New Blood Rising

May 10, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, August 13th, from Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Match # 1 – 3 Count defeated the Jung Dragons in a ladder match to obtain their gold record and recording contract.

Match # 2 – The Cat defeated the Great Muta.

Match # 3 – Buff Bagwell defeated Positively Kanyon in a “Judy Bagwell on a Pole” match.

Match # 4 – Kronic retained the WCW World Tag Team Titles in a four way dance with the Perfect Event, Misfits in Action and Jindrak and O’Hare.

Match # 5 – Kidman defeated Shane Douglas in a strap match.

Match # 6 – Major Gunns defeated Miss Hancock in a ROTC match. Hancock experienced “stomach pains” which made her double over so Gunns could pin her. She was stretchered out of the arena. The announcers sold it hard that she was really hurt and even used her real name instead of calling her “Miss Hancock.”

Match # 7 – Sting defeated the Demon.

Match # 8 – Lance Storm defeated Mike Awesome to retain the Canadian Heavyweight Title. As expected, Storm got a huge pop from the Canadian crowd. Storm said that since the match was in Canada, it was going to be fought under Canadian rules. He brought out Jacques Rougeau to be the Canadian rule enforcer. Awesome had Storm beaten several times in the match. But, each time Awesome had Storm defeated, Rougeau would pull out the rule book and say the rules in Canada for wrestling were different. Rule changes included the title could change on a pinfall only, a five count instead of a three count for pinfalls, a 10 count after the five count for the person pinned to answer the bell, etc. Storm finally pinned Awesome and was able to get up before the 10 count because Rougeau kicked Awesome when the referee wasn’t looking.

After the match was over, Bret Hart came out to a huge ovation and hugged both Storm and Rougeau.

Match # 9 – Kronic defended the tag team titles again against Great Muta and Vampiro after Kronic challenged them earlier in the show. The Harris Brothers made their return to WCW and attacked Kronic when the referee was sprayed in the eyes by Muta by accident. Muta was able to make a pin, and the referee got his eyes clear enough to count the pinfall. Muta and Vampiro are the new WCW World Tag Team champions.

Match # 10 – Kevin Nash defeated Scott Steiner to win a title shot at Fall Brawl. Once again, we have another “shoot” controversy. At the beginning of the show, the announcers said Goldberg had been injured in a motorcycle accident in Sturgis, South Dakota. They said they did not know if he was going to be at the show. They played his music twice at the beginning of the match, but he didn’t come out. Nash and Steiner started fighting. After they had fought awhile, Goldberg came out heavily taped around the ribs. The match went on a bit and Nash started getting the better of Goldberg. Nash got Goldberg in between his legs for the Jackknife Powerbomb but Goldberg shoved Nash off him. He stared at Nash a minute and left the ring. Nash looked at him dumbfounded. Goldberg walked toward the back. Vince Russo came out. He told Goldberg to get back in the ring. Goldberg cursed at him and walked off. Russo just looked at him. The action in the ring continued until Nash won the match by pinfall.

11. Booker T retained the WCW World Heavyweight Title by defeating Jeff Jarrett.


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