May 10, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, December 17th, from Washington, D.C.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. came to the announcer’s table, ready to watch the ladder match that would determine his number one contender.

Cruiserweight Title Contention Match

3 Count d. Evan Karagias and Jaime Knoble and The Jung Dragons with Leia Meow

A contract for a shot at the Cruiserweight Title hung high above the ring as all three teams prepared for a war in this ladder match. Moore went for the ladder early, but was stopped by Evan Karagias. Shane tore through the ropes to the outside, prompting everyone else to follow. As The Dragons fought with Knoble and Karagias on the floor, Helms and Moore snuck back in with a ladder, almost getting to the top before Yang and Kaz knocked them down. After several dangerous moves involving all three ladders, Karagias and Knoble had a shot to climb to the top, but argued amongst themselves before getting kicked into each other by a Yang dropkick from the top. When all six men dove over the ropes to the outside, Knoble climbed the ladder to retrieve the contract, but was tipped over, sending him over on top of the group. After a ladder was placed from the second rope to an upright ladder, Evan performed a powerslam from the fixture to the mat. Shane Helms delivered a huge neckbreaker off the ladder, and Moore brought Yang down with a sleeper hold slam. Shane and Shannon made a bridge with the ladders, but Knoble and Karagias stopped them before they could go up. In the end, Moore and Helms pushed Yang and Knoble off the bridge, and shook hands before both grabbing the contract, leaving Guerrero to wonder who he was going to face on Nitro.

Backstage, Lance Storm told Hacksaw that the Americans would never take him back.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett and The Harris Boys tried to talk Mike Sanders into making their match against The Filthy Animals a Bunkhouse Match as well as a Street Fight.

In a sauna in the back, Bryan Clark agreed to do a job before getting paid. Adams said that it was a special circumstance, so it was okay.

Lance Storm with Major Gunns d. The Cat with Ms. Jones

Storm poked fun at the presidential elections, telling the Americans that they should be proud to live in such a pitiful country. The Cat and Ms. Jones came in and danced for the Washington crowd, sending Team Canada to the outside. Miller was in control until Major Gunns tripped him up, prompting Ms. Jones to get into the ring. Cat and Storm broke up the melee before it started, getting the ladies back on the floor. Storm took Miller down with a front face lock, but the former commissioner came back strong until Skipper interfered from behind, allowing Lance to attack again. Jones and Gunns got into it again on the outside, as the referee was knocked down on the floor. Back in the ring, as Miller had Storm in a predicament, Duggan came to the ring. The fans chanted USA, and Hacksaw dropped his board, but still knocked Miller over, rolling him right into Storm’s single leg crab submission. Team Canada delivered a beat down on Duggan after the bout.

Buff Bagwell Interview: The Filthy Animals

Bagwell said he was the new interviewer before introducing The Animals. Konnan and Kidman said they didn’t care about the Bunkhouse rules; they were going to take Jarrett and The Harris Boys out.

Backstage, The Thrillers told Reno that he was welcome back when he was done playing with Vito. Reno stuck up for his brother, but Vito and Marie pulled him away.

WCW Hardcore Title Match

Terry Funk d. Crowbar with Daffney

As Crowbar told Daffney that he would see her after the match to party, Terry Funk came from out of nowhere, blowing a fire extinguisher into the champion’s face to start the bout. They brawled all over the backstage area, before fighting into the back of a lighting truck. Crowbar was hiptossed from the truck onto a table, as Funk chased a screaming Daffney away. The champion slammed a door onto Funk’s head, but the middle aged and crazy challenger came back, returning the favor by slamming Crowbar’s cranium with the same door. Daffney gave her man handcuffs, but Terry got them and cuffed the champion’s hands together. The Funker destroyed Crowbar’s head with continued shots to the skull as they fought up to the ringside area. Funk set up a table, but after Daffney pulled the champion away, Terry went after her. Finally in the ring, Funk delivered a piledriver on the car door for the hard fought win.

Mean Gene Interview: Team Canada

Storm said that he knew a month ago that Duggan was always going to be an American. Storm said that Hacksaw was done, and that Team Canada was better without him.

Backstage, Lex Luger unpacked his bag, revealing a pair of brass knuckles.

No Contest – KroniK vs. Reno and Big Vito with Marie

Brian Adams came out and told Marie that they expected payment after the job was done. KroniK attacked the brothers, but Vito and Reno soon worked together, doubling up on Clark. As Adams approached Marie on the outside about payment again, Vito intervened, setting Clark to come off the apron onto his opponent. Vito made a brief comeback, but Adams took him down hard with the full nelson slam. The Thrillers came to the stage to watch the match, as KroniK doubled up on Vito. Reno finally got the hot tag, but went right for his brother, rolling the dice on Vito and demanding the referee to count the fall on his brother. As Marie helped Vito on the mat, Reno paid KroniK for a job well done before embracing with The Thrillers.

Mean Gene Interview: 3 Count

Gene asked Shannon and “Sugar” Shane which one of them was going to take on Chavo. Guerrero arrived and attacked both men, slamming Shannon with the title belt before telling him he was fit to challenge for his belt.

Buff Bagwell Interview: The Misfits In Action

General Rection told Shane Douglas that he was no stepping-stone for anyone, and to be prepared for their match later in the show.

Ambulance Match

“That 70’s Guy” Mike Awesome d. Bam Bam Bigelow

Awesome stripped off his 70’s garb before the bout, ready to get serious against Bam Bam. He took the ring bell over Bigelow’s head, but the beast countered, using a chair to send Awesome reeling. They fought up the aisle to the ambulance, where Bam Bam used the back door as a weapon, slamming it on Mike’s back. Bigelow put his fist through the back window as Awesome ducked a punch. Back up at ringside, That 70’s Guy pulled a table from under the ring, but was backdropped through it by Bigelow, who took his opponent back up the aisle. Bam Bam went to the top of the ambulance, where he was knocked all the way through to the inside of the emergency vehicle, making That 70’s Guy the winner.

Mean Gene Interview: Reno and The Natural Born Thrillers Reno said that The Thrillers were his real family. Palumbo and Stasiak said that they were going to shut Nash and DDP up for good later in the PPV.

U.S. Title Match

Disqualification – General Rection d. “The Franchise” Shane Douglas

Douglas attacked Rection before the bell, trying to score an early win over the US Champion. As Rection charged into the corner, The Franchise pulled the referee in the way, but the General stopped before a collision. After taking several shots below the belt, Rection caught Douglas in a bearhug, broken up only when Shane bit the champion in the nose. The Franchise gained the advantage as he worked on the neck of Rection. Morrus pressed Shane above his head for a big slam, sending Douglas rolling out to the floor. Douglas was cut open on his forehead, but was able to muster up enough to get out of the way of a Rection moonsault. When Shane dropped his chain, Chavo came out and threw it back to him. Just as Shane was about to use it to gain the title, Guerrero told the ref, who immediately disqualified The Franchise. Douglas dropped a bloody Rection and Chavo, before A-WALL and Cajun made the save.

Mean Gene Interview: “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner with Midajah

Scott Steiner said he was going to destroy Sid and then get horizontal with his freaks later to celebrate.

Buff Bagwell Interview: Kevin Nash and DDP

Kevin Nash and DDP told Buff that they were like fine wine and were going to take out The Thrillers, and take back their gold.

Bunkhouse Brawl/Filthy Animal Street Fight

“The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett and The Harris Brothers d. The Filthy Animals

Jarrett let the world know that the match was now a Bunkhouse Match, as well as a Filthy Animals Street Fight. In and outside the ring, some of the plunder included a popcorn machine, street signs, trashcans, and a bar, complete with two stools. All six men used whatever they could get their hands on to beat down the other team. Kidman shoved Jarrett’s face into the popcorn, while Rey delivered a pair of BroncoBusters on the Harris Brothers. The Chosen One brought Billy to the top turnbuckle, but Rey made the save, joining Kidman in sending Jeff crashing backwards through the bar. Rey was powerbombed over the top rope into a dumpster bin, as Ron, Don, and Jarrett worked over Billy in the ring. Konnan got the hot tag and rolled everyone with the rolling clothesline. The Harris Boys stayed strong, however, dropping K-Dogg with the H-Bomb. Rey got back into the ring and set Jarrett up on a table. As he came off the ropes, Big Ron and Heavy D caught him mid air, dropping him through the wooden fixture with the H-Bomb as well. Jarrett slammed a bottle over Billy’s head, finally getting the win.

Buff Bagwell Interview: “Sarge” Duane Bruce

As Buff talked with Sarge about his problems with The Total Package, Luger attacked, dropping Goldberg’s mentor to the ground.

WCW World Tag Team Title Match

“Big Sexy” Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page d. The Perfect Event with Mike Sanders

After the participants made their way to the ring, the CEO Ric Flair arrived to the stage, warning Sanders that if he stepped one foot in the ring, Nash and DDP would be given the titles. Chuck Palumbo was all over Nash as they locked up, but Big Sexy reversed a whip to the corner, leading to three drilling clotheslines as he followed “The Event” corner to corner. As Page tagged into the match, Palumbo dipped under the ropes for a breather. Dallas tripped up Stasiak, making a wish with his legs on the ringpost. DDP set for the Diamond Cutter on PerfectShawn, but Palumbo connected with a huge superkick, stopping Page dead in his tracks. The Perfect Event kept DDP in their corner, wearing him down, as Nash stretched out, trying to make the tag. When Big Sexy finally made the tag into the match, he destroyed Palumbo and Stasiak, until Sanders interfered, using one of the championship belts. The rest of The Thrillers came to ringside, but Page fought them off, delivering a series of Cutters. Back inside, Nash reversed a whip to the ropes and set for the Jackknife, bringing his team back to the championships.

Goldberg d. “The Total Package” Lex Luger

Goldberg charged the ring and went right after The Total Package, looking to exact revenge for his fallen mentor. Bill used Luger’s body as a battering ram, destroying the announcer’s area, and sending Tony, Mark, and Scott scurrying for cover. Inside the ring, it was more of the same, with Goldberg tearing Lex apart as The Package begged for mercy. The action spilled to the floor, where Luger attempted to use a chair to take out his opponent. Buff Bagwell and Sarge came to ringside, but Luger pushed down Sarge as he tried to come into the ring. Bagwell came off with the Blockbuster on Goldberg, but was tossed to the floor by Lex. Bill kicked out of a pin attempt and jumped to his feet, delivering a spear and Jackhammer to finally defeat Luger. Buff jumped in after the match and attacked Goldberg with a chair, leaving the ringside area with The Total Package.

WCW World Title Match

“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner with Midajah d. Sid Vicious

Steiner pounded on big Sid, but the master and ruler of the world changed things fast, throwing the champion around like a doll. After gathering his thoughts, Steiner returned to the ring, where he got the best of a test of strength over Vicious. Midajah used the metal pipe on Sid, slowing him down for Big Poppa. Scott showed his power as he slammed Vicious around the ring, before finally locking on the Steiner Recliner. Sid grabbed for the ropes to break the hold, but was locked back in the hold, center ring. As Vicious attempted to rise out of the move, Midajah jumped from the top turnbuckle with a bodypress, but connected with Steiner instead. Big Poppa poked the referee in the eyes, but the champion called a second ref into the ring once he regained control. Jeff Jarrett ran out with some guitar help for Steiner, but ended up clobbering the champion in the head after Sid ducked out of the way. It continued back and forth until Big Poppa delivered a T-Bone suplex, and finally got the win with the Recliner to retain the championship.


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