Starrcade ’97

May 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, December 28th at the MCI Center (Washington, D.C)

– WCW Cruiserweight Title Match: Eddie Guerrero pinned Dean Malenko at 14:55 to retain the championship

– Ray Traylor & the Steiner Brothers vrs. Konan, Vincent, & Scott Norton
The nWo boys came out to low tier nWo porn. They helped Scott away, then got back in the ring. Pinzer got to Konan’s name, and Konan didn’t show. Scott Norton pointed to backstage and then brought out Randy Savage with Ms. Liz, so . . .
– Ray Traylor & the Steiner Brothers with Ted DiBiase vrs. “the Macho Man” Randy Savage, Vincent, and Scott “Flash” Norton with Ms. Elizabeth
Smart move working Savage into Starrcade. I seriously want to know when Liz got married. Scott Steiner and Randy Savage started things out. Both guys stalled for several seconds. Savage & Scott locked up and Savage got driven back into a corner. Scott let up and Savage took a swing at him. They locked up again and Scott took Savage over onto the mat. Savage got up and slapped Scott, then Scott returned the favor. Scott got whipped into Norton, and got a knee to the back. Savage and Norton got in a little double teaming, as Scott was put across the edge of the mat. Foot to the face by Scott, but Norton picked him up and hit a fall away slam. Norton followed that up with a backbreaker, and worked on Steiner’s back. Front face lock by Norton, and Savage came in with a double ax handle. Scott came back though, and hit a Powerbomb, then picked Savage up in a Gorilla Press Slam. They got close to the WCW side, and both Rick & Ray jumped in the ring, while the nWo’ers jumped to the floor. Norton tagged in as they got back up on the apron. Rick Steiner tagged in. Forearm shots by Norton. Scoop slam by Rick, then a clothesline. Back elbow, then a Powerslam by Norton gets a two count. Traylor ran in and hit a clothesline on Norton. Traylor got caught in the nWo corner, but picked up Vincent and slammed him. I can’t believe I’m using Vincent’s name in a Pay Per View match. Traylor pounded on Vincent and back dropped him. Scott Steiner tagged in and hit a belly to belly suplex. Scott made fun of Savage on the other side and took Vincent over to his corner. Rick tagged in and worked over Vince a little. Vince got shoved into a corner, and Ray tried a splash, but missed. Vince tagged in Norton, and Norton hit a clothesline, then some chops on Ray Traylor. The nWo team worked over Traylor for a bit, keeping him on their side of the ring. Traylor got back to his feet and tagged in Rick, who clotheslined the nWo team down to the mat. He hit scoop slams on all the nWo dudes, then Ray & Scott set up a Two Man DDT on a Vince. They hit it, but Scott Norton made a save after Scott had hit a two count. Scott hit a FrankenSteiner on Vincent, but never got a count as Savage came in and made a save. Savage got dropped and DiBiase was arguing with the ref. Scott tried to set up a FrankenSteiner on Savage, but Norton came over and picked up Scott Steiner. Fall away slam by Norton and then Savage hit the big elbow and made the cover. 1 . . 2 . . 3. Savage wins the match for his team.
Winners : Randy Savage, Scott Norton & Vincent Match Time : 9:52

– Gene Okerlund then came on and promo’ed the hotline, saying that a lot of WCWers backstage, with very new faces. Gee, could it be the Bulldog & Neidhart possibly? Okerlund then brought out J.J. Dillon. Dillon said that he was happy to see all the WCW wrestlers out for the show tonight. Jeez, must have paid a heck of a lot for airfare. Dillon switched to the ref situation, and said that Nick Patrick would be the ref. What a surprise. I had the written down before he said it. I know, you don’t have to believe me, but I did. Hope they don’t do that rumored heel turn.

– Steve “Mongo” McMicheal” vrs. Bill Goldberg
I’m thrilled. Goldberg went out to meet Mongo. They started fighting in the aisle way. They punched each other a lot, and backed each other against the guardrail. Goldberg went and picked Mongo up and brought him into the ring. Goldberg then grabbed a table. Goldberg climbed in the ring, but Mongo pounced on him. Backbreaker by Mongo got a two count after a lot of fighting. Goldberg came back though, and dropped Mongo and got a pair of two counts. Goldberg took Mongo to the floor, and slammed him into the safety rail. They got back in the ring and Mongo came off the top rope with a double ax handle, but Goldberg hit him in the ribs. Goldberg went to work on Mongo’s leg. He kept pounding on him as the seconds ticked by. Head butt by McMicheal got a two count for Goldberg. Bill then positioned the table next to the ring. Goldberg got back in the ring and grabbed Mongo. Goldberg picked Mongo up in a Crucifix though and was trying to throw him onto the table, but Mongo fell forward and got a one count. The ref helped Mongo a bit there too. McMicheal went out to the floor for a bit and then got back into the ring. Goldberg pounded on Mongo, and tossed him over the top rope and Mongo went through the table. A very audible “ECW” chant arose from that. Mongo tried to pick Goldberg up for a Piledriver, but that didn’t work. Goldberg hit the Jackhammer and got the win.
Winner : Bill Goldberg
Match Time : 6:43

– Raven came out, from the entrance way, and said that when he signed a contract, he wouldn’t conform with the rules. He went on about his stipulations, blah blah. He said that tonight he had chosen not to wrestle tonight. He said that Saturn would finish off Chris Benoit tonight
– “the Canadian Crippler” Chris Benoit vrs. “the Eliminator” Perry Saturn with Raven in a No-DQ match
I heard another ECW chant. That police siren is quite annoying. Benoit got on the microphone and said “quote the Crippler no more”. He said that he didn’t see reality, and then went on like Raven would. Benoit said that when he moved, he moved with passion, and said that there was nothing he was more passionate about than beating up Raven. Benoit started out leveling Saturn with a clothesline, then Saturn tried for a sleeper. Chops by Benoit and then Saturn tried another Sleeper. Benoit got away from this one with a Jawbreaker and went back to chopping. Saturn as able to throw Benoit into the ropes, then start a stomping. Benoit powered up though and started up with some forearm shots, and hit a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Billy Kidman showed up on the apron, and Benoit creamed him. Benoit took Kidman to the floor, but Sick Boy flew out of the crowd with a clothesline, and Kidman hit another suicidal Shooting Star Press from the ring apron onto Benoit. Benoit got put back into the ring, and Saturn began working Benoit over. Head lock by Saturn keeps Benoit tied up. Saturn hit a Pump-handle Plex I think, and got a two count. Scoop slam by Saturn, then he went up top and came off with his first truly aerial move in WCW – a moonsault. Benoit moved out of the way and Saturn hit the mat. Benoit went to work on Saturn, but Saturn started pounding Benoit’s neck. Knee to the gut by Saturn put Benoit to the floor. Leg drop to the neck by Saturn, then pulled Benoit up. Two count by Benoit in a small package, but Saturn popped up and hit a clothesline for a two count. Several more two counts were exchanged as well, and Saturn went to a reverse chin lock. Saturn pulled back on Benoit’s arm. Brainbuster by Saturn and he got another two count. Don’t see many Brainbuster’s these days. They showed Mortis, Greg Valentine, Bobby Eaton, Ernest Miller, Alex Wright, James Vandenberg, and El Ultimo Dragon in the crowd. Schiavone claimed that they had paid for their own airline tickets. Good to see Wright. Kicks by Benoit, but Saturn regained control. Saturn pounded on Benoit some more, and then hit a scoop slam. I need to make tinkee. Benoit came back and started nailing Saturn with forearm shots, and Saturn went to the floor. Benoit then came under the ropes with a baseball slide, and somehow got on the Crippler Crossface. The Nest charged in though and started beating on Benoit. Benoit somehow was able to get away from them all and got back into the ring, hitting a clothesline and Snap Suplex in the ring. Hammer was trying to get in the ring, but Benoit went up top and hit the Swan Dive Head butt. Kidman charged, he went down. Riggs charged, he went down. Lodi charged, same thing. Sick Boy, same result. Hammer got in the ring and dropped Benoit. Why is Hammer being pushed like that. DDT by Saturn. Saturn then put on the Rings of Saturn for the win.
Winner : Perry Saturn
Match Time : 10:05

– “the Total Package” Lex Luger vrs. Buff Bagwell in a match where there must be a winner
Bagwell said that Lex’s new name was “Lex Loser”. That ain’t new at all. Bagwell went outside and stalled a lot. Luger started out pounding the heck outta Bagwell. Luger kept Bagwell down on the mat for quite awhile, dropping him with clotheslines. Bagwell went outside, after a clothesline, and stalled. Bagwell called for Vincent to come out, and he did. Bagwell escorted him to the ring and said it was more fair now. Luger soon took Bagwell outside and slammed him into the safety rail, then into the ring post. Luger pounded on him some more, and Vincent got on the apron. Luger nailed him and Bagwell was able to get a lead in the match. A few kicks and some forearm shots from Bagwell sees him take over. Choking by Bagwell, then a form of a squisher. Bagwell said hi to his mom. Bagwell did some posing as he stood over Luger. The fans yelled at him, but I couldn’t pick out anything particular. Luger came back and hit a clothesline, but couldn’t cover. They showed Harlem Heat at ringside as both men tried to get to their feet. Luger & Bagwell got back to their feet and traded shots, and traded two counts in non too exciting fashion. Bagwell used some submission holds, keeping Luger on the mat. Luger powered back and landed forearm shots to Bagwell’s head. Bagwell countered with a sleeper hold. Luger walked around with Bagwell on his back for a bit, trying to get Bagwell off him. Luger was able to shove Bagwell off, but then staggered around. Back body drop by Luger, then lots of shots that dropped Bagwell time and time again. A trio of clotheslines, then an Atomic Drop by Luger. Vince got on the apron and got himself hit. Luger nailed Bagwell in the head, and then followed with a Vertical Suplex. Vince got back up and Luger threw him halfway across the ring. Luger continued beating the heck outta Bagwell, and the ref tried to pull him off. Luger dropped the ref, then hit a Powerslam. Luger got Bagwell up in a Torture Rack, but the ref was not to be found, as Randy Savage ran out. Luger got nailed in the back, but found the strength to put the Torture Rack on Savage. Scott Norton came out with a hand protector and decked Luger. The protector was Rick Steiner’s dog collar aka bondage toy. Norton rolled Bagwell onto Luger, then brought the ref up to count it and Bagwell got the win. Ms. Liz came out to help Savage away.
Winner : Buff Bagwell
Match Time : 16:33

– Diamond Dallas Page vrs. “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig for the WCW United States Heavyweight title
Shouldn’t they be doing Larry/Bischoff here? Hennig had his U.S. title, as yet again, they don’t follow through on a belt stealing angle. Loud “DDP” chant from the crowd. Dallas tried a quick roll up, but didn’t get a count. Dallas and Hennig started out trading blows, as my mom ignored my sign, asking if I could help drag out the Christmas tree. Hennig got Dallas back in a corner, and knee’d him in the ribs. Chops by Hennig, and then he tried to whip Dallas out of the corner but Dallas quickly took Hennig down for a two count. Dusty brought up a “Sting World Order”. Dallas and Hennig went outside and Dallas dragged him around a bit, then pulled him back into the ring. Hennig grabbed Dallas though, and dropped him across the top rope. Hennig continued to work over Dallas. Hennig landed a couple of chops, then put Dallas on the floor and whipped him into the ring stairs. Dallas crawled back into the ring, and Hennig started pulling off Dallas’s bandages, then walking on his back. Hennig continued working over Dallas. Not much really describable. They showed Sonny Onoo eating popcorn, and James Vandenberg talking to Alex Wright. Hennig used a sleeper hold for a while, but Dallas got out of it with a Jawbreaker. Dallas started firing back, hitting Hennig in the head several dozen times. Dallas knocked Hennig to the floor., then came over the top with a plancha. Dallas whipped Hennig into the safety rail, then put Hennig onto the mat apron. Dallas tried a Diamond Cutter, but Hennig held the ropes and was able to get a two count. Both guys got a few two counts as the next few seconds ticked on by. Hennig tried for a PerfectPlex, but Dallas took it down into an arm bar. Dallas got up to his feet after a few seconds and hit a Diamond Cutter. 1 . . 2 . . 3!! New United States Heavyweight title. Dallas grabbed the belt, and left through the crowd.
Winner : Diamond Dallas Page
Match Time : 10:54

– “the Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko vrs. Eric Bischoff with Scott Hall
Following stipulations apply :
* Knockouts, punches, and kicks are legal
* Submission rules
* If Bischoff wins, the nWo get’s Nitro
* If Larry wins, he gets a match with Scott Hall at either Souled Out or SuperBrawl VIII
* Bret Hart is the referee Wouldn’t you know it, I gotta take a crap? Bischoff got his own new music. Larry came out to Nitro’s theme music. Larry came out in one of his old ropes. How the heck long is this match gonna go? It’s 9:03. Hart didn’t have a ref shirt or anything. Larry had a set of his old tights. Bischoff took off his shirt! Both guys moved around a little bit, and Eric smacked Larry in the head. Larry didn’t budge, and Eric did a little celebrating. Hart was talking to Hall, telling him to stay in his corner. Eric landed a kick to the mid-section and Larry didn’t sell. Eric retreated outside and talked with Hall. Eric got back into the ring again. Larry was able to land a slap. Let’s see, 2 1/2 minutes gone by. Three “moves” exchanged. Hart warned Larry, and Eric landed a kick to the head, that put Larry down. Bischoff celebrated, and Larry popped up and shoved Bischoff’s face into the mat. Larry had the hair, and Hart had to break it. Larry put on a sleeper, and Hart made him break it, saying it was a choke. Larry pulled back on Bischoff’s arms or something, and Hart got into his face again, saying it was a choke. Larry scoop slammed Bischoff, and put on a Standing Reverse Figure 4. Bischoff got to the ropes. Larry dragged him away and made him feel a bit more pain, but then let up and Bischoff ran outside. Larry went outside and chased Eric a bit, but soon got back into the ring. Hart admonished Larry again for something. Bischoff tried to climb up the ring steps, but Larry shoved him down. Hart again yelled at Larry. Bischoff made it to his feet outside. Six minutes gone by. Boring!!! Eric got into the ring and Larry tried to hit him, but Hart held him back. Eric kicked Larry, and started stomping Larry. Eric used a bunch of open handed shots that kept Larry on the mat. Knee to the nose by Bischoff, and Bischoff looked tired. Larry then popped back up and started hitting Bischoff. Vertical Suplex by Larry and Bischoff couldn’t stand. Larry put Eric in the Tree of Woe, and Hall gave Bischoff a steel plate, as Hart was yelling at Larry. Bischoff got out of the tree, and landed a kick with his booted foot, then put Larry down. Bischoff celebrated. Bischoff said “7.5 & weekends off”. Bret cracked Bischoff. Hall got up and Hart nailed him too. Hart then put Hall in the Sharpshooter. Now wait a second. It’s a Scorpion Death Lock. This is WCW, and here it’s a Scorpion Death Lock. Hall wanted to tap out, but Hart kept it on for a while. Larry meanwhile went over and covered Bischoff. 1 . . 2 . . 3. Nitro stays WCW. Man, my picks earlier this week were way off. Larry I think shook Hart’s hand afterwards.
Winner : Larry Zbyszko
Match Time : 11:15

– Sting vrs. “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Heavyweight title
Micheal Buffer came out for this, as Hall led Bischoff away. I heard that he sued some record company for using “Are you ready”. Something to the tune of a million bucks. That Voodoo song came on for Hogan, as he came out strumming the World title. Buffer said that Hogan’s face was recognized on all seven continents. Now wait a second. You’re telling me that there are people indigenous to Antarctica? And that they’re people in Africa who actually give a darn what happens in the wrestling world? Hogan got a lot of boos. Sting’s entrance had the light’s go off, thunder sound, and that weird thing from the Clash get played. Sting actually came out of the entrance to a lot of alternating pyro. Sting & Hogan stared at each other for a bit. Patrick is the ref. They stared at each other for a solid minute. Hogan started it out, shoving Sting, then slapping him. Hogan revealed his cueball head, and Sting pealed most of his stuff off. They locked up and Sting shoved Hogan back. A very very loud chant of “Hogan sucks” started. Sting got kicked a couple times in the stomach, then Hogan landed a few forearm shots. Sting popped up each time. Hogan got Sting into a corner, and clotheslined him. Hogan stomped on Sting for a bit. Hogan tried a trio of elbow drops, but each time Sting moved away. Sting hit a drop kick, the first real wrestling move he has hit in a year and a half. Hogan went outside, and Sting let him walk around for a little bit. Hogan got back in the ring and put on a head lock. Sting got away and Leap Frogged over Hogan, and then hit another drop kick. Hogan went outside again at the 5 minute mark. He walked around for a bit and then got back in the ring. Head lock by Sting, and he soon let up. Hogan went to the arm, but Sting easily countered. Hogan went down after a shoulder block, and Sting ducked a clothesline. Hogan hit the next one though, then showboated a bit. Vertical Suplex by Hogan and Hogan showboats, as Sting no-sells. Hogan turns around and freaks when he sees Sting up. Forearm shots by Sting, but then he got shoved to the floor. Hogan slammed Sting’s head into the ring table and hit him with Sting’s bat. Hogan slammed Sting into the ring post. Hogan pushed Sting against the safety rail, and pounded on his forehead. Sting came back quickly and tried a Stinger Splash, but missed it. Hogan yelled at the crowd for a bit, then beat on Sting for a few seconds. Hogan rolled back into the ring to break a countout, then got back outside and beat on him for a few seconds. Piledriver by Hogan. Tombstone version I believe. No cover though as the match goes past ten minutes. Hogan stomped on Sting for a few seconds, then played off the crowd. Hogan then hit the Immortal Leg Drop, and got the three count? Bret Hart came out and got on the microphone. He said something about not happening again. Hart yelled at Patrick and then decked him, jumped into the ring and restarted the match. Sting hit a Stinger Splash. Buff Bagwell ran out and got decked by Sting. Scott Norton too met the same fate. Sting nailed Hogan again and went for the Scorpion Death Lock. Sting pointed at Hart, then sat down on the hold. Hart questioned Hogan, and then gave the sign to ring the bell and gave Sting the victory. Immediately, WCW guys ran out to congratulate Sting. Lex Luger, Steiners, etc. I think I saw Jim Duggan waving a flag, and somebody said something about a mommasita. Sting was about to say something, but didn’t.
Winner : Sting
Match Time : 12:55

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