Victory Road

May 12, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, November 7, 2004 in Orlando, FL

This is a live report of TNA Victory Road PPV Sunday November 7th from Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. There was a brand new lighting grid above the ring as well as by the rampways. Some people I spoke to in the line had been at the Universal gates since 5pm. The doors were opened a little after 7pm and TNA did their pre-show live with the fans and I will not recap it here. After an incredible opening package Shane Douglas met Jeff Jarrett at his limo telling him that Kevin Nash will not be in Hardy’s corner. As this went on TNA sources who will not be named to me wrestling legend HULK HOGAN arrived to watch the event, not too sure if he is on the show or not.

(1) Hector Garza won the 20 man X Division gauntlet match.

For fans that have never seen one of these think Royal rumble but a pinfall or submission can bring about the end. What a way to open the show. This is the order of entries:

1. Frankie Kazarian 2. Sonjay Dutt (tossed by Shelley) 3. Puma (tossed by Shane/Kazarian) 4. LA Park (tossed by Kazarian) 5. Jerrelle Clark (who hit his patented 630 splash but got tossed by Shane/Kazarian) 6. Miyamoto 7. Michael Shane (tossed by Spanky) 8. Hector Garza 9. Nosawa (tossed by Siaki) 10. Mikey Batts (tossed by Garza) 11. Alex Shelley (tossed off the top tope by Cross) 12. Matt Sydal (tossed by Cross) 13. Sonny Siaki (tossed by Sabin and Spanky) 14. Jason Cross (tossed by Psychosis), 15. Shark Boy (tossed by Siaki)16. Psychosis (tossed by Red)17. D-Ray 3000 (tossed by Siaki) 18. Amazing Red 19. Spanky (tossed by Sabin) 20. Chris Sabin

The final came down to Sabin, Garza and Kazarian. Garza dropped Sabin on the top rope then dropkicked him to the floor. Kazarian kicked out of a moonsault and avoided the spinning moonsault I think called the torpedo but Garza reversed a rolling cradle to pin Kazarian. Garza won the match but Kazarian got the standing ovation from the fans.

A promotional video of Dusty Rhodes for the “Vote for the DOA” played. Kid Kash, Dallas and the Naturals did a segment with Scott Hudson, seemed like Kash was invoking his powers as senior team member.

(2) Empire Saint, Johnny B. Badd, Ron Killings & Erik Watts defeated The Naturals, Kid Kash & Dallas.

There was no real reason given for these eight men to be wrestling each other. It was a good match that ended with Killings hitting Chase Stevens with a sitout pedigree. Seemed like the Natural, Kash and Dallas were going to fight but nothing happened as they cut to the back.

(3) Mascarita Sagrada defeated Piratita Morgan in a Lucha Libre minis match.

I have never been a fan of minis, dwarf or whatever you call them. The live crowd seemed to love it. It ended with Sagrada pinned Morgan with a mini cruxifix.

Scott Hudson came on with a DOA vote update. He was interrupted by 3 Live Kru who would be fighting Team Canada for the NWA World Tag Team championship next. But there was someone back in the TNA house, SCOTT HALL. Hall talked to the fans telling them Kevin Nash will not be in the building tonight and he hoped the best Jeff wins.

(4) 3 Live Kru (BG James and Konnan) won the NWA World Tag Team Championships by defeating Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Eric Young w/Scott D’amore

The crowd was hot for this one as Roode/Young came out with the titles as well as spiffy looking letterman jackets. James started out hot but Roode/Young put a halt to that as James missed a body block and went to the floor where D’amore stuck his nose into the bout. Team Canada attacked James for several minutes despite Konnan encouraging his partner to tag out. Canada tried to use the flagpole hockey stick but it backfired on them and Konnan finally got into the bout. K-dog cut off Roode who was going for his reverse clothesline on James who then went for the pump handle slam but D’amore came in with the hockey stick. But before D’amore could hit his target Ron Killings cut him off and chased him to the locker room. Back in the ring Konnan hit the sit out face plant to win the belts.

A Raven promo played followed by a Vince Russo vignette hyping Russo for DOA.

* In the Pit with Piper with a mystery special guest. Piper got a huge pop from the fans. Piper talked about legends and his past and then brought Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Funny thing half of the fans who attended the event weren’t even born when the “Coconut Incident” took place back in 1982-83. Piper harped on the cage dive Snuka made in MSG on top of Don Muraco and the Coconut shot heard around the world. Piper claimed he was going to allow Snuka with a coconut free shot as payback despite Piper daring him onto do it. Kid Kash came out and got into their faces about Piper’s claim Snuka was an X division legend. Snuka attacked Kash but Shane and Kazarian jumped Snuka, Sonjay Dutt joined in to save Snuka and Piper but he was hit with the coconut by Kash. Piper chased Kash off and TNA officials came running out to aid Dutt.

As Snuka and Piper embraced and officials took care of Dutt a Monty Brown promo played. Another fantastic TNA vignette played showing Turning Point which will air December 5th. Trinity’s open challenge vignette played.

(5) Trinity (w/ Glen Gilberti and Johnny Swinger) vs. ??? in an open challenge match. Trinity had been petitioning to be let into the X Division gauntlet but Vince Russo gave her this match. The NYC’s said there was a …“no show” in this bout. As they celebrated their supposed victory, from nowhere came Miss Texas AKA Jacqueline!!!! This was a good bout that saw the NYC interfere and it helped Trinity win as she hit a moonsault.

Scott Hudson came back with a DOA vote update. He then brought in XXX who talked about tonight’s bout with America’s Most Wanted. It was followed by a Monster’s Ball vignette.

(6) “Alpha Male” Monty Brown defeated Raven and Abyss in a Monster’s Ball match.

Any of these three men could be and should be the number one contender to the NWA World championship. Raven jumpstarted the bout as Brown was be brought to the ring. Big shock was in the ring but this went all over the building and all three men used a variety of weapons. At any point one of the three men dominated the contest. Brown had Raven ready for the POUNCE but Raven pulled referee Mike Posey in the way. Brown went to POUNCE but he collided with Raven and Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam. Abyss got the black bag filled with the dreaded thumb tacks. He put Brown on the top turnbuckle and was ready to hit the tacks but Brown blocked the superplex and Raven powerbombed Abyss into the tacks!!!! Abyss’ left elbow was cut open by the tacks. However Raven only got a two count by referee Andrew Thomas. Raven brought out two tables and put one on the floor as the other got stood up in the ring. Raven forced Abyss into the one on the floor but Brown POUNCED Raven through the one in the ring and got the win.

Shane Douglas once again demanded to find out who was in the limo even as Don Harris told him to leave the scene. Scott Hudson spoke to Scott D’amore and Petey Williams as D’amore proclaimed if Williams lost to AJ Styles he would leave TNA forever. It was followed by a vignette hyping the match.

(7) NWA World X Division champion Petey Williams (w/Scott D’amore) defeated “the Phenomenal” AJ Styles.

On paper this is the show stealer. It started as a mat battle but quickly became a highflying bout with Styles hitting Williams on the floor with a moonsault. Back in the ring Williams (with some help from D’amore) gained control. The crowd was split down the middle as to they wanted to win. Williams put Styles in the “tree of woe” but his second attempt at putting his foot somewhere painful resulted in a Styles powerbomb. Styles turned up the volume with right forearms and a slingshot one for good measure. Williams hit a Canadian legsweep and began to reel Styles in for the Canadian Destroyer but it was blocked and styles went for the Clash but it too was blocked. Williams hit Styles with the title belt but only got 2. Styles went to the top but his superplex was blocked and Williams hit a top rope flip into the Canadian Destroyer to win the hard fought bout. After the bell D’amore berated Styles but he was hit with an enziguri for his troubles.

A shot of Jeff Hardy played as he yelled at a mirror. A vignette played highlighting the recent XXX/AMW splitting by championship committee member Larry Zybzsko over the World Tag Team titles.

(8) America’s Most Wanted (“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm & “Wildcat” Chris Harris) defeated XXX (“Primetime” Elix Skipper & “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels) in a last team standing match.

This has been the hottest feud in the history of the promotion and possibly in all of professional wrestling. AMW pinned Daniels after Storm hit the “8 Second Ride” but Daniels got up before 10. XXX attacked Harris for several minutes but he tagged out to Storm. Storm went to hit the superkick on Skipper but Daniels kicked out Storm’s bad knee and it led to a doubleteam move to pin Storm but reached the standing position but then Daniels hit him with a chair, was pinned again and then eliminated from the bout. Harris split XXX up and hit a legdrop to pin Daniels and was eliminated. Harris countered the Play of the Day and hit a sitout powerbomb but got 2. Skipper went for the POD again and hit it but didn’t get all of it. Skipper got a chair but Harris hit the Catatonic onto the chair and won by eliminated Skipper. Daniels attacked Harris but Storm came out to defend Harris but XXX handcuffed them to each other. Daniels hit each of AMW as Skipper made the other watch.

As AMW was unlocked in the ring, Scott Hudson interviewed NWA World champion Jeff Jarrett about the upcoming ladder match. Mike Tenay got into the ring to announce the winner of the DOA election. The winner was (big shock) Dusty Rhodes who came out to the ring as Vince Russo was shown on the video wall sulking. Rhodes proclaimed on the 12/5 PPV XXX and AMW would meet in a Six Sides of Steel bout. Rhodes said tonight the wrestling industry has been revolutionized and there is a fight with a group up north. Rhodes then chewed out the other members of the championship committee. The World title mini-tournament recap and other footage hyping the main event played. TNA’s Dave Sahadi should be congratulated on his outstanding work on the vignettes.

(9) NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett (w/Scott Hall) defeated Jeff Hardy (w/Kevin Nash) in a ladder match.

TNA has done a good job building to this match but I see no real reason for Hall and Nash to be here. One ladder as placed at the top of each entry way and Hardy brought both of them down before the bell. Neither Hall or Nash came to the ring with their respective charge. This is Hardy’s favorite gimmick match and he used his skills on Jarrett with several shots into the ladder. Jarrett survived the offensive burst by Hardy and got out of the way of top of the ladder leg drop. Jarrett knocked Hardy around with the ladder too bad Hardy fell on referee Rudy Charles. Jarrett had the belt in his hands but Hardy climbed to the top rope and dropkicked the ladder and Jeff crashed landed on his own Planet Jarrett. Hardy dropped Jarrett on a ladder and Swanton bombed Jarrett’s back into the ladder. As Hardy climbed the ladder Scott Hall came out and hit the Razor’s Edge. Hardy recovered and legdropped a chair onto Jarrett. Jarrett was next hit with a top rope faceplant into the ladders. Jarrett and Hardy climbed the ladder at the same time and but Hardy brought Jarrett down with a modified bulldog headlock. Hall came out again and attacked Hardy but he got away and stopped Jarrett’s ascent once more. Hardy climbed up but Jarrett tossed him off the ladder down onto Hall. Hardy then hit a plancha onto Jarrett and Hall. Hardy went under the ring and got the 20 FOOT LADDER which he climbed to the near top of but Jarrett met him and the ladder with both of them fell onto Hall flattening him like a pancake. Hardy and Jarrett then each climbed a ladder in the ring but they both fell off to the mat. Somehow hall got back to his feet but he was laid out by the Twist of Fate and a Swanton bomb. Jarrett hit a chair shot to the back of Hardy who fell off the ladder. As Jarrett climbed to the top Kevin Nash came out to the ring carrying two guitars. But for some reason he handed Hall a guitar and they both laid out Jeff HARDY. Jarrett climbed to the top and got the belt. Nash then got the house mic challenged the locker room to come out and AJ Styles, 3 Live Kru got out to the ring but were laid out and then the unthinkable happened, MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE hit the ring!!! Savage said there’s a new sheriff in town and dared Hall/Nash/Jarrett to head to the ring. Styles and 3LK stood along side Savage as Hall/Nash/Jarrett stood atop the heel rampway. The PPV went off the air at some point. After the building was cleared of the regular crowd, TNA held a VIP badge post show party which I decided not to attend. Borash announced Hall/Nash and Savage will be at Impact this Tuesday night.

source: Alan J. Wojcik


What did you think of Victory Road?

Thumbs Up – 40%

In the middle – 10%

Thumbs Down – 8%

Didn’t see it – 42%

Best Match?

Trinity-Jackie – 5%

XXX-AMW – 3%

Mini’s – 1%

battle royal – 13%

8 man tag – 1%

Williams-Styles – 20%

3 Live Kru-Team Canada – 4%

Brown-Abyss-Raven – 12%

Hardy-Jarrett – 43%

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