Hard Justice

May 12, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, May 15, 2005 in Orlando, FL

– The PPV opens with a 10-bell salute to Chris Candido. A shot of a steel chair is shown in the ring with a picture of Candido, a towel and one of the NWA World Tag Team Championship belts.
– The TNA promo hits. Following this, a well done promo is shown hyping the event tonight with glimpses of all the TNA superstars involved tonight. The opening PPV graphics hit followed by the Hard Justice graphic covering the screen. We are taken live to Orlando, FL. A series of pyro goes off in the entrance way as well as inside the ring on all four corners.
– Mike Tenay & Don West welcome us to the show. Team Canada’s music hits to start off the show. That tag team match is up next!

Team Canada w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Apolo & Sonny Siaki

The match starts right away with all four men brawling. Apolo and Siaki take out Team Canada first, taking out Petey Williams and Eric Young separately. Williams and Young roll out of the ring to slow things down. Williams comes back in first. Siaki exits, leaving Apolo and Williams. They lock up and Apolo pushes Williams to the corner quickly. Williams goes for a big boot, but Apolo doesn’t budge. Apolo gives Williams a big right “bitch” slap, covers, but only gets a two count. Siaki and Apolo double team Williams and Siaki gets the tag, applying an armbar to Williams. Williams gives Siaki a knee to the gut, drop toe hold and then tags in Eric Young. Siaki takes down Young with two dropkicks and follows those up with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Siaki chops Young a few times and tags in Apolo. Siaki and Apolo give Young a big back body drop. Apolo picks up Young and gives him some big chops. Apolo knocks Young to the outside. Williams jumps over the top rope and drops a modified leg over the back of Apolo’s neck. Williams gets the tag and starts to give Apolo some hard lefts and rights. Williams chokes Apolo in the ring and then chokes him using the second rope. Scott D’Amore gets in a cheap shot on Apolo. Young gets the tag and he starts kicking Apolo against the head and chest. Young gives Apolo a scoop slam, drops an elbow, covers, but only gets a two count.

Apolo fights back with a few chops, but Young prevents anymore. Apolo then takes out Young with a huge superkick. Williams and Siaki both get the tag. Siaki takes out Williams with two clothesline and takes out Young with a samoan drop. Siaki takes out Williams with a big powerslam, but Young breaks up the pin attempt. Siaki tries to suplex Williams in the ring, but when he falls back D’Amore holds his legs allowing Williams to fall on his chest into a pin for a two count. Apolo spears Young in the other part of the ring. Siaki recovers, puts Williams up on the top rope, Williams kicks Siaki off the top, Williams jumps off, Apolo charges and Williams takes out Apolo with a huricanranna. Siaki gets up, Williams looks to go for the Canadian Destroyer, Siaki counters into a modified neckbreaker, covers, but A-1 comes in the ring and gives Siaki a big suplex while the referee is distracted by D’Amore. A-1 puts Williams on top of Siaki, leaves the ring, the referee turns around and makes the count giving Team Canada the win.

Winners: Team Canada

– We are shown video from earlier today of Tito Ortiz arriving in a limo. We are also shown video of AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett arriving to Orlando as well.
– We are back live in Orlando, FL with Mike Tenay & Don West. They discuss the NWA World Title main event later tonight between champion Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles with Tito Ortiz as the special guest referee.
– Up next is Michael Shane & Trinity vs. Chris Sabin & Traci in a Mixed Tag Team Match.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Michael Shane & Trinity vs. Chris Sabin & Traci

The match starts with Trinity and Traci. Trinity slaps Traci and Traci then chases her outside of the ring. When Trinity gets back in, Michael Shane cuts her off as he got tagged in by Trinity. Chris Sabin gets the tag from Traci and he goes after Shane right away. Sabin gives Shane a big huricanranna for a two count. Shane rolls out of the ring as Traci tosses Trinity back inside. Traci rolls up Trinity for a two count. Both roll around the ring in pin attempts with Traci getting the pin for another two count. Traci gives Trinity a monkey flip from the corner. Trinity fights back with a springboard cross-body for a two count. Trinity goes for a moonsault, but Traci rolls out of the way. Shane gets the tag and he confronts Traci. Sabin jumps in and takes out Shane with a big dropkick. Sabin attempts a Cradle Shock, Shane counters out of it and Sabin comes back with a big superkick. Sabin goes up to the top, but Shane jumps up with him and superplexes him off. Shane then chokes Sabin on the second rope and gets in the referees face. Trinity then starts to choke out Sabin as well with the referee distracted. Trinity holds Sabin, Shane almost punches Trinity but stops, but Trinity trips up Sabin when he goes off the ropes.

Trinity then takes out Sabin with a dropkick from the top. Shane applies a sleeper on Sabin as the referee looks on. Sabin tries to fight out of it and go off the ropes, but Shane pulls him back down by his hair and applies a reverse chinlock. Sabin fights back with some elbows and right hands. Shane stops any more offense from Sabin with a knee to the gut. Sabin catches Shane with an elbow to the face. Shane counters a tornado DDT from Sabin, but Sabin fights back with a kick to the back of the head on Shane. Trinity and Traci get the tag. Traci chops Trinity a few times and then takes her out with a clothesline. Traci gives Trinity a boot to the face and then drives her face into the mat. Traci covers, but only gets a two count. Traci goes up to the top holding Trinity’s hair. Trinity counters tossing her off to the outside. Trinity comes out with Traci and starts to chop her on the ramp. Trinity nails Traci’s face off the ramp and then pushes her back up. Trinity gives Traci a scoop slam on the ramp. As Trinity backs up, she backs into Sabin. Sabin turns around and takes out Shane. Sabin then springboards off the top rope and takes out Shane.

Trinity goes up to the top looking to hit a huricanranna on Traci, but Sabin comes in pushing her away and takes the huricanranna himself. Shane and Trinity try to double-team Sabin, but Sabin takes out Shane and gets in the face of Trinity. He grabs her by the hair and Traci comes in giving Sabin a low blow! Shane then superkicks Trinity and does the same to Sabin! Shane covers Sabin and gets the pinfall. Tenay and West say it was all a set up from the beginning.

Winners: Michael Shane & Trinity

After the match, Michael Shane and Traci celebrate after they fooled everyone and took out Chris Sabin and Trinity.

– Back at ringside, Mike Tenay & Don West talk about how they have been in Orlando for a year now and are coming up on the three year anniversary next month, June 19, for the Slammiversary PPV. The promo for Slammiversary airs.
– Backstage, Terry Taylor is with Team Canada. Scott D’Amore said he is proud of his boys. Petey Williams gets on the mic saying that Team Canada is back on track and will once again establish their domination in TNA. D’Amore said Team Canada would dominate the 20 Superstar Guantlet for the Gold later tonight. Booby Roode said Team Canada are like a pack of wolves…they attack as a pack and dominate as a pack. Roode said it is the biased American officials in TNA that made him the #1 entrant into the Guantlet tonight. Taylor shows Roode who the #2 entrant is for the Guantlet. They laugh at who it is.
– Backstage, Tito Ortiz comes into Dusty Rhodes’ office. Rhodes said it is an honor for him to be here tonight. He gives Ortiz a referee shirt and wants things done right tonight. Rhodes said his goal was to always bring him in and warns him of Jarrett’s past actions in TNA. He said he wants Ortiz to call it down the middle tonight. Ortiz promises he will and walks away.
– Backstage, Terry Taylor is with Raven and reminds him that Jeff Hardy isn’t here and that Sean Waltman would replace him. Raven calls Hardy a coward for not showing up tonight. He refers to Waltman as “X-Pac”, saying he wasn’t a worthy replacement. Raven said he just saw what Dusty Rhodes said about Ortiz being a big star. He said he is a bigger star than Ortiz and mocks Team Canada’s notion of domination. Raven said he would hurt “X-Pac” tonight because he is a human cancer.
– Up next is the Raven House of Fun Match between Raven and Sean Waltman who will be replacing Jeff Hardy.

Raven’s House of Fun Match
Raven vs. Sean Waltman

The match starts with Waltman coming out to the ring from the “heel” ramp to catch Raven off guard. Waltman takes out Raven with a trash can and Raven falls to the outside. Waltman chops Raven on the outside and then slams him against one of the cage fences. Raven is busted open at this point and Waltman drop toe holds him onto another trash can face first. Waltman starts to choke Raven with his boot in the corner. Waltman looks to go for the Bronco Buster, but Raven counters hitting him with the trash can. Raven grabs another trash can and nails Waltman in the head with it. Raven then digs his fingers into the forehead/eyes of Waltman on the outside and then drags his face across the cage fence. Waltman fights back with a chop, but Raven catches him with a boot to the face. Raven grabs Waltman and throws him against the steel steps. Raven throws Waltman back inside as we see Waltman has been busted open. Raven grabs a few trash can lids and nails Waltman in the head a few times with it. When Waltman gets up, Raven uses both trash can lids to nail Waltman in the head at the same time. Raven props a trash can in the corner, tries to irish whip Waltman, but Waltman counters and irish whips Raven into it instead. Raven then applies an ankle lock and Waltman kicks out of it quickly.

Raven kicks Waltman on the head and grabs a steel chair. Raven sets it up, sends Waltman into the ropes, Waltman dodges the drop toe hold attempt and throws the chair into Raven. Waltman takes out Raven with a spin kick followed by a Bronco Buster in the corner. Waltman kicks Raven in the gut and hits a facebuster. Raven rolls to the outside and Waltman follows. Waltman sets up a table and puts Raven on top. Waltman gives Raven some hard rights and then goes up to the top rope inching through the two polls holding up the weapons. Waltman flips off and crashes through the table on top of Raven. The referee makes the count, but Waltman only gets a two count. Raven gets back in the ring with Waltman and gives him a quick Evenflow DDT. Raven covers…1…2…Waltman kicks out. Raven then grabs Waltman and drags him by the head up the ramp. Raven throws Waltman off the ramp into the area below, allowing Waltman to crash through a table. Raven jumps off, covers, a referee comes over…1…2…Waltman somehow kicks out. Raven picks up Waltman and drags him back to the ringside area. Raven searches for some weapons under the ring and gets some handcuffs. Raven handcuffs Waltman around the ring post and then grabs a kendo stick and staple gun.

Raven starts to crack the kendo stick across the back of Waltman a few times. Raven gets on the mic and asks him if he has had enough. Waltman asks for more on the mic. Raven said this is hurting him more than it is hurting Waltman. Waltman calls him a pussy and asks for more. Raven gets in one more shot and Dusty Rhodes comes down with a referee to un-handcuff Waltman. Raven doesn’t see this and comes back asking if Waltman wants more. Waltman dares him, Raven swings with a steel chair, Waltman moves out of the way and kicks the chair into Raven’s face. Back in the ring, Waltman nails Raven with the kendo stick a few times and then grabs the staple gun. Waltman staples Raven’s forehead a few times as the crowd goes nuts. Waltman then charges at Raven, but Raven gives him a back body drop into the cage fencing. The cage fencing breaks away as Waltman hits it. Wow, that was a great spot! Raven rolls down the cage and covers Waltman for the pinfall.

Winner: Raven

– Backstage, Tito Ortiz is talking to AJ Styles. They shake hands and Ortiz walks away.
– A promo is then shown showing the situation between Diamond Dallas Page & BG James against The Outlaw and Monty Brown. It consists of Brown turning heel by taking out Diamond Dallas Page and the situation between BG James and The Outlaw.
– Backstage, Terry Taylor is with DDP. DDP shows Taylor a text message he just got from James saying he is on his way right now. DDP calls it bullshit. Ron “The Truth” Killings comes up and offers to team with DDP right now against The Outlaw & Monty Brown.
– Up next is Diamond Dallas Page & Ron “The Truth” Killings (replacing BG James) vs. The Outlaw & Monty Brown.

Diamond Dallas Page & Ron “The Truth” Killings vs. The Outlaw & Monty Brown

Mike Tenay & Don West wonder if BG James not being at the show yet was done on purpose. The match starts with DDP and Monty Brown. Both lock up and Brown pushes DDP away to the corner. They lock up again and Brown does the same. Brown mocks DDP as DDP smiles. DDP takes down Brown with an arm drag and he then mocks Brown. DDP then quickly rolls up Brown who kicks out before a pin can be counted by the referee. Brown takes DDP off his feet, DDP does the same. DDP works on the left arm of Brown, but Brown fights back with a few hard rights. Both exchange shots to the shoulder, but DDP overpowers Brown with a modified DDT. The Outlaw gets the tag and he points at The Truth wanting him in the ring. DDP tags in Killings as the fans chant for him. Killings gives Outlaw some hard rights followed by a huge arm drag. Killings hits a huge head scissors takedown on Outlaw and then mocks him. Outlaw comes back with a big twilt-a-whirl powerslam. Brown gets the tag and he works on Killings in the corner, hitting a big splash. Brown catches Killings with a knee to the gut as he comes off the ropes. Brown gets in an elbow on Killings, covers, but only gets a two count.

Outlaw gets the tag and he takes out Killings with a stiff right hand. Outlaw then drives his knee into Killings’ back while applying pressure to his neck. DDP begs for a tag as Killings starts to fight back. Outlaw cuts that off with a knee to the gut and shot in the corner. Killings fights back with a big boot followed by a big side kick as Outlaw came off the ropes. DDP and Brown get the tag. DDP takes out Brown and Outlaw with some hard right hands. DDP takes out Brown with a huge clothesline and another against The Outlaw. DDP gives Brown a big sitdown powerbomb, but Outlaw breaks up the pinfall attempt. DDP takes out Outlaw with an elbow and gives Brown a big boot sending him to the outside. Phi Delta Slam hit the ring and start attacking DDP. The crowd boo’s them loudly. DDP takes out Bruno with a Diamond Cutter, trips up Big Sal on the top and takes him out with a Diamond Cutter as well. DDP gives Outlaw a low blow and hits the Cutter on him. Brown then comes back in the ring and takes out DDP with The Pounce! Brown covers DDP…1..2..3!

Winners: The Outlaw & Monty Brown

After the match, Outlaw and Brown celebrate the victory.

– An interview airs with Mike Tenay speaking with the NWA World Tag Team Champions The Naturals and the recent passing of Chris Candido. They thank everyone for the support they have gotten since his passing and say Candido will always be a Natural. They also hint at another legend that has been helping them and may show up soon. A graphic that follows this notes that the upcoming tag match will be dedicated to Chris Candido.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
The Naturals (c’s) vs. America’s Most Wanted

Before the match started, Andy Douglas set up a chair outside the ring with a yellow towel over it. The crowd in Orlando starts a “Chris Candido” chant to show respect. The bell rings and here we go. It starts with Chase Stevens and James Storm. Stevens works on Storm’s shoulder, gets in a quick roll-up, but only gets a two count. Storm takes out Stevens with a few quick arm drags, trips him up and then locks on an armbar. Chris Harris gets the tag and he takes out Stevens with an inverted atomic drop and Storm follows that up with a russian leg sweep. Stevens sends Harris into the corner. Harris bounces off and Andy Douglas gets the tag. Harris monkey flips Douglas to the corner and Storm gets the tag. AMW double-team Douglas with a big spinebuster-like move. Storm grabs Douglas, but Douglas counters flipping over his back. Douglas takes out Storm with a quick neckbreaker. Stevens gets the tag, putting his knee down. Douglas grabs Storm and drives him face first into Steven’s knee. Storm then takes out Stevens with a big dropkick, covers, but only gets a two count. Harris gets the tag and he launches Storm into Stevens. Harris then gives Stevens a modified bulldog.

Harris goes for a suplex on Stevens, but Douglas comes in and breaks it up. Storm takes out Douglas and Harris clotheslines Stevens over the top rope to the outside. Douglas goes after Harris while Storm does the same to Stevens. Harris irish whips Douglas into the guard railing while Stevens works on Storm. Harris drops Douglas on the guard railing while Stevens slams Storm on top of the concrete floor. Storm counters an irish whip from Stevens, sending Stevens into the guard railing breaking it. On the other side, Douglas jumps off the ramp with Harris nailing his face against part of the stage area. They are literally all over the place and the cameras are having a hard time following this action. Lots of brawling on the outside using the guard railing between the four men. Harris puts Douglas on his shoulder and drives him shoulder first into the steel post. Harris attempts it again, but Douglas pushes off and throws Harris into the ring post. A fan holds up a steel chair allowing Storm to throw Stevens into it face first. Douglas grabs a steel chair and drives it into the gut of Harris. Douglas attempts a swing on Harris, but Harris moves out of the way and nails it across the ring apron. Stevens nails Storm face first off the steel steps.

Back in the ring, Harris counters a cross-body from Douglas off the top into an atomic drop. Harris takes out Douglas with a clothesline, but Stevens comes in and takes out Harris. Storm comes in and gives Stevens the Eye of the Storm. Both Douglas and Harris go for a cross-body and smack in the middle of the ring. Stevens gets in a knee to the face of Storm. Harris attacks him from behind, looking to hit a back-superplex. Douglas comes from behind as well as Storm. All form men tumble from the corner and smack the ring with impact after a big tower of doom! Storm pins Stevens, but only gets a two count. All four men start to exchange lefts and rights when Harris takes out Stevens while Storm hits Douglas with a big boot and reverse neckbreaker off the ropes. Storm covers, but only gets a two count. Stevens takes out Storm with a side kick, puts Harris on his shoulders, Harris comes back down, goes for the Catatonic, but Stevens counters and hits a death valley driver for a two count. Stevens counters a superkick from Storm, The Naturals set up Storm for the Natural Disaster, but Harris hits a spear on Douglas to break it up and Storm takes out Stevens with a big superkick. AMW look to hit the Death Sentence as the fans even start to boo. Douglas knocks Harris off the top and Stevens rolls up Storm to get the pinfall!

Winners & STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions: The Naturals

After the match, the fans chant “Chris Candido” as AMW can’t believe they just lost the match.

– Backstage, Tito Ortiz tries to go into Jeff Jarrett’s locker room when David Young cuts him off. He said no one gets in his office and said he would hurt him if he had to. Ortiz smiles and Young stays serious. Ortiz chokes him out as Jarrett opens the door. Jarrett tells Ortiz to calm down as Monty Brown leaves the ring after just speaking with Jarrett. Ortiz walks in the room and Jarrett said it was time to get down to business.
– A promo runs hyping the X Division Championship Match between champion Christopher Daniels and Shocker tonight.

X Division Championship Match
Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Shocker

The bell rings and here we go. Shocker rolls towards Daniels and Daniels quickly moves out of the way. Daniels backs Shocker into the corner and puts his hand in his face. Shocker pushes him and the referee breaks it up. Daniels gets in a few elbows and forearms to the back. Shocker slides under Daniels and gives him a quick arm drag. Shocker takes out Daniels with a dropkick, tries to suplex him back from the ring apron, but Daniels blocks it each time. Daniels suplexes Shocker to the ring apron and Shocker gives Daniels a huricanranna off the ring apron! Daniels gets back on his feet, Shocker dives through, Daniels moves out of the way, Daniels gets up on the ring apron and springboards off, but Shocker moves out of the way and Daniels lands on his feet. Shocker then dives through again and takes out Daniels. Daniels rolls back in as Shocker peeks his head through the second rope. Daniels gives him a modified swinging neckbreaker. Daniels then drops Shocker’s head off the top rope quickly. Daniels drops his knee across the head of Shocker, picks him up and hits a quick back suplex. Daniels covers, but only gets a two count. Daniels applies a headlock, but Shocker fights back with some hard rights. Daniels fights back taking Shocker off his feet, covers, but only gets a two count.

Daniels then applies the body scissors submission on Shocker. Tenay reminds that this is what he did to AJ Styles during their Iron Man Match. Daniels takes out Shocker yet again and starts to twist his head. Daniels lets go of the move and works on the back of Shocker. Shocker counters an attack from Daniels into a big powerbomb. Both start to exchange chops to the chest. Daniels yells at Shocker to give him more. They start a chop challenge almost until Shocker breaks it up with a few clotheslines and a big boot. Shocker goes up to the top rope, jumps and connects with a big frog splash! Shocker covers…1…2…Daniels kicks out. Shocker picks up Daniels who was playing it up, taking him out quickly. Daniels goes for the BME (Best Moonsault Ever) and misses it. He then springboards off the ropes and then connects with the BME after a second attempt. Shocker fights back rolling up Daniels in a small package for a two count. Shocker counters the Angels Wings and dropkicks Daniels in the chest. Shocker grabs Daniels and goes up to the top. Daniels starts to fight back, hitting a stiff right hand. Daniels then looks to go for a superplex, but Shocker counters and slams Daniels down to the mat with a front suplex! Shocker then turns Daniels over and applies an STF submission.

Daniels starts to bite Shocker’s fingers to break the submission. Shocker breaks it and applies the Camel Clutch. Daniels bites Shocker’s fingers yet again and it gets broken up. Shocker puts Daniels on his shoulder and slams him chest first into the corner. Shocker goes up to the top with Daniels, but Daniels counters positioning him on the top rope. Daniels then hooks the arms and comes down off the top hitting the Angels Wings on Shocker! That was an amazing spot! Daniels covers and gets the pinfall to retain his title.

Winner & STILL X Division Champion: Christopher Daniels

After the match, Christopher Daniels gets on the mic and says Mr. TNA just defeated Mexico’s best luchadore. Daniels tells the fans to praises the greatest X Division Champion of all-time. He throws down the mic and lifts the X Title high in the air.

– A promo runs hyping the 20 Superstar Guantlet for the Gold tonight. They show footage from Impact! this past week with Abyss winning the 10 Man Guantlet to give him the right to be the last participant in the guantlet tonight.

20 Superstar Guantlet for the Gold
The winner will become the #1 contender for the NWA World Title

The first two entrants come out to the ring: Team Canada’s Booby Roode and former WWE star Zach Gowen. The clock starts to run as Gowen takes off his fake leg and hands it to the referee. Gowen takes out Roode a few times and ends it with an inverted DDT. Gowen hits a moonsault as the clock runs down. Time expires and out next is Eric Young. Roode starts to kick Gowen in the corner. Roode spins Gowen around in the ring and Young follows that up with some stiff kicks to the chest. Young chokes Gowen on the ground as time expires. Out next is Cassidy Reily. Reily takes out both Roode and Young. Reily splashes Roode in the corner and Gowen follows that up with a dropkick. Young and Reily exchange punches in the corner as time expires. Out next is Elix Skipper. Skipper flips in and clotheslines Young. Roode takes out Skipper, but Skipper responds with a springboard moonsault. Young tries to attack Skipper, but Reily cuts him off. Time expires and out next is Shark Boy. Shark Boy goes after Roode and Young. Shark Boy dropkicks Roode and drops Young in a neckbreaker. Shark Boy then bites Gowen on the ass and sends him over the top rope.

Zach Gowen has been eliminated.

Time expires and out next is A-1. They note out Team Canada’s number in the match has increased. A-1 takes out Reily and Skipper with big clotheslines. A-1 tries to toss Reily out of the ring, but Reily holds on. Time expires and out next is Chris Sabin. Sabin takes out Roode with a big tornado DDT while kicking everyone around him as he was spinning in the air! Sabin chops A-1 and tries to send him over the top. Time expires and out next is Petey Williams. Shark Boy goes after Williams and tosses him to the ring apron. Williams holds the second rope as A-1 tosses Shark Boy over the top rope.

Shark Boy has been eliminated.

Casidy Reily then gets pulled to the outside by Eric Young using a head scissors.

Casidy Reily has been eliminated.

Time expires and out next is Sonny Siaki. Siaki takes out Young with a big clothesline and goes after A-1 in the corner. Skipper puts Williams up on the top rope, walks across the ropes, but Roode breaks it up and Skipper falls to the mat. Roode then clotheslines Skipper over the top rope.

Elix Skipper has been eliminated.

Time expires and out next is Lance Hoyt. Hoyt lifts up Young and throws him over the top rope.

Eric Young has been eliminated.

Sabin throws Williams through the ropes, but Williams holds on. Sabin hits a sliding dropkick as time expires. Out next is Michael Shane. Shane superkicks Hoyt and then goes after A-1. Sabin then clotheslines Shane to the outside and goes along for the ride.

Michael Shane has been eliminated.

Chris Sabin has been elminated.

Moments later, Siaki gets tossed out.

Sonny Siaki has been eliminated.

Time expires and out next is Jerrelle Clark. Clark takes out A-1 with a big spin off the ropes. Williams gives Clark the Canadian Destroyer and Clark bounces over the top rope because of it!

Jerrelle Clark has been eliminated.

Time expires and out next is Mikey Batts. Batts takes out Williams and joins forces with Lance Hoyt, taking out Team Canada with a big cross-body. Time expires and out next is The Outlaw. Outlaw goes after Hoyt right away, nailing his head off the corner. Batts tries to take out Outlaw, but Outlaw holds and lifts up Batts hitting a HUGE and I mean HUGE neckbreaker. The crowd chants “ONE MORE TIME” and Outlaw picks up Batts, doing it yet again. Time expires and out next is Trytan. Outlaw knocks Batts over the top rope.

Mikey Batts has been eliminated.

Trytan comes in and takes out Roode, A-1, Outlaw with chokeslams. Trytan gives Hoyt a big spinebuster and tuants at the crowd. Time expires and out next is Ron “The Truth” Killings. Killings takes out A-1 and Trytan with a few punches. Trytan lifts up Killings and comes down with a hard powerslam. Trytan taunts again as Team Canada toss him over the top!

Trytan has been eliminated.

Time expires and out next is Apolo. Apolo takes out Outlaw with a clothesline and gives Williams a sitdown powerbomb. Apolo takes out Roode with a superkick and does the same to Hoyt. West reminds us that there is only two men left, with one being Abyss. The wonder who #19 will be. Apolo throws Outlaw over the top, but Outlaw lands on the ring apron. Apolo jumps and Outlaw pulls down the rope allowing Apolo to fall to the outside.

Apolo has been eliminated.

Time expires and out next is BG James. Moments later, Hoyt throws Roode out of the ring.

Booby Roode has been eliminated.

Hoyt is then in the corner when A-1 lifts him over with help from Roode on the outside.

Lance Hoyt has been eliminated.

BG James and The Outlaw then work together and throw Petey Williams and A-1 over the top rope.

Petey Williams has been eliminated.

A-1 has been eliminated.

Time expires and the final entrant is Abyss. BG James and The Outlaw are talking when Abyss clotheslines them both over the top rope.

The Outlaw has been eliminated.
BG James has been eliminated.

We are now down to the final two: Abyss and Ron “The Truth” Killings. This will now be a singles match to determine the #1 contender. They brawl to the outside with Abyss trying to use a steel chair, but the referee prevents it. They go back in the ring and Abyss starts to work on Killings in the corner. Abyss taunts, motioning the title shot is coming to him. Killings responds taking out Abyss with a big kick followed by a low blow using his forehead. Killings rolls up Abyss, but only gets a two count. Abyss comes back with a big boot on Killings. Abyss tries to use his chains, but the referee takes it away. Abyss then gets a steel chair, but Killings dodges a shot with it and he takes out Abyss with a chair shot! Abyss charges at Killings in the corner, but Abyss takes out the referee instead as Killings moves out of the way. Killings kicks Abyss in the gut, goes up to the top and connects with an axe kick off the top allowing Abyss to hit the steel chair face first. Killings covers, but there is no referee to make the count. Killings tries to revive the referee. Abyss grabs Killings and chokeslams him on top of the steel chair! Abyss covers…1…2…Killings kick out! Killings dodges a chest splash from Abyss by using the chair to block it. Killings goes up to the top, jumps, but Abyss catches him and Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam! Abyss covers and gets the pinfall!

Winner & NEW #1 Contender: Abyss

After the match, Abyss stares down the camera and said he is coming for the champion. Mike Tenay said that could either be Jeff Jarrett or AJ Styles as the main event next will decide that!

– The AJ Styles video package airs.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Special Guest Referee: Tito Ortiz
Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. AJ Styles

Before the match starts, Jeremy Borash introduces the special guest referee for the match Tito Ortiz. They then do the Main Event introductions for Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles. Ortiz displays the NWA World Title and orders for the bell to be rung. A chant for Styles breaks out right away as both Jarrett and Styles lock up, moving around the ring. Ortiz breaks it up in the corner. Jarrett pushes Styles to the corner and Ortiz breaks that up, pushing Jarrett away with some force. Jarrett gets a go-behind lock on Styles, but Styles counters that into one of his own until Jarrett trips him up. Styles starts to work on the left arm of Jarrett, gets pushed off the ropes by Jarrett, both smack shoulder first in the middle of the ring and Styles taunts at Jarrett to bring it. Styles kicks Jarrett in the leg and then follows that up with a few chops. Jarrett slides under the bottom rope and starts to walk up the ramp as Ortiz starts the count. Ortiz gets to 9 as Jarrett gets back in. Jarrett goes after Styles with a few hard rights and then nails his head off the corner. Styles slides under Jarrett and connects with a huge dropkick. Styles gives Jarrett a scoop slam, goes off the ropes and jumps in the air hitting a big knee to the head on the mat. Styles nails Jarrett’s head off the corner, irish whips him into another and then hits a jumping clothesline splash.

Jarrett then drops Styles’ knee over his and then uses the ropes for leverage to drop his body over it. Jarrett applies a submission on Styles’ knee and then Jarrett trips him up when he stands up. Jarrett lifts up Styles again and throws his knee into the corner with impact. Jarrett then sets up Styles for the Figure Four. Jarrett applies it as Ortiz looks on. Styles falls to his back and Ortiz counts the pinfall, but he gets a shoulder up each time. Styles then drags Jarrett while still in the move towards the ropes. Jarrett stops more of this from happening by dragging Styles back into the middle of the ring. Styles then starts to turn it over, countering the submission. Jarrett grabs the bottom rope and Ortiz breaks it up. Styles gets in a few elbows to Jarrett’s gut, jumps at him, Styles lands in the corner, Jarrett turns around and Styles hits a big tornado DDT. Styles then clotheslines Jarrett over the top rope and then favors his knee in the ring. Styles jumps over the top rope, lands on the ring apron, Jarrett clips him and Styles falls on the ring apron holding his leg in pain. Styles gets back on his feet and Jarrett gives him a baseball slide under the bottom rope. Ortiz starts the count. He gets to 8 when Styles gets up on the ring apron. Jarrett knocks Styles off the ring apon back to the outside.

Jarrett tries to knock off Styles again, but Ortiz holds him back and stops it from happening. Styles pulls Jarrett under the bottom rope to the outside. Styles gets in a few right hands, but Jarrett sends Styles into the ring post instead. Jarrett then grabs a guitar and Ortiz leaves the ring confronting Jarrett. Jarrett goes to swing it when Styles comes from behind and takes it away. Styles tries to hit Jarrett with it, but Ortiz stops Styles. Styles then smashes it across the ring post and on the ground a few times. Jarrett jumps in attacking Styles until Styles counters and puts Jarrett back in the ring. Styles springboards off the top rope and hits a flying forearm. Styles takes out Jarrett with a spinkick followed by a springboard off the ropes into an inverted DDT. Styles covers, but only gets a two count. Styles attempts the Styles Clash, but Jarrett counters. Styles jumps up looking to hit a huricanranna, but Jarrett counters into a powerbomb for a two count. Jarrett goes for The Stroke, but Styles counters out of it. Styles charges at Jarrett, but Jarrett hits a quick powerslam for a two count. Styles gets a backslide pin on Jarrett for a two count. Styles gets a small package on Jarrett, but yet again gets a two count. Styles then takes out Jarrett with a pele kick. Jarrett goes for The Stroke again, Styles counters, Jarrett then lifts up Styles and hits the Styles Clash on him! Jarrett rolls over…1…2…Styles kicks out! Styles blocks a sulpex and gives Jarrett The Stroke. Styles covers, but Jarrett gets a shoulder up after two. Styles goes up to the top rope, jumps, but misses a 450 splash. Monty Brown hits the ring and he takes out Jarrett with The Pounce instead! Styles covers, Ortiz is arguing with Brown, another referee comes in and counts, but Ortiz pulls the referee out saying he is in control. Styles confronts Ortiz. Jarrett gives Styles a low blow and props him up on the corner. Ortiz gets in Jarrett’s face and Jarrett pushes him away. Ortiz pulls Jarrett down. Jarrett shoves Ortiz and Ortiz knocks out Jarrett. Styles goes up to the top, hits the Spiral Tap and covers…1…2…3!

Winner & NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion: AJ Styles

After the match, Tito Oritz puts the NWA World Heavyweight Title around the waist of AJ Styles as Styles celebrates. They show a replay of the finish noting that Styles hasn’t used that move for a win in TNA for years. Styles continues to celebrate his title win as Monty Brown attends to a knocked out Jeff Jarrett. The fans in Orlando are on their feet clapping for AJ Styles as the PPV comes to a close.

– The promo for TNA Slammiversary on June 19th airs.

Source: Adam Martin, wrestleview.com


What did you think of Hard Justice?

Thumbs Up – 37%

In the middle – 6%

Thumbs Down – 5%

Didn’t see it – 52%

Best Match?

Battle Royal – 13%

Daniels-Shocker – 10%

Styles-Jarrett – 42%

Team Canada-Apolo/Siaki – 1%

Mixed Tag Match – 2%

Page/James-Brown/Outlaw – 1%

Naturals-AMW – 6%

Raven-Waltman – 25%

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