Spring Stampede

May 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, April 16, 2000 in Chicago, IL
Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Mark Madden, Scott Hudson

We went to the back where Bischoff was irate that Hulk Hogan had been released from a hospital. Russo and Kidman told him not to worry because he could just finish him off once again with the hummer.

Match 1: Tag Team Title Tournament Match

– Mamalukes w/Disco Inferno vs. Team Package (Ric Flair/Lex Luger w/Elizabeth) Before the match, we went to the back where Mean Gene Okerlund was with Team Package. Flair told Russo that he was ready tonight and since it’s a StreetFight Rules all night long, he’s gonna wrestle in his street clothes.

Luger came out and posed like normal unlike on Nitro when his music was stopped before he could pose. I guess Russo and Bischoff are being nice tonight. Flair came out to a big pop then we heard Russo’s music and out came Russo to some monster heel heat. Russo asked what happened to a level playing field. Russo wanted to even things out so he sent out the Harris Boys who joined the Mamalukes to make it a 4 on 2!

Flair was double teamed early on by the Mamalukes while Luger took a beating from the Harris Boys. Flair fought back with monster chops to the chest of Johnny the Bull. The Harris’s were knocked to the outside. Flair hit a belly to back suplex in Vito then Flair slapped on the Figure Four and released the hold when it looked like he had the win. Flair got up and found a big standing side kick from Vito sending him to the mat. Vito hit a big back elbow on Flair then went to work on him. The Harris’s came in and double teamed Flair. Flair kicked out of two pin attempts. Flair landed a back elbow out of desperation then went up top. One of the Harris’s tossed Flair off the top then dropped an elbow.

Flair tried to tag in Lex Luger and got the tag but the ref was occupied by the Mamalukes. Luger came in but was not allowed to stay in as the ref didn’t see the tag. Disco attacked Luger then Liz laid out Disco with a solid strike. Two big guys came to the ringside area and took Disco Inferno off to the back. Flair tagged in Luger and Luger went to work on all combatants. Luger cleared off Vito then the Harris Boys. Flair went at it with the Harris Boys then Luger and Johnny went at it. Johnny went up top and hit a top rope move then covered Luger, but only scored a two.

Luger slapped the Torture Rack on Johnny after reversing a whip to the ropes then Johnny tapped out giving Luger and Flair the win!

Winners: Team Package by submission

We went to the back where Mike Awesome was with Mean Gene. Awesome was announced as the eight man in the US Title Tournament. Awesome said that he would kill the Cat. Bam Bam Bigelow confronted Awesome then Awesome laid him out.

Match 2: Jimmy Hart w/Chip Hale vs. Mancow

Hart came out and bagged on Mancow calling him a Howard Stern wannabee. Mancow came out with his entourage then got on the mic and bagged on Hart calling him names.

Mancow attacked Hart from behind then Hart came back with a flurry of offense. Hart went up top and splashed the ref instead of Mancow because Mancow pulled the ref in the way. With the ref out cold, Hart’s protege: Chip Hale, came in and ripped Mancow apart. Mancow’s entourage came in and laid out Jimmy Hart then Mancow fell on top of Hart. The ref came back to life and counted the three for Mancow.

Winner: Mancow by pinfall

After the match, Billy Kidman came out and beat up Jimmy Hart some more taunting Hulk Hogan to come get some.

Match 3: United States Title Tournament Match

– Scott Steiner vs. The Wall

Steiner powered Wall down to the mat then Wall fought back with a flurry of punches. Wall dropped a guillotine leg drop off the ropes then made the cover and scored a two. Wall picked up Steiner by his throat and tossed him down to the mat. Steiner got right back up and knocked Wall over the top rope to the outside.

On the outside, Wall knocked out Steiner then set up a table ringside. Steiner got up and tried to suplex Wall through the table but Wall stopped that and set up Steiner for a chokeslam. Steiner got a thumb to the eye then a blinded Wall grabbed the referee and chokeslammed the ref through the ref! The ref declared Wall was dq’ed giving Steiner the win.

Winner: Steiner by DQ

Match 4: United States Title Tournament Match

– Mike Awesome vs. The Cat

Before the match, The Cat cut an interview with Mean Gene but was laid out by Bam Bam Bigelow. Bigelow came to the ring in place of Cat and started to fight with Awesome.

Of course, we had the ECW chants going early on. Awesome knocked Bigelow to the outside then laid him out with a big over the top rope move on Bigelow. Awesome knocked Bigelow to the stands over the guardrail. Awesome splashed Bigelow in the stands then took Bigelow back into the ring.

Awesome hit a top rope clothesline then hit a gut wrench powerbomb and covered him and scored a two. Bigelow laid out Awesome with a hard right hand then went up top. The Cat came to the ring and superkicked Bigelow off the top. Cat decided to dance to his music. Mike Awesome didn’t like that so he super clotheslined him then hit an Awesome Splah, had him covered and scored the three count to defeat the Cat.

Winner: Mike Awesome by pinfall

Match 5: Tag Team Title Tournament Match

– Buff Bagwell/Shane Douglas vs. Harlem Heat 2000 (Stevie Ray, Big T w/Mr. Biggs, Cash)

Bagwell and Douglas opened up with hard right hands on both members of Heat 2000. Big T stopped Bagwell and tossed him high into the air and Bagwell landed flat on the mat. Stevie dropped a leg drop on Shane Douglas after knocking him on his back. Big T tagged in Stevie then Bagwell tagged in Douglas. On the outside, Cash rammed Bagwell into the ring apron while Douglas was double teamed by Big T and Stevie Ray. Douglas was able to take a small advantage and hit a vertical suplex then covered Big T and scored the three to win the match.

Winners: Buff Bagwell/Shane Douglas by pinfall

Match 6: United States Title Tournament Match

– Sting vs. Booker

We went to the back before the match where Booker told Mean Gene that he would take out the main Millionaire’s Club member to advance on to the second round.

Sting opened up on the offensive. Sting hit a hip toss then slapped on a wear down hold. Booker fought out then Sting sent Booker to the outside. Sting followed out and sent Booker head first into the ringpost. Booker reversed momentum and sent Sting head first into the edge of the announce table. Booker took Sting into the ring and hit an elbow on the chin. Booker made a cover and scored a two.

Sting ducked a clothesline off the ropes then was dropped on the mat by a big knee to the gut. Booker made the cover and scored a two count. Booker slapped on a reverse chinlock. Sting fought back to his feet then landed a series of elbows. Booker landed a knee to the gut then hit the Axe Kick. Booker scored a two. Booker got up and missed a Harlem Sidekick when Sting ducked. Sting hit a DDT and only scored a two count.

Sting got up and tried a Stinger Splash and hit it. Sting tried another but Booker moved. Sting hit a cross body block and scored a two. Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop, made the cover, and got the three count scoring the win to advance! What a match!

Winner: Sting by pinfall

After the match, Booker and Sting shook hands hinting at Booker possibly joining the Millionaire’s Club.

Match 7: United States Title Tournament Match

– Vampiro vs. Kidman w/Torrie Wilson

Vampiro went to work on Kidman early. Vampiro hit a clothesline in the corner then a big splash. Vampiro dropped Kidman with a belly to back suplex. Vampiro hit a flying Powerbomb, almost like a Lyger Bomb. Vampiro continued to beat up on Kidman. Kidman came back with a reversal of a Vampiro move. Kidman hit an over the top rope guillotine leg drop. Both men got up and Vampiro hit a front leg kick then sent Kidman to the ropes. Vampiro was dropped to the may by Kidman. Kidman scored a two count.

Vampiro hit a vertical suplex then waited for Kidman to get up then hit a one hand chokeslam. Vampiro made the cover and scored a two. Vamp called for the end. Kidman slipped out of Vamp’s Nail Coffin and slammed Vamp head first into the mat. Kidman and Vamp took the brawl to the outside. Vamp got his knee slammed into the ring steps. Kidman sent Vamp into the ring then hit a flying dropkick. Kidman covered Vamp and scored a two count. Kidman DDT’ed Vampiro.

We went to the back where we saw Hulk Hogan pull up in the arena parking lot! Hogan stormed to the entrance way. Kidman looked on the Turnertron is disbelief!

Hogan arrived at the ringside area then Kidman and Hogan battled it out. Hogan went to work on Kidman with a flurry of punches. Hogan was a house of fire ripping on Kidman! Hogan slammed Kidman into the announce table putting Kidman right in front of Madden, Schiavone, and Hudson. Hogan continued to destroy Kidman to the approval of the fans.

Hogan tossed Kidman into the ring then Vampiro covered Kidman and scored the three count giving Vamp the win.

Winner:Vampiro by pinfall

Match 8: Hardcore Title Match

– Norman Smiley vs. Terry Funk

We saw Funk walking around in the back looking for Smiley. Funk found him and slammed him into a wall then sprayed him with a fire extinguisher! The battle found its way into a restroom where Smiley fought back on Funk. They left the restroom then Smiley found some weapons and smashed Funk with them. Smiley found an industrial strength cookie sheet and smashed Funk with it. Smiley sent Funk upside down into a trash dumpster. Smiley smashed Funk with a Diet Coke can. Funk found a Pepsi can and smashed Smiley with it.

They continued to battle in the back with each one finding weapons to use. Smiley beat down Funk with weapons then screamed for Funk to get up. They battled through the crowd in the arena then found themselves battling towards the ring. Smiley smashed Funk with repeateded chair shots right to the head of Funk. They found themselves ringside where Funk was laid out. Smiley tried too many chair shots and Funk finally blocked one and laid out Smiley. Funk pulled out a ladder then propped it up against the ring. Dustin Rhodes came to the ring and attacked Funk. Rhodes piledrove Funk into a chair. Rhodes set up a chair in the corner of the ring then sent Funk back first into it!

Somehow, Funk got up and picked up the ladder. Funk smacked Rhodes then smacked Smiley with the ladder laying both out. Funk covered Smiley and scored the three count to win the Hardcore Title!

Winner: Terry Funk by pinfall and new Hardcore Champ

Match 9: United States Title Tournament Second Round Match

– Mike Awesome vs. Scott Steiner

Steiner took Awesome down then wrapped his monster arms around Awesome with a crossface headlock. Awesome powered up and clotheslined Steiner to the mat. Awesome hit some awesome clotheslines and punches putting Steiner on the mat. Awesome made the cover and scored a two. Steiner fought back with a patented Belly to Belly suplex. Steiner picked Awesome back up then chopped Awesome. Awesome didn’t sell those and landed a back elbow out of the corner. Awesome planted Steiner on the mat then dropped a leg.

Kevin Nash hit the ring with bat in hand. Nash smacked Awesome across the back with the bat laying him out. Steiner slapped on the Steiner Recliner and Awesome tapped out giving Steiner the win.

Winner: Scott Steiner by submission

Vince Russo fired Dustin Rhodes in the back.

Match 10: United States Title Tournament Second Round Match

– Sting vs. Vampiro

Vampiro landed the first blow on Sting, not wasting any time. Vampiro hit a series of kicks but had no affect on Sting. Sting encouraged Vamp to try some more. Sting blocked one then dropped Vamp with one big right hand. Sting put Vampiro in the middle of the ring then went up top. Sting hit a big top rope splash then covered Vamp and scored a two count.

Sting hit a Stinger Splash in the corner then Vampiro blocked a second one. Vamp wiped out Sting with a standing sidekick. Vampiro went up top then came back down when Sting went to the corner. Vamp dropped Sting with a shoulder block off the ropes then dropped a leg off the ropes. Vamp made a cover and scored a two. Vampiro hit a belly to back suplex putting Sting out on his back. Vamp made a cover and scored a two. Vamp went up top and Sting shoved Vamp aside when he leaped off the top. Sting dropped Vamp with a Scorpion Death drop. Sting slapped on the Scorpion Deathlock and Vampiro tapped out giving Sting the win! Sting vs. Steiner in the finals!

Winner: Sting by submission

Match 11: Crusierweight Title Match

– Shannon Moore w/Shane Helms vs. Chris Candido vs. The Artist w/Paisley vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Crowbar w/Daphney vs. Lash LeRoux

Before the match, Shane Helms and Shannon Moore danced in the ring without Evan Karagias by their sides. They danced a second time then the rest of the combatants came to the ring and beat down on Three Count.

The action was fast and furious. After a few minutes of high flying action, Juvi hit the Juvi Driver and scored a two count. Crowbar cleared out everyone except Juvi then Daphney went up top and hit a Frankensteiner on Juvi. Helms and Shannon Moore helped each other out then David Flair came to the ring and shoved Three Count off the apron to the outside. Fighting broke out everywhere ringside.

Candido went up top and was dropped across the top. Artist hit a Samoan Drop on Candido. Tammy Sytch came to the ring and stole Paisley’s chair! Sytch handed it to Candido and Candido cracked the chair across Artist. Candido covered Artist and scored the three count giving Candido the win.

Winner: Candido by pinfall and new CW Champ

After the match, Sytch and Paisley got into a classic catfight. Shannon Moore came in and put her hands on Sytch. Sytch shoved him aside then the brawl ensued until Candido took Sytch away.

Match 12: Tag Team Title Tournament Final Match

– Team Package (Ric Flair/Lex Luger w/Elizabeth) vs. Buff Bagwell/Shane Douglas w/Vince Russo

Russo came to the ring with a baseball bat in hand and joined the announce table to add some “color” commentary.

Bagwell smashed Luger early on with hard right hands then tagged in Douglas. Douglas worked on Luger with a series of right hands then gorilla press slammed him. Flair attacked Douglas and went to work on him with big right hands. Bagwell got a tag in and went to work on Flair.

Bagwell tagged in Douglas and Douglas attacked Flair with hard right hands. Douglas choked Flair then the two got back up to their feet and bumped heads. Douglas got back up and stomped down on Flair. Douglas told Flair “F*ck you.” This is PPV isn’t it?

Douglas continued to pound away on Flair with hard body shots. Both men tagged in their partners then Luger came in and wiped out Douglas and Bagwell. Luger clotheslined both men then Russo got up with the bat in hand. In the ring, Buff Bagwell hit a Blockbuster on Luger. All hell broke loose then Brian Clark and Bryan Adams hit the ring and laid out Flair and Bagwell. Russo knocked out the ref then put on his referee shirt. Russo counted the three for Bagwell and Douglas giving them the tag titles. What a load.

Winners: Bagwell/Douglas by pinfall and new tag champs

Match 13: United States Title Tournament Final Match

– Scott Steiner vs. Sting

Steiner opened up with hard kicks and punches. Sting came back with a flying face slam then hit a dropkick. Steiner rolled to the outside to regroup. Sting leaped over the top with a flying cross body block putting Steiner on his back. They went back into the ring where Steiner hit a flying dropkick and scored a two count. Madden and Schiavone argued over the count.

Steiner hit an underhook butterfly suplex. Steiner put Sting up top then climbed up top. Sting waited for Steiner to get up top then he shoved him off the top then hit a huge clothesline putting Steiner on the mat. Sting picked up Steiner and sent him to the corner. Sting hit a Stinger splash then tried a second but the ref got squashed. Sting hit a third stinger splash then Vampiro popped up from under the ring and pulled Sting down below the ring!!! Vampiro shoved Sting back up through the ring and Sting was busted wide, and I mean wide open. Steiner slapped on the Steiner Recliner and the ref called for the bell seeing that Sting was out cold. Winner:Steiner by knockout and new US Champ

Match 14: World Title Match

– Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page w/Kimberly

They opened up with a lock-up then Jarrett missed a clothesline and DDP hit a sideslam. DDP hit a variation of a DDT then made the cover and scored a two. DDP took Jarrett to the outside then Kimberly slapped Jarrett’s nuts. The fight spilled into the crowd where the action was hard to follow in the sea of humanity.

They took the fight back ringside where DDP was about to strike Jarrett, but Jarrett pulled Kim in the way. DDP stopped short allowing Jarrett to get a punch in. Jarrett sent DDP back into the ring where DDP landed a big clothesline. DDP went up top. Jarrett hit the ropes and DDP went crotch first across the top. Jarrett knocked DDP off the top. Jarrett went to the outside and grabbed a chair. Jarrett came into the ring with the chair. DDP kicked Jarrett and the chair dropped to the ring. DDP dropped Jarrett to one knee with big right hands. Jarrett stopped DDP short then took him to the corner and kicked him to bottom of the corner. Jarrett worked over DDP’s injured back. Jarrett tried a move on DDP, but DDP slipped out and dropped Jarrett to the mat with a big back elbow.

After both men laid on the mat, DDP got up and hit some big right hands. Bischoff came to the aisleway to get a look at the action. Jarrett sent DDP head first into the ring bell on the outside. Jarrett grabbed DDP’s book and smashed DDP’s head with it. Jarrett sent DDP head first into the ringpost. Kim grabbed Jarrett by the hair then Jarrett shoved her aside. DDP took advantage of Jarrett being distracted and slammed Jarrett into the ringpost. DDP hit big right hands then sent Jarrett into the corner. DDP missed a baseball slide and landed on the outside. DDP grabbed Jarrett’s legs and pulled him crotch first into the ringpost. The World Title came into play and Jarrett laid out DDP. The ref counted, but DDP kicked out in time!

Jarrett slapped on the figure four. Kim grabbed a guitar. DDP tried to reverse the figure four while Bischoff started to talk with the referee. DDP tried to power out of the hold and did. DDP rolled up Jarrett and scored a two. Jarrett hit a jawbreaker out of desperation. Jarrett slapped on a sleeper hold right in the middle of the ring. DDP tried to fight off the hold. DDP powered up and Bischoff got on the apron. DDP broke the hold and hit the Diamond Cutter. Kim came into the ring with the guitar. Bischoff distracted the ref. Kim laid out DDP with the guitar! Jarrett covered DDP!!! One…two…three! Jarrett is the new World Champ! Kim laid out her husband!!! Kim is New Blood! Bischoff, Jarrett, and Kim celebrate in the ring with New Blood taking him all of the WCW titles except for the Hardcore.

Winner: Jarrett by pinfall and new World Champ

Source: James Caldwell


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