Against All Odds

May 14, 2010 - by Adam Martin


Sunday, February 11, 2007 in Orlando, FL

– The TNA opening hits.
– TNA has brought back the dancers/strippers in cages near the entrance ramp.

– NWA World Tag Team Champions LAX defeated Team 3D in a Non-Title Little Italy Street Fight Match. The match kicked off with LAX attacking 3D from behind when 3D was distracted by Konnan who was staring them down from his wheelchair. One big spot saw Hernandez dive over the top rope, but Devon smashed him over the head with a steel chair. Lots of brawling on the outside of the ring ensued after this. Devon was busted open later in the match after Hernandez cut him with a pizza cutter. Brother Ray then came back and used a cheese grater. Members of LAX’s “Latino Nation” also hit the ring, but Team 3D took all of them out. 3D then setup tables in the ring and Hernandez sent Brother Ray through one of them. The finish saw Hernandez hit a Border Toss on Devon to get the pinfall.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash was with Austin Starr. He has a match against Senshi next that wasn’t announced earlier. Bob Backlund made an appearance and Starr insulted him.

– Senshi defeated Austin Starr. Lots of back and forth chants for Starr and Senshi early on from the crowd in Orlando. Tons of reversals between the two during the match. Your typical X Division style match with many nearfalls. The finish saw Senshi get a pinfall over Starr, but it appear that the shoulders of both men were on the mat at the same time. After the match, Starr was upset over the finish and tossed a few chairs into the ring. Starr got on the mic and demanded that the match be restarted. Bob Backlund then came to the ring and got in Starr’s face. Starr slapped Backlund and Backlund then put Starr into a crossface chicken wing to end the segment.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash was with NWA World Champion Christian Cage. Tomko is still upset. Scott Steiner shows up and says he is done with him. Cage tried to calm things down between the two. Cage told Tomko to apologize, but Steiner said he didn’t want to hear it. Steiner then told Cage that he wanted him just as much as Kurt Angle did. Cage told Tomko to fix the situation.

– Christy Hemme defeated The Big Fat Oily Guy in a Tuxedo Match. The Big Fat Oily Guy was being billed as from Stamford, CT. The fans booed Hemme when she started taking the tuxedo off of the The Big Fat Oily Guy. At one point, the fat guy planted himself on top of Hemme and the fans went nuts. Hemme then got the pinfall to get the win. After the match, Kip James of the Voodoo Kin Mafia came out. James got on the mic and said he knows what the fans came to see and it wasn’t to see Hemme wrestle. He then removed Hemme’s top, the fans cheered and Hemme ran off to the back.

– Backstage, Alex Shelley was showing his footage of Ms. Brooks and Eric Young to Leticia, Kevin Nash, Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal. The footage airs and Traci is talking on the phone. A contract was shown on the bed for Robert Roode Inc. There is a knock at the door and she walks over to answer and the video fades saying “to be continued.”

– Lance Hoyt w/ David Eckstein defeated Dale Torborg (w/ AJ Pierzynski in Basebrawl 2. Eckstein’s brother was shown at ringside. The initial finish saw Hoyt go up on the top rope and Pierzynski hit him with a steel chair. Torborg got the pinfall after that went down. A second referee saw this and the match was restarted. Eckstein’s brother Rick then interfered, using a steel chair on Torborg with the referee distracted. This allows Hoyt to get the pinfall on Torborg.

– The second part of the Paparazzi Productions footage of Ms. Brooks and Eric Young started to air. We see Traci answer the door and Young shows up with fake flowers and a box of candy that his half eaten already. Brooks starts stripping down and Young tells her that this is his “first time.” Brooks then has Young sign something before they start the best night of his life.

– AJ Styles defeated Rhino in a Motor City Chain Match. Referee Earl Hebner wrapped a chain around the wrists of Styles and Rhino at the start of the match. Styles left the ring early on and Rhino went after him. There is a pole on the ring post with a key on it. Styles went up to top to get it, but Rhino pulled him back down. Rhino came back with some more offense on Styles, which included a big spinebuster. Rhino went up to the other pole in the opposite corner and took down a nightstick. Styles ended up getting the stick and used it on Rhino. Styles then went up to the top rope and got the key off the pole. Styles unlocked himself from the chain and then hit a big frog splash on Rhino in the ring. Styles locked his end of the chain to the ropes to shorten the length. Styles dangled the key over Rhino and Rhino took him out with a big Gore! Rhino got the key and he is free of the chain. The finish saw Rhino setup a table in the corner and Rhino puts Styles against it. Rhino backs up, charges, looks for a Gore, but Styles moves and Rhino crashes through the table. Styles then gets the pinfall to get the win.

– The third part of the Paparazzi Productions footage airs with Ms. Brooks and Eric Young. Young tells Ms. Brooks that he doesn’t want to sign the contract. Traci starts removing some clothing and Young signs the contract right away. Ms. Brooks then told Young to lay down on the bed and to close his eyes. Young does so and Brooks takes off and hands the contract to Robert Roode who was nearby. As the footage came to a close, Bob Backlund ran into the “viewing area” yelling at everyone for watching filth.

– Chris Sabin defeated Jerry Lynn to retain the X Division Title. As they usually are, the crowd in Orlando love Jerry Lynn. One spot saw Lynn chase Sabin in and out of the ring. Lynn finally got smart and stayed out, which saw Sabin jump back in, leap over the top rope looking for Lynn, but Lynn was no where to be found. Sabin then starts to work on the back of Lynn, making it hard for him to attempt a Cradle Piledriver. Lots of offense by Sabin on Lynn for a lengthy period of time. Lynn then comes back with a few dropkicks on Sabin. Sabin quickly comes back with a powerbomb. The finish saw Lynn attempt the Cradle Piledriver, but he was unable to and Sabin uses the ropes to pin Lynn to retain his title. After the match, Sabin mocked Lynn from the outside holding his X Division Title high in the air.

– A promo for the Destination X PPV on March 11.
– Backstage, Samoa Joe was shown leaving Kurt Angle’s dressing room.

– Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks came out to the ring. Roode got on the mic and said he his a happy man. He said Ms. Brooks finally did something right and he introduces the newest member of Robert Roode Inc. – Eric Young. Young came out and the fans cheered loudly. Roode said the fans seem themselves in Young. He then started running down the fans and Young on the mic. Young grabs the mic, but Roode takes it back and says he is now apart of them. Roode threatens Young saying if he strikes him, he would take away the fans and his job. So, the new storyline is that Roode now owns Young and if he doesn’t obey, he will get fired.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with NWA World Champion Christian Cage. Cage said everything between Scott Steiner and Tomko are now fine and that Borash is just trying to find a “story” that wasn’t there to begin with. He then starts to run down Kurt Angle when Jim Cornette came in. Cornette reminded Cage that the NWA World Title can change hands on a DQ finish.

– James Storm & Miss Tennessee defeated Petey Williams & Gail Kim. Jacqueline was referred to as “The Pride of Tennessee” during the match. Lots of back and forth action between Storm and Williams early on. Storm hit a Eye of the Storm on Williams. Williams hit a big back body drop on Miss Tennessee when she hit the ring. Gail Kim got some offense in on as well on Miss Tennessee, which included a big dropkick. The finish saw Storm bump Kim, allowing Miss Tennessee to get the pinfall. After the match, Storm got one of his beer bottles. Williams stepped in to go after Storm. Miss Tennessee gave the referee a DDT and Storm attacked Williams. They had Williams setup for a Death Sentence when Chris Harris (still wearing an eye patch) hit the ring for the save. Harris tossed Miss Tennessee over the top rope and went after Storm who bailed.

– Sting defeated Abyss in a Prison Yard Match. For those unaware, the stipulation with this match is that the winner must lock his opponent inside a prison cell/small cage. The match started outside and a shot is shown of the cage hanging above the ring. Both Abyss and Sting did their entrances inside the Impact Zone and then headed to the outside area. When the match officially started, both started to brawl in front of a crowd also outside of the Impact Zone. Abyss puts Sting on a table with wheels and sends him into a dumpster. Abyss then throws Sting inside the dumpster. A big spot then saw Sting dive off the top of the dumpster onto Abyss who was on the table. Sting and Abyss then re-entered the Impact Zone. Sting got a barbed wire baseball bat and hit Abyss with it. Inside the ring, the cage starts to lower when Sting calls for it. Abyss’ arm is covered in blood. Sting started attacking Mitchell until Abyss interfered. Abyss brought a table into the ring and Mitchell is shown bleeding from his forehead. Abyss puts Sting into the cage, but couldn’t shut the door. Abyss then brought in a board full of barbed wire and puts it in the corner. Abyss with a Black Hole Slam on Sting. Abyss takes off Sting’s mask, but Sting comes back with Stinger Splash and a Scorpion Deathdrop. Sting then throws Abyss back in the cage and applies the Scorpion Deathlock on Mitchelle. Abyss breaks that up and puts Sting on the table. Sting gets off and puts the barbed wire board on the table. The finish then saw Sting grab Abyss and powerbomb him onto the table on the barbed wire. Sting then threw Abyss in the cage and got the win.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle. Angle said he is in “the zone” tonight and that he had to get through Samoa Joe to earn this title shot tonight.

– Christian Cage defeated Kurt Angle to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Jeremy Borash did the “main event” introductions for Christian Cage and Kurt Angle. The referee sent Tomko to the back when he came out with Cage. Very early in the match, Samoa Joe’s music hits. Cage has a concerned look on his face when this takes place and Angle smiles. Joe has a steel chair in his hand and sits down at the ringside area. Cage took out Angle with a big neckbreaker on the arena floor and Joe could be heard yelling at Angle to get up. Back in the ring, lots of quick offense by Angle on Christian. Cage came back with an Unprettier, but Angle countered that into an Ankle Lock! Cage got to the ropes to break it up. Cage hit Angle with a low blow, hit an Unprettier, but only got a two count. With Angle down, Cage got cocky doing Scott Steiner push-ups over Angle after dropping an elbow. Angle comes back with a series of german suplexes on Cage – seven to be exact. AJ Styles then comes out and Samoa Joe starts to chase him off up the heel ramp to the back. In the ring, Angle is down and Cage connects with a Frog Splash off the top rope. Angle kicks out after two. Cage grabs Angle and hits another Unprettier, but Angle again kicks out. Cage can’t believe it and gets in the referee’s face. Joe returned to the ringside area after chasing Sytles to the back. The referee gets taken out. Cage goes to the outside and Joe throws him back in. When Cage turns around, Angle hits him with an Olympic Slam. Joe throws the referee back in, the referee counts, but Cage kicks out. Yet another referee bump. Tomko runs out and goes after Joe. Scott Steiner hits the ring with a steel pipe and Angle dodges any attacks sending him out. Angle and Joe start to stare each other down and then Joe goes off the ropes and takes out both Tomko and Steiner through the ropes on the outside. In the ring, Cage starts to mock Angle. Angle counters and applies an Ankle Lock on Cage. Cage grabs the pipe that Steiner brought in and hits Angle with it to break up the Ankle Lock. Cage then hit Angle with the Unprettier and gets the pinfall to retain the NWA World Title. After the match, Christian Cage celebrated with Scott Steiner and Tyson Tomko with the NWA World Title as the PPV went off the air.


What did you think of Against All Odds?

thumbs up – 21%

in the middle – 13%

thumbs down – 26%

didn’t see it – 40%

Best match at Against All Odds?

Lynn-Sabin – 7%

Mixed Tag – 3%

Sting-Abyss – 24%

Starr-Senshi – 4%

LAX-Team 3D – 5%

Tuxedo match – 7%

Hoyt-Torborg – 3%

Rhino-Styles – 8%

Cage-Angle – 40%

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