May 13, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, April 23, 2006 in Orlando, FL

– The TNA promo hits. Following this, a video package airs highlighting the NWA World Title Match tonight between champion Christian Cage and challenger Abyss, the X Division Title Match tonight between champion Samoa Joe and challenger Sabu and Lethal Lockdown with a ceiling over the Six Sides of Steel Cage between Sting’s Army and Jeff Jarrett’s Army.
– A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to TNA Lockdown. We then go live to the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios. A display of pyro goes off in the entrance way as we get ready to kick off the first match of the night which will be the World X Cup Tournament Preview featuring Team Japan vs. Team USA.

World X Cup Tournament Preview

Team Japan (Black Tiger, Minoru Tanaka & Hirooki Goto) vs. Team USA (Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal & Alex Shelley) On a side note, the Six Sides of Steel Cage is now painted black to give it a somewhat different look. The match starts with Alex Shelley taking it Minoru Tanaka with a series of kicks to the chest and face. Tanaka then comes back with a quick dropkick on Shelley. Black Tiger gets the tag and he applies a neck submission on Shelley. Black Tiger gets a high back body drop from Shelley, but then responds slamming Shelley down face first on the mat. Shelley takes out Black Tiger with a huricanranna followed by a backbreaker. Jay Lethal then tags himself in and Hirooki Goto gets the tag as well. Lethal and Goto go back and forth with takedown attempts on the mat. Goto takes down Lethal with a shoulder block, but Lethal comes back with a stiff dropkick to the chest. Black Tiger gets the tag and Lethal chops him a few times. Shelley, Dutt and Lethal all do a triple-team move on Black Tiger with Shelley dropping his knees across the chest of Black Tiger and Dutt following it up with a big moonsault. Shelley now gets the legal tag with the crowd going wild.

Lethal jumps back in, nails Tiger with a dropkick while Shelley held him and Dutt followed that up with a full body splash. Dutt gets the legal tag, takes down Tiger with a snapmare followed by a quick elbow drop. Dutt covers, but Tiger kicks out after two. Dutt hits the corner with force when Tiger moves and Goto gets the tag. Goto drives Dutt into the opposite corner and tags in Tanaka. Tanaka gets in a snap suplex followed by a jumping knee drop. We then see a shot of Team Mexico with Captain Shocker looking on from the top of the ramp. In the ring, Tiger hits Dutt with a dropkick and Goto covers, but only gets a two count. All three members of Team Japan hit a triple-dropkick to the head of Dutt, Dutt gets covered, but Team USA break up the pinfall attempt. Tanaka is still the legal man working on Dutt until Goto gets the tag. Goto throws Dutt on his chest and applies a half boston crab. Shelley comes in to break up the submission. Black Tiger gets the tag and he chops Dutt a few times. Dutt fights back with a flipping huricanranna on Tiger and tags in Lethal. Lethal clotheslines Tiger followed by swinging neckbreaker. Lethal covers, but only gets a two count. Lethal boots Tiger in the corner followed by a leg lariat.

Tiger fights back taking out Lethal with a big dropkick followed by tagging in Goto. Goto hits a big overhead suplex, covers, but Lethal kicks out after two. Lethal, Shelley and Dutt all take out Goto with jumpin knees. Shelley finishes it up with a big frog splash off the top rope on Goto. Shelley covers…1…2…Goto kicks out. Goto gets superkicked and Lethal hits a german suplex, but Goto again kicks out after two. Dutt moonsaults Goto, but Goto again kicks out after two when Lethal pins. Lethal gets kicked with force by Tanaka and then applies a quick armbar submission. Dutt breaks up the submission and Lethal holds his arm in pan. Lethal takes out Black Tiger with a big flapjack and Shelley takes out Tanaka. Goto comes in and nails Shelley with a leg lariat. Shelley then accidentally hits Dutt with a superkick. Lethal is by himself and gets superkicked by Tanaka followed by a Tiger Suplex from Black Tiger that results in a three count. That was all over the place at the end.

Winners: Team Japan (Black Tiger, Minoru Tanaka & Hirooki Goto)

– We go to ringside with Mike Tenay and Don West. Tenay puts over how Lockdown is the most unique pay per view format with all matches inside the Six Sides of Steel Cage. Tenay & West rundown the matches on the card tonight: Team 3D vs. Team Canada in an Anthem Match, Samoa Joe vs. Sabu for the X Division Title, Christian Cage vs. Abyss for the NWA World Title and Lethal Lockdown with Sting’s Army vs. Jeff Jarrett’s Army.
– Backstage, Jeremy Borash shows the TNA Lockdown action figure set that is available on TNA’s website. We then see Borash is with Team 3D and he talks about the Anthem Match tonight. Brother Ray says tonight everything ends with Team Canada. Ray said they have rejoined with Brother Runt. He says tonight isn’t about titles. Tonight is about colors, respect for your country and pride for your national anthem. Ray says he would rather work for that horrible company in Stamford, CT then hear the Canadian anthem. Brother Devon says Ray must be kidding. Ray says he was just ribbing them. Devon says Team Canada will learn tonight that they should never mess with Team 3D and Brother Runt adds in the “testify” line. Larry Zbyszko then comes up and asks Borash if he knows anything about what is going on in TNA management. Borash says he doesn’t know.

Christopher Daniels vs. Senshi (formerly Low Ki)
Christopher Daniels is shocked when he sees Low Ki, who is now going by the name Senshi (sp?). Senshi goes after Daniels right away and takes him out with a quick shoulder block. Senshi chops Daniels and Daniels comes back with a jumping dropkick to the face. Daniels kicks Senshi and follows that up with a few elbows. Daniels throws Senshi with force into the corner and ends it with a big elbow. Daniels attempts this again, but Senshi moves and then takes out Daniels with a front suplex. Senshi nails Daniels in the chest with a stiff boot. Senshi hits another boot, covers, but Daniels kicks out after two. Senshi drives Daniels stomach first into his knee, covers again, but Daniels continues to kick out after two. Senshi hits Daniels with a shot to the gut followed by a big kick to the back of the head. Another cover by Senshi that results in a two count. Senshi continues to kick Daniels and hits a quick suplex. Daniels fights back with a few shots to the gut on Senshi. Both Daniels and Senshi start to exchange chops. They continue to exchange chops until Daniels looks to have the advantage. Senshi comes back with a big double chop. Daniels attempts a roll through pin attempt, but Senshi drives his body into the chest of Daniels to break it up.

Senshi applies pressure on the body of Daniels. Daniels fights back with a few elbows to the head. Senshi nails Daniels with a big boot to the chest when Daniels walks up. Daniels also responds with a big kick to the back of the head. Daniels takes down Senshi with a series of clotheslines. Daniels suplexes Senshi onto the side of the cage and Senshi flies back into the ring with power. Daniels hits a quick spinning powerbomb, gets the pinfall, but Senshi kicks out after two. Senshi drives Daniels face first into the mat with force, covers Daniels, but Daniels again kicks out after two. Senshi then gets in a huge kick on Daniels with the head of Daniels bouncing off the cage. Senshi covers and Daniels again kicks out after two. Senshi chops Daniels in what appeared to be 10 in a row. Daniels then picks up Senshi and hits a quick Death Valley Driver! Daniels then connects with the BME (Best Moonsault Ever), hooks the leg, but Senshi kicks out after two! Daniels then positions Senshi on the top rope and hits a big shot to the face. Daniels climbs up with Senshi attempting a superplex, but Senshi stands up and kicks Daniels. Daniels then grabs Senshi and drives his head into the side of the cage a few times. Daniels hooks the arms of Senshi attempt the Angel’s Wings from the top.

Senshi then jumps high and tries to drive his feet into the chest of Daniels, but Daniels moves quickly. Senshi flips back up and Daniels drives him back down hard onto the mat. The crowd starts a “THIS IS AWESOME” chant. Daniels attempts another Angel’s Wings, but Senshi hits a high back body drop with Daniels still holding on. Senshi then uses his feet for leverage to keep Daniels down and gets the pinfall. Daniels is shocked.

Winner: Senshi

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with “Bullet” Bob Armstrong and The James Gang. Borash notes that the winner of the Arm Wrestling Contest will get to whip the losers 10 times with straps.
– A video package rolls highlighting the events between The James Gang and LAX (Latin American Exchange) which lead into the Arm Wrestling Contest tonight between Konnan and “Bullet” Bob Armstrong.

Arm Wrestling Contest

Konnan w/ LAX vs. “Bullet” Bob Armstrong w/ The James Gang
Before the contest, Konnan ran down the crowd in Orlando. The referee also kicked the members of LAX and The James Gang out of the ring before it got started. Both Konnan and “Bullet” Bob Armstrong lock up. Konnan looks to have the advantage, but then Armstrong fights back. They go back and forth yet again. Armstrong finally gets Konnan and wins the contest. Mike Tenay puts over how Konnan was just beat by a 66 year old man.

Winner: “Bullet” Bob Armstrong

After the match, The James Gang come in along with LAX. BG James gets on the mic and brings up the stipulation about how the losers must get whipped 10 times. BG brings up how TNA management will suspend LAX indefinitely if they decide to walk away. Konnan argues with Homicide saying they have to do this or they will get suspended. Bullet, BG and Kip all slap LAX with the whips. BG says good news, there is only 9 left. On the third attempt, before BG gets to the count of three to go, Kip James hits Hernandez. BG looks over and says “Billy!” Mike Tenay notes on the mic that he “jumped the gun.” The James Gang then start to brawl with LAX after this takes place. LAX get dumped out to end the segment.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner and America’s Most Wanted and talks about Lethal Lockdown when Larry Zbyszko walks up asking Jarrett if he knows the big secret that TNA management will reveal tonight. Jarrett says he doesn’t know and tells Larry to talk to the Hebners and the evil twin Earl since he knows a thing about screwing people. James Storm says Sting’s Army has no change and says sorry about your damn luck. Chris Harris notes how AMW made the Six Sides of Steel Cage famous and how Scott Steiner will clean up tonight. Steiner says he is the hired hand, the assassin and is ready to kick some ass tonight.

Xscape Match

Chris Sabin vs. Elix Skipper vs. Petey Williams vs. Shark Boy vs. Chase Stevens vs. Puma Pinfall and submission rules will apply until only two men remain. The winner must then climb out of the cage to win the match. The match starts with Petey Williams and Shark Boy. Both lock up and Williams takes down Shark Boy quickly. Williams then slaps Shark Boy. Shark Boy comes back with a chop. Shark Boy drops Williams’ head off his knee. Williams comes back back by throwing Shark Boy into the corner and choking him with his boot. Shark Boy puts Williams in the corner, hits a few chops, climbs up and gets in some stiff rights. Shark Boy bites Williams on the head, looks to hit the Dead Sea Drop, but Williams fights out of it and tags in Puma. Shark Boy takes out Puma with a dropkick followed by a huricanranna. Puma hits a quick back suplex on Shark Boy and then climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Shark Boy dropkicks Puma and Puma crotches himself on the top. Shark Boy then hits Puma with a quick huricaranna followed by a missile dropkick off the top on Puma. Elix Skipper gets the tag and he side kicks Shark Boy. When Skipper tries to lift Shark Boy up, Shark Boy kicks off the cage and hits a bulldog on Skipper. Skipper comes back with a back suplex on Shark Boy followed by a jumping leg drop from the corner.

When Skipper stands back up on the top turnbuckle, Shark Boy jumps up with him and pulls him back hitting a modified russian leg sweep to the mat. Williams then gets the tag, grabs Shark Boy and connects with the Canadian Destroyer! Williams pins Shark Boy and gets the pinfall.

Shark Boy is eliminated.

Chris Sabin then hits the ring and takes out Williams with a stiff dropkick. Williams then grabs Sabin and throws him face first into the side of the cage. Williams grabs Sabin again, kicks off the cage, turns around and hits Sabin with a big tornado DDT! Williams applies a neck submission on Sabin. Sabin fights back with a kick to the back of the head on Williams. Chase Stevens gets the tag and he dodges an attack from Puma off the top rope. Stevens takes out Skipper with a big flying forearm. Williams attempts a Canadian Destroyer on Stevens, but Stevens counters out of it. Skipper hits the Sudden Death on Puma, but Sabin catches Skipper with a dropkick! All men are down as the crowd chants “TNA” loudly. Stevens then climbs up to the top of the cage and sits on the top. Puma jumps up and Stevens knocks him down. Everyones is brawling when Stevens stands up, jumps and hits a shooting star press in mid-air taking everyone out! The crowd goes nuts. Stevens covers Williams, but Williams kicks out. Skipper then drops Stevens on his head and gets the pinfall.

Chase Stevens is eliminated.

Back in the ring, Sabin takes out Williams and Puma with a big dropkick. Williams then quickly rolls up Skipper and gets the pinfall.

Elix Skipper is eliminated.

Simon Diamond and Scott D’Amore start to argue about the “plan” they had. Skipper gets tossed out and takes out Diamond. In the ring, Sabin takes out Puma with the Cradle Shock, covers and gets the pinfall.

Puma is eliminated.

We are now down to the final two – Chris Sabin and Petey Williams. The winner must escape the cage. In the ring, Sabin floors Williams with a stiff right. Sabin starts to climb up. Williams climbs up with Sabin. Both are standing on the top rope. Sabin flips off attempt a sunset flip, but Williams holds on to the cage. Williams then catches Sabin with a shot to the head. Sabin catches Williams in the face with a boot to the face. Sabin gets Williams in the tree of woe, backs up, runs, jumps and connects with the dropkick to the face! Sabin climbs up the cage, gets over the top, makes his way down, but Scott D’Amore stops Sabin from jumping down. Williams climbs up, gets over and gets by Sabin. Sabin and Williams exchange some shots to the head. Sabin nails Williams against the cage and Williams falls off. When Williams falls, he lands on the shoulders of Scott D’Amore. Sabin then jumps down and hits the floor first to get the win.

Winner: Chris Sabin

After the match, Scott D’Amore and Petey Williams are upset and D’Amore starts to yell at Williams.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Abyss and James Mitchell. Mitchell calls Christian Cage the best wrestler in the world since he holds the NWA World Title, but calls him less of a champion. He asks if a champion would leave TNA to go film a movie in Toronto, allow his wife to be stalked and then get attacked in his own home. Mitchell says “Mr. That’s How I Roll”, the only thing rolling in the ring tonight will be his head after the monster Abyss takes him out and claims the NWA World Title.
– A video package rolls highlighting Samoa Joe’s undefeated streak in TNA and Sabu’s return to TNA tonight since last appearing in December. The X Division Title Match is up next.

X Division Championship Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Sabu

The match starts with Sabu launching a steel chair at Samoa Joe when he hits the ring. Joe dodges the chair and Sabu jumps on Joe applying a Camel Clutch. Joe fights out of the that and nails Sabu with some stiff kicks to the chest. When Joe backs up for a big attack, Sabu throws the chair at Joe and it hits Joe face first. Sabu covers Joe, but barely gets a one count. Joe knocks Sabu down after a few elbow attempts. Joe nails Sabu with a few uppercuts followed by another shot to the jaw. Joe sends Sabu head first into the side of the cage and then applies a choke hold. Joe kicks Sabu a few times to the head. Joe grabs Sabu by the head and throws him head first with force into the cage. Sabu is now busted open at this point. Joe hits a series of kicks on Sabu followed by a jumping knee to the head. Joe gets sent face first into the corner by Sabu. Sabu sets up the steel chair, jumps off it and hits a leaping splash. Sabu hits a leg drop on Joe using the steel chair. Sabu sets up the chair yet again, jumps off it, lands on the top rope, jumps, twists and connects with a leg drop on Joe! Sabu then pulls out a spike and tries to drive it into the head of Joe. Joe counters and applies an armbar on Sabu. The referee takes the spike away from Sabu and throws it out. Joe continues to apply the armbar with force on Sabu.

Sabu breaks the armbar, but Joe continues to work on his head with some stiff boots. Joe goes back to work on Sabu’s left arm. Sabu leaps up and takes out Joe with a few elbows and a dropkick. Sabu leaps up to the top turnbuckle. Joe follows up quickly. Joe grabs the bad arm of Sabu that is in a cast and drives it into the cage. Sabu grabs his arm and Joe grabs Sabu, hooks his head and drops down hitting a modified neckbreaker! Back in the ring, Sabu sets up the steel chair in the middle of the ring with Joe still somewhat down. Sabu leaps off the chair, gets on the top rope, turns around, but Joe grabs the steel chair and throws it in the face of Sabu. Joe grabs Sabu, puts him on his shoulders and connects with the Muscle Buster! Joe pins Sabu and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL X Division Champion: Samoa Joe

After the match, Samoa Joe looks back at Sabu in the ring and smiles celebrating his X Division Title defense.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Team Canada. Borash mentions the strong words by Team 3D. Eric Young asks Borash about the strong words and if Team 3D was really mad. A-1 pulled Young back and told him to calm down. Bobby Roode gets involved and runs down Team 3D and the challenges they set forth. Scott D’Amore mocks Brother Ray about all the tag team title reigns they boast. D’Amore says the difference between Canadians and Americans is that Canadians keep a small, thin, athletic figure. Larry Zbyszko walks up and asks D’Amore if he knows anything about TNA managements big surprise. D’Amore tells Larry that even if he knew, he wouldn’t tell him and that it was time for Zbyszko to face the music tonight. Team Canada leave the scene singing the Canadian national anthem.
– A video package plays highlighting that six man tag team Anthem Match with Team 3D (Brother Ray, Brother Devon & Brother Runt) against Team Canada (Bobby Roode, Eric Young & A-1).

Anthem Match

Team 3D (Brother Ray, Brother Devon & Brother Runt vs. Team Canada (Bobby Roode, Eric Young & A-1) The winners of the match must capture the respective US or Canada flag. The match starts with Brother Devon on A-1 and Brother Ray on Bobby Roode. Eric Young and Brother Runt stay standing up in the corner by their respective flags. Young jumps off and takes out both Ray and Devon. Brother Runt then dropkicks Roode and A-1 off the top. Runt challenges Young who still stays up on the turnbuckle. Devon throws Young off the top to the mat. Runt tries climbing along the side of the cage and getting near the Canada flag, but Roode and A-1 stop him. Roode then starts to brawl with Ray on the top rope. Ray then hooks the arms of Roode on the top and comes down hitting the Brother Ray Bomb! A-1 then goes for his Canadian flag, but Devon stops it. Brother Runt gets up on the corner with Young, throws Young back to the mat and then jumps off landing on the chest of Young! Runt then jumps up to get the US flag, but Roode cuts him off. Roode sends Ray face first into the cage. Runt gets in a kick to the face on Roode, but Roode fights back with a spinebuster on Runt. Ray and Devon work together to hit a double-team leg drop on Roode. Ray chops A-1 with force. Ray then goes to work on Young when he sees Roode taking it to Devon. Roode takes out the referee when Ray sends him into the corner. Ray and Devon hit the 3D on Roode and then hit a double-team flapjack on A-1.

Ray and Runt then grab Young, slam him down and hold his legs up. Devon climbs up, jumps and connects with the headbutt low blow from the top. Brother Ray then grabs the US flag and hands it to Devon. Team 3D starts to celebrate, their music briefly hits, but stops since the referee is still down and can’t declare a winner. A-1 then destroys Brother Runt with a big powerbomb and Young puts the US flag back up at the top of the cage. Scott D’Amore then opens up the cage door with the referee still knocked out. D’Amore slides a table into the ring and closes the door. Team Canada set up the table and put Brother Runt on top. Eric Young jumps off the top attempting a flying elbow, but Runt moves and Young crashes through the table. Runt hits A-1 with an Acid Drop. Runt sends Roode face first into the cage and Ray and Devon hit the 3D on Roode. Brother Runt then climbs up and gets the US flag. Team 3D wins the match.

Winners: Team 3D

After the match, Brother Ray puts the US flag on a wire that came down. The US flag then gets raised up above the ring and the Team USA music plays. Scott D’Amore hits the ring and he gets a 3D from Brother Ray and Brother Devon.

– A promo for TNA Sacrifice on May 14 plays.
– When we come back from the promo, the crowd in Orlando is singing the National Anthem as Mike Tenay and Don West preview the NWA World Title Match between Christian Cage and Abyss. The stop halfway through to enjoy the crowd singing the anthem with Team 3D.
– Some music hits and Don West asks who is coming out. Mike Tenay says he doesn’t have a clue. Former WWE Diva Christy Hemme comes out and hands an envelope to Mike Tenay. Tenay opens it up and reads the letter from TNA’s corporate office. It states that TNA management will be undergoing some major changes. Tenay reads the first change: Larry Zbyzsko is placed on probation. Zbyszko comes out with a mic complaining that he can’t be placed on probation. Tenay continues to read the letter and it states that a decision made by Zbyzsko to fire a certain individual is no longer valid. Tenay announces that effective immediately, Raven is now back on the TNA roster. Raven comes out and the crowd cheers. Raven then goes after Zbyszko. Zbyszko runs into the ring and closes the steel cage door. Zbyszko calls for security to hold Raven back. TNA Security come nearby and hold Raven back. Raven smiles at Zbyszko.
– Backstage, we see Jeremy Borash with NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage. Borash talks about the title match next against Abyss. Cage takes off his hood, looks at Borash, lowers the mic and walks away with an angry look on his face.
– A video package rolls highlighting the events between Christian Cage and Abyss that lead into the NWA World Title Match tonight at Lockdown.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Christian Cage (c) vs. Abyss

The match starts right away with Abyss walking up the babyface ramp and Christian Cage tackling Abyss right away. Abyss fights back with a few knees to the gut on Christian. Abyss gets a steel chair and attempts a shot on Christian, but he moves and Abyss hits the ring post instead. Abyss chokes Christian up against the cage and then throws him down. Cage fights back hitting Abyss with a few elbows, backing up, running and jumping at Abyss. Abyss moves out of the way and Christian smashes into the ring barricade. Christian and Abyss then brawl into the crowd up into the stands. Both exchange some lefts and rights. They brawl back down through the crowd and Christian throws Abyss head first into a wall. When Abyss backs up against the ring barricade, Christian charges, but Abyss throws him up high in the air over the barricade smashing to the floor around the ring. Abyss drives Christian into the steel steps. Abyss continues to work on Christian on the ground. Abyss grabs Christian, opens the cage door, grabs the door, slams it, but Christian moves before it could hit him. Cage then grabs the cage door and slams it into Abyss. James Mitchell then gets involved and Cage gets distracted. This allows Abyss to slam the cage door into the cage of face of Christian Cage.

Abyss finally throws Christian inside the ring, the cage door closes and the bell rings to note the official start of the match. Abyss takes out Christian with a big splash in the corner. Cage fights back with some right hands, a kick to the face, but then gets lifted up over the head of Abyss and sent face first into the side of the cage. Abyss covers Cage, but he quickly kicks out after two. Cage drives his head into the gut of Abyss a few times. Abyss again grabs Cage trying to lift him over his head one more time, but Christian floats out of it. Christian attempts The Unprettier, but Abyss fights out of it and takes out Cage. When Christian attempts a big comeback on Abyss with some lefts and rights to the chest, Abyss grabs Cage and sends him chest first into the corner with force. Abyss then starts to press the face of Cage against the side of the cage with lots of pressure. When Cage stands up behind the ropes against the side of the cage, Abyss splashes him quickly and Cage nails the cage with force. Abyss grabs Cage, puts him on his shoulders, Cage falls off, attempts a german suplex, Abyss then goes behind Cage, Cage fights him away, Abyss catches Cage with a boot to the stomach followed by a powerbomb right into the side of the steel cage! Abyss grabs Cage again, lifts him up and again powerbombs him onto the side of the cage with force.

Abyss chops Christian in the corner. Abyss does this a second time. Cage then gets an angry look on his face and fights back with some chops on Abyss. Cage gets in a few elbows, Abyss pushes him away, Abyss charges and Cage sends Abyss face first into the cage. Cage takes out Abyss with a big forearm. Abyss sends Cage into the corner and Cage almost takes out the referee. Abyss charges and Cage moves the referee out of the way. Abyss then charges again, attempts a clothesline, Cage ducks and Abyss clotheslines the referee! Cage then climbs up to the top rope, Abyss approaches, Cage grabs Abyss, jumps off the top rope and hits a huge tornado DDT on Abyss! Another referee comes to the ringside area when James Mitchell throws the NWA World Title into the ring. Abyss tries to use it, but Cage ducks and catches Abyss with The Unprettier. Cage revives the referee, jumps on Abyss, the referee counts…1…2…kick out. Cage climbs up the top rope and brings himself up to the top of the cage. Christian Cage stands up, jumps and connects with a frog splash from the top of the cage! Christian covers Abyss…1…2…Abyss kicks out! Christian and the crowd can’t believe it. Christian grabs Abyss, attempts The Unprettier, but Abyss counters and drops Christian with the Shock Treatment after getting him up in the Torture Rack. Abyss grabs his bag full of thumbtacks and spreads them across the mat.

Cage then steals the cane from James Mitchell and breaks it over the back of Abyss. Christian climbs up the cage, gets to the top, Abyss grabs the referee and sends him into the side of the cage. This knocks Christian off slightly, but he still holds on. Abyss climbs up with Christian. Christian then flips off the top, hitting Abyss with a sunset flip that sends Abyss right into the thumbtacks! Christian covers Abyss, but there is no referee. A new referee hits the ring, Cage covers Abyss…1…2…Abyss kicks out yet again! Cage then grabs the NWA World Title, looks to hit Abyss with it, but Abyss ducks and hits Cage with the Black Hole Slam! Abyss covers Christian…1…2…Christian kicks out! James Mitchell then tosses in a second bag of thumbtacks. Abyss nails Christian with some right hands and then spreads the second bag of thumbtacks over the other pile. Christian stands up, Abyss gets him ready for a chokeslam, lifts him up, Cage floats out of it and then slams Abyss down face first onto the thumbtacks with The Unprettier! Cage rolls Abyss over, covers…1…2…3.

Winner & STILL NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Christian Cage

After the match, Christian Cage climbs up the cage and rasies the NWA World Heavyweight Title high in the air celebrating with the fans in the Impact Zone in Orlando. Christian exits the cage as James Mitchell attends to a bloody Abyss. Cage looks to leave until he comes back down and gets back in the ring. Cage goes after James Mitchell when Abyss comes from behind and low blows him. Abyss grabs his chain, wraps it around his fist and nails Christian with a stiff right hand. Abyss taunts at Christian who is now busted open. Abyss throws Christian out of the ring. Abyss then positions the chain against the side of the cage, grabs Christian, wraps the chain around his neck and starts choking him with it. James Mitchell then hands Abyss the NWA World Title, saying this was his prize for his destruction on Christian Cage tonight. Abyss and James Mitchell leave with the NWA World Title as Christian Cage holds his neck in pain with the chain still wrapped around it.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Sting’s Army consisting of AJ Styles, Rhino and Ron “The Truth” Killings. The Truth says what’s up tonight is all out war. AJ Styles says Sting chose this team for a reason. Rhino says tonight, someone won’t leave that cage without getting a Gore. Sting walks up, lets out a “WOOOOOOOO” and says that it is Showtime folks.
– A video package rolls highlighting the events that lead into the Lethal Lockdown Match tonight with a ceiling over the top of the cage and weapons hanging from it when Sting’s Army takes on Jeff Jarrett’s Army.

Lethal Lockdown
Sting’s Warriors (Sting, AJ Styles, Rhino & Ron “The Truth” Killings) vs. Jeff Jarrett’s Army (Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner & NWA World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted)

Kicking off the match is Chris Harris for Jeff Jarrett’s Army and AJ Styles for Sting’s Warriors. Additional competitors will enter the ring in two minute intervals until all eight men are in the ring. At that point the ceiling will be lowered and Lethal Lockdown will officially begin. Harris goes after Styles sending him into the cage, but with Styles preventing too much of a hit. Harris applies a headlock, Styles sends Harris into the ropes, Styles attempts a dropkick, but misses when Harris stays back. Harris mocks Styles and then Styles catches Harris with the dropkick. Harris goes to work on the back of Styles, throwing him back first into the side of the cage. When Harris puts Styles on his shoulder, Styles jumps off and takes out Harris with a jumping knee to the back of the head. Styles nails Harris off the corner. Both are up near the corner. Harris falls down between the cage and ropes. Styles splashes Harris against the cage two times. Styles pulls Harris out and throws him against the cage one more time. Styles hits yet another splash on Harris in the corner. When Styles attempts another, Harris catches Styles and connects with the Catatonic. Harris picks up Styles and attempts a second Catatonic, but Styles counters and hits Harris with the Styles Clash. The five minute time has expired and out now is James Storm.

When Storm gets near the cage door, Styles swings it open to hit Storm. Storm ducks and the door hits Gail Kim instead! Storm then swings the door back into the face of Styles. Storm gets into the ring and hits the Eye of the Storm on Styles. The timer is now counting down from two minutes. Styles tries fighting back on Storm, but Storm lifts Styles up and Harris takes him down with a huge jumping clothesline. Time expires and out next is Rhino. Rhino goes after Harris and Storm. Rhino sends Storm face first into the cage and does the same to Harris. Rhino gives Harris a spinebuster and gets ready for a Gore. Rhino charges at Storm, but Storm grabs Rhino and sends him into the corner. Harris then takes out Styles with a big lariat. Storm then takes Harris and launches him into Rhino with force. We now see that Storm has been busted open as well. All four men start to brawl as time expires. Out next is Jeff Jarrett. Rhino leaves the ring and goes after Jarrett right away. Styles joins Rhino and the take out Jarrett against the announcers table. Rhin tosses Jarrett inside and Styles joins in. Jarrett and America’s Most Wanted both take out Rhino and Styles, throwing them into the side of the cage. Jarrett grabs Styles and suplexes him against the cage. Jarrett then goes to work on Rhino and AMW work on Styles as time expires. Out next is Ron “The Truth” Killings.

The Truth hits the ring and takes out Jarrett, Harris and Storm. Truth hits Storm with a leg lariat. Harris grabs Truth attempting a suplex, but Truth counters into a suplex that floats over into a modified stunner! We then see AJ Styles climbing to the top of the cage. Storm and Jarrett come up with Styles hooking his head. The Truth and Rhino go under Storm and Jarrett. Harris goes under Truth and Rhino and everyone tumbles down from the corner in a Tower of Doom! Time expires and out next is Scott Steiner. Steiner takes out Rhino, Styles and The Truth with huge overhead belly-to-belly suplexes. Steiner grabs Styles, lifts him up and tosses him into the cage. Steiner sits Truth on the corner, puts him on his shoulders and drops him back to the mat with force! Jarrett gets Steiner and AMW ready for the final participant, Sting. Steiner takes out Styles yet again with a modified powerbomb. Time expires and the last competitor out is Sting. Sting goes after Jarrett, Steiner and AMW! Sting sends Jarrett into the cage. Sting does the same to Harris, Storm and then drops Steiner with a big right. Sting drops Steiner with an inverted atomic drop. Sting stacks Jarrett, Steiner and AMW in the corner. Sting then hits the Stinger Splash! Sting backs up and hits a second Stinger Splash as the crowd cheers in Orlando. Sting then looks up and asks for the ceiling to be lowered. Pyro goes off in four corners of the Lethal Lockdown ceiling as it lowers covering the top of the cage.

Styles grabs a trash can lid along with Truth. Rhino grabs a kendo stick. They are all taking it to Jarrett, Steiner and Harris. James Storm finds a way to get on top of the Lethal Lockdown ceiling. AJ Styles follows Storm up to the top. Both Storm and Styles exchange some lefts and rights at the top. Gail Kim sees this and starts to climb up. Styles locks her hand near the top and Jackie pulls her skirt off! Kim drops down and goes after Jackie. At the top of the cage, Storm hits Styles with a superkick! Storm then grabs a table that was at the top and sets it up. Down below, Sting is going after Harris. Sting sends Harris into the side of the cage. Up on top, Styles catches Storm with the Pele Kick! In the ring, both Sting and Jarrett grab a guitar. Sting drops it and gets his baseball bat. Sting smashes the guitar away and then gets the other guitar. Sting goes to hit Jarrett with the guitar when Steiner low blows Sting. Jarrett then smashes a guitar over the head of Sting. Up on top, Styles positions Storm on top of the table. Styles sets up a ladder, gets to the top of the ladder, jumps onto the steel structure at the top of the Impact Zone, swings on it a few times, lets go and smashes through the table on Storm! The fans cheer loudly! Back in the ring, Jarrett steps up a steel chair and gives Truth a Stroke on it. Rhino then takes out Jarrett with the Gore! Steiner then takes out Rhino and applies the Steiner Recliner. Sting grabs Steiner and hits the Scorpion Deathdrop. Harris then takes out Sting with a shot to the face with handcuffs on his wrists. Harris then applies the Sharpshooter/Scorpion Deathlock on Sting. In a recreation of the 1997 Survivor Series complete with Earl Hebner as the referee, Sting grabs the foot of Harris tripping him up and then applies the Scorpion Deathlock. Harris flaps around, reaching for the ropes, but then has no choice but to tap out.

Winners: Sting’s Warriors (Sting, AJ Styles, Rhino & Ron “The Truth” Killings)

After the match, the fans cheer loudly and Sting gets up on the corner celebrating the victory as the PPV goes off the air…

Source: Adam Martin, wrestleview.com


What did you think of Lockdown?

Thumbs Up – 48%

In the middle – 10%

Thumbs Down – 7%

Didn’t see it – 35%

Best Match?

Team Japan-USA – 9%

Samoa Joe-Sabu – 9%

Anthem match – 2%

Escape the cage match – 8%

Armstrong-Konnan – 2%

Lethal Lottery – 32%

Cage-Abyss – 24%

Daniels-Low Ki – 15%

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