even though the was the special enforcer tonight in the Monster’s Ball Match.
– A video package rolls highlighting Monster’s Ball involving Samoa Joe, Abyss, Raven and Brother Runt with Jake “The Snake” Roberts as the special guest enforcer.

– Samoa Joe won the Monster’s Ball Match over Raven, Abyss & Brother Runt with Jake “The Snake” Roberts as the special guest enforcer. Raven wore a Hannibal Lector-type mask to the ring. All three men went after Samoa Joe when the bell was rung. Runt was tossed over the top rope into the crowd by Abyss during the match. The fans threw Runt right back over towards the ring. Joe also hit a huge splash on Abyss, Raven and Brother Runt at ringside and even landed on his feet during the spot. The crowd erupted in Plymouth when this took place. Great moment. Another spot saw Raven and Joe brawl up the ramp and Raven hit Joe with an object, allowing Joe to fall off the ramp and crash through a table. Abyss and Runt started climbing up part of the TNA entrance area. Abyss hit Runt with a chokeslam and Runt landed with a thud. Abyss then followed that up with a huge splash. The crowd chanted “THIS IS AWESOME” loudly. Raven also took out Joe again, throwing him off the ramp and into another table. Joe eventually came back in the ring and hit a huge powerslam on Abyss on a steel chair. Abyss spread some thumbtacks over the ring with help from James Mitchell. In a huge spot, Joe pulled the ropes down allowing Raven to crash on the outside. Joe then took out Abyss and hit a body senton over his body, sending Abyss face first into the thumbtacks! Raven tried to use a steel chair more on Joe, but Roberts grabbed Raven and hit a DDT. Joe then grabbed Raven and hit a Muscle Buster to get the pinfall. After the match, Roberts took out his snake and put it on Raven.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Eric Young. Young is breathing into a paper bag. Borash asks if he is okay. Young says he is nervous. Borash says he should have confidence. Larry Zbyszko walks up and says Young has no experience or wrestling knowledge. Zbyszko says he has Young beat already.
– A video package runs highlighting the events between Eric Young and Larry Zbyszko’s “abuse of power” in TNA recently.

– Eric Young defeated Larry Zbyszko in a Loser Gets Fired Match. Eric Young had some big pyro this time and got scared yet again. Young had lots of fun with the crowd in Plymouth by pointing to himself (getting cheers) and pointing to Zbyszko (getting loud boos). Pretty short match with Zbyszko bringing out some taped brass knucks. Zbyszko took out the referee and this allowed Young to hit Zbyszko with a low blow and a shot with the knucks to get the pinfall. After the match, Young went into the crowd and celebrated.

– The public face of TNA Management Jim Cornette then came out. Cornette got on the mic and mentioned he was sick as a dog. He said he would have to be in intensive care to miss this tonight. Cornette mentions the NWA World Title Match still coming up. He has an important announcement to make. Cornette brings up the problems between Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe. He said this is nor the time nor the place to settle it. Cornette said he was out here to let Samoa Joe that if he interferes in the NWA World Title Match tonight, he will be removed from the TNA roster effective immediately. Kurt Angle’s music hit and he came out to a decent reaction (but not what you would expect for a big star like Angle – maybe the cameras weren’t picking up the audio?) He said TNA was the best and screw the rest. Angle said he came out here right now because he knows he is the special guest enforcer for tonight’s NWA World Title Match between Jeff Jarrett and Sting. He then mentioned he doesn’t need protection from Samoa Joe. Angle said if someone punked him out on national TV like he did, he would be mad as well. Samoa Joe’s music then hit and he charged down the ramp. Angle and Joe started going at it. TNA Security breaks them apart. Angle yells at Joe, telling him he is nothing. Joe breaks free and goes after Angle again. Security still finds a way to break them up. Joe yells at Jim Cornette to let him fight. Angle then breaks free and goes after Joe. They brawl again. Security finally breaks them up as the segment comes to a close.

– A video package rolls highlighting the X Division Championship Match between Senshi and Chris Sabin tonight.

– Chris Sabin defeated Senshi to become the NEW X Division Champion. Lots of takedowns and chops early on in the match between Senshi and Sabin. Tons of powerful kicks from Senshi on Sabin during the match as well. Sabin come back with a big suicide dive through the second rope on Senshi to the outside. Sabin came back quickly by putting Senshi in a tree of woe in the corner followed by his big hanging-air dropkick. Really impressive spot saw Senshi attempt a cartwheel into a kick, but Sabin caught Senshi in mid-cartwheel with a dropkick to the body. Sabin also followed that up with a huge DDT. Another huge spot saw Sabin hit a huricanranna from the top rope on Senshi, but Senshi rolled through and did a huge body stomp on the chest of Sabin! Sabin then rocked Senshi with a huge big boot in the corner. Sabin hit the Cradle Shock on Senshi, covered…but Senshi kicked out and the fans were really into it at this point. Senshi then rocked Sabin with some stiff chest kicks followed by a huge charging kick into the corner. Senshi then went up to the top, jumped and connected with a huge body stomp. When Senshi covered, Sabin got his foot on the bottom rope to break the pinfall. The finish saw Senshi lock on a head submission and nail Sabin with some stiff elbows to the head. Sabin broke out of it and then rolled up Senshi for the quick pinfall. After the match, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt came out to celebrate with Chris Sabin. Jerry Lynn also came out clapping for Sabin, who was holding the X Title high in the air.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Christian Cage. Cage said he saw the “sappy video” TNA put together for their 8 Mile Street Fight where locals were interviewed. He said Rhino accomplished nothing in his career. Cage said just like how the St. Louis Cardinals walked into Detroit and handed the Tigers their ass last night, that is exactly what he will do tonight in Rhino’s hometown.
– A video package rolls highlighting the 8 Mile Street Fight Match tonight between Rhino and Christian Cage.

– Christian Cage defeated Rhino in an 8 Mile Street Fight Match. The match started outside of the Compuware Sports Arena where Rhino and Christian Cage brawled in front of a few cars with the headlights on. They then brawled into the backstage area. They even started brawling on top of a zamboni. Rhino kept Christian on top of the zamboni and drove it into the arena. Rhino parked it and then started punching Christian on top and then launched him off to the floor. They brawled into the entrance area where Rhino used part of the “8 Mile” set to take out Christian. During one spot, Rhino attempted a Gore on Christian, but Christian caught him in the face with a steel chair. They also brawled into the crowd where Rhino threw Christian into a hockey box area. A table was brought in and an “8 Mile Road” street sign, threw it down and spit on it. Christian brought a ladder in, charged at Rhino, but Rhino dropped him face first into it. Christian hit a big Unprettier on Rhino, covered, but Rhino found a way to kick out. Christian then brought in a steel chair and straitjacket. Christian got the straitjacket on Rhino and tied his arms around his neck. Rhino dodged a conchairto attempt from Christian. Another table was setup outside the ring and Rhino connected with a piledriver through the table on Christian! Rhino missed a Gore and went through the table setup in the corner. Christian came back with an Unprettier on the broken table in the ring, Christian covered, but Rhino still kicked out! Christian then put the broken table, chairs and ladder over Rhino. Christian hit Rhino with repeated chair shots, covered and finally got the pinfall on Rhino.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with LAX. Konnan says no one will hold LAX back in TNA. He said tonight, they will show what thug life is all about and raise violence to a new level inside the Six Sides of Steel.
– Back live inside the Compuware Sports Arena, TNA officials are setting up the Six Sides of Steel Cage. Mike Tenay & Don West talk about the 2006 World Series official program where A.J. Pierzynski talks about his appearance in TNA.
– A video package rolls highlighting the events between AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels against LAX with the NWA World Tag Team Titles on the line tonight inside the Six Sides of Steel.

– LAX defeated AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels to become the NEW NWA World Tag Team Champions in a Six Sides of Steel Match. Great stat at the beginning from Don West bringing up that between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, both have held 19 titles in TNA. Lots of use out of the steel cage surrounding the six-sided ring is used. Plenty of double-teaming by LAX on Styles and Daniels. Solid teamwork from LAX with Hernandez hitting an electric chair on Daniels with Homicide following it up with a big flying elbow. During the match, Konnan handed Homicide a fork through the cage and used it on the forehead of Daniels busting him open with the referee distracted. Another spot saw Hernandez powerbomb Daniels into the side of the cage and then powerbomb him onto the ring with force. Homicide then got some Tequila and poured it onto the bloody forehead of Daniels. Daniels and Homicide got up on the top rope and Daniels responded with stiff headbutts and a HUGE hip toss from the top rope! Styles hit a huge springboard inverted DDT on Hernandez. Daniels also took out Homicide with a big high back body drop. Styles then connected with a big dropkick to the head of Hernandez into the cage. Styles & Daniels then got the fork used earlier and busted open Homicide with it. Styles scaled up the cage with Homicide close behind. Homicide grabbed Styles by the head. Daniels came up with Homicide. Hernandez then went under Daniels. Hernandez pulled Daniels and Homicide down. Styles, still up on the cage, stood up, leaped off and hit Hernandez with a HUGE cross-body! Homicide then hit Styles with a big diamond cutter. Daniels followed that up with a death valley driver on Homicide. Hernandez took out Daniels, went up to the top of the cage, jumped, but Daniels moved and Homicide crashed on the ring. Konnan then choked Daniels with a coat hanger from the outside. Styles tried to fight off Homicide and Hernandez, but they were too much. The finish saw Styles go for a Styles Clash on Homicide, but Hernandez hit him with a big clothesline followed by Homicide hitting the Cop Killer to get the pinfall to become the NEW NWA World Tag Team Champions! TNA showed highlights of the match. Back live, LAX was celebrating on the ramp as TNA officials attended to Styles and Daniels.

– A video package rolls highlighting the events heading into the NWA World Heavyweight Title Match tonight between Jeff Jarrett and Sting with Kurt Angle as the special guest enforcer.

– Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett to become the NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion with Kurt Angle as the special guest enforcer. Sting came out with a new look (which was a mix of his old school and new school looks). Jeremy Borash did the usual ring introductions for Jeff Jarrett and Sting. Don West mentioned that Sting lost close to 20 pounds in prepartion for this match tonight. Lots of powerful offense early on from Jarrett on Sting, with Tenay saying Jarrett has been out-wrestling Sting thus far. Jarrett continues to get more offense in on Sting and Sting shows he is frustrated by slapping the corner. When Jarrett is tossed to the outside, Kurt Angle gets in his face. Jarrett pushes Angle. Angle pushes Jarrett back. Angle yells at Jarrett to get back in the ring. Sting then comes out and goes after Jarrett instead. Angle also tossed the referee back in the ring saying he was the enforcer on the outside. Jarrett tried using a steel chair on Sting and Angle prevented it. Sting took out Jarrett with a big suplex on the entrance ramp. When Sting tried to use the steel chair, Angle prevented Sting from using it as well. Jarrett then went after Sting, Sting ducked and Jarrett took out Angle. The action got back into the ring and Jarrett applied a Sleeper on Sting. Sting fights out, Angle gets up on the outside and both Jarrett and Sting have a big mid-ring collision. Both men stayed down and the referee started counting. When the referee got to 8 and both Jarrett and Sting were still down, Angle came in and gave the referee a HUGE Angle Slam. Angle then told both Jarrett and Sting to get it on (very UFC-like). Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Jarrett, covers, but Jarrett kicks out. Jarrett then comes back with The Stroke on Sting, covers, but Sting gets a shoulder up after two. Sting then responds with a quick Tombstone Piledriver on Jarrett, covers and Jarrett kicks out again. Jarrett is up on the top with Sting, attempts a Stroke, but Sting tosses Jarrett down to the mat. Jarrett then comes back locking the Figure Four on Sting. When Sting rolls out of it, Jarrett applies the Ankle Lock on Sting in front of Angle. Sting rolls through that and sends Jarrett to the outside. Sting gets his baseball bat and Angle looks to stop him when Jarrett comes in with his guitar. Jarrett smashes it over the head of Sting…but it doesn’t stop Sting! Sting pumps up and locks on the Scorpion Deathlock on Jarrett. Jarrett tries to fight out of it, but can’t and taps out. Sting is the NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

After the match, Kurt Angle walked up the ramp while Sting celebrated up on the corner holding the NWA World Title high in the air. We see a shot of Jarrett in disbelief on the ring apron looking on at Sting who now has the NWA World Title around his waist. The PPV goes off the air with Mike Tenay thanking everyone for being part of history tonight at Bound For Glory…


What did you think of Bound for Glory?

thumbs up – 52%

in the middle – 10%

thumbs down – 9%

didn’t see it – 30%

Best match at Bound for Glory?

Nash battle royal – 7%

Senshi-Sabin – 13%

Young-Zbysko – 2%

Monster’s Ball – 7%

Cage-Rhino – 7%

4 way tag match – 1%

6 sides of steel – 39%

Jarrett-Sting – 24%

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