Halloween Havoc

May 10, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, October 29th in Las Vegas, NV

The much-anticipated Halloween Havoc arrived in Las Vegas, with the entire roster on edge, not knowing what to expect. Goldberg would not be kept away by injury, as he took on not one, but two massive opponents. Sting battled with his past as a six pack of impostor Stings showed up to create a ruckus. And Scott Steiner, infuriated with Booker T for moving their match up in the card, took it out on everyone in sight – and in turn, ruined his chances of becoming WCW Champion.

World Tag Team Title Match

Three Way Dance

Sean O’ Haire and Mark Jindrak d. Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Billy Kidman with Konnan and The Boogie Knights

Konnan joined the announcers for the opening title match of the 2000 Halloween Havoc. Alex Wright went after Mark Jindrak as Billy Kidman watched on. The challengers teamed up together to take Jindrak off his feet, but as soon as he was sent to the outside, Wright turned on Billy. Mysterio ran in for the BroncoBuster, but was met with a pair of feet into the groin for his troubles. O’ Haire and DISQO made their way into the action with Rey, with the former tag team partners doubling up on one half of the champions. DISQO encouraged Kidman to jump onto O’ Haire from the top, but Billy caught the dancing fool instead. Wright took Kidman to the top turnbuckle and Jindrak slid in under Wright’s legs, causing all three to crash to the mat in a triple suplex. O’ Haire and Jindrak threw Kidman over the top rope from the outside in a tremendous move, getting the high flying underway. Soon, everyone was doing dives over the ropes, each team trying to get more hang time than the others. Mysterio hit a BroncoBuster on DISQO as all six men were in and out of the ring. In the end, it was O’ Haire who hit the “Seanton Bomb” for the win, retaining the titles for his team. After the bell, Wright brought a chair into the ring, causing Konnan to run in. He was beat down by the champions before Sgt. A-WALL made the save.

WCW Hardcore Title Match

Reno d. Sgt. A-WALL

A-WALL stayed in the ring for his Hardcore Title Match against the NBT member, Reno. The plunder came in to play right off the bat, as Reno used a Singapore cane on the head of his opponent before putting him through a table. With WCW going back to the old hardcore rules of falls counting anywhere, Reno tried to take advantage of a pin attempt any chance he could. A-WALL used a trashcan on Reno’s head twice, both times kicking a field goal with the head of the Hardcore Champion. As the fight went up the aisle toward the stage, Reno “rolled the dice” on the Sergeant. After Reno set up a table on top of another next to the ramp, A-WALL countered and slammed the champion through both tables to the floor. They soon fought to the backstage area, where the “Misfit” threw a computer monitor at Reno’s face before catching a face full of fire extinguisher. On the way back into the arena, A-WALL clobbered Fit Findlay, who was working backstage as a WCW road agent. The Sergeant pulled a table from under the ring, but was slammed with a steel chair before he could set it up. Reno “rolled the dice” once again, this time getting the 1-2-3 on A-WALL for the win. Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo joined Reno to beat down A-WALL after the bell, until the rest of the MIA came out for the save.

In a clip from earlier in the day, Shane Douglas told The Natural Born Thrillers that Kevin Nash told him to keep an eye on the group for the night.

Backstage, Kronik tried to talk the Nevada State athletic commission into not clearing Goldberg to wrestle.

Corporal Cajun and Lieutenant Loco d. The Perfect Event

Loco and Cajun charged the ring after The Thrillers, fired up from the attack on their stable mate moments before. Palumbo tagged in and was immediately taken down by the MIA. Palumbo tagged Stasiak into the ring, but the two argued over what move they were going to do to a fallen Loco. The Perfect Event continued to wear Loco down, as Cajun eagerly awaited the tag in the corner. Finally the hot tag was made, but Cajun’s run was cut short. Palumbo slapped on a sleeper hold as the referee checked to see if Cajun had passed out from the pain. Both men made the tag and all four brawled in the ring. Palumbo threw a superkick, but Cajun ducked, causing Stasiak to take it on the chin. Loco hit a spinning DDT of the turnbuckle for the win.

Backstage, Konnan told Rey and Billy that even though he was hurt, he was going to fight against The Franchise.

Konnan and Tygress d. “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Torrie Wilson

Douglas got on the mic and talked smack on Konnan, as Torrie stood by his side donned in a Wonder Woman suit. Tygress came down the aisle to confront Shane and Torrie, telling them that she was ready to take them out by herself. After a low blow on The Franchise, Tygress went after Torrie, setting her up for the “face full of stuff.” Douglas stopped the Filthy Animals’ second and joined Torrie as they set up for a double team attack. Konnan finally made his way into the match, as all four fought out onto the floor. As order was somewhat restored, Tygress and K-Dogg made quick tags while working over the left arm of Douglas in their corner. The Franchise dropped Tygress to the mat hard with a right fist to the head before tagging Torrie in. Wilson kicked out of a pin attempt after a facebuster, rolling over to tag Shane back in. Douglas locked Tygress into a hammerlock crossface, but she swung out of the hold, sending him to the outside. Torrie pulled Charles Robinson in the way as Tygress came in for a “face full of stuff.” Torrie gave Konnan “The Franchiser,” but Tygress pulled her off at two and a half. The Filthy Animals fought back and, after a brief struggle, K-Dogg scored the pinfall.

Mean Gene Interview: David Flair

Flair said that he would win, take Bagwell’s blood, and reveal that he is the father of Stacey’s baby.

DNA First Blood Match

Buff Bagwell d. David Flair

David placed a DNA kit on the announcer’s table before the match started. Buff Daddy dominated over the young Flair, almost having fun as he beat David around the ring. Flair did his father’s traditional upside down flip in the corner, before getting slammed off the top. Buff went too far as he posed David’s limp body for him, allowing Flair to kick his leg back with a low blow on Bagwell. Flair brought a chair into the ring, but was intercepted by Buff, who used it over the youngster’s head to bust him open. The referee called for the bell awarding Bagwell the victory. Lex Luger entered and hugged Buff, before immediately taking him down with a clothesline. Bagwell’s mouth was busted open, allowing David to get a blood sample. Flair ran the sample to the back and gave it to two men in white coats, who fled away to the lab.

Backstage, Bill Goldberg arrived to the arena.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Scott Steiner and Midajah

Big Poppa told Booker that size does matter, and he would find out later in the night when he took the WCW Title.

Kick Boxing Match for WCW Commissioner Job

“Above Average” Mike Sanders d. The Cat with Ms. Jones

Ms. Jones seconded The Cat as The Perfect Event served as the corner men for the Cruiserweight Champion. Miller got a quick knockdown at the beginning, but Sanders got to his feet and was able to continue. The bell rang to end round one and Palumbo and Stasiak argued about who would give Sanders the water bottle. The Cat took Mike down again and clobbered him hard in the jaw. Sanders told Palumbo and Stasiak to throw in the towel, but they fought over who would throw it, letting the time run out in the round. Shane Douglas arrived on the scene and, after Miller delivered a cartwheel kick to a wobbly Sanders, The Perfect Event distracted, allowing The Franchise to use a chain over The Cat’s head. Miller got back to his feet and slid out of the ring after Shane, getting counted out in the process.

Backstage, the Nevada commission asked Goldberg if he was physically able to wrestle.

Mean Gene Interview: Kronik

Adams and Clark said that it didn’t matter to them if Goldberg wrestled or not because they were going to get paid either way.

“That 70’s Guy” Mike Awesome d. Vampiro

Vampiro challenged Awesome to put his title shot for Nitro on the line in the match. Mike said that he was confident and accepted the challenge. Awesome flew over the top rope with dive to the floor, flattening Vampiro to the ground. Vamp went onto the crowd and Awesome followed, brawling into the aisle. An overzealous fan tried to get into the action, but was squashed by the two as they continued to fight. Back inside, the dark man in paint followed Awesome to the top, delivering a belly to belly suplex across the ring. Awesome commandeered a table from underneath, using it as a weapon against his mysterious opponent. Vamp hit the Nail in the Coffin, but still could not put Awesome away. That 70’s Guy took Vampiro to the outside again, where he delivered a sit down powerbomb on the floor. Back in the ring, it was an Awesome Bomb off the top rope that finally gave Mike the win and kept his title shot at Nitro Monday night.

Mean Gene Interview: The Misfits In Action

General Rection told Gene that he was going to the ring to fight for not only himself, but for all the guys in the MIA and for all the people who believe in him and his country.

WCW Canadian/US Title Match

Handicapped Match

General Rection d. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Lance Storm with Major Gunns

Rection came out to the ring carrying the red, white, and blue as he prepared for a battle to bring home the US Title and his captive valet, Major Gunns. Duggan tried to keep the 2 X 4 in the match, but referee Scott Armstrong took it away. Hacksaw and Rection butted heads before the punches started to fly; emotions running high throughout the arena. Storm laid in a series of chops, but Rection felt nothing, turning the chopfest around on the Canadian Champion. Storm and Duggan doubled up to send Rection over the ropes to the floor, where Major Gunns screamed to her General to get up and fight for her. Team Canada destroyed Rection, making quick tags to keep a fresh man in the ring at all times. Hacksaw charged across the ring for a clothesline, but was met with one as well, sending both men to the mat. Storm applied a sleeper hold, but the General suplexed out of it. A Storm forearm accidentally hit Duggan, opening up an opportunity for Rection to regain his thoughts. The referee was knocked down, unable to count a pin attempt by Duggan after a piledriver. Elix Skipper ran up to the apron with the 2 X 4, but was knocked down by Gunns, who cracked him in the legs with the flagpole. Storm grabbed the 2 X 4 and gave it to Duggan. Hacksaw swung and missed, allowing Rection to bring him down to the canvas with the board. One moonsault later, and General Rection was the new US Champion, and Major Gunns was back with The MIA.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett told Pam that Sting would become a “has been” after he was through with him in their match.

“The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett d. Sting

Sting was out for blood as he finally got his chance for revenge against The Chosen One. Jarrett was on the defense when, a patented Stinger bellow was heard over the sound system. A man dressed like the Sting of old appeared on the stage. Sting ran up and after a scuffle, dropped the impostor with the Scorpion Deathdrop. Jarrett and the real Sting fought into the crowd, where another retro Sting came through the crowd. Sting battled with his past up the aisle and laid him out with the Deathdrop as well. Jarrett watched on in the ring as the “Wolfpac” Sting was next to arrive, with red face paint and all. As the real Sting fought another member of his past, Jarrett jumped him and attacked with a baseball bat. The Chosen One clamped on a sleeper hold, wearing down The Stinger in the middle of the ring. Sting fought back and was able to apply the Scorpion Deathlock. As he rolled Jarrett over for the move however, another “Sting” ripped through the canvas and pulled Sting into the hole. When they came back up, the impostor was bleeding and the real Sting continued to survive. The lights went down and another bogus Sting came down from the rafters. He fell victim to a Deathdrop on the announcer’s table. Back inside, the impostor from underneath charged with a guitar, but was Deathdropped as well. Jarrett got another guitar and smashed it over Sting’s head, getting the 1-2-3 on his exhausted opponent.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Booker T

Booker told Scott Steiner to come get some. He told Goldberg that he would wrestle his match next, to give Bill some more time to prepare.

Backstage, Scott Steiner attacked a road agent, furious at the fact that his match was not on last.

WCW World Title Match

Disqualification – Booker T d. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner with Midajah

Booker tried to toy with Steiner at the start, but Big Poppa bullied the champion back into the corner. Steiner powered T around the ring, taking time out to chase a fan through the crowd. Booker went to the ropes and was hooked by Midajah, allowing Scott to move in for an attack, knocking the champion out of the ring. Big Poppa picked Booker up and slammed him through the makeshift announcer’s table, landing him right at his brother Stevie Ray’s feet. Steiner put the bad mouth on Ray, but Stevie kept his cool. Scott continued to talk smack toward Stevie as he stretched Booker in a surfboard maneuver. T set for the scissors kick, but was met with a huge knee to the head by the challenger. Big Poppa Pump brought Booker down with a big Samoan drop from the top turnbuckle, adding in a set of push-ups after the move, showing his confidence. The champion went to the top, but again Midajah interfered, grabbing his foot as he climbed. He finally delivered the missile dropkick, but only got a two-count. Midajah handed Steiner a lead pipe, which he used on Booker’s leg. When referee Charles Robinson questioned his actions, Steiner clobbered him as well. More referees and WCW security came into the ring, but Big Poppa dropped them all. He took a chair repeatedly over the knee of Booker on the outside, taunting Stevie Ray the whole time. Finally, Jeff Jarrett arrived and calmed his friend down.

Bill Goldberg d. Kronik

Adams got on the mic and told the Las Vegas crowd that Goldberg was not cleared to wrestle. Backstage, the athletic commissioners told Doug Dellinger that Goldberg was cleared to wrestle. Bill’s music played and the former Atlanta Falcon made his way to the ring. As he slid in, Kronik was on top of him immediately. The former tag team champions sent Goldberg to the outside, where they continued to tear him apart, running his already injured head into the steel guardrail. Adams pulled a table from under the ring and set it up in the corner. They attempted a High Time through the table, but Goldberg blocked it. Brian Clark was speared through the table and pinned, but Adams picked up where his partner left off. Goldberg eventually speared Adams as well and, after a giant jackhammer, got the second and most crucial pin.


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