Destination X

May 12, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, March 13, 2005 in Orlando, FL

– The TNA promo hits. A video package airs highlighting some of the events from the past few months on PPV involving various TNA superstars. A new and improved graphic intro hits welcoming us to Destination X on pay per view. A series of pyro goes off in the entrance way and above the ring as the crowd in Orlando cheers loudly.

– We are then taken to Mike Tenay & Don West at ringside. They bring up the Ringside Revenge stipulation to the NWA World Title Match later tonight when Jeff Jarrett defends against Diamond Dallas Page. They also mention the Ultimate X Challenge and Kevin Nash vs. The Outlaw with First Blood rules.

Eight Man Tag Team Mach
BG James, Konnan & America’s Most Wanted vs. Team Canada

The match starts with BG James and Bobby Roode. Both lock up and Roode gets in a quick kick and forearms to the back. James fights back with a few hard rights and a big boot. James takes out all the rest of Team Canada on the ring apron and tags in Konnan. Roode tags in Eric Young. Konnan gets a shoulder block on Young followed by a rolling clothesline. James Storm gets the tag and he rolls through a monkey flip attempt taking out Young with two quick hip tosses. Both leap frog over each other until Young leap frogs himself to the outside. Roode gets sent over the top rope and Chris Harris comes in. Harris launches Storm over the top rope, allowing Storm to take out Roode and Young on the outside. Team Canada gathers up at ringside and Chris Harris jumps off the top rope, taking out everyone. Harris knocks out the injured Johnny Devine as Petey Williams gets in the ring. Young knocks out Harris from behind and holds his arms back. Harris breaks out if it and misses a spear in the corner. Roode tags himself in and starts to work on Harris’ shoulder.

Williams gets the tag and he nails Harris’ head off the corner. Williams then hits a big tornado DDT on Harris, covers, but only gets a two count. The new member of Team Canada Alistair Ralphs gets the tag and he gives Harris a big powerslam. Roode tags himself in, nails Harris off the corner and then Young gets the tag. Harris fights back with a big cross-body off the ropes on Young. Roode and Konnan get the tag. Konnan gives him a rolling clothesline and then takes out Young and Williams. Konnan takes out Roode with dropkick and then applies the tequilla sunrise when Team Canada breaks it up. Separate brawls begin outside of the ring. Konnan slams Scott D’Amore into the ring, blocking interference. Roode then knocks out Konnan from behind with a big lariat punch. Roode covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Team Canada

– Backstage, Trinity and Traci are arguing when Dusty Rhodes appears. Jonny Fairplay then shows up and asks Rhodes for another chance since he was screwed the last time he was at TNA. Rhodes gives him 3 hours to find another tag team for him.

Chase Stevens w/ Chris Candido & Andy Douglas vs. Chris Sabin

The match starts with Chase Stevens getting in a few hard rights followed by Sabin hitting a huge hurricanranna. Sabin then leaps off the top rope and takes out Stevens on the outside. Sabin knocks out Candido and Douglas and rolls Stevens back in the ring. Stevens chokes Sabin on the second rope, gets in the referees face as Douglas and Candido get in a few cheap shots. Candido and Douglas trip up Sabin on the ring apron and then roll him back in the ring. Stevens covers, but only gets a two count. Sabin gets in a quick spin kick on Stevens, but Stevens responds with a low blow when the referee wasn’t looking. Another cover by Stevens for a two count. Stevens sets up Sabin, springboards off the ropes hitting a moonsault, covers, but only gets a two count. Stevens works on Sabin’s shoulders, Sabin tries to fight back, but Stevens slams him back down on the mat using his hair. Sabin fights back with an inverted atomic drop followed by a quick clothesline. Sabin hits another clothesline and then hits a big kick to head. Sabin springboards off the ropes and gives Stevens a big tornado DDT. Sabin covers…1..2…kick out. Sabin sets up Stevens for a Cradle Shock, but Douglas breaks it up. Douglas then kicks Sabin in the head and quickly leaves the ring. Stevens rolls up Sabin, but Sabin counters into a pinfall of his own and gets the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Chris Sabin

After the match, Candido and The Naturals are shocked that Sabin could get the win. They all start to attack Sabin when a man in a mask hits the ring taking out all three. The man launches Candido over the top rope followed by jumping over himself taking out all three. He then takes off his mask to reveal himself as Shocker, a popular mexican wrestler who has appeared in a recent McDonalds commercial.

Bullrope Match
Raven vs. Dustin Rhodes

The match starts with the referee wrapping the bullrope around each others wrists. Raven leaves the ring and Rhodes follows, pulling Raven into the Ultimate X posts. Rhodes tries to use the cow bell, but Raven moves. Raven gets up on the ring apron and Rhodes pulls him down. Rhodes drags Raven back in the ring and drives the cow bell into his gut. Rhodes slides out of the ring and pulls Raven into the corner with force. He wraps the rope around the post, taunting at Raven to come at him. Raven reaches out, but Rhodes pulls it allowing Raven to get pushed towards the corner yet again. Rhodes breaks it up and wraps it around Raven’s neck. Raven fights back launching Rhodes off the top rope, allowing him to hit the ring with impact. Raven gets a steel chair from under the ring and wedges it in the corner. Raven launches Rhodes into the corner and Rhodes hits it with impact. Raven then drives the cow bell repeatedly on Rhodes’ leg. Raven gets the steel chair, drives it into Rhodes’ neck and then sets it up. Raven drops an elbow on the back of Rhodes’ neck, goes up to the top, but Rhodes moves out of the way.

Rhodes fights back low blowing Raven with the rope a few times. Rhodes gives Raven a quick uppercut and then gives him 10 quick punches in the corner. Rhodes takes the cow bell, runs attempting a bulldog, but Raven counters and breaks out of it. Raven grabs the steel chair, Rhodes gets up, Rhodes goes to punch but he hits the chair instead. Raven looks to do his drop toe hold on the chair, but Rhodes counters into a bulldog allowing Raven to hit the chair with impact. Rhodes covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes

After the match, Team Canada hits the ring and takes out Dustin Rhodes. America’s Most Wanted comes down and assists Rhodes, cleaning Team Canada out of the ring.

– A video package runs showing Team Trinity (Phi Delta Slam) and Team Traci (Ron & Don Harris).

Team Trinity (Phi Delta Slam) vs. Team Traci (Ron & Don Harris)

The match starts with Big Till slapping Don Harris. Till applies a headlock, but Don responds with a big boot. Ron comes in and clotheslines Big Till out of the ring. Bruno gets the tag and nails Ron off the corner. Ron shrugs it off looking to hit a chokeslam when Big Till comes in to break it up. Ron breaks out of that and gives Bruno a big chokeslam. Ron dumps Bruno outside of the ring and Big Till gets in. The referee tells him to go back to the ring apron since he isn’t the legal man. On the outside, Don knocked out Bruno with a chair. Bruno gets back in the ring and gets a big back suplex for his trouble. Trinity almost gets dragged into the ring, but Big Till prevents it sending one of the Harris Brothers into the steel guard railing. Phi Delta Slam double-team Don Harris as Big Till gets the next tag. He hits a big splash in the corner and tags Bruno back in.

Don continues to get taken out by both Big Till and Bruno. Bruno gives Don a big boot and then throws him to the outside. Bruno launches Don into the guard railing. Big Till tries to jump off the top rope, but he gets knocked off by Ron Harris. Trinity hits a big moonsault on Don, but he shrugs it off and launches her into the crowd. Back in the ring, Bruno continues to work on Don. Bruno gives him a quick suplex, goes up to the top, jumps attempting an elbow drop, but Don moves out of the way. Don responds with a clothesline and then tags in Ron Harris. Ron takes out both Big Till and Bruno with clotheslines. Both Harris Brothers irish whip Phi Delta Slam into each other. Don gets dumped to the outside and Trinity gets in a few cheap shots. Phi Delta Slam take the advantage. Big Till hits the splash off the top rope, but the referee is distracted. The Harris Brothers make the switch behind the referee’s back. Big Till props him up in the corner, but he gets a big boot in return. One of the Harris Brothers covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Team Traci (Ron & Don Harris)

– Backstage, Dustin Rhodes & America’s Most Wanted are talking when Jonny Fairplay comes up. He said he is looking for a tag team to manage and asks them if they have a manager. AMW and Rhodes tell them he needs to take a “survivor” test before he can be their manager. They tell him to get down on all fours and Storm rides him like a horse.

“The Alpha Male” Monty Brown vs. Trytan

The match starts with Brown giving Trytan some quick right hands. Trytan overpowers him, launching him in the air and hitting a modified military press slam (that was a scary bump for Brown). Brown rolls to the outside and Trytan follows, nailing his head off the guard railing and steel steps. Trytan gets in a big chop on Brown’s chest and then puts Brown’s arm through the Ultimate X post, pulling it towards him. Trytan sets up Brown on the ring apron and lands a few elbows to the chest. Trytan chops Brown a few times in the corner followed by a few shoulder charges. Brown counters a charge in the corner with a boot and comes back with some kicks to Trytan’s left leg. Brown comes off the ropes, Trytan catches him and hits a chokeslam. Trytan covers…1…2…kick out. Trytan lifts Brown up to his shoulder, but Brown counters and gives Trytan a big dropkick. Trytan still stays on his feet as Brown gives him some quick chops. Brown counters another big move and gives Trytan a big fallaway slam. Brown goes to hit The Pounce when the lights go out. The lights come back on after a few seconds and a masked man appears. He starts to attack Brown. Brown gives him The Pounce, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Monty Brown

After the match, a confused Brown looks at who he just pinned and looks up at Trytan who is leaving the arena up the entrance ramp.

– Backstage, DDP is warming up talking about Jeff Jarrett.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss

The match starts with both brawling to the backstage area of the Soundstage at Universal Studios. Abyss sets up a table as Hardy tries to fight back. Hardy gets in a few rights and nails Abyss’ head off the wall. Some fans are watching on above as Hardy climbs up part of a steel structure that forms an X. Hardy gets in the middle, jumps and falls on Abyss shattering two tables. Hardy covers Abyss, but only gets a two count. Abyss gets back up and slams Hardy against the wall. The brawl back into the arena area and exchange a few punches. Abyss throws Hardy into the side of the bleachers and then low blows Hardy across the top of the steel guard railing. Abyss rolls Hardy inside the ring and then throws two steel chairs in the ring as well. Hardy gets one of his own, sets up another, jumps off the chair and dropkicks the chair into Abyss’ gut. Abyss fights back with a big boot and then puts a chair on top of Hardy. Abyss jumps off the top and comes down hard on Hardy’s chest on top of the steel chair. Abyss covers, but only gets a two count.

Abyss keeps the steel chair on Hardy’s chest, goes off the ropes looking to hit another splash when Hardy lifts up the chair. Hardy then gives Abyss two hard chairshots, with the second causing Abyss to fall down. Hardy covers…1…2…kick out. A frustrated Hardy goes to the outside circles the six-sided ring looking for another weapon. Hardy finds another steel chair and nails it across Abyss’ back. Hardy then pulls out a ladder, puts it in the ring and sets it up near the corner. Hardy climbs up the top rope getting on the ladder as Abyss climbs up the other side. Hardy nails Abyss’ head off the top, allowing Abyss to fall off with impact. Hardy then springboards over the top of the ladder and gives Abyss a huge leg drop. Hardy covers, but Abyss still kicks out. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but Abyss counters into a dropping backbreaker. Abyss covers, but gets a two count as well. Abyss charges at Hardy in the corner, Hardy flips up and Abyss hits the steel chair still in the corner. Hardy rolls up Abyss for a very close two count. Hardy gets up on the top rope, but Abyss trips him up.

Abyss sets up the ladder in the corner and then goes to the outside, pulling a table from under the ring. Abyss slides the table inside the ring and sets it up. Abyss puts Hardy on top of the table and climbs up the top rope. Hardy trips up Abyss on the top and whips him in the face with his shirt. Hardy attempts a huricanranna on Abyss, but Abyss counters and powerbombs Hardy through the table. Abyss clears the broken table out of the way and grabs the ladder, throwing it down on the mat. Abyss looks to chokeslam Abyss on the ladder when Hardy counters into a Twist of Fate on the ladder. Hardy covers Abyss and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Abyss starts to attack Hardy. Abyss then pulls out the bag full of thumbtacks from under the ring. Abyss spreads them across the mat and grabs Hardy who is trying to fight back. Abyss then gives Hardy the Black Hole Slam on top of the pile of thumbtacks!

– Backstage, Team Canada is backstage celebrating their win earlier tonight. Scott D’Amore said all the titles in TNA will come to them very soon. Jonny Fairplay walks up with a Canadian Flag around him. He said he needs a favor and wants just two of his guys for a tag team. Fairplay starts to sing the Canadian Anthem badly and then runs off.

First Blood – No DQ Match
Kevin Nash vs. The Outlaw

Both have taped fists for the match. The match starts with Outlaw getting in some right hands on Nash. Nash fights back with a quick elbow in the corner. Nash gives Outlaw a few more elbows in the corner followed by choking him with his boot. Nash takes out Outlaw with a quick clothesline. Outlaw trips up Nash and slams his knee against the ring apron. Outlaw then slams his knee against the side of the Ultimate X post two times to add more insult to injury. Outlaw pulls a tool box out from under the ring and gets a screwdriver out. Outlaw tries to drive it into Nash’s forehead, but Nash fights out of it breaking it up. Nash then catapults Outlaw over the top rope to the outside. Nash follows to the outside and nails Outlaw’s head off the steel guard railing and the steel post. Nash grabs a steel chair and comes back in the ring. Outlaw quickly low blows Nash when he tries to use the chair. Nash gets back on his feet, but Outlaw cracks the steel chair over his head. Outlaw tells the referee to check his face for any blood. Nash rolls over and reveals he is still clean. Outlaw grabs some wire cutters and cuts off the turnbuckle pad in the corner. Both exchange shots in the corner.

Nash gives Outlaw a big boot and then lifts him up to his shoulder. Outlaw counters himself off and sends Nash into the corner taking out the referee in the process. Outlaw then nails Nash’s head off the corner, but Nash fights back giving Outlaw a low blow. Nash drops Outlaw face first on the corner two times and draws blood. The referee is still out when Nash picks him up and puts him back in the ring. Jeff Jarrett then runs out and knocks out Nash with the NWA World Title. Jarrett’s attorney comes out with a doctor cleaning up Outlaw’s bloody face. Nash is on the outside with a blood forehead as Jarrett’s attorney and doctor leaves. The referee comes to and sees the blood on Nash’s face, calling for the bell.

Winner: The Outlaw

After the match, Nash gives Outlaw some hard rights taking him out. Nash grabs Outlaw, gives him a few knees to the gut and hits the Jacknife Powerbomb.

X Division Championship – Ultimate X Challenge
AJ Styles (c) vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Ron Killings vs. Elix Skipper

First Fall – Tag Team Match: It starts with Ron Killings and Elix Skipper. Both lock up and Skipper works on Killings’ arm. Killings gives Skipper a big missile dropkick off the top rope followed by a running powerslam. Skipper gives Killings a double underhook suplex followed by a big dropkick off the top. AJ Styles gets the tag in place of Skipper. Styles tells Killings to tag in Daniels. Daniels jumps off when Killings goes to do it. Styles quickly takes out Killings with a dropkick when Daniels comes in giving Styles a cheap shot from behind. Killings gives Styles a cross-body off the ropes and then tags in Daniels with his back turned to the action. Daniels goes after Styles with some hard rights followed by a quick dropkick. Styles gives Daniels a scoop slam followed by a knee drop off the ropes for a two count. Daniels applies a submission on Styles, Styles breaks out of it, but Daniels drops him down and applies a modified crossface. Styles gets his foot on the bottom rope to break it up. Daniels gives Styles a moonsault after springboarding off the ropes. Both exchange rights and lefts, but Styles comes back with a big kick to the back of the head. Daniels tags in Killings. Killings allows Styles to tag in Skipper. Killings gets in a quick right hand on Skipper and a series of counters followed by an axe kick off the top. Killings covers, but Daniels breaks it up. Killings clotheslines Daniels over the top rope and Styles follows it up leaping over the top taking out Daniels. Back in the ring, Skipper gives Killings the Sudden Death for the pinfall.

* Ron “The Truth” Killings has been eliminated

Second Fall – Triple Threat Match: This fall starts with Styles and Skipper exchanging kicks. Both meet up with a double clothesline. While both Styles and Skipper are down, Daniels climbs up to the top of the Ultimate X and hits a moonsault off the top taking out both. That was absolutely crazy! He covers Styles, but only gets a two count. Then former Triple X partners Daniels and Skipper start to talk and agree to double-team Styles. Daniels sets up Skipper though, taking him out with a big clothesline. Daniels knocks Styles to the outside while Skipper gives Daniels a big belly-to-belly suplex. Skipper gives Daniels a spinning leg lariat. Styles then leaps into the ring over the top rope, taking out both. Styles sets up Daniels on the top rope in the corner. He slams Daniels’ head against the post when Skipper attacks him from behind. All three are on top. Styles falls down and Skipper jumps up holding on the Ultimate X wire. Skipper knocks Styles off with a modified huricanranna. Daniels then jumps off the top, but Skipper catches him and counters into a huge powerbomb. Skipper and Daniels start to brawl when Styles flips off the Ultimate X wire and takes out both. Styles gives Skipper a side kick and then gives Daniels a suplex into a neckbreaker. Styles looks to give Daniels the Styles Clash when Skipper breaks it up. Styles goes for the springboard inverted DDT, but Skipper counters and drops Styles on his head. Skipper goes to cover Styles when Daniels rolls him up and gets the pinfall.

* “Primetime” Elix Skipper has been eliminated

Third Fall – Ultimate X Match: Daniels quickly moves his way across the wire, but Styles pulls him down. Daniels takes out Styles quickly with a clothesline. Daniels starts to work on Styles again when Styles fights back with a huge pele kick. They show a few replays of the move. Back live, both Daniels and Styles are making their way across the wire. Styles causes Daniels to slip up. Daniels goes off the ropes and knocks Styles off the wire with force. Both are on their feet on the top rope in the corner. Styles quickly jumps off the top and gets up on the wire. Styles kicks Daniels in the chest a few times. Daniels then leaps off the top rope and catches Styles in an STO, flying down hitting the mat with impact. A dizzy Daniels starts to climb up the top rope as Styles follows. Styles gets up with Daniels, but Daniels smacks him against the steel post. Daniels leaps up and gets on the wire. Styles leaps as well, following him. Styles kicks Daniels off, but Daniels reaches up and pulls Styles down as well. Both then get up on the wires on opposite sides. They lock in the middle and both come down at the same time. Styles is the first back up and Daniels quickly follows. They both reach for the X Title, but come back down on the mat yet again. The referee gets knocked down when this happens. Styles then goes up to the top and pulls the belt down. He starts to celebrate with the X Title when Daniels kicks him in the gut and hits the Angels Wing. Daniels picks up the belt and falls down with it over his chest. The referee comes to and sees the belt across Daniels’ chest, awarding him the match and the X Division Title.

Winner & NEW X Division Champion: Christopher Daniels

– Backstage, Jonny Fairplay approaches Buck Quartermain and Lex Lovett. He said he has been looking everywhere for them and promises them TNA contracts with both Impact! and PPV appearances. They ponder the idea and he said they can have whatever they want.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship – Ringside Revenge
Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Those involved at ringside for the new stipulation is as follows: Monty Brown, 3 Live Kru (BG James, Konnan & Ron Killings), Larry Zbyszko, The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas), Chris Candido and Jarrett’s attorney.

After an introduction of both, the match starts with DDP running Jarrett out of the ring. Jarrett gets back in, DDP chases him and Jarrett leaves the ring yet again. Jarrett gets up on the ring apron and DDP goes after him each time, causing Jarrett to jump down repeatedly. Jarrett eventually gets in and gives DDP a cheap shot from behind. DDP fights back going for the Diamond Cutter, but Jarrett counters out of it and leaves the ring. Jarrett gets in Monty Brown’s face on the outside and Brown starts to choke him. DDP comes out and takes out Jarrett, throwing him into the steel guard railing. They brawl back into the ring and Jarrett applies a headlock on DDP. DDP tries to power out of it, but Jarrett keeps it locked on. DDP eventually gets in a shoulder block on Jarrett, covers, but only gets a two count. Jarrett ducks a clothesline attempt, but DDP comes back with another taking him out. DDP clotheslines Jarrett over the top and goes along for the ride. DDP dumps Jarrett on top of the announcers table and then slams him down face first. DDP gets a drink of some water and spits it in Jarrett’s face. DDP then clotheslines Jarrett over the guard railing into the crowd. He grabs a trash can and drops it over Jarrett’s head as the crowd cheers him on.

Both DDP and Jarrett brawl up into the bleachers. DDP throws Jarrett up against the side of the entrance area as the crowd goes wild. They make their way down the steps and DDP gets another trash can, cracking it over Jarrett’s head. DDP throws Jarrett over the guard railing back to the ringside area. DDP throws Jarrett up on the spanish announcers table and uses a pair of crutches to take out Jarrett. DDP then grabs one of the spanish announcers chairs and puts it in the middle of the ring. DDP gives Jarrett an inverted atomic drop and Jarrett falls down on the chair. DDP gives him a big boot to allow him to fall back. DDP covers, but only gets a two count. DDP gives Jarrett 9 punches in the corner, but Jarrett gives him a low blow before he can hit the 10th. Jarrett drops the announcers chair across DDP’s knee. DDP grabs his knee in pain as Jarrett does it once again. Jarrett starts to work on DDP’s leg and uses the ropes to drop all of his weight on it. Jarrett looks to apply the figure four when DDP counters out of it and rolls up Jarrett for a two count. Jarrett quickly gives DDP some hard boots on the ground and does his strut. DDP grabs Jarrett and works on him in the corner.

Jarrett then applies the figure four on DDP. When DDP falls back on his shoulders, the referee makes the count, but DDP gets up at two on each. DDP tries to roll out of it, but Jarrett rolls over himself and keeps it applied. DDP eventually gets the ropes to break it up. DDP goes for a sunset flip on Jarrett, but only gets a two count. Jarrett applies a sleeper hold as DDP falls to the mat. DDP fights out of it and Jarrett applies another sleeper. DDP fights out of that and takes out Jarrett as he came off the ropes. Both are down on the mat as the referee starts the count. Both get back on their feet as DDP blocks punches from Jarrett and gets in some of his own. DDP takes out Jarrett with a big boot followed by nailing his head off the corner repeatedly. Jarrett counters a Diamond Cutter attempt, but DDP comes back with a modified rock bottom. The crowd starts to chant “Jarrett Sucks” as DDP gives him a kick to the gut followed by a big sitdown powerbomb…1…2…Jarrett kicks out. DDP goes for another Diamond Cutter, but Jarrett blocks it and Candido holds DDP against the ropes allowing Jarrett to hit The Stroke. Jarrett covers, but DDP kicks out. All the TNA stars at ringside start to brawl with each other in the ringside area. The Outlaw then hands Jarrett a guitar. BG James comes in and takes the guitar away. Konnan comes in and holds Jarrett. BG James swings and takes out Konnan with a guitar shot by accident. Ron Killings comes in and questions what BG James just did. Jarrett starts to climb up the top rope when DDP pushes the referee into the corner, tripping Jarrett up. The Outlaw comes in and gives DDP a fameasser. Jarrett covers DDP…1…2…DDP kicks out! Sean Waltman then hits the ring and he takes out both Jarrett and The Outlaw. Waltman gives Outlaw the Bronco Buster and then does the same to Jarrett. Waltman clotheslines Outlaw to the outside. Back in the ring, DDP has Jarrett up on the top rope. Andy Douglas comes in and DDP gives him a Diamond Cutter. DDP then cuts off both Candido and Chase Stevens, giving them each a Diamond Cutter. The crowd starts to chant for DDP. DDP grabs Jarrett and gives him a Diamond Cutter off the top rope. Jarrett’s attorney gets in the ring and distracts DDP. Monty Brown gets in looking to take out Jarrett’s attorney when he goes off the ropes and gives DDP The Pounce! Brown puts Jarrett on top of DDP as the referee counts the pinfall…1…2..3.

Winner & STILL NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Jarrett

After the match, Brown helps Jeff Jarrett to his feet and hands him the NWA World Title. Jarrett smiles and extends his hand to Brown. Brown shakes his head, but then picks up Jarrett celebrating. Both Jarrett and Brown celebrate as the show comes to a close.

– A promo is shown for the next TNA PPV, Lockdown, on April 24.

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