Superbrawl Revenge

May 10, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, February 18th in Nashville, TN

In a clip from the pre game show, Road Warrior Animal viciously attacked Billy Kidman, taking him out of the Cruiserweight contention match.

Cruiserweight Contention Match
“Sugar” Shane Helms d. Shannon Moore & Kaz Hayashi & Yang & Jaime Knoble & Evan Karagias

The show was started in a big way as the six top Cruiserweights battled for a shot at the coveted Cruiserweight title, held by the arrogant Chavo Guerrero, Jr. “Sugar” Shane Helms came out as the sixth man to replace Kidman as the match got underway. Knoble and Moore were in first, showing off their speed as they countered each other with headlocks and armdrags. Moore and Helms worked together after the tag, delivering a tremendous springboard sit out powerbomb. The Jung Dragons, not to be out shined, flew over the top with a pair of dives, bringing the crowd to their feet. Karagias and Knoble used quick double-teaming on Yang to keep the youngster down. Shane tagged in and had a tremendous exchange with Yang before tagging Shannon to combine on another innovative move. All six men missed on dives from the top, leaving the ring filled with beaten Cruiserweights. Helms was the first to his feet, bringing Yang over with a German suplex with a little help again from his friend, Moore. Another series of dives followed, this time to the outside, where each connected, taking the match to a new level. Karagias was eliminated by Yang, who went down minutes later to a Knoble tombstone. Shannon Moore eliminated Knoble with the Bottoms Up from the turnbuckle, leaving Kaz in the ring with both members of 3 Count. As Helms set for the Vertabreaker, Moore hit the Bottoms Up on his partner. Moore and Kaz doubled on “Sugar” Shane, but Helms came back and finally hit the Nightmare On Helms Street, taking Moore out of the contest. Helms and Hayashi exchanged breathtaking moves, each getting near falls on the other. In the end, it was “Sugar” Shane who got the 1-2-3 to move on to a Cruiserweight title match.

Tony and Scott aired security camera footage of Chavo Guerrero approaching Ric Flair and Animal backstage. Flair was shown shaking his head in agreement, sending Animal off for a task.

Hugh Morrus spoke of the betrayal he felt after The Wall turned on him. Morrus stated that General Rection may have had compassion, but the laughing man had nothing but hatred.

Backstage, Ric Flair gave Big Poppa Pump an envelope, telling the WCW champion that Kevin Nash’s future was inside.

Backstage, Lance Storm told Bryan Clark that he was to see the “company” doctor before wrestling in his match later in the PPV. Storm would not allow Brian Adams to join his partner.

Hugh Morrus d. The Wall

The Wall and Morrus locked horns on the outside to start this grudge match, using guardrails and ring steps as weapons as they relentlessly attempted to not only win the match, but to end each others careers as well. Morrus hit a big elbow drop from the top rope, screaming for his former friend to get to his feet. The Wall missed a legdrop from the top, giving Morrus an opening to deliver more punishment. Both warriors were worn down as they got to their knees and flailed punches at each other, barely able to stay up. Morrus climbed the turnbuckle and crashed down with the No Laughing Matter moonsault to gain the win. After the bell, Hugh hit another moonsault for good measure.

Backstage, Konnan started a fight with Animal, looking for retribution for the Kidman attack.

World Tag Team Title Match
Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’ Haire d. Shawn Stasiak and Mark Jindrak

Stasiak and O’ Haire talked smack on the mic before all four men started to brawl in the ring. PerfectShawn came out strong with a series of clotheslines on O’ Haire, but the monster fought back, tagging Palumbo into the bout. The tag team champions worked over Jindrak in their corner, making quick tags to keep the fresh man on the inside. Stasiak and Jindrak were able to turn the tide, doubling up on Chuck Palumbo, while showing off their arrogance to the fans. Palumbo desperately tried to get to his corner, but each time he was close, Jindrak and Stasiak would turn it on, keeping him away from his partner. Stasiak missed a splash from the top rope, allowing Chuck to finally make the hot tag to O’ Haire, who exploded with a barrage of clotheslines. With all four in the ring, Stasiak moved his partner out of the way of a Seanton Bomb, only to take a Jungle Kick from Palumbo, and receive the bomb himself, bringing the champions to victory.

Dustin Rhodes said that he had overcome all of the obstacles in his way, and was ready to take the US Title from Rick Steiner.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
Chavo Guerrero, Jr. d. Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Rey was ready for his shot at the title, bringing Chavo to the outside with a huracanrana takeover. Guerrero grounded the high flyer quickly, dropping him across the top rope, midsection first. Mysterio sent Chavo off the top rope, but the champion got up, slamming Rey down onto the hard steel of the turnbuckle. Guerrero applied the Gory Special, but Rey Jr. powered out of it. Chavo got the move on again, this time dropping down into a Gory Driver. Guerrero locked on the STF, before turning it into a front face lock. Chavo grabbed a Rey Mysterio mask from a fan at ringside and put it on the beaten Rey, adding insult to injury. Mysterio put the mask on Chavo and brought him off the turnbuckle with a huracanrana. The champion commandeered a chair from ringside and placed it in the corner between the second and top rope. Rey came back strong with a huracanrana to the outside. He continued his attack with a spinning DDT and a BroncoBuster. As Mysterio grabbed the chair from in the ring, the referee took it to the outside, unable to see the Cruiserweight champion take another chair over Rey’s head. One Brainbuster later, and the match was over.

Backstage, Lance Storm told Brian Adams that his match was moved up in the card, even though Adams still had no idea where his partner was.

US Title Match
Rick Steiner d. Dustin Rhodes

Rhodes was all over the Dog Faced Gremlin, but Steiner ducked out of the way of a Dustin dive, sending the Texan to the floor. Rick brutally attacked his challenger, delivering stiff knees to the side of the head. The fans brought Rhodes to his feet, but Steiner took him to the canvas again where he applied a half crab submission hold. Dustin got to his feet again, but again it was the champion cutting him off with a big Steinerline. Rhodes finally got his second wind, bringing the fight to the floor. As referee Billy Silverman took a chair away from Rhodes, Rick was on the inside, unhooking one of the turnbuckle pads. As Dustin came back into the ring, he was dropped across the exposed steel, and pinned for the 1-2-3. After the bell, Rhodes set Steiner spread eagle in the corner and “kicked a field goal.”

Backstage, Ric Flair told the commissioner that everyone not on their team needed to be escorted out of the building after their match. The CEO also told Storm to let everyone know that the winner of the Totally Buff vs. KroniK match would get a shot at the tag team titles.

Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger d. KroniK
Totally Buff got on the mic before the match, making fun of the fans, Goldberg, and KroniK. Adams came out by himself, but as he got half way down the aisle, Clark appeared on the stage, much to the delight of the already frenzied crowd. Luger and Bagwell dropped Clark at ringside with a chair and headed inside to double on Brian Adams. The Total Package was caught between the legs with a double knee shot by Adams, as the KroniK member came alive, taking both men off their feet. As Adams was about to take Buff down with the full nelson slam, Clark attacked his partner from behind. Suddenly, Bryan Clark made his way down the ramp, as the man in the ring revealed himself to be Mike Awesome in disguise. Buff hit the Blockbuster on a dazed Adams, gaining a shot at the tag team gold for Totally Buff.

Backstage, KroniK attacked WCW security members as Lance Storm walked away and headed to the ring.

Match For The Commissionership
The Cat with Ms. Jones d. Lance Storm

The Cat ran down the new commissioner, getting the fans riled up before this all-important match. Technical wrestling was the name of the game early on, as both men exchanged arm drag and toe hold takedowns. The technical wrestling soon fizzled, however as Storm introduced Miller’s back to the cold steel guardrail. Lance focused his attack on the worn knee of The Cat, stretching and twisting the limb every chance he got. Miller fired up briefly, but Storm threw a short dropkick to the knee, stopping the former commish in his tracks. The leader of Team Canada continued to work over the knee, wrapping it hard around the ring post. Storm applied the Maple Leaf, but Miller got to the ropes for the break. Mike Sanders came to ringside and grabbed Ms. Jones, who responded with a slap across the face and a high kick to the head. On the inside, Cat hit the Feliner and scored the pin to once again become the commissioner as of midnight.

Kanyon d. Diamond Dallas Page
Jeff Jarrett came to the stage, showing a video of DDP from last week where he challenged Kanyon to a match anytime, anywhere. The Chosen One called Kanyon out to take on Page, but as DDP looked on toward the stage, Kanyon came from under the ring, jumping the three-time champion. Page was dropped face first across the ring steps, busting him open in the process. Kanyon stayed on top of Page, taking advantage of his weary opponent as the blood poured from above Page’s left eye. Dallas refused to give up, trying to stay strong against the man who months earlier took over his identity. Dallas kicked out of the Kanyon Cutter, just as Jarrett made his way to ringside. With the referee down, The Chosen One entered and applied The Stroke. Kanyon iced the cake with a Flatliner, getting the tainted win. Kanyon got the mic and introduced Jarrett to the ring for his match against DDP.

Diamond Dallas Page d. Jeff Jarrett
Jarrett went right after the bloody Page, who could barely stand on his feet. They fought to the outside and into the crowd, where they beat on each other with a trashcan. They fought on the announcer’s table, where DDP ended up in the lap of Tony Schiavone. Back in the ring, Jarrett turned it up, attempting to put Page away with a sleeper hold. Dallas got the fans behind him and powered out of the hold, getting an adrenaline rush that allowed him to rock Jarrett around the ring. After a piledriver on Jarrett, DDP went for the cover, but was pulled off at two by Kanyon, who had returned to ringside. Jeff connected with a huge chair shot to the head of Page, but as he swung the guitar, he clobbered Kanyon, setting Dallas up to deliver the Diamond Cutter for the hard fought win.

Ric Flair joined Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson at the announcer’s table.

World Title Match
Loser Leaves WCW

“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner with Midajah d. “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash Big Poppa told Michael Buffer to get out of the ring, as he didn’t need anyone to tell him how great he was. The champion demanded the production team to rerun the devastating injury to Sid Vicious. Steiner called Ric Flair into the ring, who announced that the loser of the match would have to leave WCW forever. As the referee started counting, the WolfPac music played over the sound system. Two nurses wheeled Big Sexy to the ring in a wheelchair. Nash, who was in the chair wearing a cast on his leg, sat at ringside as Steiner told the ref to start the count again. When Big Poppa turned around to gloat, Kevin removed the blanket from his lap, revealing a fake cast. Nash entered the ring and leveled the champion with the belt, scoring the win. Flair went ballistic at ringside, announcing that “he forgot” to announce the match as 2 out of 3 falls. Backstage, DDP made his way down the hall for backup, but was attacked and stuffed in a production truck by Luger and Bagwell. Nash and Steiner took it to the outside, where they continued the fight as Midajah got involved. With the champion’s freak in the mix, Big Sexy was knocked down with the lead pipe. The Nature Boy got the mic and told the ref it was a falls count anywhere match, prompting Charles Robinson to count the fall on the floor, making one fall a piece. Steiner pounded on his challenger, but Nash somehow came back, knowing that so much was on the line. Big Poppa Pump smashed a steel chair over Nash’s head and applied the Steiner Recliner. Big Sexy got out, set, and delivered the Jackknife Powerbomb. As the referee counted the fall, Midajah jumped on him, leading Nash to side slam the vixen. Ric Flair got involved, knocking out Robinson, as Steiner slammed another chair over Nash’s head. The champion locked on the Recliner again and second referee Mark Johnson called for the bell, ending the career of Big Sexy in WCW as SuperBrawl came to a close.


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