May 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, May 17th in Worcester, MA

As the show opens with Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan at the play-by-play booth, Schiavone announces that while Kevin Nash is in the building, Scott Hall still has not arrived to participate in the main event.

Footage was shown of WCW Head Of Security Doug Dillinger from earlier in the afternoon, waiting outside the arena with a Full Access backstage pass for Vince McMahon (complete with pic of Vinnie Mac, a surreal sight next to the WCW, TBS and TNT logos on the pass) in his hand. Of course, McMahon was not there.

WCW TV TITLE MATCH: David “Fit” Finley (c) vs. “Canadian Crippler”
Chris Benoit. Sign in the audience: “Sinatra Is And Always Will Be nWo”. Both men starting out intense, matching each other move for move with mostly scientific spots. Fans at ringside started a “Finley sucks” chant. Early on, Benoit got two two-counts. Fans began rooting for Benoit. Benoit struck Finley with some VERY HARD chest chops. A Benoit rope attack was countered with a Finley lariat. Both men went outside and Benoit got scoop-slammed by the TV champion onto the outside mats. Sign at ringside: “Fit Who?”. Finley applied a rear chinlock but Benoit powered out of it, taking Finley back-first. Finley applied a headlock but removed it and began elbowing and kicking Benoit in the shoulders, then dragged him to the ring apron and bounced his jaw off the edge. Finley went for a chair but Benoit intercepted it and used it on Finley. Benoit jumped into the ring and went for a suicide dive but Finley blocked it with the chair. Finley went for the tombstone, Benoit tried to get out of it, so he got bodyslammed instead. Finley began working on Benoit’s back, keeping him on the mat, then went back to the chinlock. Benoit countered a Finley mistake into a couple of German suplexes, then countered a Finley lariat into the Crippler Crossface, only for Finley to grab the ropes. Benoit went to the top rope for a high-risk move but Booker T. came out in street clothes to watch the match, and Finley took advantage by bumrushing the former Horseman. Finley hit the tombstone piledriver for the pin as Booker T. walked back to the dressing room and the arena went silent.

GRUDGE MATCH: Lex Luger vs. Brian Adams (with Vincent)
Luger went right for both Adams and Vincent, practically starting the match on the outside and dominating the former Demolition/NOD/DOA member. Adams countered with an eye rake, but got tossed into the ring and posted shoulder-first by Luger. The former WCW triple-crowner was about to go for the Torture Rack when Vincent jumped up on the ring apron. Adams took advantage by attacking from behind and then using a piledriver that barely stunned Luger. Adams began favoring his left shoulder. Adams had control for a few minutes but when Luger got control back, Adams called for Vincent who quickly got knocked back out of the ring and onto his butt. Luger then caught Adams in the Torture Rack for the submission win.

David Penzer was about to announce the 15 contestants when Chris Jericho came out and said he was going to announce the athletes including Super Calo, Juventud Guererra, Marty Janetty, Chavo Guererro Jr., Ciclope, El Grio, Kidman, El Dandy, Damien, Lenny Lane, Psychosis, Silver King, Johnny Swinger, and Vilanno IV. No Dean Malenko in a mask or unmasked, no Rey Mysterio Jr. who is still on the shelf. Two of the no-namers, including Swinger, got eliminated over the top first. Juventud dropkicked Super Calo out of the ring. Silver KIng eliminated by El Grio. El Grio eliminated next. Vilanno IV head-scissored out by Damien. Leny Lane made the mistake of showboating on the top rope and got knocked out by Juventud and Psychosis. Damien got eliminated by Juventud. El Dandy knocked on his rear by Chavo Guererro Jr. Chavo wnet to dive on Kidman who ducked, causing Chavo to eliminate himself. Psychosis went fgor a high risk move and got eliminated by Ciclope. Psychosis eliminated by Juventud. Ciclope and Juventud stared each other down, almost respectfully, then Juvy shook Ciclope’s hand and jumped out… Ciclope unmasked…. it’s DEAN MALENKO!

WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH — Chris Jericho (c) vs. Dean Malenko
(aka The Great Pumpkin) (w/Juventud Guererra). Jericho was all fear and no defense as Malenko ran roughshod over the loudmouthed “Lionheart”. Action was all over the ring. Jericho managed a couple of moments after a slighshot move on Malenko. Jericho did a rather egotistical cover after a vertical suplex. Jericho went fot a pump handle suplex followed by a sequence of counters by both athletes. Jericho went on top with a flying elbow for a two-count. A “Jericho Sucks D*ck” chant began. Jericho went for a superplex but Malenko countered into a fireman’s carry/gutbuster and then applied the Texas Cloverleaf. Jericho tried to go for the ropes but was held in place by Malenko, who got the tap-out win. Malenko pointed skyward and dedicated the win to his late father.

As the cage was lowered for the Bowery Death Cage Match, a “Vinnie Mac Cam” focused on a white limosuine pulling up to the arena and Doug Dillinger trying to investigate who is in it.

BOWERY DEATH CAGE MATCH: Diamond Dallas Page vs. Raven (with his personal riot squad). DDP, prior to getting in the ring, climbed ON TOP of it (the cage has a roof a-la WWF’s Hell In The Cell) and gave the Diamond Cutter hand signal. There are a variety of implements (trash cans, ropes) in the cage for the athletes’ use. Action was predictable almost early on. Raven unhooked both of the trash cans from the corners of the cage. Amongst the crap: shovel, VCR (no stranger to a wrestling ring if you’re in ECW, Tony Schiavone!), chair, bullrope, fire extinguishers. DDP tried to hang Raven with the rope but Raven managed to wrap his lega around DDP. DDP grabbed the VCR (which had most of the screws removed) and broke it over Raven’s head. Raven knocked DDP into a corner where a trash can still remained. Raven struck DDP with the other trash can, then used a cookie sheet several times. Raven applied a sleeperhold but DDP backed Raven into the corner with the trash can — and into the referee who took the most of the attack. While all three men were down, members of the Flock came out led by Reese, who knocked over the riot squad. Scotty Riggs cut the chain on the door with bolt cutters. Van Hammer came out of the audience with a stop sign and attacked his former fellow Flockers, then handcuffed Reese to the guardrail. Two of the riot squad members, who revealed themselves to be Kidman and Horace Boulder attacked DDP, but botched it when Kidman struck Boulder with the stop sign. Raven hit the Evenflow DDT on DDP but DDP got up at the eight count. DDP went for blood but Raven out of nowhere hit the Diamond Cutter on it’s originator. DDP got up and proceeded to show Raven how a Diamond Cutter should be done. =0) When Raven did not answer to the ten-count, DDP was declared the winner. One of the riot squad members proceeded to handcuff several Flockers, including Raven, to the ring. After Raven got double-cuffed to the ring, the riot squad member took off his helmet – it was Mortis, with his mask on. Mortis then took off his mask, considered climbing on top of the cage but decided against it and left.

More footage in search of Vince McMahon, including security people with pictures of assorted WWF personalities making sure another DX raid didn’t occur.

SPECIAL STIPULATION MATCH: Ultimo Dragon vs. Eddie Guererro (with Chavo Guererro Jr.). If Dragon wins the match, Chavo Guererro Jr. no longer has to follow Eddie’s direction as he has been doing the past few months. This match was back and forth. When it went outside and Eddie Guererro was choking Dragon with a TV cable, Eddie took the opportunity to slap his nephew. Dragon hit an Asai moonsault on the outside and when he was on his back, it was Chavo who fanned Dragon with a towel. Dragon pulled a new move out, a combination fireman’s carry/Samoan drop. Eddie wnet for a frog splash only for Drago to roll out of the way. Dragon applied his Dragon Sleeper but Eddie reversed it and put his feet on the ropes. Chavo went to unhook Eddie’s legs and when the two argued, Dragon jumped Eddie. Eddie knocked out the Dragon and hit the frog splash for the win. Chavo snapped and attacked the Dragon. Eddie tried to pull him off and the frustration was on Chavo’s face.

Another piece of backstage footage — this time a shot of a dressing room door with a sign reading “WCW Restricted Area: Vince “The Reason For The Ratings” McMahon”

US HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Bill Goldberg (c) vs. Perry Saturn
Earlier in the card, Saturn had said that there would be no “Gauntlet match” as previously atated. Saturn tried a headlock early on but Goldberg got the advantage with two gorilla press slams. Saturn got a couple of advantages but they only lasted a few seconds each. Goldberg threw Saturn into the corner bu the neck and stomped him. Anytime that Saturn jumped out of the ring, Goldberg followed him and continued working on him. Saturn hit a running dropkick off the ring apron on Goldberg who got knocked into one of the cameramen. Saturn locked on a sleeperhold but Goldberg walked backwards into the turnbuckles. Goldberg with a belly-to-belly on Saturn. Saturn with a swinging neckbreaker that only lasted a couple of seconds on Goldberg. Saturn set up a chair and used it for a springboard ala Sabu twice. The second time, Goldberg caught Saturn in the spear, then hit the jackhammer to make his record 88-0.

CHALLENGE MATCH: Eric Bischoff vs. Vince McMahon. Michael Buffer was already out making the announcements. Kayfabe was immediately broken when Bischoff was announced as the president of both WCW and the nWo. McMahon’s name was announced TWICE… but it was obvious before the first time that McMahon was nowhere near the arena. Bischoff invited the audience to help the referee count McMahon out.

GRUDGE MATCH: Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage (“Rowdy” Roddy Piper, guest referee) Hart, a coward as always, jumped out of the ring when Savage arrived. Piper jumped out of the ring and threw the “Hitman” in the ring. Bret gouged Savage in the eye for the start of a series of rulebreaking tactics. Savage got his bearings back and began dominating the former WWF champion. The match went out of the ring and into the audience as well. Hart got the advantage back after going for Savage’s brace=clad right knee. The crowd was solidly on the Macho Man’s side. While Hart continued to work on Savage, Schiavone announced that Scott Hall had finally arrived at the arena. Bret made a nonchalant cover, got in Piper’s face over an alleged slow count, and spent more time flipping off and berating fans at ringside than working on Savage. Hart went for an elbow drop and missed it. Savage, running on adrenalin and guts, got the advantage and climbed the top rope for an elbow drop. It connected, but Savage also hit his knee in the process. Savage went for a piledriver but Savage reversed it. Miss Elizabeth ran into the ring and as Piper tried to get her out, Hart struck both Savage and Piper with brass knuckles wrapped in electrical tape. Savage was about to attack Hart but Hollywood Hogan, who was not even scheduled to be on the card, came to ringside and posted Savage. Hart then put Savage in the Sharpshooter and when Piper went to ask Savage if he gave up, Piper discovered Hart’s brass knucks still in Savage’s hand. Piper called for the bell and disqualified Savage while he was still in Hart’s submission hold.

WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (with Dusty Rhodes) vs. Sting & The Giant. HUGE pop for Nash and the returning Hall. Hall took the mic and did the survey: This time it was DEFINITELY “one more for the good guys” because the mere mention of WCW got booed! The Giant came out first to boos. Sting’s reaction was slightly mixed. Match starts with Sting and Scott Hall. Hall throws his pick. Sting does crotch chops. Hall with an armbar. Series of counters leading to Sting being chokeslammed by Hall. Two reverse atomic drops and Stinger splashes by Sting. Sting went for the Scorpion and Nash makes the save. Sting tagged the Giant in. Hall mocked the Giant and tagged Nash in. Nash ducked a Giant clothesline and delivered a series of fists and kicks. Giant knocked Nash down with a boot to the face followed by an elbow drop. The audience started chanting “Let’s go Hall & Nash”. Sting tagged in, got whipped into the corner, slugged Hall, and got kicked by Nash. Hall is tagged in. Sting goes for a crossbody but Hall catches him in a crucifix. Nash is tagged in, drops Sting in the corner turnbuckle, tags Hall back in. Hall slaps Sting around a little, tags in Nash who splashes Sting over the ropes. Hall placed Sting in an abdominal stretch, Nash occasionally lending a hand for leverage. Sting hiptossed Hall but missed the elbow. Nash is tagged in, hits a sidewalk slam on Sting and gets a two-count. Nash applies a bearhug on Sting. Giant is trying to tag in, Dusty is nearby talking trash to the Giant. Sting goes for a crossbody on Nash and the Giant is able to tag in and dominate Nash. Giant scoops and slams the original Big Daddy Cool. Legdrop by the Giant. The Giant goes to the top rope but Nash rolls out of the way. Nash went for the jacknife but Hall grabbed the title belt that Dusty left on the ring apron and hit Nash with it. Giant covered Nash for the three-count and Hall embraced the Giant. Sting watched from the ring apron in total and complete shock as the show ended.

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