May 12, 2010 - by Adam Martin


Sunday, June 19, 2005 in Orlando, FL

– The TNA promo hits. Following this, a well done video package runs going back to the beginning of TNA in 2002 and into some of the big events that followed involving the debuts of Sting & Raven, Brian Urlacher appearing, Jarrett attacking Hulk Hogan, the debuts of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & Randy Savage into what TNA has become to date. The “deep voice man” welcomes us to TNA’s third year anniversary tonight.

– We go love to the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios where the crowd is cheering loudly. A display of pyro goes off in the entrance way and above the ring as well. We then go to ringside with Mike Tenay & Don West. They note how Jeff Jarrett and Raven got into a brawl earlier in the night before the PPV went on the air. They also show Jarrett attacking a fan from the crowd and being detained by TNA officials, including Jerry Jarrett. Tenay notes the fallout from that is Jarrett in handcuffs backstage and how he has been removed from the building and Raven will take his place instead tonight in the King of the Mountain Match.

– Out first is Zach Gowan as we start our first match of the night.

Six Man X Division Match
Zach Gowan vs. Delirious vs. Jerrelle Clark vs. The Amazing Red vs. “Primetime” Elix Skipper vs. Shark Boy

The bell rings and here we go. Delirious starts off the match attacking a few people involved before going after Elix Skipper and Skipper knocking him out. Delirious kicks him in the gut and Skipper responds with a big kick of his own followed by two big side suplexes. Amazing Red gets the tag and Skipper takes him out with a shoulder block. Red follows that up with a monkey flip on Skipper, Skipper applies a boston crab, Red flips out of it , kicks Skipper in the gut and follows that up with a kick splash in the corner. Jerrelle Clark gets the tag and he takes out Red with a quick kick, but misses a headstand springboard. Red hits a huricanranna on Clark followed by a big spin kick. Zach Gowan tags himself in and misses a leg drop off the top rope. Shark Boy gets the tag and he gives Gowan a big dropkick. Shark Boy hits a reverse neckbreaker on Gowan and only gets a two count. Shark Boy gets Gowan in the corner and hits a few punches, Gowan pushes him off and hits an inverted DDT on Shark Boy. Skipper tags himself in and Shark Boy clotheslines him to the outside. Clark hits a springboard moonsault off the top rope and takes out both Skipper and Shark Boy.

Amazing Red follows that up with a big corkscrew moonsault on Clark, Skipper and Shark Boy on the outside. In the ring, Delirious cut off Gowan up on the top rope. Red comes and he teams with Clark, but Skipper and Shark Boy get involved and they all tumble down into the tower of doom. Gowan hits a big moonsault on Clark after this, covers, but only gets a two count. Shark Boy dumps Gowan to the outside, but Skipper grabs Shark Boy and takes him out. Skipper covers, but Red breaks it up and takes him out going for the cover, but that gets broken up by Clark. Clark gives Red a huge powerbomb, covers, but Delirious breaks it up. Delirious gives Clark a big backbreaker and hits a running knee in the corner on what appeared to be Skipper. Shark Boy follows this up with a Deep Sea Drop from the corner on Delirious, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Shark Boy

– Backstage, Abyss is shown preparing for the King of the Mountain Match later tonight for the NWA World Title.
– Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Shocker. Shocker said he came to TNA to prove he is the greatest Mexican luchadore alive today. Alex Shelley walks up and said he can wrestle lucha libre, MMA, japanese or American style wrestling. Shelley challenged Shocker to bring whatever he wanted tonight. Shocker ran down Shelley in spanish.

Alex Shelley vs. Shocker

The match starts with both locking up and exchanging holds. Shocker gets in a few arm drags on Shelley and then Shelley leaves the ring to collect himself. Shelley comes back in, both lock up and Shocker hits a big chest chop on him. Shelley leaps over Shocker, but Shocker falls down on his chest and gets a pin, but only gets a two count. Shelley quickly breaks this up and appears to be frustrated. Shelley then gets down on his knees and kisses the boots of Shocker. Shocker looks confused when Shelley gets in a big right hand on him. Shelley takes out Shocker with a shoulder block, but Shocker responds with a drop toe hold and a big kick to the head. Shocker misses a splash over the ropes, but follows it up with a head scissors take over on Shelley. Shelley avoids a baseball slide from Shocker and knocks him to the outside. Shelley uses the ropes to leap to the outside, but Shocker moves out of the way. Shocker follows that up with a big dropkick on the concrete around the ring off the mats. Shocker goes for a moonsault, but Shelley gets his knees up.

They show a replay of that moonsault and how Shelley’s knees connected with Shocker’s ribs. Back live, Shelley hits Shocker with a russian leg sweep, gets into a pinfall, Shelley breaks the pinfall and then locks on a body submission. Shelley hits a quick suplex on Shocker for a two count. Shelley gives Shocker a scoop slam, goes up to the top, jumps, but Shocker takes him out in mid-air with a huge dropkick. Shelley rolls to the outside holding his ribs in pain. Shocker dives through the second rope and takes out Shelley on the outside. Shelley gets up on the ring apron and Shocker gets in a quick right. When Shocker tries to bring Shelley in, Shelley flips over the top of Shocker and gets in a small package for a two count. Shocker attempts a roll-up from the corner on Shelley, but Shelley counters into a dropkick to the face. Shocker hits a drop toe hold on Shelley, but Shelley counters that into another pinfall for a two count. Shelley gets in an elbow on Shocker. Shocker attempts a suplex on Shelley, but Shelley counters that into another nearfall for a two count. Shelley kicks Shocker on the back with force. Shelley charges at Shocker in the corner with both knees. Shelley goes for a tornado DDT, but Shocker counters that into a pinfall for the three count!

Winner: Shocker

– #5 in the Greatest Moments in TNA History: AJ Styles winning the NWA World Title for the first time in June of 2003 by defeating Jeff Jarrett.
– Backstage, Shane Douglas was with the 3 Live Kru. Konnan and Killings question where BG James’ loyalty has been with the Kru lately. James says he may have done a few things in the past that they may question, but says they are family and his actions tonight will speak louder than words. He asks both to trust him and they “knuckle up.”
– A video package runs hyping The Outlaw vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings match tonight. That match is up next.

The Outlaw vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings

The match starts with both locking up and Outlaw backing Killings to the corner. They lock up again and exchange a few wrist holds. Outlaw gets in an elbow on Killings and then applies a headlock. Outlaw takes out Killings in the middle of the ring with a quick shoulder block. Outlaw kicks Killings in the face, but Killings fires back with a big head scissors take down. Outlaw fights back with some hard rights in the corner. Outlaw kicks Killings to the ground in the corner. When Outlaw gets in the referees faces, Killings flips up to the top, Outlaw turns around and Killings hits a big dropkick from the top. Outlaw responds with a low blow on Killings with the referee not looking. Outlaw misses a splash in the corner on Killings and Killings gives him a few hard rights. Killings nails Outlaw’s head off the post and went to kick him off the ring apron, but Outlaw jumped off to avoid it and low blowed him yet again. Outlaw comes back in and Killings gets kicked off. Outlaw nails Killings’ head off the steel steps and rolls in and out of the ring to break the referees count.

The fans then hold up a steel chair at ringside and Killings nails Outlaw’s head off of it. Back in the ring, Outlaw finds a way to fight back and apply a neck submission on Killings. Killings attempts a comeback, but Outlaw cuts him off. Outlaw gives Killings a scoop slam and taunts at the crowd. Outlaw gets up on the top, jumps, but Killings gets up his boots as Outlaw comes crashing down. Killings fights back with some hard rights followed by a big flying forearm. Killings misses the axe kick on Outlaw and Outlaw comes back with the Fameasser. Outlaw goes for the jumping reverse DDT on Killings, but Killings counters that into a pinfall for a three count!

Winner: Ron “The Truth” Killings

After the match, a frustrated Outlaw takes out Killings with a clothesline. Outlaw gives Killings the jumping reverse neckbreaker and then brings in a steel chair. BG James hits the ring and takes away the chair from Outlaw. A “NEW AGE OUTLAWS” chant starts up as the two stare each other down. Outlaw turns his back to James and dares him to knock him out with the steel chair. Konnan hits the ring and attacks Outlaw from behind, dumping him to the outside. Konnan taunts at Outlaw as he walks up the ramp. Back in the ring, James is arguing with Konnan. Killings broke it up and they left.

– #4 in the Greatest Moments in TNA History: Raven debuting in TNA in January of 2004, attacking Jeff Jarrett.
– Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Team Canada. Bobby Roode calls out Lance Hoyt and tells him to get prepared to get Canadianized. Petey Williams calls out The Naturals and says the only thing “natural” about them is that their losing streak will start tonight when they loose the NWA World Tag Team Titles. Scott D’Amore said it doesn’t matter what legendary advisor The Naturals bring in and that he is a classic ring general.
– A video package runs focusing on Team Canada. Following this up is Team Canada’s victory over America’s Most Wanted to earn a shot at the NWA Tag Team Titles tonight at Slammiversary against champions The Naturals. That match is up next.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
The Naturals (c’s) vs. Team Canada (Williams & Young)

The bell rings and we start off with Eric Young and Chase Stevens. Young applies a quick headlock into a pinfall for a two count. Stevens reverses out of it and Young responds with a kick to the gut and quick take down. Stevens throws Young to the mat quickly. Young and Stevens exchange a few punches, lock up and Young backs Stevens into the corner. Both slap each other and exchange a few more punches and slaps. Andy Douglas gets the tag and The Naturals double-team Young. Petey Williams gets the tag and Douglas takes him out with a few arm drags. Douglas lifts Williams in the air and throws him back down face first. Douglas applies a mid-air submission using Williams’ legs. The Naturals attempt the Natural Disaster, but Williams pushes Douglas away and puts Young on his shoulders. Young comes down, but Stevens clotheslines Williams, taking down Young in the process. Young lands on his leg awkwardly, but it was a trick to allow Stevens to get dumped to the outside and distract the referee as D’Amore and A-1 get in some cheap shots on Stevens. Williams throws Stevens back in the ring and Young picks him up, proping him up in the corner upside down. Williams stands up on him and does the “Oh Canada!” taunt.

Young gets the tag and Williams sets up Stevens, allowing Young to drop the leg for a two count. Stevens fights back against Young, but Young puts Stevens in the corner and Williams gets the tag. Teney puts over the quick tags by Team Canada during the match. Young gets tagged in, works on the back of Stevens, Williams gets tagged in and does the same, Young gets tagged in, Williams throws Stevens back and Young hits a big leg drop for a close two count. Young applies a headlock on Stevens as Douglas looks for a tag. Stevens gets back on his feet, but Young stops any type of offense by taking out Stevens and tagging in Williams. Williams taunts at Andy Douglas and then puts Stevens on the second rope, allowing D’Amore to get in a few cheap shots as well as A-1. Williams chokes Stevens with his boot as D’Amore taunts from the outside. Williams puts Stevens neck on the ring apron and Williams springboards over the top rope, hitting a big leg drop! Williams covers, but only gets a two count. Williams nails Stevens off the corner and Young gets the tag. Stevens fights back with some punches, but Young pulls down the second rope and Stevens falls to the outside. A-1 chokes Stevens with his boot and D’Amore launches Stevens into the steel steps.

Stevens gets put back in the ring and Williams works on Stevens in the corner. Young, the legal man, gets in a few punches on Stevens. Stevens fights back knocking out Williams and Young. A-1 trips up Stevens and Douglas attacks A-1 to break it up. Stevens gets free, but Douglas runs back and can’t make the tag. Stevens breaks through again and Douglas gets the hot tag. Douglas takes out Young with a flying knee and a full nelson backbreaker on Williams for a two count. Young drops Douglas’ head on the top rope and Williams follows that up with a Sharpshooter. Stevens takes out Young, breaks the Sharpshooter up, lifts up Williams and Williams counters that into a big spike DDT! Douglas hits a german suplex on Williams for a two count. Douglas clotheslines Young to the outside. In the ring, Stevens and Williams exchange punches. Stevens gets Williams up on his shoulders, Douglas jumps off the top and powers Williams down with force. Douglas covers, but only gets a two count. Stevens suplexes Young back in, Douglas catches him and they hit the Natural Disaster. Douglas covers, but Williams breaks it up. Williams takes out Stevens with a side russian leg sweep, but Douglas gives him an inverted atomic drop. A-1 distracts Douglas, Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer, Douglas breaks it up, A-1 nails Douglas with a hockey stick shot, Williams gets Douglas ready for the Canadian Destroyer, but Stevens hits the ring and knocks out Williams with Jimmy Hart’s megaphone! Jimmy Hart is The Naturals new advisor. Douglas covers Williams and gets the pinfall!

Winners & STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions: The Naturals

After the match, Team Canada shows their frustration in the ring including Petey Williams whose nose is bleeding from the megaphone shot from Stevens.

– #3 in the Greatest Moments in TNA History: The Lockdown PPV with some high spots including Trinity and Jeff Hardy.
– Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Sean Waltman. He asks how he got his spot in the King of the Mountain Match tonight. Waltman said he is a hell of a backstage politician, but says tonight their will be no unity for him to fall back on as he gets a shot at the NWA World Title. Waltman said tonight he is a lone wolf and he will capture the title.
– Out next is Sonjay Dutt for our next match.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Samoa Joe

Before the match, Tenay puts over Samoa Joe’s reigns in Ring of Honor including his current reign as the ROH Pure Champion. The match starts with Joe getting in some kick quicks on Dutt and pushing him into the corner numerous times. Joe fights off a few more attacks from Dutt including a dropkick and shoulder charge. Dutt finally kicks Joe into the corner, but when Dutt charges at him he lifts him in the air and plants him back down with huge force! Joe gives Dutt a snapmare and drops a knee off the ropes. A loud “JOE” chant starts up as he covers Dutt for a two count. Joe sends Dutt into the corner and hits a few kicks to the gut. Joe gives Dutt the face wash in the corner with his boot and follows that up with a huge running knee. Joe gives Dutt a hard right, Dutt fights back with some chops to the chest, but Joe follows that up with another hard right. Dutt goes off the ropes, but Joe hits a big side kick to his legs tripping him up! Joe then drops his body on Dutt, covers, but only gets a two count. Joe chops Dutt a few times in the corner, charges, goes through the second rope when Dutt moves and Dutt follows that up with a kick to the face knocking Joe off the ring apron. Dutt leaps over the top rope and takes out Joe.

Dutt leaps back into the ring, but Joe catches him. Dutt comes back down and gets in a few kicks on Joe. Dutt goes to the ring apron, springboards off the top rope and hits a big dropkick on Joe for a two count. Dutt hits a small splash on Joe in the corner and follows that up with a kick to the back of the head. Dutt hits a splash off the top rope on Joe for another two count. Dutt goes for a moonsault, but Joe moves and Dutt lands on his feet. Dutt charges and Joe gives him a huge powerslam for a two count. Joe puts Dutt up on the top turnbuckle and gets in a few forearms. Joe goes for a wild right hand, but Dutt moves. Joe then hits a big kick to Dutt’s head, lifts Dutt onto his shoulders and hits the muscle buster! Joe applies a rear-naked choke submission on Dutt quickly after this and Dutt has no choice but to tap out. Very solid debut for Joe in TNA.

Winner: Samoa Joe

– At ringside, Mike Tenay & Don West hype Bound for Glory on October 23, TNA’s new “WrestleMania” every year. They also hype No Surrender next month on July 17 as well.
– A video promo runs with Raven talking about taking part in the King of the Mountain Match tonight. He notes that he would rather huge a suicide bomber than be those who take part in this match tonight. He said only he has the power to leave his opponents with great losses. Raven says he is a human cancer and the only way to stop him is to kill the host. He doesn’t feel his opponents tonight are strong enough to go to the lengths he will. Raven said tonight he will at last fulfill his destiny…quote the Raven, future NWA World Heavyweight Champion, nevermore.
– Team Canada’s music hits and out comes Bobby Roode with Scott D’Amore to start the next match.

Booby Roode w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Lance Hoyt

Boy is Hoyt over in Orlando right now. The bell rings and here we go. Hoyt encourages a loud “HOYT” chant as Roodes gets upset. He charges at Hoyt and Hoyt pushes Roode down with force in the corner. Hoyt charges Roode to the corner and backs off. Roode gets in Hoyt’s face and pushes him away. Hoyt gives Roode a big scoop slam followed by clotheslining him over the top rope to the outside. Roode pulls Hoyt to the outside, Hoyt dodges a right hand and Hoyt nails Roode’s head off the ring apron. D’Amore runs away from an attack by Hoyt when he stares at him. Hoyt gets up on the ring apron and D’Amore holds onto his legs, allowing Roode to knock Hoyt off the ring apron and hit the ring barricade. D’Amore throws Hoyt back first into the ring barricade and throws Hoyt back in, allowing Roode to get in some stiff kicks. Roode nails Hoyt face first off the corner and chokes him using the second rope. Roode pulls Hoyt to the ring apron and he drops an elbow. Roode gets back in as Hoyt gets up on his feet. Hoyt fights back with some right hands, but Roode stops anymore more with two big knees to the gut. Roode gives Hoyt a big back supex. Roode covers, but only gets a two count.

Roode applies a bearhug-like submission on Hoyt. Hoyt goes to fight back, but Roode pulls him back down with force in the middle of the ring. Roode gives Hoyt a quick snap suplex, goes up to the top, Hoyt gets up and punches Roode. Hoyt lifts Roode off the corner and slams him back down hard on the mat. Hoyt clothelines Roode twice followed by a face first plant in the ring. Hoyt goes for a big boot, Roode blocks it, Hoyt slaps his hand around the neck of Roode and hits the chokeslam! Hoyt chases D’Amore off the ring apron and then goes up to the top. D’Amore cuts off Hoyt by getting up on the ring apron, allowing Roode to come underneath Hoyt and give him a big running powerbomb! Roode covers, but only gets a two count. Roode tries to use the hockey stick, but the referee breaks it up. Hoyt overpowers Roode and then goes for the big boot, but D’Amore holds back one of his legs. Hoyt grabs D’Amore and the referee breaks it up. Roode then comes from behind and takes out Hoyt with a northern lariat to get the pinfall!

Winner: Bobby Roode

After the match, Scott D’Amore got on the mic and said he told Lance Hoyt a few weeks ago on Impact! that he would learn a hard lesson tonight and that it would continue. Bobby Roode then attacks Hoyt some more in the ring. D’Amore comes up and slaps Hoyt a few times. Hoyt goes to give D’Amore a chokeslam when Roode breaks it up and drops an elbow on Hoyt a few times. Roode then takes off his shirt and attempts a moonsault off the top rope, but Hoyt moves out of the way. Hoyt takes out Roode with a big boot and then pulls D’Amore back into the ring when he tries to get away (as he does this he reveals D’Amore’s backside). Hoyt gives D’Amore a chokeslam and follows that up with a big moonsault. The crowd in Orlando continues a loud “HOYT” chant as the rest of Team Canada hit the ring. Hoyt heads up the ramp taunting at Team Canada. TNA Security then come out and put D’Amore on a stretcher as the fans in Orlando chant the “Goodbye” song.

– #2 in the Greatest Moments in TNA History: Jeff Hardy debuting in TNA in June of 2004.
– Backstage, Shane Douglas is with the NWA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles. Styles said tonight he has to work four times as hard because he walks in a challenger due to the stipulation of tonights match. He calls tonight the biggest opportunity in his career. Styles clutches the NWA World Title as the segment closes.
– A video package runs showing some of the recent losses by America’s Most Wanted in TNA and how frustrated they have become about it. This leads in to their challenge against the 3 Live Kru tonight. That match is up next.

America’s Most Wanted vs. 3 Live Kru (James & Konnan)

The match starts with Konnan and Chris Harris. Both exchange a few holds and Konnan takes out Harris with a shoulder block. Konnan follows that up with a clothesline on Harris and then a face plant drop on Storm when he rushes in the ring. Konnan takes off his shoe and throws it at Storm. Harris then starts to choke Konnan in the corner. Storm gets the tag and he starts to choke Konnan in the corner as well with his boot. Storm sends Konnan into the ropes and then hits him with an elbow when he comes off. Harris gets the tag, gives Konnan a snapmare and follows that up with a leg drop. Harris hits a sledgehammer off the top rope on Konnan, covers again, but gets a two count. Storm gets the tag, goes up to the top, jumps, but Konnan gets his boot up. Konnan drives Storm face first into the mat and tags in James. James takes out both Storm and Harris with some stiff forearms. James takes out Harris with a back body drop. Storm follows that up with a big superkick on James. Storm covers, but only gets a two count. Harris gets the tag and Storm splashes James in the corner. Storm sends James into the other corner and Harris hits a running bulldog for a two count.

Storm gets the tag and James starts to nail him with some hard rights. Storm gets in a boot on James in the corner and comes down with a spinning neckbreaker. Harris gets the tag and he kicks James in the chest and follows that up with a left punch. Harris gets up on the top, jumps and James catches him in the ribs with his forearm. James dodges a clothesline from Harris and gets in some hard rights. The Outlaw then comes out and he starts brawling with Konnan at ringside. In the ring, Storm lifts up BG James and Harris comes off the ropes hitting a big clothesline. Harris covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners: America’s Most Wanted

After the match, Konnan hits the ring and realizes that he just costed his team the match. Konnan taunts at Outlaw who is smiling as he goes up the ramp. Konnan tries to make things cool with James but extending his fist, but James blows him off and leaves the ring. Outlaw is still on the ramp as the fans chant “NEW AGE OUTLAWS” loudly. Outlaw tells James he can walk out with him if he wants. James leaves through the crowd instead.

– #1 in the Greatest Moments in TNA History: “Primetime” Elix Skipper’s walk across the top of the steel cage at Turning Point in December of 2004.
– A video package runs hyping the X Division Championship Match tonight involving champion Christopher Daniels, Michael Shane and Chris Sabin. They run through the going-ons between Shane and Sabin involving Traci Brooks and Trinity. They show Shane challenging Daniels for the title during a recent broadcast of Impact! a few weeks ago. That match is up next!

X Division Championship – Triple Threat Match
Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Michael Shane vs. Chris Sabin

The match starts with all three men talking trash when Daniels takes out Sabin. Sabin fights back against Daniels. Sabin and Shane give Daniels a double hip toss. Shane and Sabin exchange some blows and Daniels breaks it up hitting Sabin with ah headbutt. With use from Shane, Sabin leaps up and gives Daniels a big huricanranna! Sabin dropkicks Shane, sending him across the ring towards the corner. Daniels comes back in and hits Sabin with another big dropkick. Daniels attempts a tilt-a-whirl on Sabin, Sabin breaks it up, but Daniels counters that into a modified sleeper submission on Sabin. Shane breaks it up with an elbow drop off the top rope on Daniels. Shane gives Daniels a quick arm drag followed by a powerslam for a two count. Shane lifts Daniels in the air next and Sabin catches him, coming down in a powerbomb with a pinfall broken up by Shane. Shane in gets in a few punches on Sabin in the corner. Sabin fights back with a kick to the gut, leaps off and hits a cross-body on Daniels when he runs up for a two count. Daniels drop toe holds Sabin into the second rope and then chokes him with his boot. Sabin is dangling off the ring apron as Daniels lifts Shane over the top rope and Shane comes down on Sabin. Daniels hits a springboard moonsault off the ropes on Sabin on the outside.

Daniels gets back in the ring as Shane took care of Sabin. Daniels takes out Sabin with another dropkick. Shane sends Daniels to the outside. When he turns around, Sabin is back up with some quick chops. Shane counters this into a quick belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. When Sabin goes off the ropes, Daniels nails him with a forearm. Shane baseball slides Daniels and leaps over the top rope from the ring apron, hitting a leg drop on Sabin for a two count. Sabin sends Shane into the ropes and Daniels back body drops Shane in the air to the outside. Sabin follows this up with a leap over the top rope, but Daniels gets down on one knee and Sabin hits it with force. Back in the ring, Daniels goes for the Angel’s Wings on Shane, but Sabin comes in to break it up, hitting Daniels with a kick to the face and Shane with a tornado DDT! Sabin then takes out both Daniels and Shane with a double dropkick. Sabin follows this up with a big suplex on Shane into an attempt at the Cradle Shock, but Shane counters out of it, misses a clothesline when Sabin ducks and Sabin leaps over the top rope taking out Daniels on the outside. Sabin hits a springboard dropkick off the ropes on Shane. Traci trips up Sabin as he came off the ropes. Trinity does the same on the opposite end of the ring. Traci and Trinity get in the ring and start up a catfight! Trinity throws Traci to the outside. Shane grabs Trinity, Sabin dropkicks him and hits the Cradle Shock. Sabin gets the pinfall.

Michael Shane has been eliminated.

At the same time, Daniels gives Trinity the Angel’s Wings and Sabin sees it allowing it. We are now down to Daniels and Sabin with the X Title on the line. Trinity heads to the back favoring her face after taking the Angel’s Wings from Daniels. Back in the ring, Daniels applies a neck submission on Sabin. Sabin fights out of it and is able to fly around Daniels for a quick pinfall for a two count. Sabin follows this up with a bulldog on Daniels, but both are down as the referee starts the count. Sabin gives Daniels a german suplex into a bridge for a two count. Daniels then hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Sabin followed by a series of headbutts for a two count. Daniels positions Sabin near the corner, springboards off the turnbuckle hitting the BME (Best Moonsault Ever), but only gets a two count. Daniels is shocked. Sabin misses a kick to the head on Daniels, Daniels goes off the ropes and Sabin hits it finally. Sabin then springboards off the corner and catches Daniels in a quick DDT for a two count. Sabin puts Daniels on his shoulders, Daniels fights it off, Sabin gets in a shoulder block on Daniels from the ring apron, Sabin leaps up to the ropes, but Daniels kicks him off. Daniels then grabs Sabin and connects with the Angel’s Wings for the pinfall!

Winner & STILL X Division Champion: Christopher Daniels

– Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Monty Brown. Brown said it doesn’t matter that Jeff Jarrett is out of the King of the Mountain tonight. He said AJ Styles, Raven, Abyss and Sean Waltman will not survive tonight.
– A video package airs hyping the King of the Mountain Match tonight for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. The rules: anything goes, anyone pinned is confined to the penalty box at ringside, the objective is to hang the NWA World Title above the ring to get the win. That match is up next!
– Before the match, Jeremy Borash runs down the rules for the match. Borash notes that pinfalls are allowed anywhere in the building and that anyone pinned will be go into the penalty box for two minutes.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship – King of the Mountain
AJ Styles (c) vs. Raven vs. Sean Waltman vs. Monty Brown vs. Abyss

The match starts with Sean Waltman diving off the penalty box and taking out Raven. Abyss goes outside of the ring and AJ Styles leaps off the ladder he was standing on, hitting the huricanranna. Back in the ring, Monty Brown hits The Pounce on Raven and covers, getting the pinfall. Raven will now enter the penalty box for two minutes. Monty Brown grabs a ladder and brings it to the ringside area. On the other side, Abyss brawls with Sean Waltman when Styles leaps over the top rope taking out both. Waltman gets in the ring and pins Brown for a two count. Brown hits a big knee to the back on Waltman. Styles gets up on the top, but Abyss knocks him off. Waltman fights back against Brown, hitting some hard chops. Abyss then splashs Brown in the corner when Waltman moved out of the way. Waltman takes out Abyss with a quick spin kick. Waltman attempts the Bronco Buster, but Brown cuts him off and launches him to the other side of the ring. Raven’s time is up and he hits the ring (a little early). Brown then pins Waltman with a big powerbomb. Sean Waltman will now enter the penalty box for two minutes. Raven sets up a table on the outside as Styles climbs up the penalty box. Styles takes out both Abyss and Brown, but Brown fights back hitting a huge Pounce on Styles. Raven pulled Styles out and pinned him on the outside. AJ Styles will now enter the penalty box for two minutes. Back in the ring, Abyss lifts Brown to his shoulders. Raven knocks out both Brown and Abyss with a shot using a garbage can. Raven takes out Brown with a clothesline and taunts at the crowd.

Waltman’s time is up and he leaves the penalty box. Waltman takes out Abyss and Brown with garbage can shots. Abyss fights back hitting Waltman with a big boot. Styles’ time is now up and he hits the ring. In the ring, Abyss hits Brown with the Black Hole Slam for a pinfall! Monty Brown will now enter the penalty box. In the ring, Raven snapmares Styles and kicks him in the back. Raven picks up Styles, attempts a DDT, Styles counters that into the Styles Clash, rolls into the pin, but Abyss breaks it up. Styles then takes out Abyss with a huge kick to the back of the head. Abyss goes to the outside and Waltman takes him out with some big steel chair shots. Waltman puts Abyss on top of a table and calls for Styles. Styles gets up on the top rope and hits the Spiral Tap off the top, crashing through the table on Abyss! Styles covers Abyss and gets the pinfall. Abyss will now enter the penalty box. Brown’s time has now expired as he leaves the box and looks under the ring. Brown puts a ladder and table into the ring. Brown sets up a table in the corner and then hits Raven with a sledgehammer off the ring apron. Raven fights back sending Brown into the ring barricade. While everything is going on, Styles gets the NWA World Title and he climbs up the ladder looking to hang it. Styles drops the belt and Waltman picks it up, handing it to him. As Styles goes to hang it, Waltman takes Styles and drops him down off the ladder hitting the X-Factor! Waltman pins Styles and gets the three. AJ Styles will now enter the penalty box again.

In the ring, Raven grabs a stapler and staples the top of Waltman’s head. Abyss’ time in the penalty box has expired and he enters the ring. Waltman gets the stapler and he staples Raven in the groin! Abyss attacks Waltman, but Waltman knocks him down and Waltman staples Abyss in the groin as well! Raven is brawling with Brown as Waltman sets up a ladder with the NWA World Title in hand. Styles’ time has expired and he hits the ring, climbing up the ladder with Waltman. Abyss then dumps Waltman and Styles off the ladder, sending both over the top rope and Styles through a table! Abyss grabs the NWA World Title, starts climbing up the ladder when Brown gives him The Pounce off the ladder and Abyss crashes through a table! Raven grabs Brown and gives him the Evenflow DDT! Raven climbs up with the NWA World Title, Abyss starts to climb up, Raven kicks him off and Raven successfully hangs the belt above the ring! Raven is the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Winner & NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Raven

After the match, Raven pulls down the NWA World Title and celebrates with it as the fans cheer loudly as blood flows down his face. Sean Waltman is shown frustrated on the ramp. AJ Styles comes to after crashing through the table, realizing he just lost the title. Raven puts the NWA World Title around his waist and poses as the fans in Orlando cheer loudly. The PPV comes to a close with Raven leaving the ring and celebrating his title win with the fans.

– A promo for No Surrender on July 17 is shown.


What did you think of Slammiversary?

Thumbs Up – 31%

In the middle – 8%

Thumbs Down – 6%

Didn’t see it – 55%

Best Match?

Six-way match – 10%

Shocker-Shelley – 3%

Killings-Outlaw – 2%

Naturals/Team Canada – 1%

Joe-Dutt – 4%

Roode-Hoyt – 1%

AMW-3LK – 2%

Daniels-Sabin-Shane – 13%

King of the Mountain – 63%

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