May 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, May 7, 2000 in Kansas City, MO

Announcers: Mark Madden, Scott Hudson, Tony Schiavone

We opened up with clips from WCW Thunder on Wednesday where Ric Flair won an over the top rope battle royal to become the #1 contender for the World Title and get a shot at the champ at Great American Bash next month.

We went to the backstage area where the Millionaire’s Club pulled up.

We went to clips recapping the feuds between the top names in WCW.

Tammy Sytch and Cruiserweight Champ, Chris Candido came to the ring. Sytch recalled that they call Missouri the Show-me state then told us that she would show us hers. Sytch began to strip down but Candido held her back stopping the show. The Artist and Paisley came to the ring next.

Match 1: Cruiserweight Title Match

Chris Candido(c) w/Tammy Lynn Sytch vs. The Artist w/Paisley

They opened up exchanging holds then both men spilled to the outside. Artist sent Candido onto the announce table then Artist tried to send Candido to the guardrail, but Candido reversed it and sent Artist into the guardrail. Candido went up top and hit a stiff elbow to the face of Artist. They went to the entrance way where Candido picked up a steel chair. Artist caught Candido then back body dropped him onto the entrance ramp. Artist took Candido into the ring. They exchanged blows then Candido sent Artist crashing to the outside. Paisley tried to help her man. Candido went to the outside and Artist drove a shoulder to the gut. Artist dropped Candido with an inside out suplex then took him back into the ring.

Artist went for a cover, but only scored a two. Artist hit a gutwrench into short powerbomb putting Candido on his back. Artist went up top then Candido climbed up and the two battled on top. Candido hit a high impact move off the top. Candido and Artist exchanged blows again then Candido went up top. Artist caught him up top then hit a Samoan Drop off the middle rope. Sytch got involved by distracting the ref. Paisley took exception and came over to Sytch and grabbed a handful of hair. Sytch fought her off then smacked Artist with a chair. Candido hit a piledriver then covered Artist and scored a two count, but the bell rang it sounded like the match was over. The match continued. Candido hit a top rope move then covered Artist and scored a three to retain the title.

Winner: Candido by pinfall and still CW Champ

After the match, the Artist grabbed Sytch and ripped off her clothes.

We went to the back where Terry Funk was looking for Norman Smiley. Funk found someone in a bathroom stall then Smiley came in from behind and attacked Funk.

Match 2: Hardcore Title Match

Terry Funk(c) vs. Norman Smiley/???

The mystery partner of Smiley was wearing a hood and catcher’s gear while Smiley continued to beat the snot out of Funk. They battled to the backstage area and outside the building. They eventually battled to Mean Gene’s interview position and destroyed it. Funk picked up a chair and smacked the mystery guy. The mystery guy picked up a trash can and hit Funk with weak shots. Funk put Smiley on a table then covered him and scored a two. The mystery partner couldn’t keep up with the match as he took forever to move. Smiley put Funk on top of a crate the covered him and scored a two. They continued to battle, with the mystery man dragging behind.

They went to the ringside area for a second then took it back to the backstage area. Smiley was sent into a wall then Terry Funk grabbed the mystery man and took him to the ring. We saw Smiley laying out cold in the back. In the ring, Funk was smacking the mystery man with weapons. Funk removed the outer layering of the mystery partner revealing it to be Ralphus! Funk pulled down Ralphus’s pants a little too low nearly blinding the entire Kemper Arena. Smiley picked up a ladder and smashed Funk with it busting open Funk. Smiley picked up a chair and smacked Funk then proceeded to do the Big Wiggle. Funk received another chair shot then Ralphus wanted to do the Big Wiggle! Funk came to and smacked Ralphus with the chair. Funk rolled up Smiley out of nowhere then covered him and scored the three to win the match.

Winner: Terry Funk by pinfall and still Hardcore Champ

Match 3: “The Perfect One” Shawn Stasiak vs. Curt Hennig

Stasiak opened up with a big arm drag showcasing his perfection. Hennig sent Stasiak to the ropes then tossed him to the ring then waited for Hennig to get up and dropped him with a scoop slam. Hennig and Stasiak talked some trash face to face then locked up again. Stasiak took control with a side slam. Stasiak hit a cross body block then scored a two. Stasiak went for a Sunset flip, but Hennig blocked it then smacked Stasiak in the face. Hennig scored a knee lift then we saw Chavo Guerrero and Hammer sitting ringside. Hennig took Stasiak to the outside then Stasiak sent Hennig head first into the guardrail.

Stasiak sent Hennig into the ring. Stasiak went up top and connected with a top rope move. Hennig and Stasiak went to the outside where Hennig went for a slam onto the entrance way, but seemed to have hurt his back allowing Stasiak to send him into the apron. Stasiak took Hennig back into the ring and slapped on a sleeper hold. Hennig tried to fight out with the fans right behind him. Hennig fought out then Stasiak dropped him with a suplex. Stasiak went up top and took too long allowing Hennig to drop him across the top. Hennig took Stasiak to the mat then landed hard chops to the chest. Hennig sent Stasiak to the ropes then back body dropped him. Hennig waited for Stasiak to get up then dropped him with a roundhouse right hand.

Stasiak recovered on the outside. Hennig followed out giving Stasiak a chance to gain the control over Hennig. Hennig was sent into the ring. Stasiak connected with the Perfectplex or Hennigplex and scored the three count to win the match.

Winner: Stasiak by pinfall

Hugh Morrus came to the ring and cut a promo saying that he doesn’t want to be called Hugh Morrus anymore, but wants to be called Hugh Captian Rection. Steiner came out next with his hoochie nWo mamas. Steiner took time to jaw with the ringside fans then came into the ring.

Match 4: United States Title Match – Scott Steiner(c) w/nWo ladies vs. Hugh Captain Rection

Steiner opened up with hard right hands and as Mark Madden put it, “worked stiff.” Hugh took Steiner to the outside where the nWo ladies distracted Hugh allowing Steiner to gain the advantage. Steiner sent Hugh into the ring then dropped him with a suplex. Hugh hit a spinning heel kick out of nowhere dropping Steiner to the mat. Madasya tried to help Steiner but Hugh went up top and hit a diving elbow off the top. The nWo girls grabbed Hugh and put a hurting between his legs.

Steiner put Hugh in the Tree of Woe then pulled the neck back. Steiner jawed with Hammer and Chavo ringside then went back into the ring. Steiner dropped Hugh with big crushing forearms. Steiner hit a big belly to belly suplex then covered Hugh and scored a nearfall. Steiner thought it was a bad count and got in the ref’s face and told him that he sucks. Steiner continued to argue with the ref instead of going after Hugh. Steiner eventually went back over to Hugh and slapped on a Bear Hug. The fans tried to rally behind the Captain while Steiner continued to squeeze the hold on. Steiner decided to suplex Hugh out of the bear hug dropping him on his back. Hugh hit a big boot off the ropes then sent Steiner crashing into the corner. Steiner ducked Hugh’s next smash in the corner then dropped Hugh with a double underhook butterfly suplex.

Steiner slapped on another bear hug then the Captain slipped out and hit a Tombstone Piledriver. Hugh went up top and went for the Raging Climax Moonsault and missed Steiner’s body but the feet landed on the neck of Steiner. Steiner recovered and slapped on the Steiner Recliner. Hugh tapped out giving Steiner the win.

Winner: Steiner by pinfall and still US Champ

After the match, Hammer and Chavo ran in but were held back by Ruschoff’s security. Steiner celebrated with his hoochies then Booker ran in and dropped Steiner with a Harlem Side kick clearing off Steiner.

Match 5: Mike Awesome vs. Kanyon

Awesome opened up in control. Awesome sent Kanyon to the outside then leaped over the top with a diving shoulder smash. Kanyon came back with a flurry offense then took Awesome into the ringpost with a dropkick. Kanyon went back into the ring and hit a somersault dive onto Awesome on the outside. Awesome dropped Kanyon with a right hand then took him back into the ring. Awesome hit a double axe handle blow off the top. Kanyon got up and Awesome went back up top and hit a top rope smash. Awesome took Kanyon back ouside and smashed him with chair shots. Awesome took Kanyon to the stands. Awesome scoop slammed Kanyon onto the cold concrete. They went back into the ring. Awesome dropped Kanyon to the mat with stiff right hands. Awesome went up top then Kanyon climbed up and landed a top rope neckbreaker.

Kanyon covered Awesome and scored a two only. Awesome recovered and dropped Kanyon with right hands. Awesome hit a Huge Awesome Bomb smashing Kanyon’s body. Awesome hit a lariat off the ropes then Awesome picked up Kanyon for another powerbomb. Awesome hit a huge Awesome Bomb snapping his neck back! Kanyon recovered and got back to his feet. Awesome hit a release overhead German Suplex adding more pain to Kanyon’s upper body. Wolfpac music blasted across the arena then out came Kevin Nash. Nash came in and the two went at it. Candido, Kidman, and the rest of the New Blood spilled into the ring to get at Nash. Nash fought them all off then Sting, Flair, and the rest of the millionaire’s club came in and we had a full scale brawl! Ruschoff’s security spilled into the ring to try and restore order. Flair, Sting, Nash, and Kanyon chased off the New Blood then beat up on security.

Winner: No Contest

Before the Luger vs. Bagwell match, we saw Vince Russo telling Elizabeth to change into something else. Liz refused to do so, then Russo flashed her contract and Liz left to change.

Match 6: “The Total Package” Lex Luger vs. Buff Bagwell

The two had a pose down before the match then Luger scored a knee to the gut starting the match up. Luger and Bagwell exchanged blows then Luger landed a textbook vertical suplex. Luger hit an atomic drop then another atomic drop. Luger took Bags to the corner and landed five big punches then pulled Bagwell down and slammed him into the mat. They went to the outside where Luger was knocked around. Luger was sent into the ring where Bagwell hit a Double Arm DDT. Buff put Luger under the corner then drove a foot to the throat of Luger. Bagwell brought Luger back to his feet then slammed him to the mat. Bagwell slapped on a Camel Clutch, but didn’t lock it in correctly. Bagwell dropped the hold then slammed his butt onto Luger’s back. Bagwell put the clutch on again.

We went to the back where Russo was asking Liz if she was ready for the big surprise. Liz ran out of the dressing room then smashed Russo’s knee leaving him on the floor. Liz ran to the ring with baseball bat in hand. Luger went for the Torture Rack but dropped the hold when he saw Liz. Buff grabbed Liz’s bat then smacked Luger with it repeatedly. Liz climbed in and turned things around by stealing the bat and hitting Bags then Luger slapped on the Torture Rack and Bagwell tapped out.

Winner: Lex Luger by pinfall

After the match, we saw Chuck Palumbo come to the ring wearing the exact same attire of Lex Luger, mocking Luger. Bagwell held back Liz while Palumbo put Luger in the Torture Rack. Bagwell took Liz back to Russo.

Match 7: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair

Before the match, Douglas said that Kansas City would get to see Flair get Franchised. Flair came to the ring and said that himself and Handsome Harley Race have spent decades building up wrestling in this city and some dip like Douglas has no say about it. Flair told Douglas that he would kick his ECW rear end.

Flair climbed into the ring and the two went right at it. Flair was back body dropped to the mat then Douglas took Flair to the corner and hit ten big punches to the head. Flair pulled Douglas down then slammed him into the corner and chopped him down to size. Flair went up top and Douglas grabbed him and tossed him off the top. Douglas slapped on Flair’s Figure Four leglock. The fans rallied behind Flair. Flair fought out of the hold then took Douglas to the corner and landed chops. Douglas dropped Flair to the mat then slapped on another figure four. Flair reached out and slapped Douglas then kicked Douglas below the belt. Douglas tried to recover but Flair grabbed him and chopped him some more. Flair took Douglas to the outside then sent Douglas back first into the guardrail. Flair got in Madden’s face then turned around and chopped Douglas some more. Flair pounded away on the side of Douglas’s head.

Flair took Douglas back into the ring. Douglas waited for Douglas then suplexed him to the mat. Douglas pulled out a chain then wrapped it around his fist and smacked Flair in the face with it. Douglas landed some hard right hands after Flair got up after the chain shot. Douglas landed some chops then Flair came back with more chops of his own. Flair strutted in the middle of the ring then chopped away on Douglas again. Douglas landed a knee to the groin stopping him short. Flair responded with a shot of his own then took Douglas’s knee and slammed it into his leg repeatedly. Flair slapped on the figure four then Vince Russo came to the ring and smacked Flair with the baseball bat. Buff came to the ring after Russo to get some of Flair. Douglas covered Flair and scored a three to win the match.

Winner: Douglas by pinfall

After the match, Russo smacked Flair with the bat repeatedly. Russo and company left then Flair reminded Russo that he owes him five minutes. Russo wouldn’t go in then Lex Luger came in from behind and battled with Russo. A guy in a Sting mask ran in and laid out Flair. He took off the mask revealing David Flair! David beat down on his dad then Wolfpac music hit and out came Big Sexy Kevin Nash. Russo and David stood in the ring then Nash came in and grabbed Russo and set him up for a powerbomb, but Daphney ran in and low blowed Nash. Russo smacked Nash with a baseball bat laying out Nash. Russo, Daphney, and David celebrated in the ring leaving Flair and Nash out cold.

Match 8: Sting vs. Vampiro

As soon as Sting came out, Vampiro ran down and attacked him starting the match. Sting dropped Vampiro with hard right hands putting Vamp on one knee. Vamp tried to walk back to the ring then Sting followed after and put him in the ring. Sting went up top and hit a top rope drop on Vamp. Sting took Vamp to the outside and right to the announce table. Sting DDT’ed Vampiro onto the floor. We went back into the ring where Vampiro landed a momentum turning chop followed by even more. Vamp knocked Sting to the mat with a lariat then went under the ring. Vamp pulled out a lead pipe then climbed in and smacked Sting with it. Sting received more pipe shots to the back then Vamp head butted Sting. Vamp landed some more blows to the head and injured back. Vamp smacked him with the pipe again. The fans rallied behind Sting. Vamp tried to send Sting to the corner, but Sting reversed it then smashed Vampiro’s head into the corner.

Sting picked up the pipe then smashed Vampiro with it. Sting sent Vampiro to the corner then hit a Stinger Splash with the lead pipe. Sting hit another Lead Pipe Stinger Splash then hit a Scorpion Death Drop! Sting covered Vampiro then scored the three count to win the match.

Winner: Sting by pinfall

In the back, DDP told David Arquette to stay out of Jeff Jarrett’s way but if his friends try to get involved, then run to the top.

We saw Kevin Nash looking for Vince Russo in the back.

Match 9: Terry “Hulk Hogan” Bolea w/Horace Hogan vs. Billy Kidman w/Torri Wilson

Special Referee: Eric Bischoff w/Kimberly

Kimberly, Torri, and Horace watched on from the outside. Bischoff made Horace leave the ringside area. Hogan went right after Kidman. Hogan tried a body slam but Kidman rolled him up with an inside cradle. Hogan got back up and sent Kidman to the outside. Hogan picked up a chair and sent it into the ring. Hogan went for a chair shot on Kidman but Bischoff told him not to hit him. Hogan decided to give Kidman the chair and kick it into his face. Hogan took Kidman to the outside and sent him into the ringpost. Torri was shoved into Hogan by Kidman allowing Kidman to get a cheap advantage.

Kidman and Hogan went back into the ring where Kidman took Hogan to the corner and landed hard punches. Hogan came back with hard right hands. Hogan took off his weight lifting belt then tried to whip Kidman but Bischoff grabbed the belt. Kidman took the belt from Bischoff then Hogan grabbed Kidman and tossed him to the outside. Hogan went outside and sent Kidman head first into the cold guardrail steel. We went back into the ring where Hogan covered Kidman but Bischoff wouldn’t count it. Hogan and Bischoff went face to face. Bischoff claimed that he didn’t see it. Hogan tossed Kidman to the outside. Hogan sent Kidman into the guardrail then took him to the announce table and pounded away on him. Hogan took Kidman to the ring then landed patented hard right hands. Hogan with a big boot. Bischoff blocked Hogan’s leg drop then Hogan punched out Bischoff. Hogan took Kidman to the corner and pounded away on him.

A new referee came to the ring! Hogan went under the ring and pulled out a table! Hogan pulled out another table! Hogan set up the tables while Kidman was checked on by Torri. Hogan picked up Bischoff then Kidman ran in from behind and smacked Hogan with a chair. Kidman covered Hogan and counted his own three. Bischoff slid over and counted but only scored a two. Hogan got up and dropped Kidman with a big boot. Hogan grabbed Bischoff then dropped him through the table!!! Hogan set up another table! Kidman got to his feet then went after a bloodied Hogan. Kidman put Hogan on the table. Kidman went up top. Kidman tried a top rope splash but Hogan moved and Kidman ate the table! Horace Hogan came to the ring and Hogan covered Kidman. Horace grabbed Bischoff’s arms then dropped it three times giving Hogan the win. What a match!

Winner: Hogan by pinfall

Main Event:
Match 10 – World Title Match
‘Ready to Rumble’ Triple Deck Cage Match

David Arquette(c) vs. Diamond Dallas Page vs. Jeff Jarrett

Arquette came to the ring looking scared out of his pants. Jarrett ran after Arquette to open up then DDP grabbed Jarrett and took it to him with hard rigth hands. DDP told Arquette to get up top. Arquette tried to land a top rope splash but Jarrett moved. Jarrett got up and sent DDP into the cage wall. Jarrett sent DDP head first into the ladder connected to the second cage. DDP caught Jarrett then sling shot him into the corner, smashing Arquette in the process. DDP didn’t see Arquette in the corner. DDP hit a knee lift on Jarrett. DDP climbed up the ladder to get to the second cage, but Jarrett caught him and pulled him back down. DDP stopped Jarrett then pounded him to the corner. Jarrett caught DDP short then suplexed him to the mat. Jarrett climbed the ladder then DDP caught him and powerbombed him off the top. DDP climbed the ladder then Jarrett came to and sent DDP into the ladder. Jarrett sent DDP head first into the ladder one more time.

Jarrett tried to climb up but DDP caught him and dropped him to the mat. DDP climbed the ladder again and arrived in Cage #2 where all the weapons and goodies are! DDP went for the cage door to get to #3, but Jarrett climbed up and sent DDP into a trash can. Jarrett went up to door and started to climb up the cage. A bloody DDP grabbed Jarrett and brought him back down into the Hardcore Cage. DDP had glass broken over his head. DDP put Jarrett on his back after blocking a right hand then set up a table. DDP put a bloody Jarrett through the table!!! Jarrett got to his feet and tried to climb up to #3. DDP staggered him with a right hand. The two nearly fell off the side of the cage. Arquette decided to get in on the action and started to climb up. Arquette snuck up the cages while Mike Awesome came into the cage and climbed up to #2 where DDP Diamond Cutted Awesome. DDP and Jarrett raced to the top while Arquette stood on #3. Jarrett picked up a guitar and smasehd DDP over the head with it.

Jarrett missed a second guitar shot then DDP smashed Jarrett’s head with the cage door. Blood poured out from both men’s head as Arquette stood and watched. Jarrett climbed up then DDP followed him up. Arquette took a guitar and smashed…DDP with it! Two straight PPV’s where DDP has had someone turn on him! Jarrett climbed up the top of the third cage then reached up and grabbed the title!!! Jarrett wins the Title!

Winner: Jarrett by pinfall and new World Champ

Awesome set up DDP for an Awesome Bomb. Kanyon tried to make the save for DDP but Awesome powerbombed him off the top of the cages down below! Jarrett is world Champ! What a PPV!

source: James Caldwell


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