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Sunday, March 15, 1998, in Mobile, Alabama

– The show starts as they pan into the arena and Tony Schiavone comes on with Bobby “the Brain” Heenan and Mike Tenay. Must keep sanity. Must keep sanity. They talked about the unpredictability that Uncensored is known for. How about the dumb angles and the totally dumb as title, since they don’t show anything different on Uncensored than they do on a normal PPV.

– “El Gringo Loco” Eddie Guerrero with Chavo Guerrero Jr. vrs. Booker T. for the WCW World Television title
Hah hah. This should be interesting. I wonder if Chavo is going to get involved. Bobby’s voice is a bit scratchy tonight. Booker even joined in. LOL. Both guys just walked around for a minute in the least. Booker started it out with some forearm shots, then a back body drop. Booker then grabbed Eddie back up and hit a Side Salto. Booker hit a clothesline next and then threw Eddie to the floor. Booker walked around in the ring, while Eddie walked around outside the ring. Eddie also talked with Chavo. He got back in and they played mercy, which Booker won. Booker hit a Powerslam after that, with the crowd firmly behind him. Eddie then walked around outside again. Booker followed him into the aisle way and smashed Eddie, then hit a scoop slam. They got back into the ring and Booker hit him with a back elbow for a two count as Eddie got to the ropes. Booker then hit a Gorilla Press Slam and went up top, but Eddie followed and hit a drop kick. Forearms from Eddie on the top rope and Eddie then hit a Superplex. Both guys sold the move for a few seconds, but Eddie got up first. Booker landed the first shots though, with some forearms and then hit a Crescent kick that floored Eddie for a two count. Booker tried a Scissor Kick and ended up on the ropes. Eddie then started to stomp the heck outta Booker. Booker got set under the ropes with his leg hanging off the ring. Eddie then hit a slingshot over the top rope onto the leg. Eddie talked to Chavo, then got back into the ring. Bobby advised to cut Eddie out of the family will, and put himself in. Eddie put on a leg submission for several seconds. Actually it was more than several seconds. More like a minute or something. Eddie used the ropes during that time. What to talk about during the interim? Hmm. Eddie hit a clothesline when he let Booker up. Eddie then went to the middle rope and hit a head butt from there. He got a two count from it. Eddie then took Booker to the floor with a flying head butt to the knee. Eddie rolled Booker back in and the match neared the ten minute mark. Belly to back suplex from Guerrero gets a two count. Why is something tapping on my wall? I don’t like that. Booker came back with his spinning kip up for a Scissor Kick. Booker then followed that with a Sidewalk slam and went up top for the Harlem Hangover. Eddie got to his feet though and got under Booker’s Hangover. Booker landed on his feet though and was able to drop Eddie. Eddie got to his feet quickly and hit a drop kick. Booker got to the top rope though and hit a Missile Drop Kick. Booker then made the cover. 1 . . 2 . . 3. Uh-oh. If Eddie was upset this past week, he must be pissed now. They showed Chavo after the match smiling. Eddie yelled at him afterwards, and then did the “Ok, we talk backstage” gimmick, and then nailed Chavo in the head and slammed him into a few guardrails.
Winner : Booker T.
Match Time : 11:13

– They showed Scott Steiner backstage at the Uncensored PPL broadcast area. Either that or the chat area.

– Konnan vrs. Jueventud Guerrera
Surprising. No Vincent tonight. I like it. Aw man, I just let one. Better not stand up. Jueve started it quick against Konan with some chops. Jueve missed a drop kick right away though and Konnan hit the rolling clothesline. Jueve came back after a few seconds and hit a head scissors takedown and Konnan scrambled to the floor. Jueve tried to follow, but Konnan dominated the floor, sending Jueve into the ring steps. Konan then set the ring steps up and set up for something on them, but Jueve countered and smashed Konan’s head into it, then hit a springboard splash from the stairs. Tenay mentioned Fall Brawl 1996. They got back in the ring and Jueve hit a springboard missile drop kick for the two count. Konnan was able to come back, of course, and threw Jueve into a corner, then put on an “Indian Death Lock”. Konnan said something like “No speaky Engly?”. Konnan worked the leg submission on Jueve. Chop from Konnan, then he yelled at the crowd. Konnan hit a German Suplex after that, but skipped the bridge. Konnan put his foot on Jueve’s chest and got a two count. Jueve got thrown into a corner and was thrown upside down by the thrust of Konnan’s shove. Konan worked Jueve over in the corner, then hit a scoop slam. Konnan made a two count. Tenay this next one – a Rocking Horse Cradle by Konnan, then he just dropped Jueve. I don’t know what it means. Konan put Jueve outside, and the ref did the counting. Konnan put on a bit of an Argentine Spine Bend with Jueve’s head turned a strange way, then got a two count. Konnan put Jueve in the corner then set up for a German Suplex. He hit it, but Jueve landed on his feet and took advantage of it. Jueve kicked Konnan several times, then slowed it way down. Very very little crowd noise. Jueve tried a body scissors, but Konan threw him over into a split-leg German Suplex (I made that one up. Don’t knock it. I don’t care if it’s wrong). Konnan got Jueve up onto his shoulders, but Jueve dropped it into a DDT, then went up and missed the 450 Splash. Jueve landed on his feet though, and then got low blowed. FOUL! Konnan hit the Fisherman’s Buster, but only got a two count. Oooh, push for Jueve. Ten minutes gone. Konnan hit the Fisherman’s Buster again, but only got a two count again. Jueve then rolled Konnan up in a really quick cradle. 1 . . 2 . . 3! Juvi wins! WOOHOO! Jueve got happy and played off the fans, but Konnan was extremely upset and hit a Fisherman’s Buster, then threw him to the floor.
Winner : Juvi Guerrera
Match Time : 10:21

– Interview with J.J. Dillon. J.J. did it with Gene O. He said that the Giant wanted to have the Jackknife legal tonight. He said that he had talked to Kevin Nash’s people, and they had agreed. J.J. said that the Jackknife would be legal for the night.

– “the Shooter” Dean Malenko vrs. “Lionheart” Chris Jericho for the WCW World Cruiserweight title
Ok, I would like to get at least one of my first three picks correct. GO DEAN! Dean was able to hit a drop toe hold as I got back to my keyboard. Dean moved over to a hammerlock and brought Jericho up to his feet. Jericho came back with a full nelson, but Dean reversed it and put Jericho down on the mat. Jericho’s tights say “1,004”. Jericho went to the arm, but Dean reversed it and kept control of Jericho for a few minutes. Jericho tried to start a shoving match, but Dean was able to go toe-to-toe with him. Jericho came back with a kick to the head, putting Dean on the mat. Jericho tried a springboard cross body block, but missed. Jericho then walked out. Up the rap and out the door. The ref got to eight, and Dean broke it. Jericho then came back out, and Dean went back to him with forearm shots on Jericho’s head. Jericho screamed bloody murder. Jericho was able to hit a Sidewalk Slam though, then did a bit of bad strutting. Vertical Suplex by Jericho gets a two count. Jericho snap mared Dean a few minutes later then put on a chin lock. Jericho played off the crowd for the next few seconds. Jericho hit a Lionsault and got a two count as Dean got the ropes. Jericho used a bit of choking in the ropes, then hit a backbreaker. He used a back submission for about thirty seconds or so after that. Jericho stomped on Dean after that. Jericho tried some chops, but Dean no-selled and hit some head butts, then hit a belly to back suplex. Dean got a two count from it. Dean got another two after that. Jericho was able to back Dean into a corner after that though. Jericho got Dean into a Super Tree of Woe, with Dean tied up like a pretzel in the turnbuckles. Jericho beat on him there for a bit. Dean got to his feet, but Jericho chopped him in the corner. Dean tried a suplex, but Jericho was able to land on his feet. Jericho hit a Reverse Suplex a few seconds later, but Dean got to the ropes to get away from a Lion Tamer. Dean Forward Rolled his way to a two count, then backslid his way to another two. Dean smashed Jericho’s head on a turnbuckle pad, but Jericho hit a back elbow that put Dean on the floor, since Dean was on the apron. Jericho went out and brought Dean into the ring. Dean got to his feet and tried to set up for a German Suplex, but Jericho out maneuvered him to get to the top rope. Jericho tried to set up for a Superplex of some kind, but Dean dropped Jericho down to the mat and got a two count. Jericho was on the apron and Dean brought him back in. Dean missed a drop kick and Jericho tried to set up for a Lion Tamer. Dean blocked it though, twisting the legs. Jericho set into the Tamer, but Dean crawled to the ropes. Jericho brought Dean to the top rope and Dean hit a Gutbuster, as Jericho was setting up for the Jericho Spike. Dean got a two count out of it. These twos are getting very close. Match time near fifteen minutes. Jericho ducked a clothesline and Dean missed a flying leg lariat. Jericho got the Lion Tamer on, but Dean moved towards the ropes. Jericho then picked up and brought Dean to the middle of the ring. Dean then was forced to tap out. Gene O. came out and tried to set up an interview with Jericho. Jericho walked past though. Gene went to Dean though. Dean was distraught. He said that the odds makers had Dean down for the win. Gene said that Dean should have won. Gene O. is scolding him. Gene said that Dean was down 0-4 at PPV’s, dating back to Starrcade. What the heck’s up with Gene? Gene asked where Dean went from hear. Dean said one word – “Home”.
Winner : Chris Jericho
Match Time : 14:42

– They showed Raven at the chat area.

– “the Total Package” Lex Luger vrs. “White Thunder” Scott Steiner
Good time for bathroom break. This was almost all brawl from the start. Not much to write down. Both guys went into guardrails and ring steps. Luger had a major power surge for several seconds, but Steiner hit a low blow. Scott then put on the Steiner Recliner under the ring ropes. He had to break it after a few seconds. Scott then went out for the chair, but Rick Steiner arrived. Scott Norton followed him, beating up Rick. Luger meanwhile got a quick role up and scored the pinfall for the win. Norton ran into the ring and beat on both Rick and Luger. Luger and Norton went to the floor, and the Steiners were left in the ring. Rick tried to use Scott’s chair, but Scott ran.
Winner : Lex Luger
Match Time : 3:54

– Raven vrs. “the Canadian Crippler” Chris Benoit vrs. Diamond Dallas Page for the WCW United States Heavyweight title in a Falls Count Everywhere match
They said that it was a free for all with everyone fighting. The crowd started it out with a “DDP” chant. They did the three way lock up, then everyone backed off. They called it a first. They did it again, then backed off. They all tried forearm shots, then everyone backed up to a corner. “DDP” chant. They locked up again, and they all went to the floor, where Dallas went into the ring steps. Benoit and Raven got back into the ring, where Benoit got a two count. Back elbow from Benoit gets a two count. Benoit stomped a mudhole into Raven, then Dallas came back in. Benoit tried a two count, but Dallas made the save. Raven got put on the floor and Benoit hit a baseball slide drop kick on the floor. Dallas then came over the top rope with a plancha that hit both Benoit and Raven. Dallas was able to get a two count on Raven, but Benoit made the ave. Benoit tried to make a cover, but Dallas made the save. They said that the Nest was at ringside. I’m not looking. Dallas hit a Pancake for a two count as Benoit made the save. Benoit hit a Swan Dive on Raven for a two count, but Dallas dropped an elbow for a two count. Dallas tried a cover on Benoit, but Raven made the save. Writing down the word save is starting to piss me off. Dallas and Benoit went to the floor, then Raven hit a plancha. Raven got a two count on Benoit on the floor, then got a two count on Dallas as Benoit saved it. Benoit slammed Raven into the guardrail, got a two count, then Dallas came over and slammed Benoit into a guardrail. Raven made a count on Dallas, and Benoit made the save in the aisle way. Am I noticing a pattern? All three battled back to the entrance way. Benoit got a trash can and smashed it into Raven. Benoit and Dallas then got some trash and both cracked Raven. Benoit and Dallas then traded two counts on Raven. Benoit used a crutch on Dallas in the kidney’s to stop that set and then sent Dallas to the safety rail, then smashed the trash can onto Dallas’ back. Snap Suplex by Benoit on Dallas. I forgot how confusing these things got. Benoit and Raven then started working over Dallas, throwing Dallas into the Uncensored sign set up. Interesting area. I’ve never seen back there. They ran him into it a few times. Benoit picked up a sink (Yes, a sink), and smashed Raven with it. Benoit and Raven battled toward the chat area. Raven somehow got his hands on a table. He hit Benoit with it, then came up with a rope of some kind and choked Benoit with it. They say that Dallas is out, totally. Benoit then threw Raven into the table. Benoit then dragged Raven back to the ring, bringing Kevin Sullivan/Chris Benoit matches to mind. They got back into the ring. Raven hit Benoit in the groin. FOUL! Raven then got a chair. Benoit was able to hit a drop toe hold on Raven into the chair in the ring. Benoit didn’t go for the cover though. He picked up the chair and set it against Raven. They showed Dallas crawling to the ring. Benoit and Raven were still going at it, and the chair went to the floor. Benoit threw Raven into a guardrail. Dallas is playing snail. Benoit got a two count. They got back into the ring where Benoit hit Raven in the head a few times. Benoit put on a sleeper hold. Dallas got to his feet and then put on a sleeper. Seen that. Raven hit a double Jawbreaker and all three went down. Benoit and Dallas had parts of their body on the other. The counts going to nine. Raven moves, then Benoit does. Benoit hit a German Suplex twice on Raven, then hit a German Suplex on Benoit (or something to that effect). All three went down and they did the counting again. Benoit and Raven continued beating on Dallas. Lodi’s sign says “Use My Sign”. Can we say House Party 1996? Raven uncovered a STOP sign under in. They hit Dallas with it. That is so House Party 1996. Just no pie from Tommy Dreamer. Raven hit Benoit with the STOP sign, but Dallas did something that I missed. Match has gone past sixteen minutes. Dallas is on a table and Benoit is working Raven over. Benoit went up top and beat on Raven’s head. Dallas got off the table and smashed into Benoit. Dallas then hit a Diamond Cutter on Raven (who was on the apron) that had the crowd screaming. Dallas made the cover and got the win. Man, my picks were so off. Benoit took the loss in stride though, helping Dallas up. Ok, maybe Benoit and Dean are going to start tagging full time soon or something.
Winner : Diamond Dallas Page
Match Time : 17:14

– Tony, Bobby and Mike talked about the upcoming matches. ::Yawn::

– Kevin Nash vrs. the Giant in a match where the Jackknife is legal
I would really like to see that Giant get some theme music. This no theme music thing is really starting to piss me off. Nash came out with a neck brace on. He went outside as the match started. Not much happened in the opening part as it was just a lot of beating on each other. Aw darn it, I forgot to start the timer. Ok, just add two minutes. Nash got the lead as the match wore on. Why am I not putting a lot into this match description? I’m afraid I won’t be able to fit everything in. Nash worked on the Giant’s neck, and eventually took the brace off. Nash got hit with a shot to the stomach as Giant started to no-sell. He hit a head butt and started putting Nash onto the mat with increasingly regularity. Giant gave the sign for the Chokeslam about six minutes in. He then switched to Jackknife set up and Bryan Adams came in. Why?!?! He brought with him Mr. Louisville Slugger and nailed Giant with it. Other nWo guys came in and they started teaming up on the Giant. Giant kept on his feet though was able to take the bat and break it. Giant hit a Chokeslam on Vincent, then Konan, but then got hit with another baseball bat by Adams. Giant shoved them all out of the ring though and they left.
Winner : the Giant via DQ
Match Time : 6:40

– Gene O. promoted the hotline with “Who’s in and who’s out in the wrestling world”. Gee, that’s hard to guess

– “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig with “Ravishing” Rick Rude vrs. Bret “the Hitman” Hart
When Pinzer said Hennig’s name, I almost thought he said Verne. Something wrong with my brain there. Bret came out with a Calgary Hitmen jersey on. Tony said that they had won a division or something in Canada. Hennig and Hart locked up, then they broke. Hart took Hennig down in a head lock, and broke it after a few seconds. Hart hit a shoulder block and then went back to the head lock. Hennig pulled on the hair to try to get out of it. They got back to their feet. Hennig hit a chop. Hart put a head lock on again and got Hennig down to the mat. Bobby said that both guys were in the best shape of their career. I doubt it. Hennig was better years ago. I dunno on Hart. They kept it on the mat for the next minute or so, and Hart hit a hip toss and got a one count. Hennig slapped Hart, then went to the floor and walked around. He talked with Rick. Hennig took Hart down to the mat, but Hart turned it into a Sharpshooter. Rude ran in quickly and nailed Hart to break it, then ran back outside. The ref never saw it. Hennig then started working over Hart’s leg. Hennig stomped on it and Hart was left on the mat. Hennig brought Hart over into a corner and rammed his leg into the ring post. Hennig got back into the ring and Rude was able to get in some cheap shots. Hennig threw Hart around by the hair. That’s more popular with the Japanese ladies. Hennig worked Hart over in a corner. Hennig punched him a few times, then went into a Figure-4. Rude gave him a little leverage. Hennig got a few two counts from that. Hart got out of it after several minutes. Hennig kept working the knee. Hennig had control of the match for several minutes. Hennig went up top, and Hart was able to follow. He crotched Hennig on the ropes. Crowd is quiet. Hart then hit a clothesline, and followed with a small package for a two count. Russian Leg Sweep by Hart gets another two. Bulldog by Hart gets a two, this time Hennig has a foot on the ropes. Hart hit an elbow drop onto the knee to get another two. Hart beat on Hennig’s head for a few, then hit his head on a turnbuckle. Hennig set up for the PerfectPlex and hit it for a two count. Hart kicked out of it. That’s two of those moves that have been proved fallible tonight. Then there were a series of two counts by both men. Hennig tried a Sunset Flip, but Hart turned it into a Sharpshooter as Rick started to move. Hennig tapped out though, and Hart got the win. Rude beat the crap outta Hart and Hennig brought in a chair to help. Rude Awakening by Rick. Tony actually called it. That was nice to say. Hennig dropped the chair on Bret as they left. Hennig and Rude then intercepted the medical dudes in the aisle and wouldn’t let them get through for a few seconds.
Winner : Bret Hart
Match Time : 13:52

– Scott Hall with “the American Dream” Dusty Rhodes vrs. Sting for the WCW World Heavyweight title
Strange. A World Heavyweight title match is not the feature bout. Mark Curtis is the ref. Sting started it out strong, beating Hall on his head and sending him to the floor. Hall hit the Nodowa Chokeslam early, but Sting wouldn’t sell it and hit a drop kick on Hall that put him on the floor. Dusty tripped up Sting a little bit later. I can remember Sting teaming with him. That allowed Hall to get the shot in on Sting. Hall then hit a “discus punch”. Sting hit a head butt onto Hall’s nads a bit later. That drew a count from Mark. Dusty Rhodes came up and hit the Bionic Elbow on Sting (which the ref missed). Hall covered, but only got the two count. Sting no-sold and hit an Atomic Drop, then followed with a pair of Stinger Splashes, then went to hit Dusty Rhodes. That allowed Hall to fall into Mark Curtis when he went for Sting. Dusty threw in the international object and nailed Sting with it. The ref came over and Sting kicked out for a two count. Hall set up for the Outsider Edge, but Sting slid down his back and hooked up for the Scorpion Death Drop. He hit it, made the cover, and got the three count for the win. Sting then pointed at Dusty.
Winner : Sting
Match : 8:46

– Spring Stampede promo
– The cage came down and Buffer pumped up the crowd.

– “the Macho Man” Randy Savage vrs. “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan in a steel cage match
When Hogan got to the ring, he shook the cage. Hogan started strong, slapping a choke hold on and started yelling “Who’s the man”, while the crowd had a faint chant. Hogan hit the big foot early and got a two count from it. Hogan continued the pounding, sending Savage against the cage a few times, and controlling the match. Not much to write here. Hogan used his weight belt to slap Savage around a bit. Actually more than a bit. He hit a scoop slam around the 5:30 mark. Savage then did the no sell and started to beat on Hogan with the belt. Savage got a two count and beat on Hogan, then sent him into the cage. Savage hit a back drop on Hogan into the cage, that sent him sliding down. Hogan looks to be juicing. I’m not sure on it. Savage kept shoving him around, but then Hogan smashed Savage’s head into the cage. This match is quite boring. It’s nearing the ten minute mark. Hogan beats Savage around some more. Hogan got a two count. Hogan then took Savage out of the cage. Ok, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the point of the cage to keep people in and not let them get in? He went right out the door. What the point if they can go out the door? Hogan threw Randy into a guardrail, and Savage finally came back. Savage pacified Hogan enough, then went to the top of the cage, and hit the big big [sic] (I just used a vocab word!) elbow drop for a two count. Then the Disciple came in. Why is Disciple in this? Savage was up top and Disciple dragged Hogan away from Savage. Savage came down and they started fighting again. Sting came out at about the 14:50 mark to help out Savage. Hogan then tried to play peacemaker. Savage and Sting stood together, then Savage nailed Sting. I think there’s a rumor on this. Forget it. Savage hit a Piledriver on Sting. Savage said “I don’t like you. I never will”. Hogan replied with “You work for me”.
Winner : No Contest at 16:36

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