Spring Stampede

May 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


April 19 – from the McNichols Arena (Denver, CO)

Match 1: Saturn vs. Bill Goldberg

Saturn comes to the ring with Billy Kidman at his side. Then Goldberg comes out, gets in and quickly dominates. Using some excellent moves, then Goldberg puts on a submission, and Kidman jumps up on the apron but is quickly hit off by Goldberg. But then Saturn hits him and takes control of the match. Saturn hit him a couple times, and did a little damage in the corners, but then he went for a suplex but Goldberg countered and gained control. Saturn then lured Goldberg outside and Saturn took control once again. Saturn used the steps on the outside, and did a few high flying moves but missed. But Saturn continued to control the match and finally, while in a submission, Goldberg countered and took control. He did a little damage in the corner, but Saturn somehow took control again. The match continued to see-saw and finally Goldberg caught him with that Goldberg Spear. Goldberg went for the Jackhammer, but got hit with a lowblow. Saturn took him up to the top, but Goldberg countered and bodyslammed Saturn off the top! The Flock then entered but Kidman got speared, and Goldberg got put in the Rings Of Saturn. Using his awesome power, he picked Saturn up, and somehow maneuvered him into a Jackhammer to win the match! On a scale of 1-10, I give this match an 11+! Excellent match, W-O-W.

Match 2: Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Ultimo Dragon

Chavo Guerrero came out with Eddie Guerrero at his side. He took control with a couple submissions, and the Dragon countered. Ultimo Dragon continued to dominate, and Eddie was seen outside the ring with a towel over his head, ashamed of Chavo. Chavo then countered a submission by Dragon. Then Chavo applied a bridge-submission. Dragon escaped and then Chavo followed up with some dropkicks, then put him in a headlock submission. Chavo continued to dominate and finally Dragon countered a submission with a camel clutch into another odd submission. Chavo escaped and the match kept see-sawing with lots of submissions, head scissors, and suicide dives. In the end, Chavo caught Ultimo with a low blow, and Eddie told him to take advantage, but Chavo wouldn’t. Finally, Chavo kept beating Dragon up, but he went for the DDT of the top ropes but Ultimo Dragon countered with the Dragon Sleeper. After the match, Eddie Guerrero yelled at Chavo, and slapped him but Chavo did nothing. I’ll rate this match with a 8. Lots of submissions, suicide dives, and it was just a pretty decent match.

Match 3: Booker T vs. Chris Benoit for TV Title

There was a stare-down at the beginning of this match, and Chris Benoit got it, and went to the outside to cool off. He finally went back in, and kicked Booker in the stomach, and took control of the match. Benoit went to the outside again, and came back in, and was hit by Booker, who followed with a armbar submission. He went for a pin, but Benoit kicked out, and he went for the armbar again. They then got to their feet, and Benoit got Booker into the corner, and stomped Booker into the mat. Booker T then regained control, putting him in the armbar again. He let go, whipped Benoit to the ropes, but Benoit kicked him, picked him up, threw him onto the ropes so his stomach hit them, then outside the ring. Booker came back in and Benoit continued his control in the corner, then gave Booker a snap suplex. A submission was put onto Booker, then he was whipped to the ropes, and was tripped. Benoit put Booker into a back suplex and went to the top ropes, and hit him with the Flying Headbutt. Benoit went for the cover, but Booker got the ropes. Booker countered a snap suplex into his own suplex. They both went down and Benoit was first to get up, and he attacked Booker. Benoit gave him another snap suplex, but got no 3 count. Benoit went for the multiple German Suplexes. (At that point they were in ‘overtime’) Benoit put Booker on the top rope and gave him a back breaker off the top rope. They both were down because Benoit hit his head when they went down. Benoit went over to Booker for the cover but got no 3. Benoit got up first, and threw him into the ropes but Booker countered with a spine buster. They both went down and Booker got up first. Booker whipped him to the ropes and caught him him with a flying forearm. Booker continued to dominate and went for the axe kick, but missed and hit the referee with it. Then Benoit got Booker T in the Crippler Crossface. Benoit went to help the ref, but Booker T got up and hit him with the Harlem Sidekick from behind, covered him, and got the win. (Booker T did tap out on the Crippler Crossface, but there was no ref.)

Match 4: British Bulldog vs. Curt Hennig

Curt Hennig came down to the ring accompanied by Rick Rude, and British Bulldog came out with Jim Neidhart. At ringside, Jim Neidhart was handcuffed to Rick Rude. Lots of hesitation though. Bulldog took control right off with various kicks and punches. Curt Hennig got control, but used his leg which had a brace on it and hurt it, and Bulldog took control again.The British Bulldog got Hennig in the corner, when they seesawed for a few minutes, but Bulldog then got the advantage initially. Rude tried to jump into the ring but Neidhart pulled him out. Meanwhile, Bulldog had Hennig in an ankle submission. Hennig got control once again, but tried to use that injured leg again, so Bulldog got control, again using the corner alot. Bulldog got Hennig into the Sharpshooter, and Rude stole the keys from the Policeman while Neidhart had the Policeman choked on the outside because he was really Vincent. Rude then handcuffed Neidhart to the ringpost, and Hennig threw the Bulldog into the post and got the win. Afterwards, Henning and Rude beat up Neidhart with a Night Stick. After a few minutes of that, they finally let up and left.

Match 5: Prince Iaukea vs. Chris Jericho for Cruiserweight Title

Jericho came out and dedicated this match to Dean Malenko. Prince Iaukea took immediate control of the match, with some submissions, dropkicks, and clotheslines. Iaukea knocked Jericho outside the ring, and then hit him with a suicide dive. He then threw him back into the ring and put him in a headlock submission. Jericho then took control, using puney kicks snap mare take-downs. He then got the Prince in a submission. Jericho bodyslammed Iaukea and went to the top rope. He jumped, and Iaukea lifted his legs and got him. The Prince did an odd suplex, then did a suicide dive. Jericho got the Lion Tamer on Iaukea somehow, but Iaukea got to the ropes. Iaukea went to the top along with Jericho, but they both lost their balance and fell off onto the floor. They both finally got him in the ring. Iaukea went for the pin, but it was countered with the Lion Tamer, but that was countered. Iaukea then went off the top rope to roll Jericho into a pin, but Jericho caught him in the Lion Tamer to win the match and retain his title. Then Jericho grabbed Iaukea’s little skirt thing and kept it for himself.

Match 6: Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell vs. Rick Steiner & Lex Luger

Buff Bagwell comes out with Scott Steiner. Bagwell has a cast on, and he makes an announcement that he can’t fight. He says that he can’t fight without a Doctor’s release. JJ Dillon brought out a Doctor. Bagwell then grabbed JJ Dillon with his ‘injured’ hand. That named Bagwell as a liar, and the match was started. They all got in there and attacked each other. Luger was knocked outside while Rick fought Bagwell in the ring. Rick had the offense, but Scott came in there and attacked Rick, so Bagwell got the advantage. Scott was tagged in, and he beat up Rick a little, then tagged in Buff. They continued to tag and beat up Rick. Finally, Rick regained his advantage and went for the tag, and made it. Lex Luger automatically gains control, beating up Buff Bagwell with alot of flying forearms. He went for the Rack, but Scott hit him, and he was double teamed. Then Rick hit Buff, and chased Scott out of the ring. Luger then proceeded with the Rack, and they won the match. I’ll give this match a 4. It sucked.

Match 7: La Parka vs. Psychosis

La Parka quickly took the match, slapping Psychosis, and showboating. Psychosis quickly regained control, slapping La Parka. He then followed up with some head scissors and a suicide dive. They got back in the ring and it went back and forth, but they then continued outside, where there were more suicide dives. They went back in, and La Parka gave Psychosis a suplex. La Parka kicked Psychosis to the outside, an La Parka started to dance of the ropes, and then Psychosis knocked him off so La Parka hit his nuts on the ropes. Then, Psychosis did a frankensteiner off the top ropes, then a another suicide dive. After regaining control, La Parka went to the top and hit Psychosis. Then gave him a spine buster. Finally, Psychosis hit La Parka with that leg drop off the top rope to win the match.

Match 8: Kevin Nash & Hulk Hogan vs. Roddy Piper & The Giant

Nash and Hogan came down separate. Piper and the Giant came in together, but no stacked up on top of one another. Piper went for the Bat right off, and Hogan got up there and rammed Piper’s head into the poll that the bat was on. Piper was then hooked up feet first on the ropes and Hogan took advantage and kicked him. Hogan tagged Nash, who picked up Piper into a bear hug. Nash then tagged Hogan who beat on Piper, but Piper just came alive and started hitting on Hogan who walked right into the Giant and got head butted. Then, Piper and the Giant head butted Hogan back and forth. Somehow, Piper fell and Hogan used his belt on Piper. Hogan went for the Bat and meanwhile, Piper tagged the Giant. The Giant pulled Hogan’s pants down and beat him with the belt. Then the Giant started to spank Hogan. Nash then came in and attacked the Giant. All four started to fight and finally Nash and Hogan left the ring. When they returned Hogan continued with Piper. Hogan hit Piper with a low blow and they both went down. Hogan made the tag to Nash. Nash invited Piper to tag in the Giant, and he did. The Giant took control, doing some damage in the corner. He whipped Nash into the corner then ran at him, but got caught with the big boot. Nash then followed up with alot of hits in the corner. Hogan choked the Giant while the ref argued with Piper who was trying to get in the ring. Nash knocked down the Giant, who got right back up. They both went for the big boot, and hit each other at the same time. They each got the tag, and they exchanged right hands. Piper got the upper hand, and he whipped Hogan to the ropes, then gave him the clothesline. Hogan backed him up into the corner, but Piper hit Hogan and got him up on the top ropes for the 10 punch. Nash got in, but was hit with a low blow. The Giant got in and drop kicked Nash to the outside. Then Piper got Hogan in the sleeper, but Hogan got the ropes but still went down. Piper and the Giant teamed up and got the bat. Piper got it, but Hogan attacked him, and threw the bat away. Then the Disciple came out with a bat. The Disciple gave Hogan the bat, and he hit the Giant. Then, Nash held Piper, but Piper got out and Hogan hit the Giant! Piper grabbed the bat and hit Hogan. Hogan begged for mercy, but Piper wouldn’t let up. But behind Piper, was the Disciple, who took Hogan’s bat and gave the real one to Hogan who hit Piper with it and got the win. After the match, Hogan and Nash had a confrontation, but Nash went for the Powerbomb on the Giant, and Hogan hit Nash hit him with the bat. Then Piper and the Giant left. I’ll give this one a 8.

Match 9: DDP vs. Raven for US Title

DDP came in the ring, Sick Boy grabbed and held him for Raven to hit him with the US Belt, but DDP dropped out of Sick Boy’s grasp, and Raven hit Sick Boy! Then DDP went for Raven, beating him up in the corner mostly. DDP gave Raven a forearm, sending him on the outside, and Sick Boy went to help him, but DDP jumped over the ropes on top of Sick Boy and Raven! DDP threw Raven back into the ring, and threw Sick Boy into the safety rail. When he got on the apron, Raven hit him back down to the floor. Raven then threw him back into the ring and went for the Even Flow, but DDP countered. Then, DDP went for the Diamond Cutter, but Raven escaped and started to leave the ring but DDP followed. He punched Raven a couple times and Raven climbed up on a big Wagon, and DDP climbed too, pulling Raven off into some hay. DDP continued to climb, then jumped off, hitting Raven in the hay. DDP then threw Raven into a wooden gate, and hit him with a can garbage can lid, then, a whole garbage can. Raven was then thrown into another wooden gate, and suplexed onto a table. DDP grabbed Raven’s legs, but was kicked into a wall of some sort. Raven then grabbed a cake pan and hit DDP with it. Then, Raven put DDP on a table and climbed up to a ledge and came down with a double axe handle. Raven then started hitting DDP with a cow bell which was tied to some rope and a garbage can. Then, Raven tied the cow bell around DDP’s neck and dragged him to the ring. When Raven had him in the ring, he hit DDP with a kitchen sink and continued to choke him with the rope. DDP got to his feet, and Raven whipped him to the ropes but DDP reversed it and threw Raven into the ropes, tripping him onto the kitchen sink. DDP went for the pin but Billy Kidman went to the top rope and came off with a splash but DDP got out of the way and Kidman it Raven! Then, DDP punched Kidman, who then went flying out of the ring. Sick Boy then got on the apron, and hit DDP with a crutch. Raven picked DDP up to put him in the even flow, but DDP reversed it and got him in a small package but Raven kicked out. Hammer was called in by Raven. Hammer went to the top rope, jumped and hit Raven. He said he was sorry, but DDP got hit with the sink. DDP got hit with a low blow, and Raven called in the Flock in again. Reese came in and threw DDP, but it still didn’t work. Raven then got a stop sign, but DDP took it and started hitting the whole Flock with the Stop sign. Then some guy came in and hit DDP with the sign. Then Raven DDT’d Raven into the kitchen sink and won the Title. I’ll give this one a 9. It would be a 10 but the ending sucked.

Match 10: Sting vs. Macho Man for WCW World Championship

They both get in the ring and Savage takes control right away. Choking, raking eyes, punching, kicking. Sting finally blocked a punch and hit Savage. Sting brought Savage on the outside and threw him into the ring barriers a couple times. Sting went back into the ring and Savage walked away. But Sting then followed and attacked him. Sting threw savage into the wooden gate, and wrapped a hose around Savage’s neck. Sting then picked Savage up and dropped him onto the gate so he hit his neck. Then Sting hit Savage with a bail of hay. Sting then brought Savage to the ring and threw him into the ring barrier. Then Sting went for the Stinger Splash on the barrier and missed. Savage capitalized and threw Sting back into the ring. He went for a piledriver and Sting reversed it into a back body drop. But Savage regained control and went for a punch, but Sting blocked and threw him out of the ring. Then Sting suplexed Savage on the outside of the ring. They went back in, and Savage gave Sting the low blow to regain control. Savage went to the top rope, and when he came down, Sting got up and hit him in the stomach. Then Sting went for the Stinger Splash, but Savage pulled the Ref in front of him. Savage went to the top, but Sting got up, and Liz hit Sting with a chair. But, somehow Liz got in the way of a Stinger Splash! Sting went down, and Savage put Sting’s head on the chair. When Savage went to the top, Hogan came out and knocked him off. Then, Sting put Savage in the Scorpion Death Drop. He went for the pin, but Nash came out and attacked Sting, giving him a Powerbomb and putting Savage on top of Sting. Then, Nash woke up the Ref, and the Ref counted the 1, 2, 3! Savage is the NEW CHAMP! Hogan came out with the Disciple and said that the belt was his. The show then goes off the air.

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