Turning Point

May 12, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, December 5, 2004 in Orlando, FL

TNA Wrestling presented TURNING POINT on Sunday December 5th from Soundstage 21 at Universal Studios. As a salute to the US armed services TNA brought in troops from MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida in addition to the normal Impact crowd. The pre-show hinted the controversial WWE Royal Rumble commercial shoot footage would air during the PPV and a limo arrived with Vinny McDaddy and his son in law were here from Connecticut to make sure the footage would not air.

The pre show featured a match that saw the former NWA World Tag Team champions The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens) who defeated Jerrelle Clark and Mikey Batts by hitting Batts with the Natural Disaster.

The PPV opened another creative video created by Dave Sahadi. The Kings of Wrestling were funny but they needed help from the Flying Elvises because their outfits were not that impressive. Vinny McDaddy were greeted by Abyss and some colorful balloons which McDaddy refused.

(1) Team Canada (Eric Young and Bobby Roode w/Scott D’amore) became NWA World Tag Team Champions by beating 3 Live Kru (Ron Killings and BG James)

This is a rematch of sorts from Turning Point where 3LK won the belts with Konnan in the ring. Early on the champs had control over the match UNTIL Ron Killings went to the top rope. Young and Roode thwarted his attempt to fly and kept Killings grounded for several minutes. Young took his eyes off Killings as he posed for the TV cameras and Killings hit him with a missile dropkick and made the tag to BG James. The foursome fought in and out of the ring and it all over as BG had Roode set for a pump handle slam but JOHNNY DEVINE ran in and hit James with the Canadian flagpole. Roode covered James to win the belts.

Shane Douglas interviewed Dusty Rhodes about tonight’s show and the limo that arrived from up north. Rhodes I think said something about going to look for the visitors from “the Evil Empire Up North.”

(2) Hector Garza, Sonjay Dutt and Sonny Siaki defeated Kid Kash, Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian (w/Traci Brooks).

This match came about from Kash and company and their attack of Jimmy Snuka during “In the Pit With Piper” last month. Dutt and friends were dominating early on until Brooks reached in the ring and tripped up Dutt. The distraction allowed Kash to sucker punch him and the trio took turns working on Dutt’s previously injured left elbow. Dutt finally escaped and tagged in Garza who promptly hit Kazarian with a moonsault. Brooks tried to help Kazarian but it backfired and Garza hit his spinning moonsault for the win.

Scott Hudson talked to Randy Savage about tonight’s main event. Mike Tenay and Don West talked and then sent it back to Hudson who talked with X Division champion Petey Williams about his defense against Chris Sabin. A video hyping the next match played.

(3) Monty Brown defeated Abyss in a “Serengeti Survival” match (win came via pinfall, submission or put your opponent into the thumbtacks).

Brown came to the ring with the house mic taunting Abyss to fight in aisleway. Abyss obliged and the fight, I mean match began. The duo beat each other up using guard rails, the Spanish announcer table and their bodies. Abyss tore off the protective tape Brown wore on his ribs and then pulled out a folding table which he brought into the ring. Abyss went for the bag of thumb tacks but Brown jumped him and the fight began again. Abyss hit Brown in the ribs and chest with a folding chair. Abyss went to drop on Brown’s chest again but Brown turned the chair and Abyss went down on it crotch first. Brown then hit a running power slam. Brown went for the pounce but Abyss countered with the Black Hole Slam that got 2. Abyss had a chair set up for Brown but Brown sent Abyss into it head first. Brown went for the Pounce again but instead went flying into the table which didn’t break. Abyss got 2 and then went for his bag of tacks. Abyss turned around to find Brown had his own bag of tacks that were opened all over the ring. They fought until Brown countered a power bomb and Alabama Slammed Abyss into the tacks.

Vinny McDaddy and his son in law walked around backstage and told Mikey Batts (cousin to current WWE star Billy Kidman) he was fired. A production assistant dropped a tape which the son in law destroyed with his sledge hammer. McDaddy found the case which read “Best of D-Ray 3000.”

(4) Pat Kenney and Johnny B. Badd defeated the NYC’s (Glen Gilberti and Johnny Swinger) with Jacqueline as guest referee.

This was the only match that had no TV lead up to the show unless you count the past between Kenney and Swinger. Kenney spent most of the match on the defensive as the NYC’s attacked his back for what seemed like forever. Jacqueline did her best to keep things clean. Badd finally got tagged in the match and cleaned house. Gilberti got physical with Jacqueline who ended up slamming Gilberti to the mat. Badd hit the TKO for the win.

The Kings of Wrestling chased off a limo and said dialogue not heard too well in the building. Tenay and West threw it to a package hyping Raven and DDP. Not too sure still what role Eric Watts plays in this feud as he sat with Tenay and West.

(5) Diamond Dallas Page defeated Raven.

This was fight from the opening bell and referee Rudy Charles got knocked out early. Page took Raven into the seats and back to the ring area as Andrew Thomas took over the officiating duties. Back in the ring Raven got control and hit Page with the LOTR helmet. Raven then brought a folding chair into the match and he hit Page with his patented drop toe hold. Page fought back with several offensive moves but his Diamond Cutter attempt was countered with a low blow. Page recovered and hit Raven with a belly to belly suplex. Raven kicked out of the pin attempt and hit Page with a superkick. Page kicked out and then hit the Diamond Cutter but Raven kicked out. Two Druids came to the ring as Raven hit the Raven Effect but Page kicked out. Eric Watts jumped in the ring and beat up the Druids and then attacked Page. Watts went to choke slam Page but he got a leg in the crotch and the Diamond Cutter. Raven felt the end was coming and went for the Raven Effect but Page countered into a Diamond Cutter for the victory.

Vinny McDaddy and his Son in Law sat in a backstage room and Traci Brooks came in with a tray of milk and cookies which McDaddy refused and demanded Brooks bring Dusty Rhodes and the tape to him. A video hyping the X Division title match played.

(6) NWA World X Division champion Petey Williams (w/Scott D’amore) defeated Chris Sabin.

To this point this was the match of the night. Sabin got on the offense quickly and went for the Cradle Shock which Williams escaped and then fled to the floor. Back in the ring a wrestling clinic took place between the duo but anytime Sabin was close to a pin Williams fled to the floor. Williams countered another attempted Cradle Shock and brought Sabin over the top rope where the fight went all around the ringside area. Sabin hit a plancha from the seats onto Williams who was at ringside. Back in the ring Williams hit Sabin with a hotshot which sent Sabin to the floor where D’amore attacked him as Williams distracted Mike Posey. D’amore threw Sabin back into Williams who let loose an attack on the challenger but couldn’t keep the shoulders down on the mat. Sabin finally took enough of a beating and stopped Williams from coming off the top by hitting a suplex of his own. They then threw several fists and Sabin had enough left to hit a sitout power bomb but got only 2. Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer but Sabin countered into the Cradle Shock but Williams countered into Sharpshooter. Sabin countered a top rope Canadian Destroyer and hit a piledriver. Sabin again went for the cradle shock but D’amore grabbed Williams. As D’amore distracted Sabin and Posey, Williams got brass knuckles from his trunks and knocked out Sabin for the win.

A “Senior TNA official” came to see Vinny McDaddy. They talked until the official hit McDaddy with a crotch shot and then the cookie sheet.

(7) Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and Randy Savage defeated “Kings of Wrestling’s” ( Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett).

Something was afoot at the PPV as Randy Savage did not come to the ring with Styles and Hardy. Styles fought Jarrett, Hall then Nash with some success before tagging in Hardy. Hardy took the fight to Nash but when he went to the ropes he ran into a Hall clothesline which led to the Kings taking over on Hardy. Except for a UPW date I believe this was the first time Nash had been in a ring in over two years and he looked pretty good. Hardy took everything the Kings threw at him and then some before finally tagging Styles back into the match. Styles had Jarrett set for the Styles Clash but Jarrett picked up Styles and dropped him onto the ring apron. Styles went for a slingshot move but Nash tripped Styles causing him to drop on the ropes. The Kings beat up Styles for a few minutes until he made the tag to Hardy which got zero crowd pop. Hardy beat up all three Kings and had a pin until Nash pulled Andrew Thomas to the floor. Hardy went for a Swanton but Hall hit him with a guitar shot to the back. FINALLY Randy Savage came to the ring and tagged into the match. All three men put the Kings in sleepers and somehow Savage pinned Jarrett.

An EMT crew led Vinny McDaddy to an ambulance as the Son in Law had no clue what he should do about the video tape. A promo for final Resolution played. FINALLY the infamous video played and it needed to be seen to be believed. Too bad TNA blurred out the WWE talent but Rey Mysterio could be seen. I wonder what, if any, will be the response on Monday Night Raw?

(8) America’s Most Wanted (James Storm and Chris Harris) defeated XXX (Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels) in a Six Sided of Steel cage match. As a result of a pre-match stipulation from DOA Dusty Rhodes XXX must disband.

Shame the crowd was dead the whole match. Daniels tasted the steel first thanks to an AMW slingshot into the cage. AMW controlled the bout until Skipper got in and turned the tide in favor of XXX as they beat up Harris for several minutes. Skipper hit Harris with kicks but one of them was blocked and Harris sling shotted Skipper into the cage. Harris got Storm in and all four men brawled around the cage. Skipper handcuffed Harris to the top rope and then played keep the key away from Rudy Charles. XXX beat the living crap out of Storm as Harris could only watch on from the corner. XXX hit Storm with every move in their arsenal but couldn’t pin him. Storm got the key and unlocked Harris. Storm and Harris went on the attack beating XXX bloody. XXX fought back hitting Harris with a top rope double team move but didn’t get three. AMW countered by hitting Skipper with the Hart Attack but got 2. XXX then hit Harris with the AMW Death Sentence but got 2. Skipper went to the top of the cage but Storm met him and brought him down with a power bomb for 2. Skipper stopped Harris from bringing Daniels off the cage by hitting Skipper with the head scissor from the top of the cage. Daniels then hit Harris with a top of the cage elbow drop. All four men hit moves from the cage. Skipper countered out of the Harris Catatonic as Daniels and Storm beat each other up. Daniels ended up in the handcuffs as AMW hit Skipper with the XXX finisher and got the win. After the PPV went off the air the crowd gave both teams a standing ovation. The heel locker room came out to give XXX an ovation as well.

credit: Alan J. Wojcik


What did you think of Turning Point?

Thumbs Up – 38%

In the middle – 7%

Thumbs Down – 9%

Didn’t see it – 46%

Best Match?

3 Live Kru-Team Canada – 6%

Kings of Wrestling-Savage, Hardy, Styles – 25%

Garza, Dutt, Siaki-Kash, Kazarian, Shane – 2%

Williams-Sabin – 8%

Abyss-Brown – 4%

AMW-XXX – 44%

DDP-Raven – 9%

Badd/Kenney vs. NYC – 3%

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