Road Wild

May 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Saturday, August 14, from Sturgis, SD

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Sturgis, South Dakota

Match 1 – Vampiro and ICP vs Eddie Guerrero, Billy Kidman, and Rey Mysterio Jr.


Raven came to ringside with Vampiro and ICP.Match started off with all 6 men brawling at once. Vampiro and Guerrero went at it for a while. ICP and Vamp triple team Guerrero while the ref had his back turned talking to Kidman. Shaggy2Dope hit a nice suplex on Guerrero. Triple team on Guerrero again. Guerrero nailed a nice frankensteiner from the top on Vampiro. ICP double suplex Guerrero. Guerreo superplexes Shaggy2dope. Rey Jr hits a moonsault on Violent J for a 2 count. Raven sends Rey Jr into the steel steps and Vampiro picks up Mysterio and nails him with the Vampiro spike on the floor around the ring. Vampiro shoots Rey across the ring with a powerbomb. Shaggy2Dope with a powerslam on Rey Jr for a 2 count. Eddie makes the save. Rey Jr is thrown out to the floor in front of Raven. Raven doesnt do nothing to him. Shaggy2Dope with a clothesline on Rey Jr. Rey climbs the ropes and does a split legged moonsault on Shaggy2Dope. Eddie with a tilt a whirl backbreaker on Vampiro. Vampiro kicks Shaggy2Dope by accident. Kidman takes advantage and goes to the top and hits the shooting star press on Shaggy2Dope for the pin.

Winners: Eddie Guerrero, Billy Kidman, and Rey Mysterio Jr.

Match 2 – Bigelow and Kanyon vs Harlem Heat
World tag team title match


DDP did not come to ringside with Kanyon and Bigelow. As soon as Harlem Heat stepped through the ropes the fight started and the bell rang. Stevie Ray press slammed Kanyon and then slammed Bigelow. Kanyon tries to spit on Stevie Ray.Booker T tagged in. Booker T pounds Kanyon down in the corner. Booker T dropkicks Kanyon in the middle of the ring for a 2 count. Bigelow makes the save. Stevie Ray and Bigelow tagged in. The Triad tries to slow things down to their pace. Stevie Ray runs right over Bigelow with a lariat. Kanyon tagged in. Kanyon with a series of elbow drops on Stevie. Bigelow tagged in. Double team on Stevie Ray. Bigelow with a reverse chinlock on Stevie to try to slow things down again. Bigelow with a headbutt to Stevie Ray’s shoulder for a 2 count. Kanyon tagged in. Stevie slams Kanyon and then Stevie misses an elbow. Stevie catapults Kanyon into the corner and hits Bigelow. Booker T tagged in. Booker T with a harlem sidekick on Kanyon for a 2 count. Bigelow pulls down the ropes and Booker T falls to the floor. Bigelow sens Booker T into the steel steps. Booker T powerbombs Kanyon. Bigelow and Stevie Ray tagged in. DDP comes to the ring. Bigelow runs into DDP by accident. Booker T comes off the top with a missile dropkick on Bigelow. Stevie Ray makes the pin.

Winners and new tag team champs: Harlem Heat

Match 3 – Hennig, Windham and Duncum vs Malenko, Saturn and Douglas


The rednecks came to the ring with their old music-Rap is crap. Kendal Windham came to the ring with them. Malenko, Saturn and Douglas came out to Saturn’s music-Beuatiful People. All 6 men start fighting as soon as the bell rings. Saturn works on Duncum in the corner. Saturn with a german suplex on Duncum. Douglas went for the Pittsburgh plunge and Hennig makes the save. Douglas thrown out to the floor. Kendal interferes and attacks Douglas. Douglas picks up Hennig and crotches him around the ring post. Barry clotheslines Douglas for a 2 count. Duncum with a shoulderbreaker on Douglas for a 2 count.Saturn makes the save. Kendal choking Douglas while the ref has his back turned. Duncum with a suplex for a 2 count. Barry tagged in and delivers a ddt on Douglas for a 2 count. Douglas finally tags Saturn in.Saturn cleans house then Barry catches him from behind. Malenko with the cloverleaf on Hennig but Kendal comes in and hits Malenko with the cow bell. Saturn with the dvd on Duncum for the pin.

Winners: Malenko, Saturn and Douglas

Match 4 – Ernest Miller vs Buff Bagwell


The Cat was working the crowd good on his way to the ring. When he got in the ring and tried to talk he was over shadowed by the loud motor cycle engines. When Buff came to the ring he got on the mic and said one word before the Cat took the mic away from him. The Cat tried to talk again but the motorcycle engines got loud again.They tried this one more time and the same thing happened to the Cat once more.Buff finally got to talk on the mic and said that the Cat was not a crowd favorite and told the Cat to kiss his rear. Finally the match begins. Buff slams the Cat 3 times in a row and the Cat takes the low rode by rolling to the outside. Cat backs Buff into the corner and chokes him then sticks his foot in Buff’s throat. Buff with 2 standing dropkicks on the Cat. The Cat with a standing sidekick on Buff. The Cat locks on a reverse chinlock on Buff in the middle of the ring. Buff with a vertical suplex on Cat after 2 blocked attempts by the Cat. Buff with a crossbody for a 2 count. Buff slings Cat into the ropes and Sonny Ono accidentally hits the Cat with the briefcase. Buff rolls up the Cat for the pin. Sonny and the Cat attack Buff after the match.

Winner: Buff Bagwell

Match 5 – Chris Benoit vs DDP
US title no dq match


Match starts off with DDP getting in Benoit’s face and Benoit attacking him. DDP with a great belly to belly suplex on Benoit for a 2 count. DDP drops Benoit to the canvas out of a fireman’s carry. DDP with a gut wrench,extends his knee,and drives Benoit across it. Benoit with a quick rollup for a 2 count. DDP with a spinebuster on Benoit for a 2 count. Every time that Benoit gets to his feet DDP cuts him off. DDP gets cocky and wipes his sweat off on Benoit. Benoit did a reverse standing switch into a jaw breaker on DDP. DDP ties Benoit to the tree of woe. DDP smacks Charles Robinson and takes his belt off of him and whips Benoit with it. Charles pulls Benoit off the tree of woe. DDP chokes Benoit with the belt. DDP snapmares Benoit over 2 times with the belt around his neck. Benoit gets mad and gets the belt off of his neck and whips DDP with it. Benoit hits 3 german suplexes for 2 counts on each of them. Benoit goes up top. Kanyon knocks him down into DDP’s grasp. Benoit with a rollup for a 2 count. Bigelow comes to the ring and comes off the top on Benoit.DDP gets a 2 count. All 3 men now attacking Benoit. A misdirection play by Bigelow makes all 3 men go down. Benoit goes to the top and hits the swan dive headbutt on DDP for the pin.

Winner and still US champ: Chris Benoit

Match 6 – Sting vs Sid


Match starts off with a lockup from both men. Sting immediately places Sid on the turnbuckles and delivers a stinger splash. Sting then clotheslines Sid out of the ring. Sting grabs Sid by the hair and walks him around the ring and slams his head into the guard rail. Back in ring Sid stops Sting dead in his tracks with a boot to the mid section. Sid powerslams Sting in the center of the ring for a 2 count. Sid with a backbreaker on Sting. Sid slings Sting into the corner and levels him with a big lariat. Sid picks up Sting and drops him across the guard rail. Back in ring Sting knocks Sid down after running into him and Sting falls head first between Sid’s legs. Sid goes up top and Sting throws him to the mat. Sting tried a splash and gets caught on Sid’s knees. Sid picks Sting up and drops him across the ropes. Sting walks into a big boot from Sid. Sid to the top and Sting follows up with a superplex. Sting with 2 stinger splashes. Sting tried it a third time and got caught. Sid chokeslams Sting in the middle of the ring and gets the pin.

Winner: Sid

Note: The commentators talked heavily about Sid’s winning streak going into the match and throughout the match and questioned who could stop him.

Match 7 – Rick Steiner vs Goldberg


Match starts off with both men throwing punches and kicks. Goldberg sends Steiner out of the ring. Steiner comes back in, shoves the ref out of the way and kicks Goldberg between the legs. Steiner takes Goldberg’s knee brace off. Steiner with a elbow drop using the brace and follows up with 2 clotheslines using it as well. Steiner wraps the brace around his arm and drops a few elbows. Steiner with a belly to belly in the middle of the ring for a 1 count. Steiner drops Goldberg with a ddt for a 2 count. Steiner drops the brace and Goldberg fights back. Goldberg press slams Steiner. Goldberg hits Steiner with a spear then picks him up for the jackhammer and gets the pin.

Winner: Goldberg

Match 8 – Dennis Rodman vs Randy Savage


Savage came to the ring without George. Match starts off with Rodman nailing Savage in the back with the mic. Rodman slings Savage into the lighting poles. Back in ring and Rodman takes Savage down with a back elbow. Rodman with a nice short arm clothesline on Savage. Rodman with a russian leg sweep on Savage for a 2 count. Rodman arguing with the ref about a slow count. Rodman decks the ref and drops an elbow on him. Mickey Jay comes down as the substitute ref. Savage gouges Rodman’s eyes. Savage uses the top rope to choke Rodman. Mickey Jay is allowing Savage a lot of leway considering what just happened to Silverman. Savage decks Ross Forman, takes his camera and hits Rodman with it. Savage takes out Mickey Jay. Scott Dickinson comes down and Savage takes him out too. Johnny Boone takes his place. Rodman dumps Savage over the top rope. Savage yanks on Rodman’s nose ring and gouges his eyes again. Savage throws Rodman into the safety rail. Savage walks Rodman to the backstage area. Savage throws Rodman into the trash. Savage picks up Rodman and puts him into a port o potty and turns it over. Savage nails Rodman from behind on the entrance ramp as Rodman was making his way back to the ring. Rodman misses a lariat from the middle rope and takes out Johnny Boone. Gorgeous George comes to the ring. George hands Savage a chain. Nick Patrick comes down as the replacement ref. Savage nails Rodman with the chain and gets the pin.

Winner: Randy Savage

Match 9 Kevin Nash vs Hulk Hogan
World title match
Career vs career match


Hogan comes down wearing the red and yellow. Lots of Hogan chants as the bell rings. Match starts off with Nash shoving Hogan into the corner twice. Hogan counters and shoves Nash into the corner. Nash locks on a headlock in the middle of the ring. Hogan suplexes Nash and Nash takes the low rode and slides out of the ring. Nash calls for a test of strength. Hogan accepts and Nash gets the advantage. Hogan falls to his knees. Hogan looks to the crowd for support. Hogan chants get louder. Hogan comes back but Nash gets a knee in. Nash backs Hogan into the corner and pounds on him. Nash with a forearm into Hogan’s back. Nash backs Hogan into the corner again and delivers several knees to the mid section of Hogan. Nash sizes Hogan up and gives him a big elbow to the head. Nash sizes Hogan up again and this time misses the elbow. Hogan winds up and sends Nash to the floor from a punch to the head. Hogan climbs the turnbuckles and hits Nash 10 times in the head. Nash nails Hogan in the back with a forearm. Nash puts his foot in Hogan’s throat. Nash with a side slam on Hogan for a 2 count. Nash sends hogan to the outside. Nash slams him into the lighting pole. Back in ring and Nash delivers a leg into the back of Hogan’s neck. Nash with a big boot to Hogan’s face. Nash with the jack knife powerbomb and gets a 2 count. Hogan’s forehead is cut open. Hogan is hulking up. Hogan with the big boot and the leg drop. Hogan gets the pin.

Winner and still world champ: Hulk Hogan

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