Bash at the Beach

May 10, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, July 9, 2000 in Daytona Beach, FL

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match

Lieutenant Loco with The MIA d. The Juice with The Filthy Animals

Led by the other Filthy Animals, Juvi entered the ring with the Cruiserweight Title that he had stolen from Lieutenant Loco last week. Referee Charles Robinson told both groups that they had to leave the ringside area. After everyone was in place, Juvi threw it in a ponytail, and the match was on. Loco was fired up and exploded on The Juice, sending him over the top rope with a clothesline. After some stalling, Juventud snuck into the ring, but was foiled on a suplex attempt and sent over the top to the outside again. Back inside, Loco continued to control the contest, taking Juvi to the mat time and again with big moves that thrilled the Daytona crowd. Lieutenant delivered a huge dive off the top turnbuckle to the floor. The Animals returned to ringside, sporting cheap masks in a poor attempt to disguise themselves. They were immediately found out and sent to the back again. The Juice took over, landing on the outside across the midsection of the champion. After the crowd was treated to the “Juvi Elbow,” the MIA arrived, led by President Bill Clinton in a General Rection costume. Major Gunns made her way down the aisle, which, along with the other distractions, proved to be too much for The Juice. Lieutenant Loco finished off The Juice with a DDT for the victory.

Backstage, as The Cat spoke with the Jung Dragons, Jeff Jarrett arrived with the “fat lady,” asking the commissioner if Hogan had shown up.

WCW Hardcore Title Match

Big Vito d. “Screamin” Norman Smiley and Ralphus

Vito took the mic, demanding the mystery opponent to come to the ring. Norman Smiley and Ralphus arrived, and Johnny said he would make it a handicapped match. With the belt still around his waist, Vito met Smiley in the aisle and fought to the back, where the match had to start. Ralphus dropped a trashcan across the head of the champion several times, officially making himself hardcore. With Smiley coaching him on, Ralphus continued to beat on Vito. The Mamalukes and “Screamin” Norman brawled onto a truck and into the freight elevator. Norman was sent upstairs on the elevator as Vito chased Ralphus to towards the ring. Big Vito placed a trashcan lid on Ralphus’ lower region and slammed a baseball bat down hard on it. After placing the bulbous challenger onto a table, Vito crashed down with a splash from the top, scoring the win and retaining his Hardcore Championship.

Backstage, Bill Goldberg arrived to the arena with Scott Hall’s contract in his pocket.

Mean Gene Interview: Kevin Nash

Big Sexy told Goldberg that he would Jackhammer him in the middle of the ring, and maybe even take a little survey.

Wedding Gown Match

Daffney d. Ms. Hancock

Dressed to kill, Ms. Hancock and David Flair made their way to the ring, making out for all to see. Daffney arrived with a black gown and caught Flair with a low blow from behind. As she jumped on Hancock, Flair grabbed Daffney, allowing Hancock to deliver a handspring elbow into the corner. The gothic angel was double-teamed and was about to get her head shaved when Crowbar came in for the save. Since Flair and referee Mark Johnson had already had their pants ripped off by the ladies, Crowbar removed his own before tearing into David. With Flair trapped in the corner, Daffney took hold of the hair clippers, ready to exact her ultimate revenge. Ms. Hancock got on the mic and said she would give the fans what they came to see. With that, she ripped off her own dress for the crowd, but in the process, gave the victory to Daffney. After the bell, All four had a major wedding cake fight, making a mess of themselves and the ringside area.

Backstage, as Miller talked to himself in the hallway, the Jung Dragons hid in bins and behind a broom, keeping their eyes on the commissioner.

WCW World Tag Team Title Match

Kronic d. “Perfectshawn” Stasiak and “The Event” Chuck Palumbo

The WCW Tag Team Champions were bronzed and ready to go after getting their base tans on Thunder. Adams welcomed them to the Bash by throwing Stasiak over the ropes into the arms of an unsuspecting Palumbo. Clark delivered a few stinging chops on Perfectshawn, before dropping him down with a big slam. As Stasiak whipped Adams into the ropes, The Event held them down, sending the Kronic member hard to the floor. Palumbo slowed Adams down in a sleeper, making quick tags with his championship partner as they cut the ring in half. Adams and Stasiak collided in the center of the ring, before both men made the much-needed hot tag to their partners. Soon, all four men were in the fight, as the referee lost control of the bout. The Perfect Event drove Clark down with a flapjack, but Adams again interfered to make the save. As the clock struck 4:19, Kronic gave out two High Time’s before finishing Stasiak off with a top rope clothesline powerbomb.

Backstage, The Cat wondered where the oriental music was coming from. Jarrett arrived, telling Miller that he better give him Hogan soon, or he would start to screw with the show. After Jarrett left, The Dragons attacked the commissioner in his office.

“Positively” Kanyon d. Booker T

The Daytona crowd broke into a “Booker T” chant before the match, firing up the man from Harlem. Kanyon lost his wig during the first exchange as Booker gave him a big sidekick. T found a brick inside DDK’s book, only adding to the rage that he had for the Page impostor. On the outside, Kanyon trapped Booker under the ringside steps and slammed a chair down across the top. The innovator of offense brought T down with a suplex from the center of the middle rope. Kanyon continued to work on the back of Booker, coming through with a slingshot Tiger Driver. DDK hit Booker with the book, but without the brick, Booker came up with the spinarooni and a Harlem sidekick. As T went to the top for the finish, The Chosen One came out and blasted him with the guitar, setting Booker up for a Kanyon Cutter.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Mike Awesome

Awesome said he already defeated Scott Steiner twice, and was ready to do it again. The Career Killer scolded Pamela for interrupting him as he was talking to Jarrett’s “fat lady,” Screamin Mimi.

US Title Match

Disqualification – Mike Awesome d. Scott Steiner

Big Poppa jumped from the apron onto Awesome before the bell. The two brawled into the crowd and to the back of the arena, before coming back to the ring area. Steiner and Awesome punished each other from one side of the ring to the other, matching each other power move for power move. The Career Killer dominated Big Poppa on the outside, driving him repeatedly into the guardrail. The Cat slowly made his way to the ring, and tried to stop Big Poppa as he went for the Recliner. Steiner knocked the commissioner from the apron, and the match continued. In the heat of the battle, the referee was knocked down, and Big Poppa delivered a release belly to belly to The Cat as he attempted to interfere again. As Poppa Pump went for his patent Recliner again, the commissioner told him he would be stripped of his title if he did it. Scotty gave him the arm and applied the move. Miller told the ref to ring the bell as he took the belt from Midajah and headed to the back.

Graveyard Match

Vampiro d. The Demon

Out in the graveyard, The Demon told Charles Robinson to keep his eye on Asya after she refused to stay at the entrance. Demon approached a coffin, but Vampiro was not inside. The dark angel dropped from a tree, but missed, setting Torborg up for the strike. As Vamp grabbed Dale in a rear chinlock, Asya broke it up with a kick to the back. Demon was slammed in the ankles by a shovel, falling into an open grave. Vampiro took off with Asya, with Demon and Robinson on their heels. They were soon fighting in a pond, with Vamp trying to hold Torborg’s head under the water. Asya rocked uncontrollably on the bank of the water, seemingly in shock, before Vamp took her by the hair and they disappeared again. When Torborg and Robinson caught up, Asya laid motionless next to a coffin. As Demon approached, the coffin opened, and Vampiro spit red liquid into his face. He asked Dale if he was ready to join him. When Torborg said no, Vamp smashed a concrete block over his head before stuffing him into the coffin and rolling it into the grave. He threw a flaming torch into the grave, telling Demon to say hi to Sting in Hell.

Mean Gene Interview: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas

Shane said that he guaranteed that he would walk out of the ring victorious in his match against Buff Bagwell.

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas d. Buff Bagwell

The former tag team champions went at it hard and heavy, each wanting to prove dominance. As Shane went for a piledriver on the exposed concrete floor, Buff did everything he could to backdrop Douglas over, saving himself from another serious neck injury. They fought on the inside and out, using chairs and the ringside guardrails as weapons in their battle. Torrie Wilson made her way to the ring and climbed onto the apron. As Douglas tried to make the moves on her, he was slapped in the face. With the referee helping The Franchise, Torrie entered the ring and kissed Buff Daddy. When he turned around however, she kicked a field goal between his legs, sending him to the mat in agony. The two competitors continued to fight it out, and as Bagwell went to the top for the Blockbuster, Wilson jumped to the apron again. Bagwell grabbed her by the hair and tossed her to the floor, giving Douglas the opportunity to make his move and get the win. After the bell, Torrie entered and showed her true alliance, locking lips with The Franchise.

Backstage, Hollywood Hogan walked down the hallway, readying himself for the big match.

Mean Gene Interview: Jeff Jarrett

The Chosen One told the “Jarrassic Slapass,” Mean Gene that plan one was in effect.

WCW World Title Match

Hulk Hogan d. Jeff Jarrett

The Chosen One’s music played on, but he did not appear to the ring. Finally, led out by the returning Vince Russo, Jarrett came out, guitar and all, ready for the big match. After entering the ring to an arousing ovation, Hollywood told Jarrett he was indeed The Chosen One, saying it was Jeff’s ass Hogan had chosen to kick. As the bell rang, Jarrett laid down before Hogan’s feet, with Russo telling Hulk to cover him. Hollywood, looking confused, took the mic and said that stuff like this was the reason the company was in the shape it was. He placed his foot on Jarrett’s chest and the referee counted three. Jarrett immediately got up and walked to the back.

Interview: Vampiro

Backstage, Vampiro walked into the arena, officially making him the winner of the Graveyard Match. He came to the ring, but the lights went low, and a group of hooded men in Sting masks walked to the ring, carrying a coffin. As the lights flickered, Sting’s music played as he appeared from the coffin and blasted Vampiro. The lights went out and when they returned, Sting was gone, and Vamp was out cold in the casket.

Mean Gene Interview: Goldberg

Goldberg stared Gene down before stating he wanted to make Kevin Nash suffer before tearing up Hall’s contract in his face.

Interview: Vince Russo

Russo said that three weeks ago, he left WCW and didn’t know if he was coming back, due to the politics behind the curtain. He said he came back for all the guys in the back like Booker T, The MIA, The Filthy Animals, and everyone else who busted their asses to make WCW the best it could be. He berated Hulk Hogan, saying he was the master of political maneuvers in the back, and said that Hogan had left the building and gone home. Russo said that the belt Hogan won was no longer the WCW title, and that a new title would be created. He also said that Jeff Jarrett would defend the title before the night was over against a guy who has deserved it for 14 years, Booker T.

Match For Scott Hall’s Contract

Goldberg d. Kevin Nash

On his way to the ring, Nash asked Scott Steiner to watch his back. Big Poppa, who was busy in the back with a “freak,” told Nash he already had things to do. Goldberg dropped off the contract at the announcer’s table on his way in. The former Falcon rocked Nash in the corner with huge punches, but Big Sexy turned it around, stinging Goldberg with an attack of his own. Scott Steiner and Midajah arrived at ringside, with Big Poppa grabbing the contract and holding it up to Nash, letting him know what was at stake. Goldberg set for the spear, but hit the turnbuckle as Nash moved to the side at the last moment. As Nash set for the Jackknife, Big Poppa attacked Big Sexy from behind, turning his back on his friend. A spear and a Jackhammer later, and Scott Hall’s hopes of returning to WCW were ripped up in Kevin Nash’s face.

Mean Gene Interview: Booker T Booker said that he would answer as opportunity knocked on the door for him.

WCW World Title Match

Booker T d. Jeff Jarrett

A fired up Booker got the crowd on their feet, riling them and himself up for the biggest match of his life. Jarrett walked around the ring, trying to stop the momentum that Booker had built. T and Jarrett were soon in the crowd, fighting all the way to the back, almost into the lobby. Jarrett charged at T, but missed, slamming hard into a concrete wall. Back at ringside, The Chosen One used a chair across the back of Booker, before bringing him to the announcer’s table for a piledriver. Back in the squared circle, Jarrett clenched on a sleeper, one of his specialty maneuvers used to wear down his challengers. Booker fired up and sent Jarrett into the corner, but was met with a big boot and caught back in the submission hold. Jarrett went for the figure four, but Booker rolled him up for a two and a half count. On the second attempt, Jeff clamped on the figure four, trying again to wear T down. The never say die challenger rolled out of the hold, but remained victim to Jarrett’s attack. Booker came back hard and used axe kick before rolling into his second spinarooni of the night. Billy Silverman was squashed into the corner, allowing Jarrett to get the WCW title belt. Booker used it instead and got a two count on the champion. The Chosen One brought in a chair, but again it was turned around on him. In total desperation, Jeff gave Billy Silverman the Stroke and headed to the top with guitar in hand. He was caught by Booker coming down and slammed to the mat. Referee Mark Johnson rolled in to make the three-count and Booker T had realized his dream, becoming the WCW World Heavyweight Champ.


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