Superbrawl IX

May 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, February 21st in Oakland, CA

A promo was shown reviewing how the tag team tournament has went so far.

The new tag team belts were in a case that was located in the middle of the entrance way.

Mean Gene plugged the hotline, advertising a special “business” update.

Disco Inferno vs Booker T
-Disco was advertised by the announcers as an official member of the NWO. Disco stalled for about 5 minutes before the match ever began. Disco nailed a swinging neckbreaker, but it was turned around on him when he started to showboat. The fans sort of turned against Booker T halfway through the match, and started cheering for Disco. Disco took the match to the outside and slammed Booker T into the ringsteps and saftey rail. Booker T turned things around when they were back in the ring, with an axe kick and a sidewalk slam. Disco went for the chartbuster, missed, and was hit with the Harlem sidekick. Booker T went for his finishing move, nailed it and picked up the win.

Saturn vs Chris Jericho
Return Dress Match
-This match is a return dress match. Ralphus came out wearing a dress. Scott Dickenson came to ringside with Jericho, and he was going to be the referee. The announcers were into an argument as to if Ralphus was wearing panties, boxers or a thong. Now you see why I don’t like WCW too well. Anyway, back to the match. Jericho go the mic and told Saturn he looked ridiculous in the dress. He called Saturn a cross eyed, cross dressing freak. Saturn attacked Jericho after he was done talking. The match went to the outside into the crowd early, and Saturn took it to Jericho. Back in the inside of the ring, Jericho was back on top. Saturn jerked Ralphus into the ring and ripped the dress off of him. Meanwhile, Jericho dropkicked Saturn while he had his back turned. Saturn put Jericho’s head in to his dress (and this is not vulgar).. and punched him. Jericho turned the move around into a German suplex. Saturn eventually got the rings of Saturn on Jericho, but Jericho go to the ring ropes. Saturn got the Death Valley Driver, and Scott Dickenson got one for good measure as well. Saturn left after that, stating “life is a drag.” Dickenson woke up and called for the bell, declaring Jericho the winner by countout.

Cruiserweight Title
Chavo Guerrero JR vs Kidman
-Fast paced match that was hard to keep up with. The match slowed up about halfway with Chavo getting several near pinfalls. Kidman hit an amazing dropkick on Chavo as he was coming off the top rope. Chavo started getting frustrated and was pushing around the referee. Kidman took advantage of this, nailed Chavo and applied the Shooting Star Press to pick up the win and retain the Cruiserweight title.

Tag Team Tournament Final
Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko vs Curt Hennig and Barry Windham
-Match 1 – Lots of stalling before this even began. Technical match with Benoit really showing his ability working with Hennig. Benoit almost scored the first fall before Windham interjected. Benoit nailed a swan dive on Hennig but Windham again broke up the count. Dean Malenko also had the fall, but the referee had his back turned. The crowd was totally out of this match, as it went about 20 minutes. There were many near falls, but the alternate partner kept making the save for either team. The team of Malenko and Benoit scored the first fall when Malenko made Windham tap out to the Texas Cloverleaf.

Match 2 – Malenko went for the cloverleaf again, but Windham took off his belt and choked Malenko.
The referee did not see this, turned around and counted Malenko out. Because Malenko and Benoit had already lost one match, Hennig and Windham win the titles. Benoit and Malneko, screwed once again….

Hair vs Mask
Scott Hall and Kevin Nash vs Konnan and Rey Mysterio, JR
-Luger couldn’t wrestle because of his legit arm injury, so Scott Hall took his place. There was a barber’s chair sitting in the aisle waiting for Liz. Mysterio showed no fear, and went after both Hall and Nash. Hall caught him up however and did a fall away slam on Mysterio. Big Sexy was tagged in and basically toyed with Mysterio. Hall was tagged back in and he toyed with Mysterio. Mysterio fought his way out of the Outsider’s edge and tagged in Konnan. Konnan took it to both Hall and Nash. Hall had his purple Razor Ramon elbow pads on again. Luger tripped up Konnan and threw him into the steps, while Mysterio pinned Nash. Liz distracted the ref, while Hall put the Outsider’s Edge on Mysterio. He put Nash on top of Mysterio and he got the pin. Mysterio was forced to remove his mask.

TV Title
Scott Steiner vs DDP
-Steiner pulled a girl out of the crowd that had on a really short skirt. DDP wasted no time and ran down the aisle, but Steiner ran out of the ring, stalling. DDP took it to Steiner, using various holds. Buff came down to ringside during the match to check on Steiner, who was bleeding. Buff and Steiner surrounded DDP, and DDP challenged them both. DDP beat both men, hitting a double clothesline. It was eventually too much and Steiner took back over. DDP rolled up Steiner, exposing his rear…Buff put a chair on the apron of the ring and Steiner took it and blasted DDP over the back with it. Then Buff clipped the turnbuckle pad off, exposing steel. He clipped off two of them before the referee noticed. He made Buff leave the ringside area. DDP kicked out of a frankensteiner, and landed a new move, the “diamond dream” on Steiner. Steiner came back and slammed DDP’s head into the exposed turnbuckle. He then rammed DDP’s back into the exposed turnbuckles 4 times. Steiner put DDP in the Steiner recliner, and he passed out. DDP never gave up, he just passed out. Steiner wins the match.

US Title
Scott Hall vs Roddy Piper
-Disco Inferno came out first, and Hall stalled coming out until a few minutes later. Piper took his kilt off and threw it over Hall’s face, blinding him. He beat Hall with punches. From here out, the match got boring fast. The crowd was totally dead. Disco helped out Hall when the ref had his back turned by choking Piper. Kevin Nash came to ringside and attacked Piper, allowing Hall to win the US title. This match was weak, probably the worst of the night so far. Piper wouldn’t give the belt back after the match and he got his rear kicked for it by Hall and Nash. New US Champion: Scott Hall.

Bam Bam Bigleow vs Goldberg
-Shiavone embarrassed WCW futher by mentioning the kiddy challenge Goldie threw out on the Tonight Show….Goldberg showed off a few new maneuvers tonight. Bigelow attacked Goldberg’s knee, Goldberg fought back and went to spear Bigelow but missed. He landed the move the next time, did another spear and then nailed the jackhammer. A rather boring match with Goldberg getting the win.

World Title
Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair
-Flair came out to the biggest pop of the night, no doubt. He had bandages on his face. Hogan took Flair down first, but Flair turned things around hitting the chops. Hogan hit Flair in the head with a chair on the outside later in the match. Flair was bloodied up bad after the chairshot. That didn’t do anything but make Flair mad, and he and Hogan went at it with a fist fight. Hogan pulled off his NWO belt and whipped Flair to the back with it. That just upset him even more, and he went after Hogan until Hogan hit him with the belt to the head. Hogan could not keep Flair down as they traded chops. Flair hit Hogan with a low blow and took him down. Flair’s face was red because of all the blood. Flair took the belt of Hogan and whipped him with it, wrapping it around his fist and punching him with it. Hogan started bleeding after that, and Flair bit his wound. The mystery girl came down the aisle. She distracted Flair, and Flair made gestures with his crotch. The girl slapped Flair. Flair took it to Hogan some more, with hard chop shots. Flair went to cover Hogan, Flair slipped and hit the ref. Hogan then elbowed the ref, and he was down. Hogan beat on Flair, giving him the trademark foot to the face. Hogan missed the legdrop, and a masked man came to ringside, walking funny. Flair had Hogan in the figure four, the masked man came in the ring and stunned Flair with the stun gun. The masked man was holding hands with the girl, as Hogan pinned Flair. The mask was taken off the mystery man, and it was revealed to be David Flair. He stunned Flair again with the stun gun. Nash came to ringside and hugged David. What a sorry way to end a PPV. Hogan, still the World Champion.

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