May 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, May 9, 1999, from St. Louis, MO

*Raven/Saturn pinned Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio, Jr./Kidman
*Tag Team Championship*
-Three men from each team were in the ring at the sametime, and each wrestler could only tag in their own partner. The action was non-stop. As the match went on, someone in a Sting mask and a baseball bat knocked Kidman off the top rope, after Kidman was set to execute his Shooting Star Press. Raven then put Kidman through the Evenflow DDT for the win. At the same time, Dean Malenko had Saturn in the Texas Cloverleaf, but Saturn would not submit. The person unmasked and revealed himself as Kanyon, who was aligned with Raven and Saturn.

*Konnan pinned Stevie Ray
-Before the match, Konnan hyped up the crowd with his introduction and did the line where he told The NWO Black and White to toss his salad and peal his potato. As the match went on, Rey Mysterio, Jr. made his way down and fought off Horace and Vincent. He then helped Konnan take the win, by pulling down Stevie Ray to the mat.

*Backstage, Mark Madden and Chad Damiani interviewed Rick Steiner about his upcoming Television Title match with Booker T.

*Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Brian Knobs *Hardcore Match, Falls Count Anywhere*
-Before the match, in the backstage area, Diamond Dallas Page and Bam Bam Bigelow seemed to come up with some sort of an agreement. Cookie sheets, trash cans, chairs, buckets, and many more objects were used in the chaotic match. At one point, Bigelow and Brian Knobs brawled down the aisle and into the crowd. Knobs jumped off the ledge of the stands, onto Bigelow, but misshot his landing. Bigelow the suplexed Knobs through a table and made the pin.

*Rick Steiner pinned Booker T. *Television Title*
-The match was very slow between the two, and was basically back and forth. As it went on, Booker T. used a series of his kicks on Rick Steiner, and had the win with the Missile Dropkick, but Scott Steiner ran in and surprisingly made the save for his own brother. After Scott tripped Booker, Rick caught Booker with the Steiner Bulldog for the win.

*Gorgeous George pinned Charles Robinson
[If George wins, Savage is re-instated into WCW.]
-“Little Nature Boy” Charles Robinson had a new haircut, blonde hair, a robe, and basically all other things similar to Ric Flair. Ric Flair and the built nurse, Asia, accompanied Robinson. Ric Flair said Madusa and Miss Madness could ride Space Mountain, but Gorgeous George could take on Robinson. Robinson told George after he was done making her submit to the Figure-Four Leglock, she could ride Space Mountain. Randy Savage then said, regardless, George would kick Robinson’s butt. Robinson strutted like Flair. George had Robinson screaming after his wrist was locked up, followed by a full nelson. On the outside of the ring, Robinson got mad at Miss Madness (Starla Saxton) and scoop slammed her to the concrete floor. George nailed Robinson with some chest slaps. Robinson was thrown to the turnbuckle and flipped over ala Flair. Robinson later worked on George’s knee and put her through the Figure-Four Leglock, but George reversed it. Flair entered the ring and tried to turn Robinson over. Savage took care of Flair, but Flair ended up taking him down. George then nailed Robinson with the Big Elbow for the win, which meant Savage was reinstated into WCW.

*Scott Steiner defeated Buff Bagwell (Submission) *United States Title*
-The fans got to Scott Steiner throughout the match. As Steiner continued to dominate, he decided to bring in a chair, but it backfired, as Buff Bagwell slammed it into his face. Steiner intentionally shoved the referee where he was squashed by he (Steiner) and Bagwell. Rick Steiner ran down and nailed Bagwell with a chair, which let Steiner put Bagwell in the Steiner Recliner for the win.

*Ric Flair pinned Roddy Piper *Presidency of WCW*
-Before the match, Ric Flair told referee Johnny Boone he was fired and to get his butt out of the building. Charles Robinson ended up officiating the match. Several chest slaps were thrown. Flair got in his low-blows, with Robinson acting as if he didn’t notice. Flair later begged off, but Piper just continued his assault. At several points, Piper had Flair pinned, but Robinson acted as if he wasn’t there to make the count. Piper had Flair finished off with a submission maneuver, and even said he gave up, but Robinson didn’t call anything. Arn Anderson entered to take down Piper, but Piper put him through his Sleeper Hold. Asya entered, with Piper giving her a kiss and then a Sleeper Hold. When Piper turned around, Flair nailed him with a foreign object, which let Flair take the pin. Following the match, Eric Bischoff made his way down. He told Flair to shut up, to a huge pop. Bischoff said he had done a lot of wrong things in the past, but Piper had won the match, not Flair. Bischoff told Flair to bite him. Flair yelled out, “I’m the boss.” Piper then said to Flair, “You’re fired!” Flair made his way down the aisle, getting into the faces of the fans. Bischoff told production people to turn Flair’s microphone off, which they did. Piper then told Bischoff, “Thank you,” and they both hugged each other.

*Goldberg defeated Sting (Disqualification)
-Sting and Goldberg had a stare off in the beginning. Both caused each other to take rests on the outside. Sting later started to work on Goldberg’s knee to gain the advantage. Out came Bret Hart, out of no where, and nailed Goldberg repeatedly with a chair. The referee called the match. Scott and Rick Steiner made their ways down and worked on Sting and Goldberg. Tony Schiavone noted that The Steiner Brothers just wanted to make a statement that they were back together. Goldberg tried to get up and fight, but couldn’t.

*Kevin Nash pinned Diamond Dallas Page *Heavyweight Championship*
-Diamond Dallas Page dominated by slowly wearing down Kevin Nash throughout the match. Kevin Nash started to fight back with punches and threw DDP into an exposed turnbuckle. Nash nailed DDP with the Jack-Knife Powerbomb, but Savage once again helped DDP from losing the Heavyweight Title. Eric Bischoff made his way down with security to guide Savage out of the ring. Bischoff told referee, Nick Patrick, that the match would continue. A chair was brought in at that point. Nash took off his straps and slammed DDP down with the Jack-Knife Powerbomb, to make the pinfall.

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