World War 3

May 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


World War III

Sunday, November 23, 1997 in Auburn Hills, MI

1. Faces of Fear (Meng Tongan death grip Miller – pin) over Glacier & Ernest Miller.

THE MATCH: World War 3 commences with a lousy opener with Sub Zero & Reggie Miller imitations making their entrance. The match was awful starting with Meng brawling with Glacier and Barbarian with Miller. Faces dominated and provided the sole highlight: Meng backdropping Glacier into Barbarian’s powerbomb. Miller receives the hot tag. When all four brawl, Meng slaps the Tongan death grip on Miller for the pinfall victory. Afterwards, Barbarian stomps a mudhole into Glacier.

CHAT WITH SUPERSTARS: Diamond Dallas Page chatting with Mark Madden conducting it on

2. Perry Saturn (rings of Saturn – submission) over Disco Inferno to retain the WCW World TV Title.

THE MATCH: The upcoming match should provide an interesting contest, but doesn’t belong on PPV, like the last one. Inferno begins his assault early with a powerslam. Saturn retreats, but Inferno still regains the advantage by stomping a mudhole into Saturn. Saturn again retreats. Inferno misses a top rope elbow allowing Saturn to gain a short brief of offense. Saturn executed an inverted slam variation (help me Tenay). Saturn follows up missing a moonsault allowing Inferno to gain a quick two count. Saturn then crotches Inferno on the top rope. Saturn then bodyblocks Inferno on the ropes sending both men to the floor. Inferno walks over to Raven’s Nest to pay an unfriendly visit. Inferno gives Kidman the chartbuster, then gives the Nest’s new member a chartbuster on the guardrail also. However, Hammer refuses to be hi by the charts, which allows Saturn to Pearl Harbor Disco. Back in the ring, Inferno executes a swinging neckbreaker and climbs to the to rope. Inferno leaps and Saturn reverses the dive into the Rings of Saturn gaining a submission victory and retaining the TV Title.

INTERVIEW: Mean Gene Okerlund plugs the WCW Cold Line. Giant gives an interview saying he has broken bone in his thumb. Giant concludes “I might have a handicap, but it doesn’t mean I can’t throw someone out!”

3. Yuji Nagata (suplex – pin) over El Ultimo Dragon.

STIPULATION: If Dragon wins, he receives 5 minutes with manager Sonny Onoo.
THE MATCH: This sort of reminds me of Harlem Heat vs. The French Canadians from last World War 3 when Sherri received five minutes with KFC Col. Robert Parker. However, the outcome would be the opposite. Ultimo is sporting an elbow Acelike brace. The opening moments finds both wrestlers trading a variation of maneuvers. Ultimo gains several seconds of enjoyment to torture an no sell Onoo’s kicks, but when Ultimo attempts a suplex on the third attempt, Nagata lands a double axe-handle to Dragon’s back. Back in the ring, Ultimo applies a headlock for several minutes. Dragon tries to tighten his grip and Nagata escapes with a back suplex. Nagata follows up with a horrible executed piledriver for a two count. Nagata applies the sleeper, but Dragon breaks out with a back suplex. Nagata punts Dragon’s chest twice before delivering another piledriver and Nagata scored only a two count. Nagata then applies the armbar, which prompts Dragon to drag on to the ropes and force the break. Nagata follows up with an over the top belly to belly suplex. Finally, Dragon regains some control landing on his feet during a backdrop attempt. Dragon follows up with the Ultimo Kick Kombo and lands three stiff punts to Nagata’s back. I’m sure the Giants and Redskins could have used Dragon’s kicking power on this night. To the floor Nagata goes. Nagata catches Dragon’s leg during a slingshot maneuver attempt, but Dragon happily reverses Nagata with a legmare. Ultimo lands a beautiful moonsault and plancha. Back in the ring, Ultimo executes a Sunset flip powerbomb. Ultimo then places Nagata on top rope executing his patented super hurricanrana. Dragon applies the dragon sleeper and Nagata submits, but Onoo is on the apron distracting the referee. Ultimo follows up with a suplex, but Nagata turns it ti his advantage to score the three count. (I may be off on the last move since I couldn’t see the TV that well.)

4. Steiners (Rick top rope bulldog Regal – pin) over Dave Taylor & Steve Regal to retain the WCW World Tag Team Titles.

THE MATCH: Typical Steiners bout minus several trademark suplexes. The Blue Bloods gain control until Rick receives the hot tag. Taylor is sent flying to the floor and Scott holds Regal while Rick lands the top rope bulldog for the win.

INTERVIEW: James J Dillon hands Raven a 24 hour ultimatum to sign with WCW or else. Looks like Raven might attack Dillon.

5. Raven (three DDTs – countout) over Scotty Riggs in a no-DQ match.

THE MATCH: Raven leaps over the guardrail and Kidman continues to offer Raven’s proposition, “Shut up! Everybody knows the deal Raven, you know the deal, it’s no-DQ or no fight.” Riggs decides to start an early attack nailing Kidman and Saturn. Riggs delivers a spinning neckbreaker and bodysplash. To the floor, Riggs reverse whips Raven into the steps. Raven, however, grabs a chair and sits it in the ring. Riggs reverse whips Raven executing a drop toe hold. Raven falls face first on to the chair, the same way Raven caused Riggs eye to be injured. At the nine count, Riggs makes a cover for a two count. Riggs grabs the folding chair, tosses it to Raven and dropkicks the chair into Raven’s face, a la Rob Van Dam. Riggs fails to put away Raven. Riggs lands a devastating bulldog on the chair and only scores a two count. By this point, Riggs has tries everything possible to hurt Raven, but Raven continues to rise. Raven finally ends Riggs offensive flurry with a DDT after landing feet first on a suplex attempt. Raven delivers another DDT. Raven grabs the mike, “I didn’t want to hurt you. Why didn’t you join me? I feel your pain!” Raven delivers a third DDT, “Why didn’t you listen to me? why didn’t you listen to me? why didn’t you listen to me?” Raven slumps on the bottom rope while the referee administers the ten count. Afterwards, Hammer carries Riggs to the back. It now appears Riggs is finally in Raven’s Nest.

6. Steve McMichael (tombstone piledriver -> pin) over Alex Wright.

PREMATCH: Mongo enters with a pipe and Goldberg is a no-show, Mongo explains why, “You’re not going to see the match you wanted to see. Mr. Goldberg isn’t the only one who can attack from behind. Roll the cameras.” The cameras roll to the back and Goldberg is out face first with no lumps or anything. Looks pretty fake to me. “Mongo is ready to wrestle. Is there anybody out there who wants to give these people a show?” THE MATCH: Out comes Alex Wright being dragged out by Mongo’s wife. It takes Alex about a minute, but he gets into the swing of thing with his infamous dance moves. The match really isn’t that long, which is great because it should have never taken place. Wright dominates until Mongo executes a chest driver. After a side salto, Mongo follows up with a tombstone pildriver for the win. Debra and Alex continued to argue. Out all of this, I believe Mongo may have gotten his Super Bowl ring back.

CHAT SESSION: Perry Saturn feels like he’s wasting his time and walks off.

7. Eddie Guerrero (frogsplash – pin) over Rey Misterio Jr. to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Title.

THE MATCH: Misterio continues his ceremonial mask giveaway by handing his mask to a man with a Green Lantern T-shirt. A fan holds up a “Eddie Girlero” sign, very original. Misterio looked very concerned during the match as he should be, he’s facing El Paso’s finest, Eddie Guerrero and I’m not talking about coffee and doughnuts. Misterio executes a hiptoss and Eddie demonstrates to the referee how Misterio pulled his tights. Nice try Eddie, but it’s not going to cut it. So in comes the “Eddie sux” chants echoing throughout the arena. Misterio gains the early advantage with a head scissors takedown and headlock, but Eddie slaps on a head scissors and a back suplex. Eddie continues with a belly to belly suplex and applies the abdominal stretch. Eddie is drawing major heat in this early juncture of the match. To the ropes, Misterio attempts a hurricanrana, Eddie being the smart wrestler he is trips Misterio causing Misterio to land face first on the mat. Misterio eludes Eddie’s rolling bodysplash and flips Eddie to the apron. Misterio attempts a Sunset flip powerbomb to the wooden floor, but Eddie lands on his feet. Eddie then executes a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on the floor. In the ring, Eddie confronts Misterio on the top rope. Eddie fights off a superplex after teasing a superplex to the floor. Eddie superplexes Misterio. Misterio recovers and scores a two count with a springboard hurricanrana. Eddie lands a chestdrop and attempts to follow with a powerbomb, but Misterio reverses with a Mexican armdrag. While all this is going on, someone is heckling while Misterio lands a fying head scissors. Eddie regains the offense and executes a drop gourdbuster on Misterio on the ropes. Eddie now decides to attempt a Sunset flip powerbomb, but Misterio counters with a head scissors to the floor. Misterio follows up with a nice somersault plancha, but appears to have hurt his knee. Misterio doesn’t appear to after all as he regains full use of the knee. Unfortunately, Eddie kicks out of the split leg moonsault at two. Misterio appears to have been stun gunned on the post, but quickly regains the advantage. After a powerbomb, Eddie applies the Gory special and turns it into a backslide. Misterio bridges out and lands a spinwheel kick. Misterio slams Eddie and climbs the top rope backwards. Eddie comes from behind to stop that. Eddie tries a powerbomb, but Misterio slips. Misterio scores a two count with a moonsault. Misterio lands a springboard slingshot guillotine legdrop, but appears to hurt his hip. Misterio tries to finish off Guerrero with his patented springboard hurricanrana, but it appears to do so, but Eddie grabs the bottom rope forcing the count to break. Misterio believed he had won, but soon paid the price. Eddie executes a leaping snake eyes and lands the frogsplash for the victory retaining the WCW Cruiserweight Title.

8. Curt Hennig (belt smash to head -> pin) over Ric Flair to retain the US Heavyweight Title.

THE MATCH: Will Flair run for President in 100? Maybe so! He should. Flair begins by chasing Hennig from ring 2 to ring number 1. Flair dominates on the floor with chops and weakly posts Hennig. Flair tosses Hennig into the front row. Flair & Hennig brawl until Hennig smashes Flair’s head on the stands. To the ringside area, Hennig pokes Flair’s eye. Hennig rams Flair’s head on the guardrail, yelling, “Do you know who you’re in with, the US heavyweight Champion!” Hennig grabs an extension cord and begins to choke Flair. Hennig tosses Flair in the ring and proceeds to choke Flair with the extension cord again. Hennig follows up by clotheslining Flair to the Flair. On the apron, Flair snaps Hennig’s throat on the top rope. Flair enters the ring only toss Hennig over the top rope to the floor. Flair follows up with a guardrail smash. And then out of nowhere, Flair displays shades of “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Flair drops a top rope double axe-handle on Hennig, but Flair soon realizes his dream and reality and injures his right knee. Flair chops to the WHOOING delight of the crowd, but Hennig responds with the Greco Roman poke to the eye. Flair charges Hennig and is backdropped on the floor. To the ring, Hennig lands a clothesline and proceeds to poke referee Randy Anderson in the face for no appearent reason. Hennig lands an elbow and begins to work over the knee of Flair. Hennig lands a double legdrop to Flair’s abdomen. Hennig follows up with a spin toe hold and applies the ever dreaded Indian death lock. YES! The Indian Death Lock! Flair chokes Hennig, Hennig fires back slapping the Nature Boy. Flair fights back, but is counted for a two count. Flair finally breaks the Indian death lock with the simplest move possible, the Greco Roman poke to the eye. Flair starts to mount an offense and starts punting the back of Hennig’s knee. Flair lands his trademark kneedrop. Flair pounds on Hennig while styling n profiling. Both wrestlers begin to trade chops causing to crowd to WHOO in response. Flair falls face first allowing Hennig to score a two count. Flair fights back with a hairmare, WHOO! Flair continues to pound Hennig. However, both wrestlers collide. Both men get up and Flair’s executes another trademark maneuver, a back suplex. Both wrestlers immediately begin to trade chops. WHOO! After a snap mare and neck snap, Hennig Flair fops Flair to the floor. On the floor, Flair gains control by smashing Hennig’s head on the steps and guardrail following up with more chops. Back in the ring, Flair weakly suplexes Hennig. Flair heads back to the floor and grabs a chair. Flair sits the chair in the ring where Flair crotches Henning on top of the chair. OUCH! No, WHOO! Flair then places Hennig’s knee between the seat and back piece oft he chair. Flair kicks the chair twice. After sending two chairs and US Title in the ring, Flair applies the Figure 4. Unfortunately, Flair conveniently places the US Title around Hennig’s head, how clever. You know the end is coming and what’s next. Yes, Hennig grabs the US Title, smashes Flair’s knee and head and pins Flair to retain the US Heavyweight Title.

9. Scott Hall wins 60 man, three ring battle royal to win shot at WCW World Heavyweight Title at Superbrawl 8.

THE RULES: Anybody tossed from the ring to the floor is eliminated, YUCK! Yes, you don’t have to be thrown over the top rope to be eliminated, you can be thrown through the ropes. The winner receives shot at WCW World Heavyweight Title at Superbrawl 8.

THE BATTLE ROYAL: Several major faces are missing including Flair, Goldberg, and a few others. The NWO received their own entrance which included Curt Hennig, Scott Hall, Vincent, Buff Bagwell, but no Kevin Nash. Without Kevin Nash, practically everyone knows what’s going to happen from this point on. Giant begins by eliminating Lizmarck Jr. (ELIMINATION #1), Disco Inferno and Los Villanos. The Giant stands alone in ring 3 fighting nobody! La Parka and Norman Smiley are quickly eliminated also. Meng eliminated Johnny Grunge and soon Flyboy Rocco Roc is eliminated also. El Dandy is gone, too, isn’t that Dandy? Bobby Blaze is gone as well, gone in a so blaze of glory. But there’s good old Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Luger fails to rid Stevie Ray. Meanwhile, in a hilarious situation, Scott Steiner yells instructions to Stevie Ray, “clothesline!” Man that got me going and whole the house as well, calling the moves on national TV. Booker T adds to the Armstrong curse by tossing Brad like a projectile. Meanwhile, Eddie Guerrero pounds on his archenemy, Diamond Dallas Page. Prince Iaukea, the Prince of Five Vowels, is being held by his Chia-pet! DDP almost eliminated Booker T. Finally, the Prince of Five Vowels is eliminated by DDP. The Rent-a-gade and Wrath are eliminated. Meanwhile in ring #1, five NWO members remain, none having been eliminated. Steve McMichael & Alex Wright double team someone. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine is eliminated. Ray Traylor avoids elimination. DDP now battles Chris Benoit in an excellent exhibition of mudhole stomping. Fit Finley ahs been tossed aside. Dave Taylor is gone. Curt Hennig eliminates Rey Misterio after a bitter struggle. Kendall Windham & Barry Darsow (Blacktop Bully) are eliminated. Mortis & Alex Wright lands two clotheslines on Giant. On the third attempt, Giant backdrops Das Wunderpoop and Mortis to the floor. In ring #2 Meng and Giant battle. In ring #1 it’s all NWO. Lex Luger eliminated Stevie Ray and Giant eliminated Meng by dropkicking Meng to the floor. MASSIVE! Finally, the NWO is ordered to fight. WCW rolls over to the NWO ring after a bitter struggle. Lex & Hennig brawl. Savage nails Lex. Page gives Vincent the diamond cutter and Vince is eliminated. Giant beats on Savage and Buff for a little while. Giant eliminates Buff with Luger and Hennig on the apron. Giant then gives Lex & Hennig a shove and both are eliminated. Meanwhile, it’s down to Giant & DDP vs. Randy Savage & Scott Hall. Page nails Savage and signals for the diamond cutter. Savage executes a jawbreaker and mounts the top turnbuckle. Giant stands in the way leading to a stare down between he and Savage. Finally, Savage leaps and into a bear hug. Page gives Savage the diamond cutter. Giant refuses to allow DDP to eliminate Savage. Savage wants to chokeslam Savage and does so. Giant foots Savage out of the ring. It’s now two on one, Giant & Page vs. Scott Hall. Hall heads to ring #2, signals to the back and the NWO porno plays. However, no one ever shows. The Voo Doo Chile porno and plays and look who shows up… It’s the WCW World heavyweight Champion Hollywood Hogan! Can Hogan face himself at Superbrawl? WOW! A mirror match! A huge “We Want Sting” chant ensues. Hogan slams Giant. The match is getting very good until… ANOTHER AWFUL FAKE STING! It’s Fake Sting, #7584865906859086905890688143894329049308904869056907568490859083 950748958943567854793476354537, Kevin Nash. No one is fooled except Tony Schiavone. Tony is the most obnoxious personality in professional wrestling, even more obnoxious than Vince McMahon. Nash nails Giant with the bat, eliminating Giant. Page has been eliminated and Scott Hall is your winner. Darn, what a crummy ending.

POSTMATCH: Hogan tosses DDP into the ring and gives him the diamond cutter. The NWO beat on DDP as World War 3 goes off the air.

source: Mike Tyler

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