No Surrender

May 12, 2010 - by Adam Martin


Sunday, July 17, 2005 in Orlando, FL

– The TNA promo hits. Following this, a well done package hits noting that “every beginning has an end, what is once was, our future is born in the past, we are not created but the creators” that featured clips involving various TNA superstars and focused on the Raven vs. Abyss match tonight.

– A display of pyro goes off in the entrance way followed by a series going off above the ring. We hear Mike Tenay and Don West at ringside as we see various shots of the crowd.

– Michael Shane’s music hits and he comes out with Traci and new tag team partner Alex Shelley. Tenay labels them as Shane and Shelley.

America’s Most Wanted vs. Michael Shane & Alex Shelley
The match starts with Michael Shane and James Storm. Shane then tags in Alex Shelley as Storm approaches. Storm and Shelley circle the ring and then lock up in the middle. Storm takes down Shelley and then both roll around the ring a bit before backing off and jumping up. Storm takes down Shelley with a shoulder block. Shelley fights back with a few chops to the chest on Storm in the corner. Storm dodges an attack from Shelley in the corner, hits a chop, Shelley sends him over the top rope and Storm flips back in. Shelley dodges a superkick attempt from Storm and tags in Shane. Chris Harris also gets the tag. Harris and Shane lock up and Harris backs him into the corner. Harris hits two big arm drags on Shane from the corner as Shane charged. Storm gets the tag and Shane runs away, tagging in Shelley. Storm takes out Shelley, tags in Harris, Harris hits an inverted atomic drop on Shelley and Storm follows that up with a russian leg sweep. Harris covers, but only gets a two count. Shelley drops Harris with a jaw breaker and tags in Shane. Harris gives Shane a big vertical suplex and then tags in Storm.

Shane rolls to the outside. Storm follows, but Shelley blindsides him with a big punch. Harris jumps out and Shelley sends Storm into the steel guard railing. Shane and Harris move out of camera view as Shelley leaps off the ring apron and Storm moves out of the way. Storm brawls with Shelley up the ramp and then throws him off, sending Shelley to the side of the stairs. Security surrounds Shelley and Storm leaps off the top of the ramp, taking out Shelley. We go back to the ringside area where Harris sends Shane into the steel guard railing. Harris gives him some hard rights until Traci pulls his hair. Harris pulls her off and starts to go after her when Shane takes him out from behind and sends him into the ring post. Harris gets in some hard rights on Shane and then Traci low blows Harris. Shane attempts a piledriver on the ramp, but Harris counters that into a back body drop. Harris then puts Traci on his shoulder, drops her down and handcuffs her to the ring post. Shane then tosses Harris back in the ring. Harris dodges a superkick and then crawls under Shane to tag in Storm. Storm takes out Shane twice and follows it up with a big high back body drop. Shelley gets taken out by Storm when he springboards off the ropes. Storm hits a spike DDT on Shelley for a two count. Storm hits a slam on Shane and hits the Eye of the Storm on Shelley.

Storm lifts up Shelley and Harris takes him out with a clothesline. Harris covers, but only gets a two count. AMW then set up Shelley for the Death Sentence. Shelley throws Harris off the top rope. Storm gets tossed over the top rope, tries to power back in, but Shane hits a big baseball slide kick. Traci throws in a boot to Shane who takes out Harris with it, covers, but only gets a two count. Shane attempts it again, but Harris blocks it and takes out Shane. Shelley flips back into the ring over Harris, but Storm nails him with a superkick as he flips in. Storm covers and gets the pinfall on Shelley.

Winners: America’s Most Wanted

After the match, Michael Shane takes out James Storm with a superkick and bails out of the ring. Harris runs over as Shane smiles at him from the ramp.

– Mike Tenay introduces a video package from earlier tonight in the pre-PPV countdown when Jeff Jarrett confronted Mike Tenay in the ring. Jarrett brings up how WWE fired 16 wrestlers and that TNA is the only other alternative for a national promotion. Tenay said TNA has a track record for bringing in talented people. Jarrett asks if Rhino is in the building tonight. Tenay confirms it on the mic as the fans chanted “WE WANT RHINO.”
– Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Team Canada. Bobby Roode calls out Lance Hoyt about what he did to Scott D’Amore last month and says tonight he gets a Canadian payback. Petey Williams said The Naturals can have Jimmy Hart all they want and Williams said tonight he takes the X Title away from Christopher Daniels. Jeff Jarrett walks up as Team Canada starts to sing the Canadian Anthem, saying he loves the song, but warns them about some “new” talent coming in tonight besides Rhino. Jarrett asks him if he is with him on this. Williams tells Jarrett that Team Canada will be there for him tonight.
– They plug the return of the Super X Cup Tournament starting this week on Impact! on

Super X Cup Qualifier Match
Elix Skipper vs. Shark Boy vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Mikey Batts

The match starts with Elix Skipper and Sonjay Dutt. Skipper and Dutt avoid each other with various flips and counters until Dutt twirls around Skipper a few times and takes him out. Skipper takes out Dutt with a one arm slam and then tags in Mikey Batts. A loud “MIKEY SUCKS” chant starts up. Dutt hits a quick arm drag on Batts. Dutt offers a handshake and Batts slaps him. Dutt hits a few chops followed by a full body assisted arm drag. Dutt takes out Batts with a quick dropkick and Batts crawls over tagging in Shark Boy. Shark Boy and Dutt get wrapped up, Shark Boy flips over Dutt and then takes him out with a dropkick. Dutt responds with a single leg kick on Shark Boy, springboards off the ropes attempting a leg drop, but Shark Boy moves out of the way. Batts gets in a cheap shot on Dutt and Shark Boy chases him out of the ring. Dutt goes up to the top, but Skipper gets in a blind tag. Skipper takes out Shark Boy and then dropkicks Dutt to the back sending him to the outside. Shark Boy sets up Skipper in the corner, gets in a few punches, but Skipper pushes him off. Shark Boy charges at Skipper, Skipper leans back in his Matrix-style stance, Shark Boy tags in Dutt and Dutt crashes down with his boots.

Batts gets tagged back in and he takes out Dutt, misses a charge in the corner and Dutt takes him out with a dropkick. Skipper gets the tag and he takes out Batts with a big side kick. Skipper chokes Batts and then over powers him with a big slam for a two count. Skipper sets up Batts on the ropes, starts to scale it, trips a bit and hits a slight huricanranna on Batts taking him to the outside. Shark Boy, looking a bit confused for a spot, leaps over taking out Skipper. Dutt jumps up and takes out Shark Boy and Batts. Dutt puts Batts back in the ring as Skipper is in the corner with Shark Boy. Batts and Skipper both get thrown to the mat by Shark Boy and Dutt. The crowd starts to clap loudly as Shark Boy and Dutt are up first. They exchange some punches, Dutt hits a superkick to the knee and a kick to the back of the head. Dutt jumps up to the top, Batts follows up and gives him a big german suplex off the top. Batts leaps off to Skipper, Skipper catches him and hits the Sudden Death. Shark Boy goes after Skipper, hits a boot in the corner and hits the Dead Sea Drop on Skipper who falls to the outside. Shark Boy gets up to the top, Dutt superkicks him off, Dutt climbs up to the top and connects with the Hindu Press on Batts for the pinfall.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt

– Backstage, Shane Douglas is with the 3 Live Kru’s Ron “The Truth” Killings and Konnan. Douglas asks where BG James is at. Konnan said it has been a month since they heard from BG. Killings asks Konnan to have a little faith in BG. Konnan said he needs to make up his mind and said he has no more faith left in him. He said they need to think about their Street Fight tonight against The Outlaw and Monty Brown.

– Out next is Simon Diamond and David Young. Diamond gets on the mic and says, “Simon has a problem.” Diamond said he is always on the look out for new talent, especially when he sees untapped potential. He said he has a man who can bench press 400lbs, who has outstanding blue chip athletic ability, yet he is a man for two years who didn’t win a match. Diamond asks why did he not win a match? Because he didn’t have guidance, leadership or someone telling him what to do. He said that person is him and will make him the player he was meant to be. Diamond introduces him as the next member of his Diamond’s In The Rough, David Young. Out next is Apolo and Sonny Siaki.

Simon Diamond & David Young vs. Apolo & Sonny Siaki
The match starts with David Young and Apolo. Both lock up and Apolo pushes Young away. Young argues a bit with Diamond in the corner, then locks up again with Apolo who pushes him down yet again. Young gets in an elbow to Apolo’s face, but Apolo follows that up with a big press slam. Apolo drops the leg on the back of Young’s head for a two count. Sonny Siaki gets the tag and Apolo and Siaki double-team Young with a big front press slam for a two count. Siaki hits a quick arm drag on Young and wrenches in on the shoulder. Young fights back with some hard rights followed by a kick to the face. Siaki follows that up with a northern lights suplex for a two count. Siaki goes off the ropes and Diamond pulls down the ropes allowing Siaki to fall out. Young hits a springboard moonsault on Siaki on the outside. Diamond hits the ring and Apolo takes him out with a superkick. Apolo goes off the ropes and leaps over the top rope, taking out Young and Diamond and even lands on his feet afterwards! Tenay & West put over a spot like that for a man his size. Back in the ring, Young slaps Siaki. Siaki slaps him back. Both exchange some slaps and then change over to some chest chops. Diamond gets in a cheap shot on Siaki when he hits the corner and then gets the tag.

Diamond takes out Siaki right away and covers, but only gets a two count. Diamond tags in Young and sends Siaki to the corner. Both charge, but Siaki moves out of the way. Apolo gets the tag and takes out both Young and Diamond. Apolo hits a high back body drop on Young and then gives Diamond the same. Apolo connects with a jumping powerbomb on Young and Siaki hits a face first press on Diamond. Young takes out Siaki, covers, but the referee reminds him he isn’t the legal man. Apolo puts Young on his shoulders and then hits a cutter like fall face first. Apolo covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Apolo & Sonny Siaki

– At ringside, Mike Tenay & Don West plug Bound for Glory on October 23. They announce this will be an annual PPV event for TNA and its biggest show of the year. West said this event will set the bar for other future events to come. Tenay labels it as the fall classic for TNA.

– Out next is Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin
The match starts with Samoa Joe and Chris Sabin exchanging two chest slaps. A loud “JOE” chant starts up as Sabin gets in a kick to his side and Joe follows that up with a kick of his own. Joe powers Sabin to the corner who fights out of it. Joe takes down Sabin on the mat, both roll around, jump up and Joe continues to move towards him. Sabin smacks Joe in the middle of the ring attempting a shoulder block. Sabin hits another attempt, but Joe won’t go down. Sabin then dropkicks Joe into the corner with force. Sabin hits a flying elbow to Joe in the opposite corner and then tries to lift him up for the Craddle Shock. Joe prevents it and slams Sabin back down. Joe takes out Sabin with a big kick to the face. Joe hits a big knee to the face on Sabin with force. Joe gives Sabin the face wash with his boot, backs up and then hits a big knee to the face. Another loud “JOE” chant starts up. Joe hits two big kicks on Sabin and follows that up with a big jumping knee to the face. Joe covers, but only gets a two count. Joe starts to turn the head of Sabin as Sabin fights back with some elbows. Joe quickly takes out Sabin with a big shoulder block. Joe starts to work on Sabin’s head again, twisting it.

Sabin again tries to fight out of it, but Joe takes him back down with a clothesline. Joe lifts up Sabin and hits a big suplex. Joe covers, but only gets a two count. Sabin sits up and Joe slaps him. Joe hits a few big chest chops on Sabin in the corner and Sabin falls forward looking dazled. Sabin starts to hit some hard rights to the gut on Joe. Joe cuts him off with a kick to the gut. Joe elevates Sabin over the top rope to the ring apron. Joe goes off the ropes and Sabin springboards, hitting a big dropkick on Joe in the middle of the ring. Sabin hits a big kick on Joe followed a missle dropkick off the ring apron, sending Joe into the guard railing. Sabin throws Joe back in the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. Sabin jumps up on the back of Joe and kicks hard. Sabin jumps off the top rope and connects with a jumping leg drop for a two count. Sabin attempts to put Joe on his shoulders again, almost gets him up, but Joe counters into a german suplex for a two count. Joe hits a big powerslam on Sabin as he comes off the ropes for a two count. Sabin then fights back with a springboard tornado DDT off the ropes for a close two count. Sabin picks up Joe and slaps him on the chest. Sabin jumps up on the top rope, but Joe catches him and throws him down on his knee.

Joe then applies an STF on Sabin as he was rolling around in the ring to avoid Joe. Joe keeps it applied and then wrenches back with force. Sabin is trying to make his way to the ropes while Joe keeps it locked in. Sabin then forces his leg to the bottom rope as the crowd cheers. A loud “TNA” chant starts up. Joe has a frustrated look on his face staring at Sabin. Joe picks up Sabin and nails him face first off the turnbuckle. Joe sets Sabin up on the top, both exchange some slaps to the face, Joe jumps up with Sabin, Sabin drops down, puts Joe on his shoulders, walks forward and comes down with a huge sitdown powerbomb! Sabin covers, but only gets a two count as the fans in Orlando go nuts. Sabin fires up, lifts Joe up on his shoulders, Joe fights it and Sabin responds with a kick to the back of the head. Sabin jumps up to the top rope, but Sabin hits a kick to his legs to trip up Sabin. Joe grabs Sabin and connects with a huge Muscle Buster! Joe then applies the clutch on Sabin. The referee lifts Sabin’s arm three times and calls for the bell. Amazing match.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, TNA referee’s attend to Chris Sabin as Samoa Joe looks on.

– Backstage, Shane Douglas is with The Naturals, Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Hart. Chase Stevens said tonight is there night. Hoyt gets on the mic and said he will send another Canadian to the hospital if he needs to. Jimmy Hart said The Naturals have the look, speed and heart to make it big.

The Naturals & Lance Hoyt vs. Team Canada (Roode, Young & A-1)
The match starts off right away with all six men brawling. In the ring, Lance Hoyt clotheslines Bobby Roode over the top rope as The Naturals hit the ring after taking out Eric Young & A-1 on the outside. A loud “USA” chant starts up at Team Canada. Team Canada then charge the ring and all six man start to brawl in the middle of the ring. All three members of Team Canada get dumped to the outside yet again. Roode comes back in and Hoyt takes him out with a high back body drop. Andy Douglas takes out A-1 and Young on the outside with a big moonsault. Stevens jumps off doing the same and Hoyt follows that up with a big leap over the top rope taking out Team Canada. Back in the ring, Stevens covers Young for a two count. Stevens drops Young face first on his knee and Douglas follows that up with a neckbreaker for a two count as he gets the tag. Young tags in A-1 and Douglas takes him out with an arm drag. Douglas wrenches the left arm of A-1. Douglas takes out A-1 with an elbow, covers, but only gets a two count. Hoyt gets the tag as the fans chant his name loudly in Orlando. Hoyt takes out A-1 against the ropes. Hoyt takes out A-1 with a knee lift to the face. Hoyt tags in Douglas and he gets in a right hand to A-1’s gut.

A-1 fights back against Douglas, choking him against the ropes. Douglas fights back with a high knee off the ropes for a two count. Stevens gets the tag, sets up the knee and Douglas drives A-1’s face into it. Roode breaks up a pinfall attempt on A-1. Young gets the tag and he goes after Stevens in the corner. Stevens hits a big cross-body off the top on Young, but Roode breaks up the pinfall attempt yet again. Roode gets the hockey stick, the referee isn’t looking, Roode throws the hockey stick at Jimmy Hart who catches it up on the ring apron. The referee turns around as Roode falls down pretending he got hit with it. The referee then sends Hart to the back as they try to explain what happened. Meanwhile, in the ring Team Canada is beating down Stevens. A-1 lifts up Stevens and comes down with a running powerslam. Roode gets the tag and he kicks Stevens a few times on the mat. Roode hits a knee to Stevens gut two times off the ropes. Roode then gives Stevens a back suplex that results in a two count following a pinfall. Roode nails Stevens face first off the corner and then gets in a few chest chops. Stevens hits an elbow on Roode and he takes out the rest of Team Canada on the ring apron. Roode then comes back with a big full nelson slam on Stevens for a two count.

Young gets the tag and he applies a sleeper hold on Stevens. Stevens fights out of it getting to his feet. Stevens hits a powerslam on Young as Young came off the ropes. A-1 comes in and gets in a boot to the back on Stevens. Roode gets the tag again and he taunts at Hoyt. Roode hits a quick snap suplex on Stevens for a two count. A-1 gets the tag and he works on the back of Stevens. A-1 drops a knee to Stevens’ face and then tags Roode back in. Roode taunts at Hoyt again as he takes Stevens, hits snapmare and then applies a chin lock. Stevens fights back with some chops on Roode and follows that up with a big dropkick. Young gets the tag, but so does Hoyt. Hoyt gives Young a huge twirling slam face first. Hoyt takes out A-1 with a big boot and then chokeslams Roode with huge force. Hoyt jumps up to the top and gets some hard rights in on Young. Hoyt misses a charge on Young in the corner, but Hoyt fights back slamming him down. Douglas tags in and jumps off the top connecting with Young. Roode breaks up a pinfall attempt. Hoyt goes over the top with A-1 along with Roode. The Naturals are left in the ring with Young. Roode then comes in with the referee knocked out and takes out Stevens and Douglas with Jimmy Hart’s mic. Roode jumps out and Young covers to get the pinfall as Hoyt rolls back in.

Winners: Team Canada (Roode, Young & A-1)

– Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Monty Brown and…The Outlaw cuts him off. He notes that he was apart of one of the greatest tag teams with BG James and announces that he will now be known as Kipp James (noting his strong relationship with the James family). Monty Brown takes the mic and says he will smarten up Konnan and Killings tonight. Jeff Jarrett comes up and asks Kipp if he is with him tonight regarding the new talent coming in. Kipp said they have a match and leaves. Jarrett talks with Monty who said he would only help Jarrett if he works out their deal where he gets an NWA World Title shot.

No Disqualification Match
Konnan & Ron “The Truth” Killings vs. Kipp James & Monty Brown

The match starts with Killings taking out Brown on the outside with a big flip dive. Meanwhile, Konnan takes out Kipp with a rolling thunder clothesline followed by nailing his face off the announcer’s table. Kipp is busted open at this point as Konnan grabs a metal sheet and nails Kipp in the face with it. Kipp rolls back in the ring and Konnan follows. Konnan takes out the referee with a shot with the metal sheet by accident. Brown hits the ring and he starts to take out Konnan when Killings comes in to even things up. Killings goes up to the top and connects with a leg drop to Brown’s groin. The referee is taken out of the ring and a new one comes in. Konnan sets up Kipp for another groin shot from Killings, but Killings gets pushed off the top by Brown. Brown takes out Konnan with a knee to the gut and Kipp follows that up with a kick to the face. Kipp grabs the metal sheet and nails Konnan with it. Kipp covers, but only gets a two count. Brown takes out Killings on the outside against the guard railing and then throws him back in the ring. Brown gets in the face of a fan while doing this. On the outside, Kipp is taking out Konnan with some hard rights. In the ring, Killings counters an attempt Alpha Bomb from Brown into a huricanranna. Killings follows that up with a leg lariat for a two count.

Killings kicks Brown in the gut and hits a quick axe kick. Killings covers Brown, but Kipp pulls the referee out of the ring. Kipp grabs the referee and then sends him face first into the guard railing. Kipp then hits a DDT soon after on Konnan right on top of a steel chair Konnan was attempting to use. Back in the ring, Brown hits The Pounce on Killings. BG James then appears at the top of the ramp watching what just happened. Brown covers Killings as a third referee hits the ring and makes the count.

Winners: Kipp James & Monty Brown

After the match, Kipp James gets on the mic saying that he hasn’t done this in a while, but if you aren’t down with that then we have two words for ya…SUCK IT. Kipp calls for his “brother” to come in the ring. A reluctant BG James comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. Kipp hands a steel chair to BG while Brown and Kipp set up Killings for a steel chair shot. BG holds the chair looking down at Killings, but throws it down and leaves the ring. Kipp can’t believe this and stares down BG in confusion. The crowd chants “NEW AGE OUTLAWS” as we fade to a video package hyping the Sean Waltman vs. AJ Styles match with Jerry Lynn as the special guest referee.

– Backstage, Shane Douglas is with special guest referee Jerry Lynn for the upcoming match between AJ Styles and Sean Waltman. Lynn said it has been a very frustrating year for him and said he is strictly going out there as a referee tonight. Douglas doubts that and said one of these guys will get an edge thanks to Lynn. Lynn admits to having friendships with both and having some bloody battles with them. He adds that tonight he will see to it that the best man wins.

Special Guest Referee: Jerry Lynn
AJ Styles vs. Sean Waltman

Jerry Lynn calls for the bell and here we go. AJ Styles and Sean Waltman lock up and Styles pushes him to the corner. Waltman gets in Styles face, both lock up and Styles pushes him to the corner again. Waltman applies a headlock on Styles, Styles attempts to send Waltman into the ropes, but Waltman prevents it. Styles counters into a top wrist lock, but Walman uses the shoulder of Lynn who is nearby to flip back over and take down Styles. Waltman trips up Styles, gets a two count, Styles rolls up Waltman for another close two count. Waltman gets in a monkey flip on Styles, Styles lands on his feet and he scoop slams Waltman two separate times. Waltman rolls out of the ring and collects himself as Lynn starts the count. Waltman comes back in and chops Styles a few times. Styles fights back with a back breaker across his knee on Waltman. Styles hits a quick suplex on Waltman. Styles then drops his knee across the head of Waltman, hooks the leg, but only gets a two count. Styles then applies a death lock submission on Waltman, but Waltman fights back hitting some elbows to Styles’ face. Styles gets in a kick to the chest on Waltman and Waltman taunts at him for another. Styles does and Waltman goes down hard. Waltman rolls out to the floor and Styles leaps over the top rope taking him out.

Styles nails Waltman’s face off the ring apron, but Waltman fights back sending Styles spread eagle into the ring post. Lynn leaves the ring and checks on Styles on the outside. Waltman gets back in and taunts at the crowd. Lynn starts the count as he gets back in the ring. Styles crawls back in and Waltman takes him out with a quick leg drop. Waltman applies a chin lock on Styles. Styles fights back with some elbows to the gut, but Waltman follows that up with a twilt-a-whirl back breaker for a two count following a pinfall attempt. Waltman has Styles set up in the corner, charges, Styles catches him attempting the Styles Clash, but Waltman counters out of that sending Styles back down in the corner. Waltman then connects with the Bronco Buster in the corner. Styles gets sent into the ropes and Waltman takes him out with a big spin kick. Styles rolls to the outside, Waltman jumps up to the top, leaps and takes out Styles on the outside floor. Styles’ nose has been busted open a bit at this point. Waltman charges at Styles near the ring post and Styles counters, lifting Waltman into the air who hits the ring post spread eagle. Styles throws Waltman back in the ring, springboards off the top rope and hits a big flying forearm. Styles hits a springboard off the ropes and connects with an inverted DDT on Waltman for a two count.

Waltman follows that up with a cheap low blow in front of Lynn on Styles followed by a quick northern lights suplex for a two count. Lynn yells at Waltman as he gets up on the top rope, jumps, but Styles leaps up and nails Waltman in the air with a dropkick. Waltman counters a backslide pin from Styles. Styles reverses that into a powerbomb position, Styles hooks the arms and gets Waltman in position for the Styles Clash. Styles comes down nailing the Styles Clash on Waltman. Styles rolls over, but Waltman kicks out after two. Styles can’t believe it. Styles goes up to the top, jumps and attempts the Spiral Tap, but Waltman moves out of the way. Waltman then picks up Styles and hits a facebuster. Waltman covers, but Styles kicks out of that. Waltman can’t believe it. Waltman goes to the outside and gets a steel chair. He puts Styles’ ankle inside the chair, goes up to the top, but Lynn prevents anything from happening, throwing the chair to the outside. Waltman stands above Styles holding onto the ropes. Styles attempts a roll up, but Waltman continues to hold the ropes. Lynn then kicks Waltman’s hands off the ropes and Styles rolls up Waltman and then connects with the Styles Clash. Styles covers Waltman and gets the pinfall.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, Waltman points at Jerry Lynn questioning his actions.

– Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is in the face of Larry Zbyszko. He asks Larry where Rhino is at. Larry confirms him he is in the building. Jarrett tells Larry to tell Rhino that the TNA welcoming committee is waiting for him as Jarrett reveals his guitar.

X Division Championship Match
Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Petey Williams w/ A-1

The match starts right away with Willaims going after Daniels with some hard right hands and chops. Daniels flips over Willaims’ back as he came off the ropes, but Williams sends Daniels to the outside quickly. Williams then slingshots off the top rope and takes out Daniels on the outside with a huricanranna. Williams nails Daniels in the head with a boot and then tosses him back inside. Williams takes out Daniels with an elbow, rolls him back up, his a quick suplex and then follows it up with a russian leg sweep. Williams sets up Daniels upside down in the corner, jumps up and does the “OH CANADA” taunt. Williams kicks Daniels in the gut and Daniels falls off. A-1 gets in a cheap shot on Daniels, pulling him out on the ring apron on his back and hitting a quick right hand. Williams then jumps over the top rope and connects with a leg drop on Daniels on the ring apron. As Daniels stands up, Williams jumps at him, Daniels catches him and then literally slams him back-first against the side of the ring! Both are back in the ring after a replay of that incredible spot and Daniels takes out Williams with a big high back body drop. Daniels drives his knee into the lower back of Williams. Daniels drops Williams with three backbreakers working on the back, covers, but only gets a two count. Don West brings up how Daniels is using Williams’ weakness with his lower back following that powerbomb against the ring. Daniels applies a modified bearhug in the middle of the ring and then drives Williams into the corner.

Daniels gets in a twilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Williams, covers, but once again gets a two count. Daniels then executes a vertical suplex on Williams. Another cover by Daniels for a two count. Daniels then applies a chin lock on Williams in the middle of the ring, while driving his knee into his lower back. Williams attempts a comeback with some elbows, but Daniels slams him back down hard on his back. Williams then responds with some hard elbows to the head. Daniels then counters that by driving Williams face first into the mat and then applies a full body clutch. A-1 takes Williams’ legs and puts them on the bottom rope to break up the submission. Daniels spits on A-1 on the outside. Daniels his a gut wrench slam on Williams, covers, but only gets a two count. Williams starts to fight back with some hard rights. Both catch each others boots and hit double right hands. Williams takes out Daniels with a clothesline, elbow and a side kick. Samoa Joe then appears at the top of the ramp, watching the contest between Daniels and Williams. Williams gets in some hard chops on Daniels in the corner. Williams jumps up and kicks Daniels right in the back. Daniels leaves the ring and as he heads up the ramp, he catches Samoa Joe observing the match. A-1 grabs Daniels and throws him back in the ring. Daniels yells at the referee to end A-1’s interference. Williams then grabs Daniels and hits a quick DDT.

Daniels responds taking out Williams with a DVD. Daniels scoop slams Williams and then taunts at Williams grabs Daniels, trips him up and applies the Sharpshooter. Daniels inches to the bottom rope and A-1 starts to pull it back. The referee pushes A-1 away as Daniels reaches, but Williams pulls his right arm back. Daniels somehow gets the bottom rope with his left arm and the referee breaks it up. Daniels kicks Williams back followed by an STO. Daniels covers, but gets another two count. Williams counters Daniels, attempts the Canadian Destroyer, but Daniels fights out of it. Daniels attempts the Angel’s Wings, but Williams counters that. Daniels forearms Williams on the back a few times, attempts the Angel’s Wings again, but Williams counters that into a huge huricanranna. Williams sets Daniels up on the top turnbuckle. Daniels hits Williams a few times on the side and executes a scoop slam. Daniels leaps off and William dodges Daniels’ attack from the top. Both get on their feet and exchange lefts and rights. Williams gets in a crucifix pin on Daniels, but Daniels kicks out. Williams motions to A-1 and he tosses a chain to Williams while distracting the referee. Daniels stands up and he takes out Williams with a pair of chains he already had in his own trunks! Daniels connects with the BME (Best Moonsault Ever) off the top rope on Williams and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL X Division Champion: Christopher Daniels

– A promo for Sacrifice on August 14 airs.

NWA World Heavyweight Title – Steel Chain Dog Collar Match
Raven (c) vs. Abyss w/ James Mitchell

Before the match, Jeremy Borash does the NWA World Heavyweight Title main event introductions for both Raven and Abyss. Referee Rudy Charles locks the chain around the dog collars on Raven and Abyss. The bell rings and here we go. Abyss takes out Raven right away with a big shoulder block while grasping the chain. Abyss sends Raven into the ropes again and takes him out with a big elbow. Abyss grabs a steel chair on the outside, throws it back inside, sets it up in the corner, Raven charges and Abyss takes him out with a big boot. Raven tosses a few steel chairs into the ring at Abyss. Abyss dodges all the chairs as they come flying at him. Raven then pulls Abyss towards the corner and Abyss hits the steel chair face first. Raven attempts to nail Abyss with the chain, but Abyss moves out of the way and Raven hits the steel steps instead. Raven eventually connects with the chain on Abyss’ back. Raven pulls out a table from under the ring and sets it up on the outside. Raven wraps the chain around his fist, throws a punch, but Abyss moves and Raven punches the steel post instead. Raven screams out in pain, attempts another punch on Abyss, but Abyss clenches down on Raven’s injured wrist. Abyss throws Raven back in the ring. Abyss grabs one of the many steel chairs in the ring and sets it on top of Raven. Abyss sits up on top of the turnbuckle, jumps and connects with a splash on Raven’s chest right on top of the steel chair.

Abyss covers Raven following the spot, but only gets a two count. Abyss takes most of the steel chairs in the ring and stacks them up. Abyss puts Raven on top of the stack of chairs, gets up on the top, jumps, Raven rolls out of the way and Abyss crashes on the chairs! Abyss then takes the chain and starts to choke Raven with it. Raven grabs a steel chair and smacks Abyss in the face with it a few times to break it up. Raven picks up another chair and nails Abyss on the head. Raven grabs a staple gun, taunts at the crowd with it and then staples him on the forehead! A bloody Abyss jumps up and down in pain. Raven staples him a second time as Abyss rolls to the outside. Raven goes to the outside, but Abyss pulls Raven towards the steel ring post with force. Raven is now busted open at this point as well. Abyss nails Raven with some hard rights as they make their way to the area next to the entrance ramp. Abyss moves away some guard railing and sets up a table with help from James Mitchell. Abyss sets up two more tables along with Mitchell. Abyss drags Raven up on the top of the ramp. Abyss sets up Raven for a chokeslam, Raven fights out of it, Abyss slaps his hand around his neck again, Raven low blows Abyss in the groin and Abyss falls back crashing through the tables! Abyss then grabs the chain and drags Raven off the ramp, sending Raven through the remaining table!

James Mitchell gets on the mic and asks Raven if he wants to surrender. Micthell reminds Raven that he can’t and tells Abyss to make Raven squeal like a pig. Abyss chokes Raven with the chain some more and then grabs another table from under the ring. Abyss sets it up against the ring post, Raven charges and he spears Abyss crashing through the table. Abyss rolls back into the ring and Raven follows. Raven hits some quick punches on Abyss and then hits a clothesline. Raven connects with a bulldog on Abyss and then connects with the Evenflow DDT. Raven covers, but only gets a two count. Raven clotheslines Abyss over the top rope. Raven grabs Abyss by the head from the ring, wraps the chain around his neck and starts to choke him by wrenching back with force. James Mitchell runs into the ring and nails Raven with his cane. Abyss takes off his dog collar, hooks Raven’s leg, but only gets a two count. Abyss rolls outside of the ring, looks under and pulls out his bag full of thumbtacks. Abyss rips Raven’s shirt off and then dumps the thumbtacks on the mat. Abyss sets Raven up on the top turnbuckle. Cassidy Riley then hits the ring and tries to powerbomb Abyss off, but Abyss prevents it. Riley gets up on the top rope, Abyss grabs him by the neck and pushes him off. Riley falls off and crashes through the table that was set up on the outside! Abyss then focuses on Raven, climbs up hitting some hard rights, Raven slips down and Raven powerbombs Abyss into the thumbtacks! Raven covers…1…2…Abyss kicks out. Abyss then connects with the Black Hole Slam on Raven. Abyss covers…1…2…Raven barely kicks out! Abyss makes the thumbtack pile more spread out, Abyss grabs Raven, Raven kicks him in the gut and connects with the Evenflow DDT! While doing this, Abyss hits the thumbtaks face first and Raven hits the tacks on his back! Raven covers Abyss…1…2…3.

Winner & STILL NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Raven

After the match, Jeff Jarrett’s music hits. Jarrett appears in the entrance way guitar and mic in hand. Jarrett tells Raven that the nightmare is over. He said he is going to give him a reality wake up call. Jarrett said there is no one who can stop him from coming to the ring and taking what is rightfully his…the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Jarrett tells Raven to get ready as he makes his way down the ramp. Raven prepares for Jarrett. RHINO then appears in the ring behind Raven. Jarrett tells Raven to turn around. When Raven does, Rhino gives him a huge Gore! Rhino taunts at Raven on the mat as Jarrett hits the ring smiling as the PPV goes off the air…


What did you think of No Surrender?

Thumbs Up – 27%

In the middle – 7%

Thumbs Down – 7%

Didn’t see it – 60%

Best match at No Surrender?

AMW-Shane/Shelley – 2%

Dutt-Batts-Sharboy-Skipper – 2%

Apolo/Siaki-Diamond/Young – 0%

Samoa Joe-Sabin – 20%

Naturals/Hoyt-Team Canada – 1%

James/Brown-2 Live Kru – 2%

Styles-Waltman – 15%

Daniels-Williams – 10%

Raven-Abyss – 47%

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