Halloween Havoc

May 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, October 25, 1998 in Las Vegas, NV

Television Title Match

Chris Jericho (c) defeated Raven
Before the match Raven announced that he did not feel like wrestling and wasn’t given proper notice. Jericho said that Raven was washed up and that he could take him in two minutes. Raven came back to the ring and took the first five minutes or so of the match. Raven used the steel steps followed by an Even Flow DDT but Jericho kicked out. Kanyon came down to the ring but Jericho knocked him off the apron. Raven went for a second Even Flow DDT but Jericho reversed it for the Lion Tamer. Raven tapped out and Jericho retained the title.

Wrath defeated Meng
Both men brawled for a minute or two before chants of “boring” started in the crowd. WCW turned the sound down until the finish came. Three minutes into the match Wrath finished Meng off with the pump handle slam.

Disco Inferno defeated Juventud Guerrera
Great match with plenty of back and forth action. Juvy missed the Juvy Driver which led to a series of chain moves. In the end Juvy came off the top only to be caught by Disco. Disco reversed him and nailed the piledriver for the pinfall win. Disco will go on to face Billy Kidman later in the night.

Bonus Match #1

Alex Wright defeated Fit Finlay
As in the Wrath/Meng match there was a lot of brawling to start things off. Alex attempted to take it to the ground but Finlay continued to lay in the blows. In the end it was Wright with a reverse neckbreaker for the pinfall win.

Bonus Match #2

Saturn defeated Lodi
Saturn was debuting his new look. He is now sporting an Army Ranger looking gimmick. Either way he took Lodi out in a matter of minutes. Saturn got the pin following Death Valley Driver.

Cruiserweight Title Match

Billy Kidman (c) defeated Disco Inferno
Disco had the match of his career. This match must be a serious contender for match of the night if not of the year. Disco went for a piledriver in the end but took time out to do the Macarena. When he eventually went for the move Kidman caught him in a face buster. While he was down Kidman hit the Shooting Star Press for the pinfall win to retain the title.

Tag Team Title Match

If Steiner/Bagwell win, Rick gets 15 minutes with Scott Rick Steiner & Buff Bagwell defeated Scott Steiner & The Giant (c)
As expected Buff Bagwell turned on Rick about a minute into the match. It was obvious that Buff is not supposed to work a match at this point because he simply walked to the dressing room following the turn. Rick was left on his own and took a beating for several minutes. The Giant climbed to the top rope and went for a missile dropkick. He missed and nailed Scott Steiner instead. With The Giant dazed Rick came off the top rope and caught him with the bulldog for the pinfall. Rick Steiner is the winner and the new tag team champion.

With Rick Steiner as the winner he was given a shot at Scott one on one. A few minutes into the match someone dressed as Bill Clinton came to the ring and hit Rick with the slapjack. After removing the mask it was Buff Bagwell. Rick threw Bagwell over the top rope and connected on Scott with the bulldog for the pinfall for the second time.

Battle of the Outsiders

Scott Hall defeated Kevin Nash by Countout
Early in the match, actually before it started, Scott Hall busted Nash’s mouth open with Penzer’s microphone. The trainers came down to check Nash out but he wanted to continue. At first he refused to fight back and Hall dished out the punishment. Eventually Nash came back and ended the match after two Jacknife Powerbombs. Instead of going for the pin Nash simply left and was counted out. Hall was also bleeding from his mouth following the match.

U.S. Title Match

Bret Hart (c) defeated Sting
Hart didn’t want to enter the ring to start the contest. Sting started the attack as Hart was walking towards the dressing rooms. Into the match Hart faked a knee injury and grabbed some brass knuckles. Sting took them away and went to hit Hart when the referee grabbed his arm. With Sting’s arm Hart hit him with a low blow. Sting went to the floor and eventually climbed back to the ring apron. The referee asked him if he was okay but Sting didn’t know who it was and hit him with an elbow. Hart gave the referee a leg drop for good measure. With the referee out Hart used Sting’s bat to knock him out. When the referee came to Sting was knocked out and in the Sharpshooter. Sting’s hand dropped three times and Hart got the win to retain the title.

The Dream Rematch

Hollywood Hogan defeated Warrior
Not much for a wrestling match but about what you would expect from these two. The referee went down early and Hogan and Warrior used the weight lifting belt extensively. Hogan went in the corner and attempted to light a fire ball (ie. flash paper). It didn’t work properly so he bladed himself instead. When he stood up Warrior went for a series of clotheslines when Bischoff came to the ringside. He kept the referee occupied while Horace Hogan nailed Warrior with a chair allowing Hollywood Hogan to get the pinfall win. Afterwards Hogan poured lighter fluid over Warrior and tried to light him. Doug Dillinger stopped in at the last second and took away the match.

World Title Match

Goldberg (c) defeated Diamond Dallas Page
Page handled most of the offense throughout the match. He had several near pins on Goldberg. Goldberg went for the Spear early on but missed and hit his shoulder on the ring post. Later in the match when we went for the Jackhammer he couldn’t get Page up. DDP countered with the Diamond Cutter. Page was too far away to cover and when he did it was too late, Goldberg kicked out at a two count. Goldberg went for the Jackhammer again and was successful this time. Goldberg got the pin to retain the title.

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