Destination X

May 12, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, March 12, 2006 in Orlando, FL

– A black and white video package runs with a man dressed as Sting observing some of the top matches at Destination X tonight featuring Christian Cage vs. Monty Brown for the NWA World Title, the Ultimate X Match with Samoa Joe, AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels, the big eight man war and the return of Steve “Sting” Borden to TNA. After all of the matches are rundown, the man reveals himself to be a scared Eric Young.
– A new graphic opening hits welcoming us to Destination X. We go live to the Impact Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. Fans are chanting “TNA” loudly. A display of pyro goes off above the ring and in the entrance way.

– Alex Shelley’s music hits to start the first match of the night.

Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal
The bell rings and here we go. A loud “LETS GO LETHAL” chant starts up as Shelley looks on. Both men lock up, Shelley rolls out of it and then trips up Lethal. Lethal kicks Shelley away when he gets knocked down again. Both lock up again and Shelley trips up Lethal yet again. Shelley applies a modified boston crap, but Lethal counters into a modified crossface. Shelley wraps his legs around the body of Lethal, but Lethal bites the fingers of Shelley to break it. They both lock legs and balance on top of their head punching each other. The fans cheer loudly at the sight of this. Shelley plants Lethal to the mat. Lethal comes back with a few takedowns of his own. Both exchange some more takedowns until they pause and stare each other down to the cheers of the crowd. Lethal chops Shelley and then gets in a few arm drags. Lethal connects with a cross-body on Shelley followed by a shoulder charge from the ring apron. Lethal then hits a big huricanranna from the ring apron on Shelley. Shelley goes to the outside and Lethal dives through the second rope to take him out on the outside as well!

Lethal throws Shelley back in the ring and then plants him quickly on his back. Lethal covers, but Shelley kicks out quickly. Lethal hits a snapmare on Shelley followed by a dropkick to the back. Lethal covers Shelley again, but only gets a two count. Shelley fights back with a spin kick on Lethal. Shelley rakes the eyes of Lethal with his boot. Shelley works on the left arm of Lethal and then hits a stiff kick to Lethal’s ribs. Shelley applies a full body submission on Lethal and turns that into a two count pinfall. Lethal fights back with some punches and a jawbreaker. Shelley comes right back with a kick to the back of the head on Lethal. Shelley applies a headlock on Lethal in the middle of the ring. Lethal fights out of the headlock, but Shelley quickly takes him out with a clothesline. Shelley covers, but only gets a two count. Shelley flips Lethal off his shoulders to the mat. Shelley attempts a springboard moonsault off the ropes, but Lethal moves and Shelley hits the mat with impact. Lethal takes out Shelley with a clothesline, arm drag into a flip and a kick to the face! Shelley then hits a jawbreaker on Lethal.

Lethal fights back with a double-hook suplex into a bridge. Shelley kicks out after two. Both exchange a few pinfall attempts. Lethal gets a close rollup on Shelley. Lethal chops Shelley in the corner. Lethal then clotheslines Shelley in the opposite corner and positions him up on the top rope. Shelley then jumps down with Lethal into a big atomic drop. Lethal comes back with a full nelson into a german suplex that results in a two count. The fans are really behind Lethal. Lethal hits a big suplex on Shelley and then goes up to the top rope. Shelley breaks it up and crotches Lethal in the corner. Shelley slaps Lethal across his face. Lethal fights back with some punches to the side and then pushes Shelley off. Lethal connects with a diving headbutt on Shelley, covers, but only gets a two count when Shelley gets his shoulder up. Shelley catches Lethal with a kick to the gut followed by a big reverse DDT off the corner. Shelley covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Alex Shelley

– We go to the ringside area with Mike Tenay and Don West. The rundown the lineup tonight: Eight Man War, Ultimate X and the NWA World Title Match. They also discuss the return of Steve “Sting” Borden tonight.
– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Team Canada. Bobby Roode talks about Team Canada’s match with The Naturals tonight. Scott D’Amore calls The Naturals cry babies about getting screwed last night on iMPACT! D’Amore said they didn’t get screwed, they just didn’t get the job done. He also mentions the World X Cup coming up and how Petey Williams will kick that off tonight in the International X Showcase Match. Alex Shelley comes up and says he has to go on a mission with Eric Young so A-1 will team up with Bobby Roode instead against The Naturals.

Lance Hoyt vs. Maverick Matt w/ Traci
The match starts with Matt spitting in the face of Hoyt. Hoyt attempts a military press, but Matt jumps off. Hoyt then comes back with a high back body drop on Matt. Hoyt clotheslines Matt over the top rope and Matt crashes into the steel guard rail. Traci attends to Matt and he grabs her heading up the ramp. Matt tells Traci something as Hoyt calls out to Matt. Traci attempts to distract Hoyt, but Hoyt looks up at the screen and then turns around clotheslining Matt. Matt gets in a few right hands on Hoyt. Hoyt misses a big boot attempt, but Hoyt slaps his hand around the neck of Matt. Matt fights back with a few kicks to break it up, but Hoyt comes right back with a big powerslam that ends in a two count. Matt gets in a big kick to the face on Hoyt, but Hoyt grabs Matt and hits a big sideslam. Hoyt covers Matt, but only gets a two count. Hoyt lifts Matt up to the top rope. Matt gets in a low blow on Hoyt and then connects with a neckbreaker from the top. Matt drives his elbow into the back of the head on Hoyt followed by a leg drop. Matt hits another neckbreaker and he continues to work on the head of Hoyt connect with a few sledgehammer shots. Matt chokes Hoyt on the top rope.

Matt flips Hoyt to the mat and continues to apply pressure to his neck. Hoyt looks to fight back when Matt dropkicks him in the corner. When Matt charges, Hoyt lifts him high in the air with one arm and Matt crashes down to the mat with force. Hoyt blocks shots from Matt and gets in a few right hands followed by a powerful clothesline. Hoyt shoots Matt to the corner and hits a running clothesline. Hoyt throws Matt up stomach first on the top turnbuckle. Hoyt then kicks Matt with force to the ribs. Hoyt kicks Matt in the gut, goes for the Pumphandle Slam and connects. Hoyt covers…1…2…Matt kicks out! Hoyt then goes up to the top rope, jumps attempting a moonsault, but Matt rolls out of the way. Matt attempts a superkick, but Hoyt tries to lift him up in a Texas Powerbomb. Matt dodges the powerbomb attempt and both men are down. We then go to a camera shot above the ring where we see Jeremy Borash with Eric Young and Alex Shelley searching for Sting. Young throws some papers down from the rafters. Back in the ring, Traci speaks with Matt about the flyers when he turns around and gets a big boot from Hoyt. Hoyt covers and gets the pinfall.

winner: Lance Hoyt

After the match, we see a shot of some of the flyers thrown down by Eric Young that asks if people “have seen this man” with a photo of Steve Borden. Tenay shoots it back to Borash in the back and notes, “boy, that was quick!”

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Rhino, Team 3D and Ron “The Truth” Killings. Rhino says he is ready to give someone a Gore tonight. Brother Ray says Team 3D is coming for the NWA World Tag Team Titles soon, but tonight they focus on the Eight Man War. The Truth throws in a rap line about his team tonight and walks away. Brother Devon lets out a “OH MY BROTHER, TESTIFYYYYY” line. Brother Ray stops Devon and tells him he really has to teach him ebonics.

Team Canada vs. The Naturals
It looks like Eric Young will be teaming with Bobby Roode after all despite the previous backstage promo. The match starts with Bobby Roode and Chase Stevens. Roode takes out Stevens with a big shoulder charge, but Stevens trips him up and goets into a headlock. Stevens hits a shoulder block on Roode followed by a big jumping dropkick. Stevens nails Roode in the gut with a right followed by a big russian leg sweep. Stevens covers Roode, but only gets a two count. Andy Douglas gets the tag and both Naturals double-team Roode with a bulldog to the knee. Douglas covers Roode, but only gets a two count. Roode tags in Eric Young who gets taken out with a big hip toss by Douglas. Young gets another hip toss from Douglas and Douglas puts pressure on the left arm of Young. Stevens gets the tag and both Naturals double-team Young with a necktie move. Douglas gets tagged in and he takes out Roode on the ring apron. Roode then trips up Douglas allowing Young to get a quick cheap shot in. Young hits a backbreaker on Douglas, covers, but only gets a two count. Roode gets the tag and he works on Douglas in the corner.

Roode gets in some rights on Douglas followed by a big back suplex. Roode covers Douglas, but gets a two count. Roode throws Douglas up to the top turnbuckle. Roode attempts some rights, but Douglas counters and jumps off taking Roode with him right to the mat. Stevens gets the tag as Young comes in. Young gets nailed with a high back body drop and Roode gets sent over the top to the outside. Young misses a charge in the corner. Stevens kicks Young in the gut and Young flips up and chops himself on the top rope. Stevens kicks Young finally to the outside and he lands with a thud. Stevens attempts a dive on Young over the top rope, but he hits the steel guard railing instead and Scott D’Amore gets in a cheap shot. Young, who is the legal man, covers Stevens when Roode tosses him back in, but only gets a two count. Young tags in Roode and Roode nails Stevens with some elbows to the neck. Roode hits a swinging neckbreaker on Stevens that results in a two count. Roode plants Stevens with a scoop slam, backs up, gets up on the second rope, taunts, jumps and connects with a knee to the head. Roode covers, but gets yet another two count. Young gets the tag and he drives his boot into the chest of Stevens. Young gets in a few stiff rights on Stevens and then chokes him on the second rope near Roode. Roode then pulls back on the neck of Stevens and tags himself back in.

Roode chokes Stevens on the ground as the crowd starts a loud “USA” chant. Stevens attempts a comeback, but Roode rakes his eyes. Young gets the tag and he throws Stevens face first off the opposite corner. Young then nails Douglas on the ring apron. Young counters an irish whip in the corner flipping to the ring apron. Young stands up on the second rope, taunts and Stevens drills him in the back of the head. Young falls off the corner and hits the floor again with a loud thud. A-1 gets Young back to his feet and puts him near Roode so Roode can tag back in. Roode hits Douglas off the ring apron and then pulls Stevens back toward the Canadian’s corner. Douglas finally gets the tag. He takes out Roode with a high knee and a few clotheslines. Douglas hits a high back body drop on Roode and nails Young as he tries to get back in. Douglas hits a huge DDT on Roode, covers, but only gets a two count. Young comes in, Stevens throws him back and Douglas hits an elbow drop on Young. Roode hits a Full Nelson Slam on Stevens, but Douglas nails Roode with a double-arm DDT. Douglas covers Roode, but gets another two count. Young nails Douglas when he tries to take out Roode. Stevens is up on the corner. Both Roode and Young hook his arms, but Douglas jumps forward and all four men come down off the corner in a HUGE tower of doom! Douglas covers Roode…1…2…kick out. The Naturals go for the Natural Disaster, but Douglas gets distracted. Young then nails Douglas with a hockey stick, rolls out and Roode covers Douglas for the pinfall.

Winners: Team Canada

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Monty Brown and Brown mentions that tonight is his biggest match of his career. Brown said not only that, but tonight is Christian Cage’s biggest match of his career as well. He said Cage is the “flavor of the month” in TNA and that he could be covered in doorknobs, but Cage still couldn’t handle him. Brown says tonight, Cage will feel the…Larry Zbyszko walks up and interrupts. Zbyszko says tonight the NWA World Title Match will be taken care as TNA management has made Earl Hebner the referee and everything will be fair. Brown slaps Zbyszko’s hand away when he tries to shake his hand and says he doesn’t care about him. Brown says tonight, no matter what, Cage will feel the POUNCEEEEEEEEEE…PERIOD.

– A video package rolls highlighting the events with The James Gang & “Bullet” Bob Armstrong against The Latin American Exchange.

The James Gang & “Bullet” Bob Armstrong vs. The Latin American Exchange
Before the match, Konnan ran down BG James, Kip James, “Bullet” Bob Armstrong and Orlando. BG James also got on the mic and ran down LAX. The match starts with Kip James tossing Homicide out of the ring quickly. We then officially start with Machete and BG James. BG takes out Machete with a big boot and then nails Homicide with a right when he comes in. BG goes after Homicide and throws him in the ring. Machete nails BG from the ring apron with a cheap shot allowing Homicide to hit BG with a big spin kick. Homicide gets in a snapmare on BG and then Konnan and Machete double-team BG with some stiff rights. Machete then works on BG in the corner as Homicide holds BG. BG fights back with some rights on Machete, but Machete fights back with a big boot. Kip James continues to argue with the referee loudly. Homicide gets the tag and he connects with a neckbreaker on BG that results in a two count. Homicide connects with a knee to the back of the head on BG. Homicide hits another knee. Homicide attempts a tornado DDT from the corner, but BG throws Homicide away. Both BG and Homicide hit each other in a mid-ring collision. Kip James finally gets the tag and he takes out Machete with a big charge. On the outside, BG nails Homicide with a sledgehammer.

Kip James then goes out with Machete. This leaves Konnan and “Bullet” Bob Armstrong in the ring. Armstrong nails Konnan with a stiff right. Konnan falls to the outside and Armstrong continues to nail him with rights on top of the announcers table. In the ring, we see BG and Machete. BG gets Machete ready for the Pumphandle Slam. Homicide comes in looking to nail BG with a steel chair, but Armstrong holds it and BG kicks it in the face of Homicide. Homicide gets dumped out and Machete is left with Kip, BG and Armstrong. Kip connects with his big jumping inverted DDT on Machete and then gets the pinfall.

Winners: The James Gang & “Bullet” Bob Armstrong

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is following Alex Shelley and Eric Young around. Young even does a flip towards the bathroom door and asks a TNA Security Guard if “Sting” is in there. He says “yes” and they follow Shelley and Young in. They see a bag and bat on the floor. A flush is heard and out comes AJ Styles. He asks what they are doing. Young says they are looking for Sting and points out the bat and bag on the ground. Styles says it was there when he came in. Styles tells Shelley his recent camera work is going to get him in trouble and leaves. Shelley tells Young he was close to knocking out AJ.

International X Showcase Match
Petey Williams (Canada) vs. Puma (Japan) vs. Sonjay Dutt (India) vs. Chris Sabin (U.S.A.)

Mike Tenay notes how this is a preview of the upcoming World X Cup in TNA in the coming months. The match starts with Sonjay Dutt and Puma. Puma applies a headlock on Dutt. Dutt finds a way to land on his feet after a few flip attempts. Dutt gets in a very quick arm drag into a another quick pinfall. Both exchange a few pinfall attempts and then Petey Williams tags himself in on Dutt. Williams and Puma lock up. Sabin tags himself in on Puma and then goes after Williams. Sabin monkey flips Williams. Williams fights back with an arm drag and Sabin gets in one as well. The action moves very quickly between the two and it finishes with a big dropkick by Sabin on Williams. Williams rakes the eyes of Sabin and then knocks Dutt off the ring apron. Dutt and Puma hit the ring and attempt a few pinfalls. It comes down to Sabin and Dutt that sees Dutt nail Sabin with a big dropkick to the face. Sabin and Dutt are now the legal men after a few blind tags. Dutt works on Sabin a bit until Puma gets the tag. Puma nails Sabin with a big kick. Puma then applies a double-underhook submission into a pinfall that sees Puma only get two. Sabin pushes Puma into the corner and Williams tags himself in. Williams gives Puma a scoop slam followed by a leg drop.

Puma gets in some chops on Williams, but Williams drills Puma with a dropkick to the knees. Dutt tags himself in and he gives Puma a scoop slam followed by a springboard moonsault. Dutt gets a two count after he covers Puma. Dutt connects with a kick to the face on Puma. Puma nails Dutt with a big uppercut and Williams gets the tag. Williams puts Dutt up on the corner in the tree of woe and does the “Oh Canada!” taunt. Sabin then tags himself in and hits his big jumping dropkick to the face on Dutt in the corner. Sabin catches Dutt with another kick, covers, but only gets a two count. Sabin applies a surfboard submission on Dutt. Dutt then counters and applies the surfboard submission on Sabin as well. Dutt flips Sabin down, covers, Sabin kicks out quickly and then gets tossed into the corner by Dutt. Dutt chops Sabin with force. Dutt hits a jumping hip into the body of Sabin. Puma tags himself in and he kicks Sabin a few times. Sabin and Puma exchange kick and chop attacks. Williams tags himself in and sends Sabin into the corner. Williams puts Sabin in the tree of woe in the corner. Williams does the “Oh Canada!” taunt. Williams pulls Sabin to the middle of the ring and chokes him with both of his arms. They exchange some forearms until Puma gets the tag. Williams then hits a huge huricanranna over the top rope on Sabin. Puma then leaps over the top rope and takes out Sabin and Williams. Dutt looks to fly as well, but Puma hits the ring and clotheslines Dutt.

Puma hooks the ropes when Sabin tosses him into them. When Sabin charges, Puma moves and Sabin takes out Williams on the outside. Dutt then dropkicks Puma who takes out Sabin. Dutt then takes out Williams, Sabin and Puma with a HUGE moonsault off the top rope and he even lands on his feet to boot. Dutt tosses Sabin back in. Puma pulls Dutt off. Sabin misses a kick on Puma in the ring and Puma kicks Sabin. Williams hits the ring and hits a russian leg sweep on Puma. Dutt nails Williams and then Sabin nails Dutt! All four men are down and the crowd cheers loudly. A loud “THIS IS AWESOME” chant starts as Puma hits Williams with a big brainbuster. Sabin takes out Puma, but Dutt takes out Sabin with a neckbreaker. Williams flips Puma and then applies a Sharpshooter. Dutt breaks it up kicking Williams in the head. Dutt chops Williams, but Williams comes back with a big DDT on Dutt. Williams signals the Canadian Destroyer. Dutt counters it into a modified Styles Clash. Sabin breaks up with pinfall attempt. Sabin and Dutt exchange chops. Sabin catches Dutt, hits one powerbomb, lifts up Dutt and hits a second one with force! Puma then goes after Sabin, but Sabin kicks Puma in the gut. Puma fights back with a double-hook DDT. Dutt grabs Puma. Puma hits some elbows. Williams sends Puma over the top rope. Dutt grabs Williams, but Williams drops Dutt off the top rope. Williams then hits the Canadian Destroyer on Dutt! Sabin comes in, attempts the Cradle Shock, but Williams breaks it up. Williams attempts another Destroyer, but Puma takes out Williams. Sabin then grabs Puma and hits the Cradle Shock. Sabin gets the pinfall. Wow!

Winner: Chris Sabin

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett, Abyss and America’s Most Wanted along with Gail Kim and Jackie Gayda. James Mitchell brings up how Abyss has joined teams with Jarrett and will use his power for a common goal to take out Rhino, Team 3D and Ron “The Truth” Killings. Jarrett said time is about up for Sting when Eric Young and Alex Shelley come up. They said they can’t find Sting. Jarrett said they won’t look for Sting anymore. Jarrett challenges Sting to come out and get him if he wants him.
– A video package runs highlighting the events leading up to the Eight Man War tonight with Jeff Jarrett, Abyss and America’s Most Wanted vs. Rhino, Team 3D and Ron “The Truth” Killings.

Eight Man War Tag Team Match
Jeff Jarrett, Abyss & NWA World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted vs. Rhino, Team 3D & Ron “The Truth” Killings

The match starts with all eight men brawling in the ring. The TNA cameras are following the action everywhere. We see The Truth with Jeff Jarrett and Abyss with Rhino. James Storm gives Brother Ray a suplex while Killings gives Jarrett a suplex. Rhino is up in the crowd with Abyss where they were at last month from Against All Odd’s. Rhino attempts another Gore, but Abyss big boots Rhino. Jarrett grabs Killings and nails him face first off the spanish announce table. Team 3D are both on America’s Most Wanted. Devon is on Chris Harris, while Ray is on James Storm. We see Killings nailing Jarrett with some rights on the table. We then go to Rhino taking about Abyss with a shot to the back with a steel chair and then a big shot to the head. We see Jarrett take out Killings with a chair shot as well. Jarrett waits for Killings to get up and Jarrett nails him in the gut with a steel chair. Killings fights back nailing Jarrett off the railing. We then see Ray going after Abyss with some rights, but Storm gets involved hitting Ray with some rights. Rhino then hits Storm and they hit the ring. Devon takes out Harris on the babyface ramp. In the ring, Rhino takes out Storm with some rights in the corner. Devon gets the tag and attempts to pick up a knocked out Storm. Devon takes out Storm with a spinning charge. Storm gets in an elbow on Devon.

Ray then hits the ring and puts Storm on his shoulders. This gets broken up and Abyss gives Ray a big chokeslam. Jarrett then works on Devon who now appears to the legal man. Jarrett bounces off the body of Devon, holds his arms bag, Abyss gets the tag and works on Devon. Abyss nails Devon with some rights, but Devon comes right back with some of his own. Abyss hits Devon with a knee and Storm gets the tag. He kicks Devon a few times, but Devon comes back with a jumping clothesline. Ray gets the tag and he clotheslines Storm a few times. Ray hits a high back body drop on Storm followed by a hip toss on Harris when he comes in. Ray hits a fallaway slam on Harris and chops him in the corner. Ray sends Harris into Storm and Rhino gets the tag. Ray sends Rhino with force into AMW! Rhino plants Storm with a big spinebuster, covers, but Jarrett breaks up the pinfall. Jarrett and Rhino are the legal men in the ring. Rhino gives Jarrett a big military press slam. Rhino hits Jarrett with a belly-to-belly suplex and then calls for The Gore. Gail Kim comes in and stands in front of Jarrett. The crowd cheers Rhino to still hit The Gore. Kim slaps Rhino. Rhino grabs Kim, but Abyss kicks Rhino in the face. Abyss nails Rhino with some right hands. Abyss chokes Rhino in the corner, but Rhino fights back with some chops. Abyss hits Rhino with a big kick to the gut and follows that up with a big charge in the corner. Abyss covers, but only gets a two count.

Jarrett gets the tag and he nails Rhino with a big dropkick. Storm gets the tag and he goes after Rhino with some right hands. Rhino catches Storm with a kick, but Storm follows up with a quick powerslam that results in a two count. Harris gets the tag and both members of AMW send Rhino into the ropes and hit a double-arm shot to the head. The crowd starts a loud “BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN” chant at Harris and Storm. Harris has Rhino down in a headlock. The referee lifts Rhino’s arm once, twice, but he gets it up at the third attempt. Harris takes down Rhino by his hair and tags in Jarrett. Jarrett covers Rhino three times, but gets a two count on each. Storm gets the tag and he drives his knee into the neck of Rhino. Abyss gets the tag and he nails Rhino with some very hard rights. Abyss ends it with a big boot on Rhino. Abyss then goes up to the corner, jumps and connects with a big splash. Abyss covers, but Ray breaks up the pinfall. Jarrett tags in and both Jarrett and Rhino hit each other with a double clothesline leaving both men down. Harris gets the tag and he drops the elbow on Rhino to prevent Rhino from getting tagged out. Harris drives his shoulder into Rhino in the corner a few times until he tags in Storm. Harris misses a charge on Rhino in the corner and then Rhino takes out Storm. Killings gets the tag and he clears house on AMW, Jarrett and Abyss! Killings drives Jarrett face first into the mat. Killings takes out Harris with a jumping forearm. Abyss backs up nearby. Abyss charges, but hits Storm instead. Killings dropkicks Abyss through the ropes.

Killings hits a modified stunner on Storm that gets broken up during the pinfall by Jarrett. Jarrett grabs a guitar, but misses on Killings. Rhino then nails Jarrett with a huge Gore. Abyss then nails Rhino with a Black Hole Slam. Killings clotheslines Abyss over the top rope. In the ring is Ray and Jarrett. Ray scoop slams Jarrett and then gets him setup for Devon. Gail Kim jumps on the back of Ray. Ray flips her off and Jackie Gayda comes in. Ray and Gayda hold the legs open of Kim and Jarrett. Killings drops a leg on Kim and Devon drops face first into Jarrett. Abyss comes in and grabs Jackie, but Devon hits a low blow on Abyss. Ray and Devon then hit the 3D on Abyss. Harris hits the ring and takes out Devon. Storm hits the ring as well and he superkicks Ray. Storm sets up Devon for the Death Sentence and Harris connects. Killings is in and AMW take him out. It appears AMW is handcuffing Killings to the corner, but Harris ends up getting handcuffed instead. Killings hits an Axe Kick on Storm, covers…1…2…Jarrett pulls the referee out. Killings dives on Jarrett on the outside. Killings throws Jarrett back in, hooks his arms, but Jarrett counters. Jarrett attempts The Stroke, Killings counters, Killings goes off the ropes, Harris trips him up and Jarrett grabs Killings flowing into a Stroke. Jarrett covers Killings and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Jeff Jarrett, Abyss & NWA World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted

After the match, Jarrett, Abyss and AMW all celebrate the victory.

– A promo runs hyping the Lockdown PPV next month on April 23. All matches will be held inside a steel cage.
– We then see Jeff Jarrett confronting Mike Tenay and Don West asking where Sting is at. Jarrett stands on top of the announcers table and says he doesn’t see Sting anywhere out here. He goes inside the ring and says if Sting doesn’t come out on the count of 10, it will prove he is a true quitter. Jarrett counters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…Jarrett says this is the moment of truth…10. Jarrett looks at the entrance ramp and nothing happens. Jarrett laughs and says he has been proven right. He calls Sting a quitter and says everything has been resolved. Jarrett tells Christian Cage and Monty Brown that he is coming for the NWA World Title and will be watching the winner tonight.
– A video package runs highlighting the Ultimate X Match tonight involving Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels for the X Division Title.
– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with the X Division Champion and the undefeated Samoa Joe. Borash mentions that some have compared his undefeated streak to Bill Goldberg. Samoa Joe quickly cuts off Borash and says he hasn’t slept a wink since TNA management has taken his title away from him and hung it above the ring in the Ultimate X. Joe says as far as the comparison goes to Bill Goldberg, with him, it hasn’t been about who is next, it has been about who is left.

X Division Championship – Ultimate X Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

We see a shot of the X Division Title hanging above the ring. The match starts with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels trying to climb up, but Samoa Joe takes both of them down. Daniels hits Joe with some elbows, but Joe comes back with some stiff kicks on Daniels. Styles gets up on the X a bit, but jumps down and goes after Joe. Joe plants Styles with force on the mat. Daniels gets up on the X, Joe pulls him down and then hits a quick back body drop. Joe then goes up to the top turnbuckle when Styles cuts him off with some elbows. Styles catches Joe with a boot to the face. Joe gets taken out by Daniels. Styles attempts a dropkick on Daniels. Daniels stops himself on the ropes and Styles flips in mid-air and lands on his feet. Styles then finally catches Daniels with a dropkick. Both Styles and Daniels get on the X, get near the belt, but kick each other off and hit the mat with impact. Joe takes out Daniels with a big flying knee. Styles kicks and elbows Joe a few times. Styles takes out Joe with a springboard forearm shot. Joe pushes Styles. Styles charges, Joe flips Styles over his head, Styles goes over and Styles takes out Daniels! Styles and Daniels chop each other on the outside and then Joe spins in mid-air over the top rope taking out both men! Joe gets up on the ring apron and climbs up the top rope. Joe reaches and gets on the X cable, but Daniels kicks Styles into Joe and Joe comes down with force.

Daniels connects with a big flipping plant from the top rope to the mat on Joe. Daniels connects with a kick to the head on Joe followed by a charging knee that sends Joe to the outside. Daniels climbs up the top rope and Styles nails a few punches to his legs. Daniels comes down and Styles kicks him in the back. Styles climbs up the top rope, grabs the X cable, but Daniels comes up with him. Styles wraps himself around the steel holding up the Ultimate X. Styles then flips around Daniels and hits a sunset flip off the top rope! Styles then climbs back up and gets on the X cable. Styles gets near the belt, Joe pulls him down into an atomic drop followed by a big dropkick and body splash! Joe then hits a big knee to the head on Daniels and then does a face wash. Joe backs up and nails Daniels in the head with force with his boot! Joe grabs a steel chair, sets it up and puts Daniels on it. Joe backs up, charges, but Styles comes out of no where and nails Joe cutting him off. Styles gets back in the ring, gets to the top rope, gets on the X cable, but falls away frustrated. Styles then charges at Joe and Joe catches him, slamming him down to the mat with force. Joe throws the steel chair in the ring, grabs it, throws it down near the corner, puts Styles up on the turnbuckle, but Daniels comes in to break it up. Joe then starts to slap Daniels. Daniels dodges a few chops and charges Joe back into the corner. Joe then locks in a choke on Daniels. Styles then dropkicks Joe right in the head!

With Joe still up on the top turnbuckle, both Styles and Daniels grab Joe and give him a double-team Muscle Buster! Both Daniels and Styles start to exchange right hands. Daniels drives his knee into Styles’ gut and then hits a few more chops. Daniels blocks a first kick, Styles catches the second and then hits a huge Pele Kick on Daniels! Styles gets up on the top rope again, jumps, makes his way across the X cable, grabs the belt, but Joe nails him with the steel chair to the back! Daniels then kicks the steel chair into the face of Joe. Daniels then climbs up and puts his legs on the ropes as he makes his way across the cable. Daniels slides across quickly, grabs the belt, unhooks it and falls down.

Winner & NEW X Division Champion: Christopher Daniels

After the match, Christopher Daniels celebrates with the X Division Title. Don West is quick to note that even though Samoa Joe lost the title, he still maintains his undefeated streak in TNA. We then see highlights of the match. Back live, Daniels and Styles are shaking hands. We see a shot of a frustrated Samoa Joe tossing part of the steel steps around.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with the NWA World Champion Christian Cage. Borash talks about the Pounce he took from Brown two weeks ago, but Cage stops him as the fans chant loudly for him. Borash says some have already deemed him the underdog tonight. Cage asks if that means he is already down and out. He says he is use to getting his ass kicked, but he is still the champion. Cage says the think he has that Brown doesn’t is respect. He says Brown walks around TNA saying the company is his hunting grown. Cage says TNA is the Peep Zone, not the Serengeti. He said tonight, Brown will continue his streak in NWA World Title Matches just as he did in Super Bowl’s…winless. Cage ends it with a “because that’s…how I roll.”
– A video package rolls highlighting the events between Christian Cage and Monty Brown leading to the NWA World Title Match tonight.
– Mike Tenay & Don West reflect on the night so far and how now it is time for the NWA World Title Match. West said everyone knows Cage isn’t 100% right now and how tonight is a true test since tonight is his first title defense since winning the title at Against All Odd’s next month.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Christian Cage (c) vs. Monty Brown

Jeremy Borash did introductions for referee Earl Hebner, the challenger Monty Brown and the NWA World Champion Christian Cage. The bell rings and here we go. The match starts with Cage grabbing Brown quickly. Brown backs Cage into the corner and then gets in a cheap shot when he backs away. Cage applies a headlock, Brown tries to break it, but Cage drops to a knee and keeps it applied. Brown takes out Cage with a big shoulder block. Cage then approaches slowly, puts his hand in the air, Brown locks it and Cage gets in some kicks to the gut. Cage slides under Brown and then hits a few chops. Brown fights back with some chops of his own followed by launching Cage over the top rope. Brown nails Cage over the back with a forearm and then gets in some rights against the steel guard railing. Brown tosses Cage over the guard railing into the crowd. They brawl up into the stands with Cage getting in some stiff rights. Cage punches Brown until he finally goes back over the railing. Cage sends Brown back into the ring and chops Brown a few times in the corner. Brown counters and sends Cage into the corner hitting some rights and lefts of his own. Brown then sends Cage through the ropes to the outside. Brown nails Cage’s ribs off the steel guard railing two different times. Brown grabs a steel chair, swings, Cage dodges it and Brown hits the steel structure holding up the Ultimate X. Cage throws Brown in the ring. Cage jumps off the top rope, but Brown plants his right hand in his ribs.

Both men brawl to the ring apron. They exchange some chops until Brown lifts Cage up and Cage hits the outside with force. Brown then drops Cage’s ribs off the guard railing as well. Brown kicks Cage in the chest a few times followed by some chops to the chest. Cage rolls back in the ring to dodge anymore chops from Brown. Brown then takes out Cage with a big clothesline. Brown continues to work on the injured ribs of Cage. Brown shoots Cage into the corner. Brown hits a few shoulder charges in the corner on Cage. Cage fights back with some rights and chops. Brown then gives Cage a front suplex across the top cable. Brown then grabs Cage and irish whips him right into the side of the turnbuckle. Brown pulls Cage back in, covers, but only gets a two count. Brown picks up Cage and hits a few rights to the head. Brown then applies an abdominal stretch on Cage. Cage screams out in pain. Cage breaks out of it, but Brown quickly drops his knee over the ribs of Cage. Brown covers, but only gets a two count. Cage fights back with some shots to the stomach on Brown. Cage catches Brown with an elbow in the corner. Cage attempts a tornado DDT, but Brown counters and launches Cage in the air and Cage hits the mat with force chest first. Cage grabs his ribs in pain as Brown covers him, but only gets a two count. Cage fights back with some chops and right hands on Brown. When Cage counters, Brown catches him in the air, but Cage comes back down in a huge DDT! Both men are down. They find a way up and Cage hits Brown with a knee and big clothesline.

When Cage appears to be making a comeback, Brown cuts him off with shots to the ribs. Brown goes off the ropes, charges, but Cage catches him with a side kick. Cage works on Brown in the corner, but Brown pushes him down. Cage does this a second time and he gets pushed off again by Brown. Cage then catches Brown in a quick running bulldog. Brown is down and Cage climbs up to the top rope. Cage attempts a Frog Splash, but Brown moves out of the way. Brown grabs Cage and applies a full body submission working on the ribs and neck of Cage. Cage breaks it up and gets in some rights on Brown. Brown then grabs Cage and drops him chest first off the top turnbuckle. Brown grabs Cage, positions him up on the top turnbuckle, Brown gets in some shots to the ribs, but Cage headbutts Brown off the top. Cage gets the top, jumps and connects with a back splash on Brown! Cage covers, but Brown kicks out after two quickly. Cage grabs Brown attempting The Unprettier, but Brown counters that into the Alpha Bomb! Brown covers…1…2…Cage kicks out! Brown grabs Cage again, but Cage counters into a float over. Brown grabs Cage again, puts him on his shoulders and then hits a modifed F-5. Brown covers…1…2…Cage finds a way to kick out. Brown drives Cage face first into the mat. When Brown sends Cage into the ropes, he attempts The Pounce, but Cage cuts off Brown with a kick to the head. Brown grabs Cage again, but Cage counters into an Unprettier! Cage covers Brown…1…2…3.

Winner & STILL NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Christian Cage

After the match, Christian Cage celebrates with the NWA World Title by lifting it over his head. The lights then go out and Jeff Jarrett’s music hits. Jarrett said he came here tonight to do three things and that he has done two of them…winning the Eight Man War and proving to the world that Sting is a quitter. He said the third is getting his rightful rematch for the NWA World Title. Cage says if he agrees to the rematch, then Jarrett should retire if he loses. He said he would give him a shot right here and right now, but his hands are tied. Cage does offer to kick his ass though. Jarrett hits the ring and goes after Cage when Monty Brown gets involved. Brown and Jarrett double-team Cage. Cage fights off Brown and goes after Jarrett when Abyss hits the ring. Rhino then comes out as well. Rhino and Abyss brawl. America’s Most Wanted and Team Canada hit the ring along with Alex Shelley. They all take out Christian Cage and Rhino. Abyss nails Cage with a Torture Rack. They all taunt Cage as Rhino continues to get beaten down. Chris Harris handcuffs Cage to the ring ropes and Jarrett beats Cage over the back with a belt. Harris, D’Amore, Roode and Abyss all take turns as well. Even James Mitchell gets in on the fun. Steve “Sting” Borden then comes into the ring through the crowd. Borden takes out Jarrett and Abyss. Borden then cleans house on Team Canada and AMW. Borden clotheslines Abyss to the outside, throws Roode out, Storm out and Harris. Borden then scares Eric Young out of the ring. Jeff Jarrett is the only one left inside. Borden nails him with a big right hand. Borden grabs the belt and he kicks Jarrett. Borden then whips Jarrett with the belt. Borden then applies the Scorpion Deathlock on Jarrett!

Scott Steiner then hits the ring and takes out Borden! Steiner grabs Borden and hits a big belly-to-belly suplex. Steiner does push-ups in front of Borden taunting him. Jarrett’s army then come in the ring as Steiner hits Borden with a big T-Bone Suplex. Everyone gets in a free cheap shot on Borden. Steiner then applies the Steiner Recliner on Borden. Steiner taunts at the crowd as Jarrett grabs the guitar and smashes it over the head of Borden. The PPV goes off the air with Jarrett grabbing Borden by the hair yelling at him…

Source: Adam Martin,


What did you think of Destination X?

Thumbs Up – 47%

In the middle – 8%

Thumbs Down – 8%

Didn’t see it – 36%

Best match?

James Gang-LAX – 3%

Intl X-division showdown – 23%

Team Canada-Naturals – 1%

Lethal-Shelley – 3%

8-man tag match – 6%

Ultimate X – 45%

Hoyt-Bentley – 2%

Cage-Brown – 17%

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