Souled Out

May 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, January 16, 2000 in Cincinnati, Ohio

Kidman versus Dean Malenko

It was announced that due to the injuries suffered by Konnan, courtesy of the Revolution during the pre-game show, that Kidman would face Dean Malenko, Saturn, and the Revolution’s mystery partner in the triple threat match, that was left void, due to the injury suffered by Jeff Jarrett. Kidman, started aggressively, putting Malenko on the mat and landing thunderous right hands on Malenko’s head. However, Malenko forgetting what type of match it was, went to the outside. Due to his feet hitting the floor, Charles Robinson called for the bell, awarding the bout to Kidman.

Winner: Kidman via decision

Vampiro versus David Flair/Crowbar w/Daffney

This match was originally set to be a one on one between Vampiro and Flair. However, due to an attack by the tag team champions during the pre-game show, Vampiro demanded both men in the ring. Vampiro began the match by using his speed to thwart the double team attack by Flair and Crowbar. Vampiro’s domination lasted for several minutes, until the tag champs took over on the outside. Vampiro nailed a release superplex from the top rope on Crowbar, but Flair broke up the three count. The champions had a chance to win the match, but the partners began fighting. Vampiro took advantage of the situation, allowing Flair to crush Daffney in the corner, and then hitting the “Nail in the Coffin” for the win.

Winner: Vampiro via pinfall

The Harris Boys versus Big Vito/Johnny the Bull w/Disco Inferno

On paper, most would think that this match would just consist of four big men duking it out for the entirety of the match. That was only half true. Big Vito and Johnny the Bull, showed that they could wrestle and some impressive team continuity. The Harris Boys took control, and assaulted Johnny the Bull for several minutes. Throughout the match, the Italians tried to tell Disco to get involved in the match, who would not do so. In the end, Disco did get involved. He shoved Big Vito off the top rope, who landed on Don Harris to gain the three count.

Winners: Big Vito/Johnny the Bull via pinfall

Madusa (c) w/Spice versus Oklahoma *Cruiserweight Championship*

Madusa entered this match like a house of fire, nailing the man with a series of drop-kicks from every point in the ring. Once in control, Oklahoma grabbed his bottle of barbecue sauce, but it was intercepted by Spice. When Oklahoma stepped toward Spice, Aysa entered the mix, attacking Oklahoma and throwing him back into the ring. Once in the ring, Oklahoma, pulled on a part of Madusa’s outfit, rolling her up for the pin, and gaining the Cruiserweight title. After the bell, Aysa and Spice held Oklahoma while Madusa poured barbecue sauce down the Okie’s tights.

Winner: Oklahoma (New Cruiserweight Champion)

Brian Knobbs (c) versus Fit Finlay versus Meng versus Norman Smiley *Hardcore Championship*

Finlay and Knobbs, acting as a unit, concentrated their attack on Meng. On the outside, Meng grabbed a chair and hit all three men. Finlay donned a helmet and delivered a headbutt to Smiley who crumpled on the floor. Finlay and Smiley battled into the fans, where Smiley hit the Irishmen with a chair. On the other side of the ring, Knobbs delivered numerous head shots to Meng, using chairs and trash cans, but to no avail. In the end, Knobbs hit Smiley, who was coming off of the top rope, with a S.W.A.T. shield. Three seconds later, he retained the hard-core title.

Winner: Brian Knobbs via pinfall (Retained Hard-core Title)

Kidman versus Perry Saturn *Bunkhouse Brawl*

The opening of this match saw Kidman answering a gorilla press slam from Saturn with a flying head scissors. Saturn then used his overwhelming power to gain the advantage over his Filthy Animal nemesis. Kidman kicked out after an elbow drop off the top by Saturn. Kidman took control with a bulldog after Saturn missed a moonsault. Saturn, staying one step ahead, flipped Kidman over the top rope, who went crashing through a table that had been set up ringside earlier in the match. Kidman scored the pinfall victory when he dropped Saturn on his face, who had attempted a powerbomb.

Winner: Kidman via pinfall

Booker T w/Midnight versus Stevie Ray

In arguably the most emotionally charged match of the evening, these brothers squared off in a match that Booker T never wanted to wrestle in. Before the match, a tape was shown of Stevie Ray visiting his friends in the hood. In the footage, Ray said that Booker had forgotten the hood and his friends there. Booker T started aggressively, hitting his brother with kicks and forearm smashes. Stevie Ray rebounded by hitting his brother with a clothesline that about knocked him out of his boots. Booker T regained the advantage with an ax kick to the back of the head. However, when he was building momentum, Big T (Ahmed Johnson) interfered, causing the disqualification. Stevie Ray then introduced the “new and improved” Harlem Heat.

Winner: Booker T via disqualification

Jerry Flynn versus Tank Abbott

The war between these two men culminated in this shoot fight rules match. Abbott began the match by trapping Flynn in the corner delivering vicious body blows. Flynn regained the momentum for a short time, but the lethal Abbott laid out Flynn, who could not respond to the ten count to end one of the shortest matches in WCW history.

Winner: Tank Abbott via referee’s decision

Diamond Dallas Page via Buff Bagwell

Throughout history, men have battled over women. However, in this match, this was personal. Two former friends were fighting. Uncharacteristic of both men, they both approached the ring with a very serious demeanor. Page started the match by punching his foe to the mat and then taking it to the crowd. This “Last Man Standing” match, saw both men fighting to stay on their feet. The combatants fought in front of the site, where Buff laid Page on the table, scaled the internet site’s background and dropped an elbow on Page, sending both men through the table. Back in the ring, Buff strutted himself, but it cost him. DDP, full of rage, threw Buff into the corner, and then pulled him crotch first into the ringpost. Bagwell hit Page with the Blockbuster, but Page answered the then count. Bagwell then wore Page out with a riot baton. DDP tried to hit Bagwell with the diamond cutter, but Buff hooked the top rope. As Kimberly was walking to the ring, Bagwell won the match, because Page could not answer the ten count. After the bell, Page attacked Bagwell (who was staring at Kimberly) with the riot baton, and then left with his wife.

Winner: Buff Bagwell via referee’s decision

Kidman versus The Wall

Shane Douglas introduced the Wall to be the Revolution’s mystery partner in this steel cage match. Kidman, exhausted from his prior match with Saturn, started quickly, attacking the Wall with a chair. The Wall shook off the blows, and threw Kidman into the ring. The Wall owned Kidman for the next few minutes with kicks and clotheslines. Kidman attempted to battle back with a sunset flip into a powerbomb off the top rope, but the Wall once again, cleared the cobwebs. Kidman’s night came to an end when he attempted a move off the top rope. The Wall caught him in midair, and chokeslammed Kidman for the win.

Winner: The Wall via pinfall

Terry Funk versus Kevin Nash

The stipulations of this match were simple. If Nash won, he take over as commissioner of WCW, and if Funk won, the NWO must disband permanently. This match started as an all out street fight with both men exchanging blows. Nash took control of the match after nailing the commissioner with a chair and powerbombing him through the broadcast table. Nash then told Funk if he could climb in the ring, he would let him keep his position as commissioner. Once Funk crawled in the ring, Nash told Funk that he was a lyin’ “Son of a bit–.” On the outside, Nash continued to pound a bloody Commissioner Funk. The hard-core legend rebounded by hitting Nash with a couple of chair shots of his own, followed by a DDT on the chair. Big Sexy repeatedly hit Funk with a chair, but Funk would not go down. Kevin Nash became new WCW commissioner after powerbombing Terry Funk through three chairs.

Winner: Kevin Nash via pinfall (New WCW Commissioner)

Chris Benoit versus Sid Vicious *World Championship*

Before the match, special referee Arn Anderson said that Kevin Nash may be the new commissioner, but that tonight, two of WCW’s best would fight for a title that could keep WCW on top. This match was a true battle of “David and Goliath.” Sid showed his power early by pressing Benoit over his head. After being thrown around, the Crippler, immobilized Sid by delivering a couple of drop-kicks to the knee of Vicious. On the outside, Benoit placed Sid’s leg between the ring steps and the ring post and drop-kicked the steps as many of the WCW wrestlers looked on from the entry way. Back in the ring, Sid refused to submit to the figure four leglock. For the next several minutes, the “Wolverine” concentrated his attack on the legs of his larger opponent. Sid mounted a comeback, but it was short lived as a focused Benoit delivered another drop-kick to Sid’s knee. Once again fighting back up, Sid was a hair away from becoming the new champion after a monstrous powerslam. The Crippler hit Sid with the flying headbutt off of the top rope, but Sid kicked out. Vicious retaliated with a huge chokeslam, but Benoit was too close to the rope. Benoit then applied the Crippler Crossface. Vicious tapped out, giving Chris Benoit his first world championship.

Winner: Chris Benoit (New World Champion)


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