Final Resolution

May 12, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, January 16, 2005 in Orlando, FL

– The TNA promo hits. A great video package is shown followed by a rundown of the various matches taking place tonight including the NWA World Tag Team Title Match, the Ultimate X Match and the Triple Threat involving Kevin Nash, DDP & Monty Brown with the winner advancing to face Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title.

– An opening video for Final Resolution hits followed by a shot of the live crowd in Orlando. A series of pyro goes off in the entrance way and above the ring as we get set to kick off the show.

– Mike Tenay and Don West are at ringside. They put over the three championship bouts tonight: Team Canada defending the NWA World Tag Team Titles against America’s Most Wanted, Petey Williams defending the X Title against AJ Styles & Chris Sabin in an Ultimate X Match and the Triple Threat involving DDP, Kevin Nash & Monty Brown with the winner advancing to face Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title.

– Shane Douglas is shown outside of Jeff Jarrett’s locker room. Douglas puts over his huge task tonight involving the Triple Threat and the winner advancing to face him. Jarrett asks DDP a question – what does he bring to the table? His Diamond Cutter. Jarrett said that won’t cut it. Jarrett calls Monty Brown a double A ball player. He said Nash may be big, but he will bring him down to his level. Jarrett said Dusty Rhodes’ plan will backfire tonight and he will remain the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Christopher Daniels, Michael Shane & Kazarian vs. 3 Live Kru Before the match starts, Konnan gets on the mic and does his usual introduction. BG James gets on the mic as well, welcoming everyone to the six-sided sandbox. The match starts with Christopher Daniels and Konnan. A “Fallen Angel” chant starts up as both lock up and exchange arm drags. They roll around a bit counter each other when Konnan hits a firemans carry. Konnan takes out Daniels with a shoulder block and then Michael Shane gets tagged in. 3 Live Kru triple-team Shane, with Killings hitting a big leg drop low blow from the top. Killings then gives Shane some quick punches taking him down. Killings hits a jumping cross-body, but Shane drops Killings’ jaw on his head. Kazarian gets the tag and Killings takes him down with a big drop toe hold. BG James gets the tag. James anad Killings give Kazarian a double punch followed by some stiff kicks. Konnan comes in a bit and gets in some kicks. James prevents Kazarian from tagging in. Shane moved to another corner getting the tag, but the referee wouldn’t allow it.

Daniels gets the tag and takes out James along with Kazarian. Daniels gives James a big dropkick and then tags in Kazarian. Kazarian charges James in the corner followed by a jumping kick to the chest. Shane gets the tag and gives James a stiff right hand. Daniels gets the tag, gets in a few elbows, but James fights back with a big powerbomb when Daniels jumped at him off the ropes. Shane and Killings get the tag. Killings takes out Daniels, Shane and Kazarian with some big punches. Killings gives Shane an axe kick, covers, but only gets a two count when Daniels breaks it up. Kazarian takes out Killings with a big boot. Konnan hits a facebuster on Daniels. Both Konnan and Shane meet in the middle of the ring with a double clothesline. All six men are down in the ring. They all get on their feet and fight in separate corners. Killings dumps Kazarian out of the ring. James knocks Daniels out of the ring. Konnan gives Shane a reverse neckbreaker, covers, but only gets a two count. Kazarian pulls Killings off the top rope and Daniels takes out James. Daniels accidentally knocks out Kazarian on the outside with a moonsault off the top rope. In the ring, James and Konnan hold up Shane. Killings jumps and gives Shane a big kick. Killings covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners: 3 Live Kru

– Backstage, Jonny Fairplay and Trinity come up to Dusty Rhodes’ “office” which is in the back of a truck. Traci Brooks is with Rhodes as well. Rhodes tells them there is a clue in the arena they all need to find. Rhodes says if they were in Texas, it would be Fairplay’s turn in the barrel. This game has a “Survivor” theme.

Primetime vs. Sonjay Dutt

The match starts with both locking up and Daniels countering into an arm submission. Primetime pushes Dutt down quickly and backs up. Both lock up again, Primetime backs Dutt into the corner who walks up and gets on the top. Dutt misses a charge off the top, then rolls up Dutt quickly for a two count. Dutt goes around Primetime in what was like a 360 on his shoulders into a head scissors takedown, dumping Primetime to the outside. Dutt dropkicks Primetime through the ropes, charges at Primetime on the outside, but gets thrown over the guard railing. Primetime thinks he took him out when Dutt comes jumping over the guard railing again. Both get back in the ring, Dutt covers and only gets a two count. Primetime gets to the ropes after a headlock by Dutt. Dutt jumps up on the top rope from the ring apron, taking out Primetime with a dropkick. Dutt does a modified Stunner using Primetime’s arm. Dutt then signals for the Hindu Press, gets up on the top, but Primetime jumps up on the top rope, balances and then dropkicks Dutt off the top.

On the outside, Primetime lands Dutt on the guard railing and then gives him a spinning heel kick. Primetime throws Dutt back in the ring, covers and only gets a two count. Primetime lifts Dutt in the air and slams him back down. Primetime gives Dutt a stiff kick to the back and starts to favor his shoulder. Dutt counters a kick to the head, but Primetime balances himself and gives Dutt a kick to the back of the head. Dutt counters Primetime’s Play of the Day, springboards off the ropes, but Primetime gets up his knees to counter. Primetime gives Dutt a gutwrench powerbomb and taunts to the crowd. Dutt sends Primetime over the top rope to the ring apron. Primetime flips back in and gives Dutt a big clothesline. Primetime sets Dutt up on the top, Dutt fights back and gives Primetime a sunset flip into a powerbomb. Dutt gives Primetime an elbow to the gut, but Dutt fights back with a spinning heel kick. Dutt gives Primetime a back suplex, covers, but only gets a two count. Dutt gives Primetime a huge twilt-a-whirl DDT. Dutt goes for the Hindu Press, counters landing on his feet when Primetime moves and catches Dutt with a modified spinning sidewalk slam. Primetime covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Primetime

– A promo hits for a new wrestler coming to TNA.
– Backstage, Kevin Nash is talking with DDP. He proposes they take out Monty Brown in the triple threat match, take a 2-3 minute break and then have a match between themselves. DDP asks Nash if he should really trust him. Nash said he should and said he wouldn’t lay a hand on him until it is down to them. DDP said “trusting Kevin Nash…what a concept.”
– A video package showing Kid Kash confronting Dustin Rhodes upon his arrival to TNA is shown.

Kid Kash vs. Dustin Rhodes

The match starts with Dustin Rhodes giving Kid Kash a big clothesline. Rhodes clotheslines Kash to the outside of the ring. Kash runs around the ring, gets back in, Rhodes follows and Kash takes him out with some punches and kicks. Rhodes gives Kash an elbow to the head, countering a monkey flip attempt. Rhodes catapults Kash into the ropes, Kash bounces off as Rhodes holds on and Kash hits Rhodes’ knees with impact. Rhodes goes up to the top, but Kash trips him up. Kash attempts a superplex, Rhodes throws him off and then hits a few punches. Kash starts to favor his left knee as the referee checks up on him. When the referee turns his back, Kash gives Rhodes a low blow. Kash then dropkicks Rhodes in the knee, taking him off his feet. Kash then works on Rhodes’ knee that he took out with the dropkick.

Kash continues to work on Rhodes’ knee, twisting it around on the mat. Rhodes grabs Kash by the air, fighting back with some punches. Rhodes gives Kash a backslide for a two count. Kash gets in the referee’s face as he continues to work on Rhodes’ knee. Rhodes counters into a small package for a two count. Kash clips him from behind. Kash puts Rhodes in the corner, putting his knee up on the ropes to work on it more. Kash tries to irish whip Rhodes into the other corner, but Rhodes can’t stay on his feet. Kash hits a big frog splash off the top, coming down on Rhodes’ knee with great impact. Kash applies the Figure Four and Rhodes gets off his shoulders breaking two pinfalls. Rhodes starts to fight back, turning over the Figure Four to apply it on Kash. Rhodes gets on his feet with help from the ropes and Kash works on his knee with a few kicks. Rhodes fights back applying a sleeper hold on Kash. Kash counters out, comes off the ropes and applies a sleeper hold on Rhodes. The referee lifts Rhodes’ arm in the air and Rhodes mounts a comeback. The crowd is really into the match at this point – louder than anything the Nashville crowd has ever done. Rhodes attempted an atomic drop on Kash, but couldn’t execute it due to his knee. Kash goes up to the top, hits a cross-body, both roll around and Rhodes covers to get a very close two count. Kash counters a reverse neckbreaker with a spinning heel kick for a close two count. Kash pushes the referee and the referee pushes him back down. Rhodes hits a big bulldog off the ropes, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes

– Backstage, we check up on the “Survivor” theme game. Jonny Fairplay said Trinity and Traci stand no chance against him. Fairplay finds a clue inside Dusty Rhodes’ hat and leaves the room.
– A video package is shown of Monty Brown’s NWA World Title shot against Jeff Jarrett on Impact. Dusty Rhodes’ announcement of the Triple Threat involving DDP, Kevin Nash and Monty Brown is shown as well.
– A video package is shown of the history between Raven and Erik Watts.

Raven vs. Erik Watts

It will be very interesting to see what kind of a match is done here given the situation involving Watts last Sunday. Before the match starts, Watts comes to the ring with a steel chair. The match starts with Raven knocking out Raven in the corner. Raven sends Watts to the outside and then gives him a russian leg sweep into the guard railing. He does it one more time and then nails Watts into another side of the guard railing. Raven puts Watts back in the ring in the corner, working on his face with his boot. Raven throws Watts back to the outside and nails his head off the ring apron. Watts fights back with an elbow to Raven’s face followed by a modified dropkick off the top rope knocking out Raven. Raven starts to leave up the ramp when Watts knocks him out from behind. Watts then gives Raven a russian leg sweep into the guard railing. Watts then low blows Raven across the guard railing and then knocks him off. Raven gets back in the ring as Watts follows. Watts goes for the chokeslam and connects.

Watts then tries to use a steel chair to knock out Raven when the referee takes it out of his hands. When the referee has his back turned, Raven gives him a low blow. Raven then gets the steel chair and sets it up in the corner. Raven irish whips Watts into the corner, smashing into the steel chair. Raven looks to hit the drop toe hold on Watts using the steel chair when Watts counters, holding onto the ropes and then giving Raven a bulldog on the steel chair. Watts jumps off the steel chair and gives Raven a jumping clothesline. Watts gives Raven a big boot. Raven backs up to the corner, Watts gets up and hits a few punches when Raven counters dropping Watts’ head on the turnbuckle. Watts then powerbombs Raven into the corner. Watts covers Raven, but only gets a two count. Raven counters a chokeslam attempt by Watts into an ankle lock. Watts rolls out of it, but Raven knocks him out with a superkick. Raven covers, but only gets a two count. Raven gives Watts a big clothesline and signals for him to get up. Watts gives Raven a drop toe hold into an STF. Raven counters and applies the ankle lock again. Watts gets on his feet and hits a botched chokeslam. Watts gives Raven another chokeslam, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Erik Watts

After the match, Raven gets on the mic and tells Watts he is sorry. He said he has never had a family or friends. Raven said he knows Watts won’t forgive him, but he is truly sorry. Watts turns his back to leave when Raven knocks him out with a garbage can. Watts falls off the ramp and smashes into a table.

– Mike Tenay & Don West promote the next TNA PPV, Against All Odds, in February. They also remind everyone about the new schedule for Impact! where you can catch it three different times on both Friday and Saturday.

Special Guest Referee: Roddy Piper
Scott Hall vs. Jeff Hardy

The match starts with special guest referee Roddy Piper checking on both Hardy and Hall. He finds a foreign object in Hall’s boot and elbow pad. Piper also pulls a chain out as the bell rings. Hall then searches Piper and finds some handcuffs. Hardy drop toe holds Hall and then pretends to surf on his back. Hall prevents a kick from Hardy, slaps him a few times and Hardy gives him a dropkick. Hardy hits a corkscrew off the top rope knocking out Hall. Hardy goes off the ropes, Hall catches him in mid-air and hits a fallaway slam for a two count. Hardy gives Hall a schoolboy for a two count. Hardy gives Hall a small package, but only gets a two count. Hall rolls to the outside. Hardy gives him a dropkick followed by splash over the top rope. Hardy nails Hall’s head off the steel steps and then into the ring post. Back in the ring, Hardy hits a double-leg drop on Hall. Hall fights back with some elbows taking Hardy down. Hall hits a clothesline in the corner two times as the crowd starts to chant for Hardy. Hall gets in a few slaps followed by a big one.

Hall applies a submission pulling Hardy by the hair (who now has dreadlocks). Hall plays around with Hardy, slapping him a few times. Hall then throws Hardy into special guest referee Roddy Piper. Hall then gets some taped up brass knocks hidden in the corner turnbuckle. Piper stops Hall from using them with a rake to the eyes. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Hall and then goes up to the top. Hardy jumps and connects with the Swanton Bomb. Hardy covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Hardy tells Jeff Jarrett he is going to start kicking some ass around TNA. Hardy tells Jarrett that he is going to start with him before anyone else. Piper tells Hardy he most likely has a shot at the title now and tells him to leave the ring right away. Abyss then hits the ring and gives Hardy a Black Hole Slam. Tenay & West say they are shocked at what they have just seen. Tenay wonders if Abyss is even on the TNA roster anymore. Wow, fooled me.

– Backstage, Traci approaches a backstage worker about where the clue might be. Trinity tells her to go see Dusty because he needs help with something. Trinity laughs and asks the backstage worker if he knew where any clues are. He said he has no clue and she agrees, disgusted by him.

Triple Threat – Winner Advances to Main Event
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Kevin Nash vs. Monty Brown

The match starts with DDP going after Brown. Nash sits back and watches. Brown takes out DDP, throwing him into the corner. DDP attempts a Diamond Cutter, but Brown pushes him back into the ropes. Nash continues to look on as the crowd chants for Brown. DDP applies a headlock on Brown, but Brown sends DDP outside of the ring. DDP gets back in when Nash locks up with Brown. Brown pushes Nash into the corner and backs up. Nash mocks Brown and Brown takes him out with some big punches. Nash plays them up, but then sends Brown to the corner. Nash sends Brown into the ropes, catches him and hits a big sidewalk slam for a two count. Nash applies a headlock when Brown counters into a back suplex. Tenay reminds the audience that anyone can be eliminated by pinfall, submission or being thrown over the top rope. Everyone so far has been thrown between the ropes. In the ring, DDP takes out Brown with a huge clothesline. Brown comes back giving DDP a big DDT. Brown covers DDP, but Nash breaks it up with an elbow drop. DDP and Nash double-team Brown in the corner with a few chokes and punches.

DDP then clotheslines Nash over the top rope out of no where. Kevin Nash has been eliminated. Back in the ring, DDP counters an attack from Brown into a Diamond Cutter. DDP covers, but Nash pulls him out before the three count. Nash nails DDP off the steel steps and then throws him back in the ring. DDP covers Brown once again, but only gets a two count. Brown kicks out of a schoolboy from DDP. DDP hits a quick clothesline, covers, but only gets a two count. A “You Screwed Nash” chant starts up. Brown gives DDP some hard forearms to the back. Brown clothesline DDP in the corner and does the same in the opposite corner. Brown gives DDP a big fallaway slam. Brown gives DDP a powerslam, covers, but only gets a two count. DDP takes down Brown with an elbow. DDP goes for another Diamond Cutter, Brown pushes DDP into the ropes, comes off again and hits The Pounce on DDP. Brown covers and gets the pinfall. Diamond Dallas Page has been eliminated – Monty Brown will face Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title later tonight.

Winner & Advancing to the Main Event: Monty Brown

After the match, DDP calls Brown over to the corner. Brown helps up DDP and they shake hands.

– A video package is shown of the history between Team Canada and America’s Most Wanted.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
Team Canada (c’s) vs. America’s Most Wanted

The match starts with Chris Harris and James Storm attacking Bobby Roode and Eric Young on the ramp. Harris clotheslines Roode on the ramp. On the other ramp, Young takes out Storm. Storm gives Young a big head scissors takedown on the ramp while Harris nails Roode’s head off the steel steps. Storm chops Young on the ramp while Roode gets in a few hard rights on Harris. The action still hasn’t hit the ring yet at this point. Harris finally gets in the ring when Storm puts Young in. Harris takes out Young with a few clotheslines. Harris throws Young over the top rope. Young gets back in, sliding under Harris, but Harris takes him out with a big charge. Young has a big knot on his forehead as he starts to head up the ramp. Harris chases him down and puts him back in the ring. AMW double-team Bobby Roode as he comes in the ring, catching him and throwing him into Young. AMW grab Young and send him over the top rope into Roode. The crowd is going crazy at this point.

Back in the ring, Storm gives Roode a big back body drop. Storm takes out Roode with a clothesline followed by a huricanranna into a pinfall for a two count. Young gets in a cheap shot on Storm, allowing Roode to hit a spinning neckbreaker to stop the momentum of AMW. Young gets the tag and gets in a few kicks on Storm. Young chokes Storm in the corner until the referee breaks it up. Young gets in the referee’s face when Scott D’Amore gets in a cheap shot on Storm. Young slaps his hand to make a fake tag sound, allowing Roode to come in with the referee’s back to the action. Roode gives Storm a quick suplex. Roode catches Storm with a knee to the mid-section as he came off the ropes. Young gets the tag and gives Storm a stiff right hand. Young gives Storm a backbreaker for a two count. Roode gets the tag and taunts at Harris. Roode and Young double-team Storm in the corner until the referee breaks it up. Roode gives Storm a chop followed by a few punches. Storm gives Roode a boot to the face followed by a big kick to the back of the head. Storm does the same to Young who is on the ring apron. Storm tries to tag in Harris when Roode knocks Harris off the ring apron. Young gives Storm a big elbow off the top, covers…1…2…kick out.

Young applies a headlock on Storm. Storm fights back with sunset flip for a two count on Young. Roode gets the tag and plants his knee on the chest of Storm. Roode applies another neck submission on Storm as Young and D’Amore taunt the crowd singing the Canadian anthem. Storm counters a back suplex, misses a kick, but moves out of the way when Roode charges at him in the corner. Harris gets the tag and takes out Young with two big clotheslines. Harris gives Young a running bulldog, goes for a full nelson, Roode comes from behind, Harris counters and throws Roode into Young. Harris gives Roode a full nelson followed by a jumping clothesline on Young. Harris gives Young a vertical suplex, covers, but Roode breaks it up. Storm gives Roode a powerslam for a two count. Storm sets up Roode for the Death Sentence, Harris is up on the top when Young grabs Harris. Storm throws down Roode and helps out Harris. Storm powerbombs Young as Harris flips off and takes out Roode. That was crazy! Storm gives Roode a superkick, covers, but D’Amore pulls the referee out of the ring. Harris and Storm go after D’Amore. They handcuff him to the steel structure that is part of the Ultimate X. Storm lifts up Young, Harris goes off the ropes and gives Young a big clothesline. Harris covers, but only gets a two count. Johnny Devine runs down with a hockey stick. Harris chases him around and gets knocked out by Roode. In the ring, Storm takes out Young. Devine runs in and knocks out Storm with the hockey stick. Devine puts Young on Storm. 1…2…Storm kicks out. Devine gets the hockey stick again, but Harris gives him a spinebuster. AMW double-team Roode with a big powerbomb-suplex combination. They get a VERY close two count. A “bullsh*t” chant starts up. Harris then gives Young the Catatonic. Devin slides a steel chair in, Harris grabs it, but Roode takes him out. Young covers Harris, 1…2…Harris puts him leg on the bottom rope. Young grabs Devine, Devine (not looking) nails Young with a steel chair shot by accident. Young falls back and Harris covers…1…2…3. Great match.

Winners & NEW NWA World Tag Team Champions: America’s Most Wanted

– Backstage, Jonny Fairplay is skipping around with the clue that is in Dusty Rhodes’ hat. Trinity and Traci beat him up and take the clue. It breaks in half and they show it to Dusty. He said they both win and tells them to find a tag team yet to be seen in TNA. The person who finds the best team will become Dusty’s official secretary.
– A promo for Against All Odds, the next TNA PPV on February 13th, is shown.
– A video package is shown highlighting the X Division in TNA.

X Division Championship – Ultimate X Match
Petey Williams (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Chris Sabin

The match starts with Styles taking out both Williams and Sabin with a few chops and punches. Sabin gives Styles a big clothesline. Sabin chases Williams around the ring. Williams runs in taunting at Sabin when Styles attacks him from behind. Sabin and Styles double-team Williams with Styles giving Williams a big clothesline in the corner. Styles lifts Sabin high in the air giving Williams a big dropkick. Sabin gets up on the top, but Styles pulls him down. Styles catches Sabin with a boot, jumps off the top rope reaching for the belt, but couldn’t get it. Sabin gives Styles an elbow, goes off the ropes, but Williams trips him up. Styles then jumps over the top rope and takes out both Sabin and Williams on the outside. Styles starts to climb up the structure when Sabin comes from behind. Sabin then gives Styles a standing dropkick and comes down hard on the mat, almost hurting himself in the process. Sabin then starts to make his way across the cables when Scott D’Amore comes in the ring and tries to pull Sabin down. Williams comes in and helps out D’Amore, pulling Sabin down. The referee then sends D’Amore to the back as the crowd chants the “Goodbye” song.

Back in the ring, Williams gives Styles a quick suplex, rolls back up and then gives him a back suplex. Sabin fights back with some chops and punches. Williams flips Sabin back down on his face and then applies the Sharpshooter. Styles gets up on the top rope, starts to swing on one of the cables when Williams pulls him down and takes him down in the middle of the ring. Williams sets up Styles in the corner and starts to sing the Canadian national anthem. Williams starts to choke Sabin with his boot. Styles gives Williams a big kick as he comes off the ropes. Styles and Sabin take turns pulling each other down from the turnbuckle. Styles jumps up and hits Sabin on the back. Styles puts Sabin on his shoulders, Williams starts to climb the cable, Williams catches Sabin and gives him a huricanranna off Styles’ shoulders. That was impressive. Both Sabin and Williams start to make their way to the middle of the X on the cables. Williams hangs at the top using his legs. Styles jumps up on the top rope and gets Williams a little with dropkick, allowing Williams to fall off. Soon after, Sabin gives Styles a huge huricanranna off the top rope. A loud “This Is Awesome” chant starts up. Sabin counters the Canadian Destroyer, puts Williams on his shoulders, Williams comes back down looking to hit an inverted DDT when Styles springboards off the ropes and hits an inverted DDT on Williams, taking Sabin along for the ride. WOW! Styles makes his way along the cable when Sabin dropkicks him. Styles comes down, flipping in mid-air hitting the ring with impact. That was a crazy bump!

Williams then takes Styles’ arm and locks it in the steel structure holding up the Ultimate X. Styles gets his arm stuck in the steel and eventually gets loose, falling with impact. Sabin gives Williams the Cradle Shock in the ring and then makes his way along the cables. Styles grabs Sabin, pulling him down looking to hit the Styles Clash. Sabin counters locking on a submission on Styles’ arm. Styles powers out of it, slamming Sabin down once and then lifting him up again to hit the Styles Clash. Great spot once again. Styles starts to make his way across the cable, but can’t hold on due to his arm. Williams then grabs Styles and gives him a huge Canadian Destroyer. Williams gives Sabin a quick DDT. Williams starts to climb, but Sabin stops it putting him on his shoulders and launching him into the corner with huge impact. Sabin starts to make his way across the cable. He gets to the middle when Williams meets up with him. Both Sabin and Williams pull the belt down and have a tug-of-war. Styles then jumps off the top rope and slaps the X Title away. Styles grabs the X Title and the match is over.

Winner & NEW X Division Champion: AJ Styles

– Backstage, Jeff Jarrett starts to head to the arena when Kevin Nash walks by. Jarrett insults him about losing tonight. Nash tries to go after Jarrett when security holds him back. Nash said he is coming for that belt.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. Monty Brown

The match starts with both locking up. Jarrett breaks it up with a quick arm drag. Jarrett taunts at Brown as the crowd boo’s him loudly. Brown sends Jarrett into the ropes and Jarrett takes him down with a quick dropkick. Jarrett does the strut and then mocks Brown. Jarrett applies a headlock on Brown, goes off the ropes and attempts two shoulder blocks but Brown won’t budge. Brown lifts Jarrett over his head and hits a big military press slam. Brown then gives Jarrett a big arm drag and mocks him doing the strut. Brown catches Jarrett as he comes off the ropes, but Jarrett rakes Brown’s eyes, goes off the ropes and Brown gives him a powerslam. Brown covers, but only gets a two count. Brown jumps off the turnbuckle, Jarrett puts up his boot, Brown stops himself from hitting and comes down hard on Jarrett’s head. Brown tries to clothesline Jarrett over the top rope, but Jarrett moved out of the way and Brown fell to the outside. Jarrett then jumps over the top rope, comes down on Brown, but Brown catches him a bit and throws him into the side of the ring. Brown puts Jarrett on his shoulders, but Jarrett counters and throws Brown into the ring post head first. Jarrett dumps Brown over the guard railing and they start to brawl in the crowd. Jarrett grabs a steel chair and nails it across the back of Brown. Jarrett does it one more time and then throws Brown over the guard railing, allowing Brown to land on the ramp.

Jarrett grabs the steel chair and nails it against the ribs of Brown. Jarrett grabs Brown and irish whips him into the announcers table. Jarrett gets one of the chairs and slams it over Brown’s back. Jarrett grabs the NWA World Title and tries to knock out Brown with it, but the referee prevents it from happening. Back in the ring, Jarrett applies a headlock. Brown fights out of it, sends Jarrett into the ropes and applies a sleeper of his own. Jarrett breaks out of it with an atomic drop. Brown then quickly rolls up Jarrett for a two count. Brown misses a charge in the corner. They both collide in the middle of the ring as the referee starts the count. Both get on their feet and Brown gets in a few punches. Brown catches Jarrett off the ropes, throws Jarrett up on his shoulders and hits a powerbomb for a close two count. Brown gives Jarrett a kick to the gut followed by one-arm spinning neckbreaker for a two count. Jarrett tries to go for The Stroke, but Brown counters and throws Jarrett into the referee knocking him out. Jarrett grabs the guitar, Brown turns around and Jarrett smashes it over his head. Brown eventually falls down after a few seconds, Jarrett covers…1…2…kick out. Jarrett grabs a steel chair, Brown puts him on his shoulders, Jarrett hits Brown in the face with the chair, Brown wobbles around and then falls back in the electric chair. Jarrett covers Brown…1…2…Brown kicks out. Jarrett grabs the NWA World Title, Brown gets up, turns around and Jarrett knocks him out. Jarrett throws the belt out, covers, Brown powers out with force.

Brown then kicks Jarrett in the gut, goes off the ropes, goes for The Pounce, but Jarrett ducks and Brown takes out the referee. Jarrett goes to the outside and grabs another guitar that was hidden inside the steel steps. Jarrett gets up on the top rope with the guitar, jumps, Brown dodges the shot, grabs Jarrett and hits a big chokeslam. Brown grabs the guitar and smashes it over Jarrett’s head. Brown puts the guitar in the corner as the crowd starts to go nuts. Brown goes for the cover, the referee is still down, the crowd counts the 3, another referee slides in…1…2…kick out. Brown then catches Jarrett off the ropes and throws him in the corner. Jarrett grabs the guitar and nails Brown in the mid-section with it. Jarrett gives Brown two Stroke’s, gives Brown a low blow with the referee not looking and hits a third Stroke. Jarrett covers Brown…1…2…3. Jarrett retains.

Winner & still NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Jarrett

The PPV goes off the air with Jarrett celebrating…

Source: Adam Martin,


What did you think of Final Resolution?

Thumbs Up – 32%

In the middle – 11%

Thumbs Down – 11%

Didn’t see it – 47%

Best Match?

Raven-Watts – 3%

Six Man Tag – 2%

Dutt-Skipper – 2%

AMW-Team Canada – 5%

Ultimate X – 53%

Nash-DDP-Brown – 6%

Rhodes-Kash – 2%

Hall-Hardy – 19%

Jarrett-Brown – 9%

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