May 10, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, January 14th, from Indianapolis, IN

Backstage, “Sugar” Shane told Shannon Moore to let him handle things in the ring.

Cruiserweight Championship: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. versus Shane Helms

– Helms was strong going in, looking to pick up the Cruiserweight Title early in the opening match of Sin. Everything Chavo attempted to do, Shane would counter, which only seemed to agitate the champion. Guerrero ducked a Helms attack, knocking his opponent to the floor. This slowed Sugar down, leading to a dominant advantage for Chavo, who delivered an illegal blow, just out of the referee’s visual range. Helms was like a machine as he fought back, applying as huge neckbreaker that weakened Guerrero. A series of fast paced near falls followed, with neither man getting the decisive win. The champion went to the top, diving onto Shane, who was out on the floor. As soon as they were back into the ring, Sugar turned things around, this time going to the top himself, hitting a tremendous flying bodypress from the top to the outside. Back inside, Helms called for the Vertabreaker, but after Chavo countered, Shane followed through with the Nightmare on Helms Street. Guerrero went to the second rope for a tornado DDT, but Helms blocked it, setting up for victory. Chavo thought different, however, and applied the Brainbuster to finally get the 1-2-3 in this hard fought opening match.

– Winner and Still Champion: Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

From earlier in the day, Mike Tenay stopped Ric Flair getting him out of his limo, asking the CEO who the mystery opponent was. Flair said he would wait until the match to reveal his surprise.

Mean Gene Interview: The Mamalukes

– Vito told his brother Reno that he was going to finish things off once and for all at the PPV.

Reno versus Big Vito

– The brothers were at each other fast and furious, taking it to the floor where the guardrail was used as a weapon for both men. The Natural Born Thriller pounded on his sibling, but Vito came back, dropping Reno hard from the top with a superplex. The Mamaluke charged the corner, but Reno moved, causing Vito to crash, shoulder first, into the ringpost. After taking a beating, Vito came through with the mafia kick, knocking his little brother hard to the canvas, and following up with a big elbow drop from the top. Reno signaled to “roll the dice,” but Vito countered, only to be put down on the second attempt, leading the Thriller to victory.

– Winner: Reno

Backstage, Mike Sanders spoke harshly to Brian Adams, as he paid KroniK to do a job. Adams arrived, telling his partner that he had a better job, pulling out a bigger wad of cash.

The Jung Dragons versus Evan Karagias/Jaime Knoble

– This was an added bonus match for the pay per view, and both teams were looking to make the most of the great opportunity. The Dragons delivered a pair of simultaneous Asai moonsaults to the outside, sending Karagias and Knoble to the floor. Kaz blocked a superplex attempt, slamming the cocky Evan hard to the mat. Jaime came off the top with a leg drop onto Hayashi, changing the direction of the contest. Knoble and Karagias continued with the quick tags and swift double team maneuvers to keep Kaz off guard and away from his partner. Evan turned a press slam into a big spinebuster, but only got a two-count on the cover. Kaz threw a hard kick to Knoble’s head, as both men moved slowly to their corners. Hayashi was the only one to make the tag, but Karagias came in anyway, taking a beating in the corner from the fired up Yang. All four men delivered with high impact force, trying to gain the win for their respective team. After a series of innovative moves, the Dragons pulled out the win with an inside cradle.

– Winners: Jung Dragons

Backstage, Luger and Bagwell arrived to the arena in a purple show car, bragging that they were going to end Goldberg’s career.

Commissioner Job/Ms. Jones’ Services: Mike Sanders verus The Cat

– The commissioner got the mic, telling the Indianapolis crowd that he was into the commissioner’s job for the money, and was ready to not only keep his job, but take Ms. Jones as well. Miller entered the ring with his lady, predicting that he would once again be the man in charge. As Sanders goaded The Cat into a popularity contest by applause, the commissioner attacked from behind, taking the advantage at the bell. Miller used his karate on Sanders, but a low blow sent The Cat reeling in pain. Miller rocked the commissioner again, but was thrown to the outside by Sanders, where he went for a metal chair. Ms. Jones stopped Mike from using the chair, but The Thrillers jumped on The Cat outside the ring. KroniK arrived, chasing The NBT away, en route to Miller’s pinfall win to regain his job.

– Winner and New Commissioner: The Cat

Backstage, Ric Flair showed Bill Goldberg Luger and Bagwell’s arrival to the arena earlier in the evening. The CEO said he was going to make the match No DQ. Goldberg thanked Flair and signed autographs for The Nature Boy’s friend from school and his son.

Penalty Box Match: Filthy Animals verus Team Canada

* Special Referee – “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

– Team Canada arrived on their official bus, which was cleaned up from the graffiti attack one week before. Storm said he was there to make sure Canadian justice reigned. Duggan got on the mic and explained the rules to both teams, warning them that if they were broken, the offenders would go to the penalty box. Storm and Mysterio started off first, flying hard from rope to rope, until Elix Skipper interfered, earning himself a trip to the box. Awesome came in and bumped into Duggan, prompting Hacksaw to send him in as well. The Animals took advantage of the three on one, working over the team leader. Back into the match, Prime Time tagged in, where he immediately put the boots to Billy Kidman. Awesome pulled Kidman’s hair from the outside, and Storm grabbed Billy’s shirt, causing Duggan to once again send two members of the Canadians to the box. K-Dogg applied a submission hold on Skipper before making quick tags with his Animal partners. Elix hit a missile dropkick from the top, and tagged big Mike Awesome into the battle. As Duggan broke up a battle between Major Gunns and Tygress on the outside, he turned around in time to see Kidman and Rey attempting the BroncoBuster double team. They were both sent to the box, as were Gunns and Tygress after another brawl broke out between the two. Konnan hit a face jam on Storm before tagging Billy into the match, who rocked the former Canadian Champion with a huge sit out powerbomb. Tygress got another trip into the box after following up on Rey’s BroncoBuster on Awesome. In the end, it was Duggan who was forced to call the match in favor of Team Canada as Kidman tapped out to Storm’s single leg crab.

– Winners: Team Canada

Mike Tenay Interview: The Natural Born Thrillers

– Sanders told The Cat that he wasn’t finished with the new commish. The former commissioner also badmouthed KroniK. Palumbo and O’Haire promised DDP and Nash that they would take their titles later in the show.

Hardcore Championship: Terry Funk versus Crowbar versus Meng

– Funk grabbed Daffney by the hair, pulling her out of the crowd until Crowbar arrived with a chair to break it up. They fought into the ladies room, as Meng waited in the ring with the stolen Hardcore Title belt. The Tongan monster finally joined Crowbar and The Funker in the bathroom, as all three used trashcans, mop buckets, and fire extinguishers to beat on each other. Tables and chairs were next on the weapons list, before Crowbar let loose on the fire extinguisher into Funk’s face. Crowbar climbed up and dove from the first level of seating in the arena, crashing Terry Funk through a table with a legdrop. Up on the stage, Meng and Crowbar exchanged hard chops, as Funk came back with a shovel over the head of the man from Tonga. Terry dropped Crowbar onto a guardrail set up sideways on the outside. Crowbar slammed Funk’s knee inside a chair as the two battled ferociously inside the squared circle. Meng landed a big splash on both men from the top, but Funk and Crowbar traded chair shots over Meng’s head. After being leveled by a huge Crowbar chairshot, Funk was finally pinned to the mat as he was trapped in the Tongan Death Grip.

– Winner and New Champion: Meng

Backstage, Ric Flair told The Cat that he was looking forward to working with him as the two men in charge. The CEO told Miller and Jones to take the rest of the night off.

Mean Gene Interview: Sid Vicious

– The master and ruler of the world said he was there to take the world title, and was willing to chokeslam all of his opponents along the way if need be.

Tag Team Championship: The InSiders versus Sean O’Haire/Chuck Palumbo

– Sanders came to the ring with Jindrak, Reno, and Stasiak, telling Page and Nash that he was going to make substitutions whenever he wanted. Ric Flair arrived with Doug Dellinger, reminding Sanders that he was no longer in charge and telling all of The Thrillers except O’ Haire and Palumbo to leave the ringside area. DDP ripped into Palumbo, bringing him down with a quick clothesline that sent the youngster to the outside to collect his thoughts. Nash slammed the big O’ Haire, showing the power of Big Sexy as he followed up with a big boot to the face. Sean did a backward flip off the top rope, delivering a superkick to Nash upon landing. Dallas tagged in, but was soon trapped in the Thrillers’ corner, where he was double teamed repeatedly by O’ Haire and Palumbo. Nash finally made the hot tag, dropping both Thrillers with the side slam and the big boot. The rest of The Thrillers came out, but only served as a distraction for Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell, who ran in with foreign objects, costing The Insiders the tag team gold.

– Winners and New Champions: Palumbo and O’Haire

Mike Tenay Interview: The Natural Born Thrillers

– Sanders bragged about his men winning the tag team titles.

Backstage, Ric Flair stated that it was time, as he got into his limousine.

U.S. Heavyweight Championship First Blood: General Rection versus Shane Douglas

– Shane degraded the Indiana fans before the contest, as his chain hung high above the ring, available for either man to use. The referee found another chain on Douglas as he checked him, taking it away much to Shane’s dismay. Rection jumped on The Franchise, tying him up in a wristlock on the left arm. The General threw several shots to the forehead of Douglas, trying to open him up. Rection went to the top rope, but Shane hit the ropes, sending his opponent down hard onto the turnbuckle. The Franchise applied the figure four leglock, but let go prematurely, allowing the General time to recover and send Douglas to the floor. Back in the ring, Rection press slammed Shane to the mat and headed to the outside for a ladder. Bringing it in, the General climbed up and grabbed the chain, but was knocked off the ladder by Douglas, who sent the referee to the canvas as well. The Franchise pulled another chain out of his boot and nailed Rection in the head, busting him open to win the US Title.

– Winner and New Champion: Shane Douglas

Mean Gene Interview: Scott Steiner

– The WCW Champion said he was afraid of no man, and was ready to destroy everyone in the main event.

Backstage, Corporal Cajun and Sgt. A-WALL told general Rection that he was robbed of the United States Title.

Goldberg/Sarge versus Buff Bagwell/Lex Luger

– Goldberg’s streak was on the line as he and Sarge prepared to take on Buff Bagwell and The Total Package. Luger squared off against Goldberg as the fans chanted the name of the former world champion. The Package was pummeled and thrown around like a rag doll by Goldberg. Buff came in and strutted his stuff after delivering a suplex, only to be pressed to the sky by the former Atlanta Falcon and brought down hard to the mat. Sarge tagged into the match, keeping the momentum for his team as he dropped a big elbow onto Buff Daddy. Totally Buff turned the tide on Bruce, wearing the WCW instructor down by securing him on their side of the ring. Bagwell and Bruce both made the much-needed tag to their partners, as Goldberg exploded on his archrivals, until the autograph-seeking fan from earlier in the night, sprayed him in the eyes with mace. WCW security jumped on the kid, but Luger pulled them off, high fiving the obvious plant. Back in the ring, The Package and Bagwell delivered a double Blockbuster for the shocking win, sending Bill Goldberg into retirement.

– Winners: Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger

Heavyweight Championship: Scott Steiner versus Sid Vicious versus Jeff Jarrett versus Mystery Opponent

– Flair came to the stage and told Big Poppa that he never said when the mystery man would appear. When the bell rang, Scott went after Flair, but was stopped by Jarrett, who told his buddy to get in the ring. Sid pounded Poppa Pump and The Chosen One, but the two on one attack soon took over on the original madman, sending him to the outside and into the crowd. Sid battled back briefly, but Jarrett and Scott continued their onslaught. Vicious used his raw power to take Steiner down, before pie facing Jarrett over the top. Backstage, Flair brought the mystery opponent out of the limo, and sent him into the arena. The man headed in and kicked Sid square in the back, allowing Steiner to cover and retain his gold. The mystery was then revealed for the world to see as Road Warrior Animal took off the mask and hugged Big Poppa as the PPV came to an end.

– Winner and Still Champion: Scott Steiner


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