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Sunday, December 19, 1999 in Washington, D.C.

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, and Scott Hudson
Reported by: Eric Loy
Match Recaps by: Calvin Martin

Big Vito/Johnny The Bull w/Tony Marinara vs. Disco Inferno/Lash LeRoux

— Vito started off the match early by powering LeRoux in the corners. Johnny The Bull entered the ring and the two mobsters began a double team on the Rajun Cajun. LeRoux eventually gets to Disco’s corner, and tags him in. Johnny The Bull tries a high risk maneuver from the top rope, but misses, and Disco hits a frog splash on him. Vito then hits a frog splash on Disco, but LeRoux pulls him off for the cover. LeRoux is pushed into Disco’s back, and he thought it was Vito, and Disco gives the Last Dance to LeRoux. Vito capitizes with a big DDT on LeRoux for the pin. After the match, Tony Marinara gets a rag of evener, and pushes it in Disco’s face. Disco is out cold, and he is placed in a bodybag, and carried out by the thugs.

Winner by pinfall, Johnny The Bull/Big Vito

— Disco wakes up in the back, but Big Vito beats on him, and throws him into the trunk of a car, and Tony Marinara drives off.

— It is announced that because of Scott Hall’s knee injury, the WCW Championship Committee has stripped Hall of the United States Title, and it has been given to Chris Benoit. Benoit then comes to the ring with the US Title, announced as the new WCW US Champion. Benoit says that he came to DC to kick some ass, and he issues an open challenge to anyone to face him in the Ladder Match tonight.

WCW World Cruiserweight Title Match
Evan Karagias (c) w/Spice vs. Madusa

— Spice comes to the ring with Evan. Madusa attacks Evan as soon as he gets to the ring. Madusa smacks Evan. Evan knocks her lights out and then powerslams her. Evan misses a moonsault. Madusa comes off the top with a missile dropkick. Evan powerbombs Madusa. Madusa bridges out of the pin and powerbombs Evan. Evan with a reverse neckbreaker on Madusa. Evan follows up by flying out of the ring on Madusa. Spice gets on the ring apron and talks with Evan. Spice racks Evan and Madusa takes advantage with a german suplex for the pin. Spice and Madusa leave together.

Winner – Madusa, new WCW Crusierweight Champion

— Mean Gene interviews Norman Smiley, and Smiley says that he is not scared of Meng, but then screams when a WCW production official approaches him.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Screamin’ Norman Smiley (c) vs. Meng

— Norman comes to the ring with a cart full of weapons. Match starts off with Meng shoving the cart at Smiley. The match makes it’s way to the back. Smiley hits Meng with a chair and a trash can but no effect. Meng kicks Smiley down on the floor. Meng throws Smiley into the catering area. Meng slams Smiley on a table. Meng threw a cinder block at Smiley but missed. Smileys sprays Meng with a fire extinguisher. Fit Finlay and Brian Knobs attack Meng. Meng hits Knobs with a trash can. Finlay hits Meng with a chair as he was putting the deathgrip on Knobs. Meng doing pretty good fighting two men right until Finlay knocks him out with a lead pipe. Meanwhile Norman had been hiding under a table the whole time. Norman easily pins Meng. After the match Meng puts the deathgrip on Nick Patrick.

Winner by pinfall – Norman Smiley, still WCW Hardcore Champion

— A delivery boy delivers a box with a gold crowbar in it to David Flair.

— Oklahoma in the back giving encouragement to Dr. Death, and leaves his locker room. The Misfits then abduct Oklahoma while he is walking through the halls in the back.

— A video clip is shown of the Hacksaw Jim Duggan/Revolution feud.

The Revolution vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan/Mystery Partners
(If The Revolution win, Hacksaw Jim Duggan must denounce the United States. If Hacksaw wins, The Revolution must take over Duggan’s janitorial duties for 30 days.)

— Duggan comes out to the ring alone at first, wielding an American flag, to a HUGE pop. Duggan grabs the microphone, and introduces his mystery partners, the Varsity Club of Mike Rotundo, Kevin Sullivan, and Rick Steiner, with their new valet, Kimona, sporting a cheerleader gimmick. Match starts off with Duggan going at it with Malenko. Saturn gets tagged in but Hacksaw throws him in the corner. Malenko tries to come in but Duggan punches him down. Duggan knocks Malenko down with a football tackle. Malenko chokes Duggan while the ref has his back turned. Saturn dropkicks Duggan for a two count. Saturn misses a moonsault. Saturn throws Duggan into the ropes and Malenko hits him with a flag pole. Everybody is in the ring now. Malenko and Saturn fall to the outside. Sullivan hits Asya with the tree of woe. Varsity Club turn on Duggan and start kicking him down in the middle of the ring. Sullivan kicks Duggan in the crotch. Shane Douglas leaves the announce table to pin Duggan.

Winner by pinfall, The Revolution

— Mean Gene interviews The Misfits, who have Oklahoma locked in a cage.

Dr. Death Steve Williams vs. Vampiro w/The Misfits
(If Vampiro wins, he gets 5 minutes alone with Oklahoma.)

— Vampiro comes to the ring with Oklahoma locked in a cage. Tony Schiavone brings a head set to Oklahoma in the cage, so he can do play by play. Match starts off with Vampiro attacking Williams before he makes it to the ring. Vampiro with several chops to Williams. Williams knocks down Vampiro with two shoulder blocks. Williams punches Vampiro in the corner followed by a chop to the chest. Vampiro with a belly to back suplex on Williams for a two count. Williams with a belly to belly suplex on Vampiro from the top rope. Jerry Only enters the ring but Williams chases him out. The other two Misfits come in and Williams double clotheslines them. Vampiro kicks Williams to the mat. Williams counters a spin kick into a suplex on Vampiro. Williams hits Charles Robinson. Robinson calls for the bell. Security surrounds Williams and orders him out of the ring. Williams is throwing a fit walking to the back. Oklahoma is let out of the cage and puts a ddt on Vampiro. Oklahoma continues to put the Oklahoma stomp on Vampiro. Vampiro gets up and kicks Oklahoma down. Oklahoma counters and hits Vampiro between the legs. Vampiro puts the rock bottom on Oklahoma. Vampiro puts Oklahoma’s hat on. The Misfits and Vampiro all attack Oklahoma. Vampiro finally puts the nail in the coffin on Oklahoma.

Winner by DQ, Vampiro

— The Powers That Be tell Creative Control that their match with Harlem Heat coming up will be for the #1 contendership for the Tag Titles.

— Mean Gene interviews Harlem Heat and asks them about their friction. Stevie Ray and walks out on Booker T and Midnight, and tells them that they have to do it on their own.

#1 Contenders Match – WCW Tag Team Titles
Creative Control/Curt Hennig vs. Booker T./Midnight

— Booker T and Midnight come to the ring without Stevie Ray. Match starts off with Booker T getting kicked down in the corner by one of the members of Creative Control. Booker T comes back with a flying forearm. Midnight is tagged in and locks on a arm bar before tagging back in Booker T. Booker T gets triple teamed while the ref is messing with Midnight. Creative Control hits Booker T with a big foot for a two count. Booker T comes back with an axe kick and tags in Midnight. Midnight comes in punching and hits a dropkick. Hennig throws Midnight out of the ring. On the outside Creative Control double team Midnight. Back in the ring Hennig in control on Midnight. Midnight pushes her way across the ring to tag Booker T. Ref didn’t see it. Stevie Ray comes out and talks to Booker T. Creative Control slam Midnight and drop repeated elbows on her. Creative Control misses an elbow off the top. Midnight tags in Booker T. Booker T cleans house and hits Creative Control with a spinebuster. Hennig makes the save by hitting Booker T with brass knucks. Creative Control pin Booker T.

Winners – Creative Control, #1 contenders WCW Tag Team Titles

— A video package is shown of Dustin Rhodes entering WCW, and his feud with Jeff Jarrett.

Bunkhouse Brawl
Jeff Jarrett vs. Dustin Rhodes

— The two make their way out to the arena fighting in the aisleway. In the ring Dustin breaks a stick over Jarrett’s back. Dustin beats on Jarrett outside the ring with a cowbell. Dustin pulls Jarrett into the ring post with the bull rope. Dustin throws powder in Jarrett’s eyes. Dustin takes his belt off and whips Jarrett with it. Dustin starts attacking the ref and ducktapes his arm to the ropes. Dustin then puts a piece of tape across his mouth. How can he call for the bell if needed? Jarrett back kicks Dustin between the legs. Hennig comes to the ring and untapes the ref. Jarrett breaks a stick over Dustin’s back. Jarrett puts a sleeper on Dustin. Dustin powers his way out of the sleeper and hits Jarrett with a belly to back slam. Hennig hits Dustin in the eye as he was fixing to pin Jarrett. Jarrett almost pins Dustin. Dustin places Jarrett on the turnbuckles. Dustin kicks Hennig off the ring apron and hits Jarrett with shattered dreams. Hennig makes the save on the pin attempt. Dustin places Hennig on the turnbuckles and gives him the shattered dreams. Jarrett pulls Dustin in the aisleway to fight. Hennig gets involved again but takes a bulldog from Dustin for his troubles. Jarrett jumps off the Starrcade set and hits Dustin with a guitar for the pin.

Winner by pinfall, Jeff Jarrett

Crowbar on a Pole Match
Diamond Dallas Page vs. David Flair

— Match starts off with David sneak attacking DDP with a gold crowbar that he brought to the ring with him. Somebody had the gold crowbar special delivered to him backstage. Charles Robinson says that DDP can not compete due to injuries. DDP says ring the bell anyways, he will wrestle. David starts his attack on DDP. David kicks DDP in the ribs. David tries a sunset flip but DDP punches him down. David almost pins DDP with a ddt. DDP throws David into the corner and starts punching. David comes out of the corner with a clothesline on DDP for a two count. David racks DDP then slams him. David finally realizes their is a crowbar hanging from the ceiling. David puts the figure four on DDP. DDP reverses the figure four and the hold is broke. David climbs up top and gets the crowbar. David swings at DDP and misses. DDP hits David with the diamond cutter for the win. After the match DDP places David on the turnbuckles and gives him a diamond cutter from there. That gothic chic that we have seen on Nitro a few weeks ago comes out to the ring and saves David.

Winner by pinfall, Diamond Dallas Page

Sting w/Elizabeth vs. The Total Package
(If Sting wins, Elizabeth’s contract with the Total Package is null and void.)

— Match starts off with Luger exploding on Sting. Luger throws Sting to the outside. Luger slams Sting’s head onto the ring steps. Back in the ring Luger drops repeated elbows on Sting. Sting and Liz take turns slapping Luger. Liz comes in the ring to check on Luger. Liz turns around and sees Sting watching her. She sprays Sting with the bottle but Sting switched the bottle on her so all she sprayed at him was confetti. He knew that she would turn on him I guess. Sting hits Luger with two stinger splashes. Sting goes to apply the scorpion deathlock on Luger but he sees Liz come in the ring with a bat. She threw the bat down so Sting decided to turn around and continue with the scorpion. Liz picks the bat back up and hits Sting with it square in the face. Liz brings a chair in the ring and hands it to Luger. Luger places Sting’s arm in the chair and stomps on it.

Winner by DQ, Sting

Master of the Powerbomb Match
Kevin Nash vs. Sid Vicious

— Match starts off with both men locking up. Nash backs Sid into the corner with repeated elbows. Sid went for the powerbomb early but Nash racked him. Outside the ring Sid rams Nash on the ring apron. Sid has a cut on his back. Sid hits Nash with a chair. Back in the ring Sid clotheslines Nash then drops an elbow on him. Sid in full control with another scoop slam on Nash. Nash pokes Sid in the eye. Nash knocks the ref out by accident. Sid powerbombs Nash but the ref was still out. Jarrett comes to the ring and smashes Sid with a guitar. Jarrett cleans up the evidence and leaves. Nash tries to powerbomb Sid but his back gives out. Nash tries the powerbomb again and he still can’t do it. Nash wakes the ref up. Nash tells the ref that he powerbombed Sid and pointed at Sid as evidence so the ref declared him the winner.

Winner by decision, Kevin Nash

WCW United States Title Ladder Match
Chris Benoit (c) vs. ???

— Jeff Jarrett comes out and accepts Benoit’s open challenge. Match starts off with Benoit getting the advantage on Jarrett. Benoit with a backbreaker on Jarrett. Benoit chops Jarrett in the corner. Benoit with a superplex on Jarrett. Benoit goes out to bring the ladder in the ring. Jarrett hits a baseball slide dropkick on Benoit on the ladder. Jarrett sets the ladder up in the corner, Benoit slings him into it. Benoit’s face is busted open. Benoit positions the ladder to climb up but Jarrett interferes resulting in Benoit getting crotched on the ropes. Jarrett sets the ladder back up in the corner again and throws Benoit into it. Jarrett tries it one more time but Benoit throws him into it. Jarrett pulls the ladder down with Benoit on it with his leg hooked in the steps of it. Ouch. Jarrett positions the ladder in the middle of the ring. Benoit places Jarrett on the ladder of woe. Benoit goes to the opposite side and climbs up and falls because Jarrett was shaking his way out of it. Both men fight on the top of the ladder. Benoit shoves the ladder over and Jarrett falls. Benoit tries to climb up and Jarrett shoves him off the ladder. Benoit climbs the ladder again. Jarrett missile dropkicks the ladder out from underneath Benoit. Jarrett sets the ladder back up. Benoit dropkicks the ladder right onto Jarrett. Benoit sets the ladder back up and begins to climb. Instead of grabbing the belt, Benoit does a swan dive headbutt off the top of the ladder on Jarrett. Benoit climbs back up the ladder and finally grabs the belt. Good match.

Winner by decision, Chris Benoit – still US Champion

WCW World Heavyweight Title Match – No DQ
Bret Hart (c) vs. Goldberg

— Match starts off with Goldberg backing Hart into the corner. Hart takes Goldberg down to the mat and applies a headlock. Goldberg sends Hart into the ropes and knocks him down. with a shoulder block. Goldberg sends Hart into the ropes again and press slams him and drops Hart on his shoulders and slams him. Goldberg short arm clotheslines Hart. Goldberg with the ankle lock submission. Bret tried to reverse it but couldn’t. Bret got to the ropes and the hold was broke. Bret rolls to the outside and Goldberg follows him. Hart throws Goldberg into the ref by accident. Goldberg slams Hart’s head into the announce table. Charles Robinson comes out as the backup ref. Goldberg drops Hart across the safety rail. Back in the ring Goldberg hits Hart with a big foot. Goldberg slams Hart across the mat and knocks out Robinson in the process with Hart’s foot. Hart moves out of the way from a spear and Goldberg hits the ring post. Johnny Boone is now the third ref. Hart starts to work on Goldberg’s leg. Hart backs Goldberg into the corner and applies a submission move on Goldberg’s ankle. The ref breaks the hold because they were in the ropes. Hart puts the figure four on Goldberg. Goldberg turns over and reverses the figure four. Hart backs Goldberg into the corner and puts pressure on on his knee while at the same time Goldberg puts a sleeper on Hart. Goldberg grabs Hart by the throat, backs him in the corner, and punches away. Hart knocks out Boone by accident. Goldberg hits Hart with a standing sidekick. Goldberg then delivers the spear to Hart. Piper comes down to the ring decked in ref attire. Hart puts the sharpshooter on Goldberg. Piper calls for the bell as soon as Bret Hart puts the move on. Piper walks out with the belt with Hart following him. Piper hands Hart the belt and the ppv suddenly goes off the air.

Winner by submission, Bret Hart – still World Champion

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