May 10, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, November 26th in Milwaukee, WI

If there were ever a perfect name to describe the action of a wrestling pay per view, Mayhem would be it. From the opening bell, the WCW superstars showed that they were willing to do anything to gain victory in this showcase event. By the end of the show, General Rection reclaimed the US Title and his pride, Big Sexy and DDP wore the tag team gold, and Big Poppa Pump finally realized his dream when he defeated Booker T for the heavyweight title of the world.

Booker T arrived to the building earlier in the day, happy to sign autographs for a mob of fans.

Scott Steiner destroyed the security table earlier in the day after he was asked to sign in.

Ric Flair addressed the crowd, promising the fans the best wrestling action in the world.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match

“Above Average” Mike Sanders d. Kwee Wee with Paisley

Commissioner Mike Sanders backhanded Kwee Wee across the face to get things going in the opening contest. “Angry Alan” came out early, knocking Sanders to the floor to collect his thoughts. The Natural Born Thrillers arrived and Mark Jindrak dropped Kwee Wee behind the referee’s back, putting the commish in control. Paisley returned to the dressing room, only to return with an “afro wig” and Meng, who jumped on The Thrillers at ringside. Ric Flair showed up with WCW security, throwing Meng and The NBT out of the ringside area. Kwee Wee staged a comeback and had the crowd behind him, as he sent Sanders reeling with the use of his speed and agility. Paisley entered the ring and delivered a handspring elbow to the champion, but in the end, it was Sanders who took the win, retaining his Cruiserweight Title.

Mean Gene Interview: Ric Flair

The WCW CEO told Gene that no one would be allowed at ringside unless they were in a match or a licensed valet or manager.

Backstage, DISQO and Alex Wright paid KroniK money to step into their match for seven minutes and thirty seconds.

Mean Gene Interview: Evan Karagias and Jaime Noble

Noble was angry with Karagias when he found out Evan was dating his sister in school. The former 3 Count star told Jaime to get his head in the game.

Backstage, Crowbar strutted the halls with two of the Nitro Girls. As he entered his dressing room, he noticed a bouquet of flowers that were sent for him.

“Sugar” Shane Helms and Shannon Moore d. The Jung Dragons with Leia Meow and Evan Karagias and Jaime Noble

Shane and Shannon mouthed off to the crowd before all three teams fought on the ramp. Once inside, The Dragons sent Helms and Moore back to the floor before tangling with Noble and Karagias. “Sugar” Shane was double teamed by Karagias and Noble, but made the tag with Shannon, sending the former Jaime-San over in a huge German suplex. Kaz and Moore were next in the ring, putting on a display of high flying and wrestling expertise. Shane delivered a senton sunset flip, but was kicked square in the head by Yang. Each man entered the ring and one after the other applied his finisher. A series of dives over the top rope followed, including Leia Meow, who took the final dive from the top turnbuckle to the floor, knocking down the whole group. A ladder was brought into play, but only used briefly before being removed. As chaos ensued in the ring, Shane Helms was able to secure a pin to win the bout for 3 Count.

Backstage, Bam Bam Bigelow attacked Mike Awesome before Sgt. A-WALL made the save.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: KroniK and The Boogie Knights

DISQO told KroniK that they would settle up later if they went over the 7:30 mark.

Mean Gene Interview: Jimmy Hart

Hart tried to get out of his match against Mancow, but was pulled by a production worker, and forced to go to the ring.

Backstage, The Thrillers were worked up at Ric Flair’s decree. Reno told Mike Sanders that he had no problem going into his match alone later in the show.

Mancow d. Jimmy Hart

Mancow badmouthed Hart and Mark Madden, before telling The Mouth of the South to come to the ring. Hart jumped Mancow with a crutch, but two of Mancow’s radio partners delivered a double clothesline, sending Jimmy to the mat. Shane Helms and Shannon Moore ran in, but were not a factor as Mancow scored a pinfall over Hart for the win.

Backstage, Crowbar showed concern as Mike Awesome was loaded onto a stretcher.

Backstage, The MIA talked about sticking together despite Flair’s ruling. Moments later, The Nature Boy came in and called A-WALL out to the hall.

Backstage, Bam Bam Bigelow was shown talking with Lance Storm.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: The Filthy Animals

Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Billy Kidman said they were ready for DISQO, KroniK, and anyone else they had to face.

Three The Hard Way Match

Crowbar d. Reno and Big Vito

Reno and Vito started the match before Crowbar even entered the ring. Reno and Crowbar were both sent to the outside by Vito, who followed up with a cane attack on the floor. Reno was treated to a brutal attack with a street cone and a baseball bat at the hands of Vito. Crowbar and Reno double-teamed Vito with a flapjack, slamming his head into a trashcan. The former Mamaluke fought back and ended up backstage with Reno. The Hardcore Champion was only a step behind however, as Crowbar attacked with another trashcan. As Reno was about to finish Vito off with a steel chair, Vito’s sister, Marie stepped in the way, telling her former boyfriend that enough was enough. Crowbar took a chair across Reno’s back and covered him to retain the belt.

Backstage, Buff Bagwell asked stagehands where the equipment truck was located, stating that he had a big surprise.

Backstage, Kevin Nash and DDP talked about their upcoming match.

Mean Gene Interview: The Cat and Ms. Jones

Miller told Gene that if he lost to The Franchise later in the show, he would leave the country for 30 days.

Handicapped Match

Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio, Jr. with Tygress d. Alex Wright and KroniK KroniK came to ringside with a stopwatch, reminding DISQO that he had their services for seven minutes and thirty seconds. KroniK was rocked early, but came back strong, using their raw power to slow Kidman down. Rey tagged in and took Bryan Clark off his feet, but got taken down hard to the canvas, putting KroniK back in charge. Clark was about to finish Rey off, but instead tagged Wright in, who insisted on taking the win. Kidman broke up a pin attempt, but Rey remained in trouble. Alex went to tag Brian Adams into the ring, but “time” ran out, leaving Wright in the ring alone against The Animals. Mysterio delivered a BroncoBuster, followed by a nutcracker legdrop from the top to give The Filthy Animals the victory.

Backstage, Sanders told The Thrillers that he had something special for the upcoming WCW tag team title match.

Mean Gene Interview: Scott Steiner and Midajah

Big Poppa told Mean Gene that he was going to destroy Booker T and take the WCW gold.

The Cat with Ms. Jones d. “The Franchise” Shane Douglas with Torrie Wilson

The Cat came into the ring on fire, ready to take Shane Douglas apart. Miller attacked Mark Madden at ringside before focusing back on his opponent, The Franchise. The advantage swayed to the side of Douglas, as Shane twisted Miller’s head, trying to snap it from his body. The Cat got his second wind and danced all over The Franchise, before Wilson and Jones entered the ring for a catfight. When Referee Charles Robinson got the ladies out of the ring, Douglas used a chain on Miller, but only got a two-count. Ms. Jones put the ruby red slippers on Miller’s foot, leading to a superkick and a 1-2-3.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett found his guitars smashed all over the floor. Production workers on the scene said they saw Buff Bagwell nearby.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: The MIA

Lieutenant Loco told General to get ready to take out the enemy. Rection told Storm to lock and load.

Bam Bam Bigelow d. Sgt. A-WALL

When Bigelow came out to take the forfeit win, Ric Flair walked to the stage, adding Sgt. A-WALL as Bam Bam’s opponent. The Misfit choked and bit Bigelow in the corner, but it didn’t do anything but make the Beast From The East angry. A-WALL went for a belly to back suplex, but Bam Bam reversed it into a close pin attempt. Bigelow went for the Greetings From Asbury Park, but the Sarge slid over his shoulders, knocking him to the mat before heading out to fetch a table. As A-WALL went for a chokeslam, Bam Bam reversed and finally applied his finisher for the win. Bigelow lay on the mat after the match, prompting the EMT’s to come into the ring.

Mean Gene Interview: Buff Bagwell

Bagwell mocked Jeff Jarrett as he stood with a piece of one of Jarrett’s broken guitars.

WCW U.S. Title Match

General Rection d. Lance Storm with Major Gunns

The EMT’s wheeled Bigelow down the aisle as Rection came to the ring. As the General passed by the stretcher, Bam Bam jumped off the cart and jumped Rection, slamming him into the ring steps before pounding him relentlessly on the floor. Storm took advantage of the attack, bringing a weakened Rection into the ring to continue the punishment. The Canadian Champion worked over the left leg of the General, softening him up for the Maple Leaf finisher. Gunns interfered on the outside as well, grabbing Rection’s leg as Storm attacked the injured leg once again. Major Gunns knocked Rection off the turnbuckle on a moonsault attempt, but on the second try, the General connected, regaining the Canadian/US Title in his final bout against Lance Storm.

Backstage, Mike Sanders told Doug Dellinger to sent the WCW security team home.

The Chosen One Jeff Jarrett d. Buff Bagwell

Bagwell strutted his stuff all over Jarrett, countering everything Jeff had for him. Out on the floor, Buff introduced Jarrett to the steel guardrail. The Chosen One used a low blow and a metal chair to drive Bagwell to the ground. Jeff concentrated on the vulnerable neck of Buff, capitalizing on an injury from a couple years previous. Buff Daddy went for the Blockbuster, but missed the move as Jarrett ducked away at the last second. The referee went down from a Jarrett baseball slide, allowing David Flair to run in and DDT The Chosen One on a chair. A series of near falls followed, ending with Jarrett commandeering a guitar from under the ring, taking it over Buff’s head, and taking home the win.

WCW World Tag Team Title Match

Big Sexy Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page d. The Perfect Event

Mike Sanders joined the announcers for color commentary. The Perfect Event arrived with the rest of The Thrillers, who came to ringside wearing WCW security shirts. Nash locked up with Palumbo and immediately went for the Jackknife, but Chuck slipped away and headed for cover. Palumbo and Nash had a brutal exchange in the corner, with Big Sexy getting the better of the meeting. The ‘security” guys tried to get in, but Nash and DDP fought them off until Ric Flair, Dellinger, and the real security team came out to take them away. Stasiak was bobbled around the ring like a pinball, caught between Page and Nash in their corner. The Perfect Event pulled together, bringing DDP to the mat with a double slingshot suplex. The champions remained in charge over the more experienced Page, keeping him on the canvas with continuous double-teaming. DDP made a tag with Nash, but the referee did not see it, forcing Big Sexy back to his corner. Finally, the tag was made and Nash cleaned house, dropping Palumbo and Stasiak with the big boot. After a huge Jackknife on Stasiak, and a pair of Diamond Cutters for Palumbo and Sanders, Diamond Dallas page and Big Sexy Kevin Nash got the win and became the new WCW World Tag Team Champions.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Lex Luger

Luger told Goldberg that he blew it when he didn’t help Lex take the title last week. The Total Package said the match at Mayhem would be nothing but a Bill Goldberg retirement party.

Goldberg d. Lex Luger

Goldberg went after the left arm of Luger, who quickly maneuvered to the ropes for the break. After popping up from a Luger suplex, Goldberg was poked in the eye behind the referee’s back, putting Lex in the position to attack the big man. The Total Package brought the fight to the outside, where he used the guardrail as a weapon. Back in the ring, as Bill set for the spear, Luger pulled the referee between the two, sending them both to the mat. Goldberg delivered the Jackhammer and second referee mark Johnson counted the three-count for the win.

WCW World Title Match

“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner with Midajah d. Booker T

Big Poppa jumped Booker as he walked through the cage, setting the tone of the main event cage match. The champion fired back against the maniacal Steiner, taking him hard into the ring steps. As things slowed down, Steiner and Booker went back and forth with big power moves, until Big Poppa brought the champion down with a huge Samoan drop from the top. T came back with a big move of his own, catching Steiner in the head with a missile dropkick. Poppa Pump grabbed the Straight jacket from the top, but T brought him down from the top to the canvas. After locking Steiner half in the jacket, Booker slammed him in the head twice with a steel chair. Amazingly, Poppa Pump ripped the sleeves from the jacket and was able to apply the Steiner Recliner. Booker stood out of it and came through with the Bookend, only getting a two-count on the cover. Scott brought Booker down with a sit out full nelson slam and applied the Recliner again. Booker passed out from the pain and after checking T’s arm three times, Charles Robinson awarded the match and the title to Big Poppa Pump. After the bell, Steiner beat on Booker’s knee with a steel chair.


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