May 12, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, April 24, 2005 in Orlando, FL
– The TNA promo hits. A great opening package airs describing the Six Sides of Steel Cage and its importance tonight.
– The PPV opening graphics hit the screen for Lockdown. We ware taken live to SoundStage 21 at Universal Studios where the crowd in Orlando is going nuts. A brief display of pyro goes off at the entranceway and above the ring.
– Mike Tenay & Don West are at ringside and they welcome us to the show. They preview some of the titles on the line tonight (X Division Title & NWA World Tag Team Titles), the Lethal Lockdown Six Man Tag Team Match and the main event with AJ Styles vs. Abyss with the winner moving on to Hard Justice to face Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title next month on PPV.
– Backstage, we are taken to a shot of Kevin Nash showing his staph infection. Mike Tenay announces that Kevin Nash will be unable to compete tonight and says the ball is in Dusty Rhodes’ court to announce a suitable replacement.

SIX SIDES OF STEEL – Tag Team Match:
Apolo & Sonny Siaki vs. Lance Hoyt & Chris Candido

Before the match starts, they show a camera man who will be inside the ring during every match. He is heavily padded in case he is taken out (which should be interesting). The match starts with Sonny Siaki and Chris Candido. Both lock up and Siaki takes him out with a quick shoulder tackle. Siaki follows it up with an arm drag and a quick dropkick. Lance Hoyt gets the tag and Apolo does as well. Both get in each others face. They start to exchange right hands followed by some chops to the chest. Hoyt does rake to the eyes on Apolo. Apolo follows that up with some more chops to the chest. On the outside of the ring, Chris Candido is taken to the back. Mike Tenay & Don West say his leg was broken. Back in the ring, Hoyt takes out Siaki with a big boot, covers, but only gets a two count. Hoyt bodyslams Siaki, goes up to the top rope, hits a big moonsault, covers, but Apolo breaks up the pinfall. Hoyt picks up Siaki and gives him a fallaway slam into the side of the cage. Apolo tries to come in, but the referee prevents it. Hoyt starts to work on Siaki again, this time in the corner. Hoyt starts to choke Siaki under the second rope and against the cage. Hoyt gets a run and slams Siaki with force into the side of the cage. Hoyt bodyslams Siaki and continues to get a good reaction from the crowd in Orlando. Hoyt goes back up to the top, but Siaki gets up, jumps up with him and hits a HUGE release german suplex! That was crazy!

Tenay & West mention Hoyt’s disadvantage right now since Chris Candido was force to leave the match. Hoyt misses a clothesline on Apolo. Apolo puts Hoyt up on his shoulder and comes down with impact. Tenay & West pass along that it has been confirmed that Candido has a broken leg. Back live, Siaki goes up to the top rope, jumps and hits a big splash. Siaki covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Apolo & Sonny Siaki

After the match, The Naturals get inside the cage to confront Lance Hoyt for losing the match. Hoyt starts to choke Chase Stevens and Douglas tries to break it up. Douglas then gives Hoyt a cheap shot from behind. The Naturals grab Hoyt and throw him up against the cage two times. They then work on Hoyt’s legs followed by a few low blows and boots to the head. Douglas gets up on the top rope and hits an elbow to Hoyt who was picked up by Stevens. Hoyt tries to mount a comeback, but The Naturals overpower him and give him the Natural Disaster.

– Backstage, Dusty Rhodes is with Traci & Trinity. Rhodes announces that the NWA World Tag Team Title Match later tonight will be a Strap Match between AMW & Team Canada. Traci then picks from the hat who will be the first person inside the cage during the Lethal Lockdown Match. The first is Jeff Jarrett. They draw again and the second is Sean Waltman.
– A promo hits previewing the Dustin Rhodes vs. Booby Roode match next. It will be a 2/3 Falls “Prince of Darkness” Match with the third fall being a blindfold hood if need be.

SIX SIDES OF STEEL – 2/3 Falls Prince of Darkness Match:
Dustin Rhodes vs. Bobby Roode w/ Scott D’Amore & A-1

First Fall: The match starts with Dustin Rhodes giving Bobby Roode a big back body drop. Rhodes works on Roode in the corner with a few punches and kicks. Rhodes gets in a few more right hands followed by an elbow. Roode gets in a quick roll up and gains the first fall.

Winner of First Fall: Booby Roode

Second Fall: Tenay & West had to doublecheck that fall as it went and came very fast. Rhodes then sets up Roode in the corner spread eagle, runs and hits his boot low blow. Rhodes positions Roode up on the top turnbuckle, Rhodes comes up and gives him a superplex off the top. Rhodes counters out of a powerbomb attempt and catapults Roode into the corner. Roode falls back on the knees of Rhodes. Rhodes then launches Roode into two corners with impact. Roode fights back with a kick to the face, but Rhodes responds with a quick powerslam for a two count. Rhodes attempts a running bulldog, but Roode puts on the brakes and stops it. Rhodes gives him a low blow and goes for it again, but Roode sends him in the air halfway across the ring to prevent it. Roode gets in a modified spear on Rhodes in the corner. Roode charges at Rhodes in the corner. D’Amore gets in the face of Tenay at ringside. Back in the ring, Roode gets in a quick kick to the ribs. Roode gives Rhodes a big back suplex, covers twice and gets a two count on each. Roode applies a choke submission on Rhodes. Rhodes starts to fight back with some right hands. Roode cuts him off with a big boot. Roode leans down and Rhodes rolls him up for a close two count. Roode drops a leg on Rhodes off the top rope and applies another submission. Rhodes tries to fight out of this as well, but Roode prevents it. Rhodes then goes between Roode’s legs, lifts him up on his shoulders and drops him back down to finally break the submission. Both get back on their feet and Rhodes launches Roode into the side of the cage. The door swung open when Roode hit the cage. Rhodes did it again on the other side, allowing Roode to bounce off with impact. Rhodes attempts a reverse DDT, but Roode counters and takes out Rhodes with a running lariat clothesline. Roode covers, but Rhodes gets his leg up on the bottom rope with little time remaining. Roode lifts Rhodes up on the top rope. Roode tries to suplex him backwards, but Rhodes prevents it. Rhodes then bulldogs Roode off the top rope, covers and gets the second pinfall.

Winner of Second Fall: Dustin Rhodes

Third Fall – Blindfold Rules: We are now tied 1-1. The referee comes in the ring and puts the blindfold mask over the heads of Dustin Rhodes and Bobby Roode for this third and final fall. Both start to move around the ring trying to find each other. The overhead camera follows as they move around the ring blinded. They aren’t able to find each other yet at this point. The crowd does start to help Rhodes as this point. Rhodes finally grabs Roode, but Roode pushes him away quickly. They then take out the referee by accident, swinging wildly to find each other. Scott D’Amore then throws a steel chair over the top of the cage inside the ring. D’Amore then finds his way into the ring through the cage door. Roode has the steel chair and he takes out D’Amore by accident. A blinded Rhodes picks up the steel chair. Casidy Reily comes to ringside and yells at Rhodes to swing now. Rhodes swings and takes out Roode with impact. Rhodes covers and gets the final pinfall.

Winner of Third Fall & Match: Dustin Rhodes

After the match, Casidy Reily comes in the ring and starts to celebrate with Dustin Rhodes. They then recap all three falls that took place in the match. Rhodes & Reily head to the back as they celebrate with the fans.

– Backstage, Shane Douglas is with X Division Champion Christopher Daniels. Douglas brings up his match with Elix Skipper later tonight. Daniels brings up the match at Turning Point against AMW and how this “X” over his shoulder means more to him than the “X” that was in Triple X. Skipper walks up and says he can’t believe what he is hearing from Daniels.
– Up next is the “Xscape” Match!

SIX SIDES OF STEEL – “Xscape” Match:
Michael Shane w/ Trinity vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Shocker

This match will first start with pinfall rules until two remain. The remaining two competitors will then try to escape the cage to win the match. The match starts Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin. Sabin quickly takes down Dutt and Dutt takes down Sabin soon afterwards. They both flip up at the same time and back off to continue the contest. Dutt takes out Sabin with a shoulder block, filps off the second rope, attempts a monkey filp, Sabin flips over, both attempt a double dropkick, get back up and stare each other down as the crowd cheers. Dutt gets in a knee to the gut followed by a few right hands. Dutt does some amazing spins around Sabin into a head scissors. Sabin follows that up with a quick huricanranna. Shocker tags himself in and Michael Shane gets the tag as well. Shane applies a headlock, dodges Shocker by running underneath him, Shocker follows that up with a side headlock into a facebuster. Shocker gets in a running bulldog and then tags in Dutt. They give Shane a double arm drag. Dutt picks up Shane and takes him down with a quick dropkick. Sabin gets the tag and works on Shane in the corner. Dutt tags himself back in and they double team Shane by Sabin flipping Dutt off his shoulders onto Shane and Sabin coming down with a leg drop as well. Dutt goes up to the top rope, but Shane moves out of the way when he moonsaults off. Shane puts Dutt upside down in the corner and gets in a baseball slide for a two count. Shane gets in a boot on Dutt, goes for a pinfall, but Dutt powers out at two. Dutt gets lifted up to the top, moonsaults off, Shane avoids it and Dutt huricanrannas him to the mat. Sabin gets the tag and he gets in a splash on Shane in the corner. Shane gives Sabin an alabama slam into the side of the cage. Shane covers, but Sabin kicks out. Sabin fights back with a springboard DDT off the ropes on Shane. Shocker gets the tag and he goes after Shane with a quick bodyslam followed by a moonsault off the ropes for a two count. Shocker tries to roll up Shane, but only gets a two count. Shane gives Shocker a boot to the face. Shane applies a full-body submission on Shocker against the ropes. Dutt comes in and Sabin applies a submission on him. Sabin gives Dutt a huge running sitdown powerbomb. Shocker breaks it up with dropkick. Sabin gets in a huge kick to the back of Shocker’s head. Dutt then hits a big corkscrew moonsault on Shocker. Shane counters a huricanranna from Dutt by launching him into the cage. Shocker quickly pins Dutt for the first pinfall.

Sonjay Dutt has been eliminated from the match

Shocker goves over Shane, giving him two big twilt-a-whirls to the knee. Shocker goes up to the top, but Sabin jumps up with it and suplexes him off the top to the mat below. Sabin covers Shocker, but only gets a two count. Shane puts Sabin up on the top rope. Shane gets up with him, Sabin tries to fight back, Trinity starts to climb up the side of the cage, Traci comes out and she tries to pull her down. Traci comes down and grabs her foot in pain. Trinity continues to climb up the cage. She hits a huge moonsault off the top of the cage, taking out Shane, Sabin and Shocker. Traci opens up the cage door and she takes out Trinity. Shane launches Traci out of the ring. Sabin picks up Shane and hits the Cradle Shock.

Michael Shane has been eliminated from the match

We are now down to Chris Sabin and Shocker. The rules are now to escape the cage to win. Both start to climb up the cage separately and each time they pull each other down. Both get up on the side of the cage at the same time. They exchange chops to the chest. Sabin nails Shocker’s face off the side of the cage and during the final shot Shocker comes down. Sabin comes down as well and falls on the top rope. Shocker gets up to the top and gets one leg over. Sabin quickly follows and gets one leg over as well. Both climb over the top and are on the other side. Sabin nails Shocker’s head off the cage. Shocker falls down. Sabin then jumps off, but Shocker hits the ground first.

Winner: Shocker

After the match, Shocker celebrates his win.

– Mike Tenay & Don West then preview what happened in the first match of the night when Chris Candido broke his leg. They do a slow motion shot after Sonny Siaki gave him a dropkick and he came down on his leg the wrong way (you could easily see the break and the look on his face after it took place).
– A promo for the Raven vs. Jeff Hardy Tables Match is shown. That match is up next!

SIX SIDES OF STEEL – Tables Match:
Raven vs. Jeff Hardy

The match starts with Jeff Hardy trying to take out Raven with one of the steel chairs he brought to the ring. Hardy takes out Raven a few times in the legs. Hardy sets up the chair near the corner, jumps off and takes out Raven. Hardy attempts the same in the other corner, but Raven moves out of the way and he hits the cage with impact. Raven grabs Hardy and launches him against the cage yet another time. Raven gives Hardy a big boot to the side of the head against the ropes. Raven sets up a steel chair in the middle of the ring, sends Hardy into the ropes and Raven drop toe holds Hardy ont the chair with impact. Raven picks up Hardy and gives him a big Evenflow DDT. Raven picks up Hardy and puts him against one of the tables in the corner. Raven charges, but Hardy moves out of the way and Raven smashes through the table. Hardy starts to choke Raven with a steel chair. Hardy gives Raven a quick suplex and then leg drops him with the steel chair in hand. Hardy launches Raven against the side of the cage. Hardy does the same again and then nails his head against the cage a few more times. Raven is now busted open at this point and Hardy slides Raven’s forehead across the side of the cage to bust it open more. Raven fights back with a suplex on Hardy.

Raven follows Hardy up to the top rope. Raven grabs Hardy and looks to pull him off, but they both fall off at the same time. A shot of some of the members of the New York Mets are shown at ringside. Back in the ring, Hardy grabs a table and sets it up. Hardy gives Raven a shot with the steel chair and then puts him on top of the table. Hardy gets up on the top of the cage. Hardy balances himself, jumps, Raven gets off the table and Hardy crashes through the table! They show a few replays of the thud Hardy made going through the table. A bloody Raven starts to get on his feet. Raven grabs a steel chair and drives it into the chest of Hardy. Raven nails Hardy’s face off the steel chair a few times. Raven gets up on the top rope, walks across, Hardy jumps up off the chair and knocks Raven off. Hardy then starts to slam Raven’s head up against the cage. Hardy goes off the ropes and Hardy dropkicks him in the back. Raven then mounts a comeback by low blowing Hardy. Raven gets a piece of one of the broken tables and drives it into Hardy’s head. Raven gets a steel chair, sets it up, Raven picks up Hardy and Hardy counters giving Raven a drop toe hold into the steel chair. Hardy starts to climb up the cage and gets over the top. Raven opens the cage door and Hardy falls down crotch first, reacting in pain. Hardy somehow fights back, knocking the door into Raven. Hardy then jumps down off the top of the cage and Raven gets up a boot to take him out.

They continue to show shots in the crowd of concerned women. Raven takes out Hardy a few times with some boots to the gut. Raven sets up two tables. He puts a table on top of the two and grabs another, putting it up with the other three. There are now four tables set up. They are in the corner near the tables exchanging lefts and rights. Hardy knocks Raven down who falls on the stack of tables. Hardy gets up on the top of the cage, jumps and drives Raven all the way to the bottom breaking all the tables to get the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Jeff Hardy celebrates as a bloody Raven tries to recover.

– A promo is shown hyping the America’s Most Wanted vs. Team Canada Match tonight with the NWA World Tag Team Titles on the line. That match is up next!

SIX SIDES OF STEEL – Strap Match – NWA World Tag Team Championship Match:
America’s Most Wanted (c’s) vs. Team Canada

They are hyping the USA vs. Canada theme big time with flags at the top of the cage in each corner. The bell rings and here we go. Eric Young starts to climb over the top right away as James Storm and Chris Harris trap him. Storm is in the ring and Harris is on the other side taking him out. Petey Williams climbs up and goes after Harris. Young is still at the top of the cage as James Storm takes out Petey Williams when he comes in the ring. A-1 takes out Chris Harris with one of the NWA Tag Team Titles. He also does the same to Storm. Williams gets locked in the ring keeping A-1 on the outside even though he was promoted to be in the match. Young finally gets down and works on Storm. On the outside, A-1 launches Harris into the guard railing. Williams jumps up on the back of Storm and taunts the crowd singing the Canadian anthem. West describes A-1 as the “muscle” on the outside as Petey Williams & Eric Young work on James Storm in the ring. Harris tries to recover as Williams works on Storm who is busted open at this point. Williams grabs Storm and launches him head first into the cage. On the outside, A-1 grabs Harris and nails him off the announcers table. Young starts to use a strap on Storm, hitting him over the back with it a few times. Williams climbs up and gets the American flag. Young takes it from him and chokes Storm with it. On the outside, Harris tries to recover again when A-1 takes him out.

Storm starts to fight back, taking out both Young and Williams. Harris finally takes out A-1 on the outside and starts to climb up the cage to help out his tag team partner. As Harris is climbing up, Young jumps at the side of the cage knocking Harris off. Storm then gets in some offense on Williams, giving him a big powerbomb off the top rope. Storm lifts up Williams and throws him against the side of the cage. Storm grabs a strap and whips Young with it numerous times. Williams breaks this up by giving Storm a huge tornado DDT, covers, but Storm gets his leg on the bottom rope. On the outside, A-1 starts to choke out Harris. Back in the ring, Williams and Young choke out a bloody Storm. Harris then fights back on the outside, catapulting A-1 into the cage. Harris then throws A-1 into steel steps on the outside and starts to climb up the cage. Harris gets over and is now inside. Harris jumps off the top rope and takes out Williams and Young with a double clothesline. Harris gets a strap and whips both Williams and Young. Harris gives Williams a full nelson and Young a spinebuster. Harris picks up Williams, gets him in a vertical suplex, nails Williams against the cage a few times and comes down with impact. Storm grabs Young and holds him up, Harris goes off the ropes and takes out Young with a jumping clothesline. Harris covers, but only gets a two count. Williams goes for a head scissors on Harris, but Harris counters and Williams comes back with a russian leg sweep on Harris.

Young starts to climb up the top rope, Harris goes after him, but Williams takes him out from behind. Williams then applies the Sharpshooter on Storm and Young comes off the top rope with a big elbow. Williams covers…1…2…Storm kicks out. Williams tries to go for the Canadian Destroyer on Storm, but Harris takes him out with a huge Spear! Harris covers, but only gets a two count. Young attempts a superkick on Harris, Harris stops his foot and spins him around. Storm takes out Young with a big dropkick. Storm sets up Young for the Death Sentence. Harris jumps off, but Young pulls Storm back allowing Harris to miss the leg drop. A-1 slides the hockey stick inside the ring and Williams cracks it over Harris’ back. Williams covers, but only gets a two count. A-1 then gives Williams some powder. Williams dumps it in his hand, turns around, Storm kicks it into his face and Williams falls back. Young takes out Storm and Young attends to Williams. Williams, who is blinded, gives Young a low blow followed by the Canadian Destroyer. A blinded Williams gets grabbed by Storm, Storm sets up him in the Death Sentence, Harris comes down off the top rope and connects with the leg drop. Storm covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners & STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions: America’s Most Wanted

After the match, Storm gets the US flag and starts to wave it around at the top of the cage as the crowd in Orlando chants for them. Harris joins Storm on top and celebrates with one of the NWA World Tag Team Titles.

– A promo runs hyping the X Division Championship Match tonight between Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper. That match is up next!

SIX SIDES OF STEEL – X Division Championship Match:
Christopher Daniels (c) vs. “Primetime” Elix Skipper

The match starts with both locking up and breaking away. Both lock up again and Skipper gets the better of it this time applying a full nelson. Dnaiels fights back taking down Skipper and Skipper counters into a takedown of his own. Skipper scales up the ropes, flips backwards, lands, kicks Daniels in the gut, Daniels flips Skipper back after being forced by Daniels. Daniels trips up Skipper, both roll around the ring attempting pinfalls and then sit back staring each other down. Skipper slaps Daniels. Daniels charges and Skipper gives him a drop toe hold. Daniels applies a headlock, Skipper breaks out of it and both argue in the middle, challenging each other. Skipper gives Daniels a shoulder block and Daniels shows his frustration at this point. Both lock up again and Daniels backs Skipper into the corner, adding some chops as well. Skipper shows effect by taunting at Daniels and then giving him a double underhook suplex. Skipper follows that up with gutwrench powerbomb for a two count. Skipper gives Daniels a side suplex and then uses the turnbuckle to do a headstand that drops into a leg drop on Daniels. Skipper covers again and gets a two count. Daniels fights back getting Skipper on his shoulders. Daniels drops Skipper against the cage. Skipper is grabbing his shoulder in pain as Daniels picks him up and kicks him in his bad shoulder.

Daniels starts to work on Skippers’ left shoulder. Daniels starts to use his boot to apply pressure on Skipper’s shoulder. Daniels grabs Skipper by his left shoulder and starts to apply more pressure in the corner. Skipper then fights back with a big dropkick. Skipper charges, Daniels gets in a boot, Daniels jumps off the top rope and takes out Skipper. Daniels then drives Skipper hard into the corner with impact, covers, but only gets a two count. Daniels continues to work on Skipper as he crawls across the mat. Daniels gives Skipper a northern lights suplex, flips out of that and then applies an armbar submission on Skipper’s left shoulder. Daniels chokes Skipper on the ground with his boot. Daniels continues to chop the left shoulder of Skipper. Daniels follows this up with a hammerlock slam, covers, but only gets a two count. Daniels puts Skipper’s left shoulder behind his back, pulling back with force. Skipper tries to mount a comeback, but Daniels breaks it up with a kick to both the gut and face. Skipper then comes back with a modified spinebuster and rolls to the corner still in pain. Skipper takes out Daniels with a clothesline and then throws Daniels against the side of the cage. Skipper kicks Daniels in the back with force. Daniels sprinboards off the turnbuckle into a moonsault and Skipper leans back in a Matrix-like style to avoid it. Skipper then gets up on the top rope, walks across it to the middle, jumps and connects with a big leg drop for a two count.

Daniels takes out Skipper with a small chokeslam. Daniels climbs up to the top of the cage and gets tripped up by Skipper. Skipper climbs up with Daniels, Daniels quickly jumps down to avoid any attack from Skipper, but Skipper jumps off the top and takes out Daniels and the referee with a HUGE cross-body! Skipper tries to put Daniels up on his shoulder, but can’t due to his shoulder injury. Daniels goes for the Angels Wings, Skipper counters out of it backing into the corner with Daniels on his shoulder, Daniels comes back down and this time connects with the Angels Wings with impact. Daniels covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL X Division Champion: Christopher Daniels

After the match, a grinning Christopher Daniels leaves the ring with his X Division Championship and walks up the ramp celebrating.

– Backstage, Dusty Rhodes says tonight has been the most exciting PPV in TNA ever. Rhodes says it is now time to announce the number three competitor in the Lethal Lockdown match tonight. He reveals it is The Outlaw.
– A promo runs hyping the Lethal Lockdown Six Man Tag Team Match. That match is up next!

SIX SIDES OF STEEL – Lethal Lockdown Match:
NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett, The Outlaw & Monty Brown vs. Diamond Dallas Page, Sean Waltman & partner to be determined

The first two in the match will be Jeff Jarrett and Sean Waltman. As Jarrett comes out, Waltman takes him out right away. Remember, all weapons are legal in this contest. Waltman takes out Jarrett with a trash can in the crowd. They brawl through the crowd up the stairs. We are down to 4 minutes until the next competitor is allowed in the match. Jarrett grabs Waltman by the hair down the steps. Jarrett lifts Waltman up and slams him down against the railing. Jarrett grabs a trash can and nails Waltman over the head with it. Jarrett grabs a cookie pan and nails it over Waltman’s head a few times. Jarrett grabs Waltman and tries to nail his head off the NWA World Title on the announcers table. Waltman counters and nails Jarrett’s face off of it. Waltman puts Jarrett on the top of the table with him and gives him a big spin kick! Waltman gives Jarrett a cross-body off the table and then grabs Jarrett, nailing him against the cage. Waltman tries to nail Jarrett with a chair, but Jarrett ducks it and Jarrett gives him a hard right. Jarrett rolls Waltman inside the ring and takes him out with another shot with a trash can. Waltman places a trash can in the corner and irish whips Jarrett into it. Waltman throws Jarrett against the cage a few times and follows that up with another shot with a trash can. Waltman attempts a Bronco Buster on Jarrett, but Jarrett moves out of the way. The time expires and out comes The Outlaw.

The Outlaw gets in the ring and Waltman takes him out with a big kick. Waltman takes out Outlaw with another spin kick and goes after Jarrett, preventing an attack from him. Waltman comes off the ropes, Outlaw lifts him in the air and Waltman gives Jarrett a dropkick coming down. Outlaw gets a trash can lid and takes out Waltman with it. Outlaw and Jarrett start to work on Waltman. Outlaw nails Waltman’s head off the trash can in the corner. Time expires and out next is Diamond Dallas Page. DDP brings a kendo stick with him, taking out both Jarrett and Outlaw. He gives both numerous shots to the body and head. DDP cracks it across Jarrett’s back and nails him against the cage. DDP cuts off an attack from The Outlaw with a big boot. Outlaw fights back, giving DDP a shot to the back with a metal sheet. DDP tries to give Outlaw a Diamond Cutter, but Outlaw counters and gives DDP a low blow. Time expires and out next is “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown. Brown comes out with a baseball bat and he nails it into the back of DDP. Brown drives it in DDP’s chest and then nails it against the ribs of Waltman. Jarrett gets the kendo stick and gives DDP various shots with it. Brown then gets a metal sheet and nails Waltman in the head with it. Brown irish whips Waltman into the corner. Outlaw takes out DDP with a big shot to the head with the metal sheet. Brown gives Waltman a fallaway slam into the side of the cage. The time expires and out comes…BG James.

BG James comes with a trash can in hand, taking out Jarrett and the camera man in the process. James closes the cage door on Brown and then puts two trash cans inside. James takes out Jarrett and Brown with the trash cans a few times. James also takes out the referee by accident. James and Outlaw have a stare down and Waltman takes out Outlaw. Waltman gives Jarrett a Bronco Buster in the corner. Waltman does the same to Brown in the other corner with a trash can. Brown quickly gets to his feet taking out Waltman with a big Pounce! Brown also takes out BG James with a huge Pounce! Brown covers James, but DDP breaks it up. DDP gives Jarrett the Diamond Cutter, goes for the pinfall, but Outlaw breaks it up. Outlaw goes for the Fameasser on DDP, but Waltman takes him out with a big superkick. James and DDP take turns taking out Brown with trash cans. Brown then somehow gives a double Pounce to both James and DDP! Brown grabs Waltman, Waltman falls down, Brown covers and DDP breaks it up. Brown is busted open at this point. He gets Waltman on his shoulders and Waltman counters, rolling up Brown for the pinfall!

Winners: Diamond Dallas Page, Sean Waltman & BG James

After the match, Brown quickly leaves the ring along with The Outlaw. BG James and The Outlaw have a stare down. Brown and Jarrett head up the ramp as Outlaw follows.

– A promo runs hyping the main event tonight between AJ Styles & Abyss in a #1 Contendership Match with the winner facing Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title next month at Hard Justice on May 15.

SIX SIDES OF STEEL – #1 Contendership Match:
AJ Styles vs. Abyss

The match starts with Styles flying out of the cage, taking out Abyss before he can get in the ring. Abyss irish whips Styles into the guard railing, but Styles slides underneath, jumps up on the railing and gives Abyss a quick huricanranna! That was crazy folks. Styles nails Abyss’ head off the announcers table and then gets in a few rights. Abyss fights back with some punches of his own. Abyss tries to send Styles into the steel steps, but Styles jumps up on the steps, to the guard railing, stops in the crowd, jumps back and takes out Abyss! Styles tries to jump at Abyss again, but Styles flies over the top of the guard railing to the concrete floor. Abyss climbs over and starts to take out Styles. Both walk up the stairs in the crowd brawling with Abyss getting in the most offense. Abyss chokes Styles around the neck and three him five steps up, allowing Styles to hit the prop cage fencing that is surrounding the arena. Abyss kicks Styles down the stairs and tosses him over the guard railing just outside of the ring. Abyss gives Styles an elbow to the back of the head. Abyss gets in some more hard rights on Styles as they still are on the outside around the ring. Abyss drives Styles head first into the ring apron. Styles fights back with some hard chops. Tenay brings up that the bell hasn’t officially rung yet since they haven’t put the contest inside the ring. Styles gets in a few more hard rights on Abyss.

Abyss grabs the cage door and slams it against the side of Styles. Abyss grabs it again and this time Styles takes the shot face first, flying back with force! Abyss does it a third time against the side of Styles. Abyss grabs Styles by the face and starts to get in some hard rights as blood starts to pour down the face of Styles. Abyss gets the bag of thumbtacks from under the ring and breaks it inside the ring. The cage door shuts and Abyss drops the bag in the corner. Abyss picks up Styles and takes him down with a big right hand. Abyss gets his chain and wraps it around the neck of Styles. Abyss pulls Styles forward with the chain. Styles finally gets it off around his neck, but when he turns around Abyss gives him a huge big boot! Styles is busted open even more at this point. Abyss puts the chain in the corner. Styles tries to mount a comeback, but Abyss cuts him off. Abyss tries to nail Styles’ head on the turnbuckle where the chain is. Styles fights out of it, goes off the ropes, Abyss lifts him in the air and Styles comes down on the turnbuckle with the chain head first! Abyss picks up Styles and throws him face first into the side of the cage as well! Abyss picks up Styles again and launches him against the cage yet again. Abyss covers…1…2…Styles kicks out. Abyss starts to apply pressure on Styles’ neck as he screams in pain. Blood continues to pour from Styles’ face. Abyss lifts Styles up in the air and throws him back down hard with impact.

Abyss gets the chain from the corner and drops it in the middle of the ring. Abyss irish whips Styles into the ropes, Abyss grabs Styles and lifts him over his head. Styles counters that into a big DDT on top of the chain in the middle of the ring. Styles fights back with another kick to Abyss’ head. Styles gives Abyss a big head scissors, flips off the corner, lands on Abyss, but is unable to execute any move. Styles sends Abyss into the corner where a steel chair is and follows that up with a big german suplex! Styles looks to go for the Styles Clash, Abyss counters lifting him up, Styles counters that into a quick rollup for a close two count. Styles gives Abyss a clothesline in the corner, charges again, but Abyss catches him in the Black Hole Slam! Abyss covers…1…2…Styles kicks out! Abyss grabs the bag full of thumbtacks and spreads them all over the mat. Abyss picks up Styles, sends him into the ropes, Abyss goes for another Black Hole Slam, Styles counters and gets out of it. Styles tries some punches, but Abyss cuts him off with a kick to the gut. Abyss gets Styles up for a powerbomb, Styles gets in some punches, comes down and gives Abyss a modified Styles Clash on top of the thumbtacks! The chest of Abyss is covered with thumbtacks. Styles covers Abyss…1…2…Abyss somehow kicks out! A loud “THIS IS AWESOME” chant starts up. Styles climbs up the cage and gets to the top. Styles stands up, Abyss grabs the referee and throws him against the cage, allowing Styles to fall down but still hang on to the cage. Abyss starts to run and jump against the cage to knock Styles down. Abyss climbs up with the chain and Abyss starts to wrap it around his neck. Abyss pulls back and Styles hangs against the cage kicking his legs. Styles pulls himself back up and Abyss takes off the chain. Abyss puts his hand across Styles’ neck, but Styles bites his hand to avoid a chokeslam. Styles then gives Abyss a HUGE sunset flip powerbomb off the top of the cage. Styles covers…1…2…3!

Winner & #1 Contender for NWA World Title: AJ Styles

After the match, a bloody AJ Styles celebrates his victory as the PPV goes off the air…

– A promo for next month’s PPV, Hard Justice, is shown.

Source: Adam Martin, wrestleview.com


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