Great American Bash

May 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, June 11, 2000 in Baltimore, MD

Outside of the Baltimore Arena, a group of Baltimore policemen were stationed, waiting to arrest Bill Goldberg if he showed up.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match

Lieutenant Loco with The MIA d. Disco Inferno with The Filthy Animals

Captain Rection told Lieutenant Loco that his mission was to take down the Disco Inferno. Loco pulled out a grenade, but it was only a toy and Rection quickly took it away. Disco slapped Loco across the face, which only infuriated the young champion. Inferno was sent to the floor, where the MIA pounced on the newest Filthy Animal. As Loco dove onto Disco, the Animals jumped on the Cruiserweight Champion, until the Misfits made the save. The elderly man dressed in the General’s helmet — who we found out was Rection’s grandfather — made his way to the ringside area. With outside interference from both sides, in the end it was Loco getting his hand raised in victory. After the bout, both factions brawled in the ring as Major Gunns hesitated to “revive” Grandpa Rection. Finally, duty called and she performed mouth to mouth three times, bringing pops back to life.

Backstage, the Baltimore police told Eric Bischoff and The Cat there was no way that Bill Goldberg could get into the building. Bischoff said he didn’t want anything to get in the way of his big surprise.

Mean Gene Interview: The Mamalukes

As the former tag team champions talked about their upcoming match against Kronic for the No. 1 contender spot, Gene tried to stir up trouble between the two, asking which one was the real Hardcore Champion.

Tag Team No. 1 Contender Match

Kronic d. The Mamalukes

The winners of this bout would be deemed the No. 1 contender for the WCW Tag Team Championship. After a brief four-man scuffle, Brian Clark used his power to control Johnny The Bull. Vito entered the ring with the Hardcore Title still around his waist. As Adams tagged in, he destroyed Johnny, before tagging Clark back into the action. Kronic went for the cover several times, each attempt broken up by the illegal Mamaluke. Clark dropped Vito down with a devastating version of the brainbuster, but only got a two-count. As Vito rolled to the outside to retrieve his Hardcore belt, Johnny missed a leap to the top rope, allowing Kronic to set up for the High Time, sending them on their way to a tag team title match.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: DDP

Page called Pamela a bimbo and said that this would be the night he proved Mike Awesome was not the career killer.

Ambulance Match

“Career Killer” Mike Awesome d. Diamond Dallas Page with Chris Kanyon

Page wheeled Chris Kanyon out onto the stage to watch the match. Dallas and Awesome brawled from the get go, taking it into the crowd. They moved back to the ring, each with a metal chair in hand ready for a joust. Page got the best of the Career Killer, smacking the chair over his head. Awesome slowed things down, overpowering DDP before going to the outside for a table. He put Diamond through the table and motioned for the paramedics to wheel him away. Page rolled off the stretcher and continued the fight, taking a series of chairshots from his opponent. Awesome dropped two incredible frogsplashes from the top rope, but missed the third attempt, giving Page some time to recoup. Kimberly entered the ring and took a lead pipe over the back of her former husband. Miss Hancock arrived and pulled Kim to the back by her hair. Awesome set DDP up on the ropes for an Awesome Bomb, but somehow it was turned into a Diamond Cutter, knocking Awesome out cold. As the paramedics wheeled Awesome away, Bischoff came from behind Kanyon with a chair, but was stopped by DDP at the last second. Kanyon stood up from his wheelchair and, to the shock of everyone, Diamond Cuttered Page from the stage onto a table below. Kanyon removed his shirt, revealing a New Blood cutoff underneath. He placed his former friend on the stretcher, giving Awesome the win in the Ambulance Match.

Boot Camp Match

G.I. Bro d. “PerfectShawn” Stasiak

G.I. Bro flew on a pulley from the balcony of the Baltimore Arena during his entrance. Perfectshawn came out dressed in camoulflage, ready for a war. And that’s exactly what they had. Within moments, Stasiak and Bro were in the crowd, each trying to pound the other one down early. The match went back and forth, entering the ring momentarily before heading up the aisle toward the stage. Stasiak delivered a huge suplex onto the steel rampway, inflicting more punishment on the back of G.I. Bro. Bro made a comeback with a big slam to the canvas followed by a missile dropkick from the top. Palumbo charged the ring and the tag team champions doubled up on Bro. The former Booker T shot back with a flying clothesline on both men, followed up by a “spinarooni,” and dropped Stasiak with the muscle flexer for the 10-count and the win.

Mean Gene Interview: Kanyon

As Kanyon bragged about sending DDP to the hospital, Gene directed Chris to a tape that showed Page getting out of the ambulance and storming back into the arena. Kanyon said he was not worried because he was “positively Kanyon.”

Outside, the Goldberg monster truck arrived at the Baltimore Arena.

Best Out Of Five Tables Match

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas d. The Wall

Douglas took the mic and challenged The Wall to up the ante and make their match a Best Out Of Five Tables Match. Wall came out to accept, and the fight was on. The former bodyguard took The Franchise apart, saying he screwed him and was going to pay for it. On the outside, Douglas used the guardrail to wear down the big man. Wall powered back and dropped Douglas through two consecutive tables. Shane recovered and challenged Wall to follow him to the area next to the stage, where a ladder stood erect next to three tables stacked on top of one another. They both fought up the ladder, exchanging fists at the top. Douglas used a foreign object and sent Wall off the ladder, through all three tables, giving The Franchise the victory. After the bell, The Wall hopped up and chokeslammed referee Mark Johnson through a table.

Outside, Hollywood Hogan arrived to the arena, oozing confidence.

Asylum Match

Scott Steiner d. Tank Abbott and Rick Steiner

As Big Poppa jumped on Tank, David Penzer announced that Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo had made the match a two on one, adding Rick Steiner to Abbott’s team. The cage lowered onto the ring as Scott took a tremendous beating. When Tank pulled a chain out of his glove, Rick stopped him, telling him it was going too far. Abbott swung with the chain anyway, and Rick stepped in the way and took the shot for his brother.

Outside, The Flair family arrived to the arena in a black stretch limousine. In the background, the Goldberg truck was seen again.

Mean Gene Interview: Hollywood Hogan

Hollywood told Gene that he was ready to take down the “flea market champion” and reclaim himself as the top man in WCW.

Hulk Hogan d. Billy Kidman

Horace Hogan served as the special referee for the match. Hogan threw Kidman around like a rag doll, showing his tremendous size and strength advantage. Spilling to the floor, it was more of the same as Kidman was smeared into the guardrail repeatedly by the former world champion. Horace continued to play it fair, calling it down the middle throughout the contest. Hulk asked the Baltimore crowd for their approval before taking the weightlifting belt over the back of Kidman. Billy reversed a slam attempt, bringing Hogan down onto a chair with a DDT. Billy questioned Horace as to why he was being so fair. The fans got behind Hollywood and he fired back, hip tossing Kidman through the announcer’s table. Torrie came to ringside and hopped onto the apron, handing Hulk brass knuckles. Kidman dropkicked Hogan into Torrie, sending her crashing to the floor. Billy took the knuckles and smashed Hulk with them, getting a two and a half count. After Kidman KO’d Horace with the knuckles, Torrie caught Billy with a low blow, giving Hollywood the opportunity to grab the brass knuckles. One punch and a three-count later and Hollywood Hogan was on his way to the Bash at the Beach for the WCW Title.

Backstage, a policeman assured Eric Bischoff that everything was still secured and that Bill Goldberg had no way of getting in.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Vince Russo and David Flair

Russo told Pamela to go find the big bad wolf as he promised the world that they would see The Nature Boy retired later in the night.

Mean Gene Interview: Ric Flair

The Nature Boy said he was going to style and profile all over David in their upcoming match.

Ric Flair d. David Flair with Vince Russo

Ric strutted around the ring and taunted Russo at ringside, as he countered everything his son, David tried to do. The young Flair used the signature Flair chops on his father, but was soon taken to school and shown how to properly deliver it. David sent Ric over the ropes with a clothesline and tried to follow him out, but was stopped by Charles Robinson. On the floor, Russo handcuffed Ric’s hands together, giving David the advantage in the match. When Russo interfered again, Reid jumped from the crowd, gave him a low blow, and took the key to the handcuffs. David stopped Reid in the ring, but Robinson got the key and unlocked The Nature Boy. Ashley Flair then jumped over the railing and handcuffed Russo on the ringside floor. David was slapped in the figure four by his father and, after only a few seconds, tapped out, giving the 15-time champion the all-important win. After the match, Ric chopped Russo in the corner as the Flair family celebrated in the ring. Russo took the mic and told Flair that he would personally retire him on Nitro. Ric and Reid responded with a series of crotch chops, much to the delight of the crowd.

Human Torch Match

Vampiro d. Sting

Sting appeared atop the Nitro Vision with a lit torch, telling Vampiro that if he wanted the torch, he would have to climb up and get it. Vamp was visibly upset, blaming Mark Madden for not telling him ahead of time. The former brothers in paint locked horns in the ring, throwing each other from one corner to the other. Vamp got a gas can and poured gasoline all over Sting as the two made their way to the stage and the Nitro Vision. As the two climbed up the scaffolding, about ten feet up, Sting fell backwards to the stage below. He got up and climbed the fixture after Vampiro. They fought high atop the arena, back and forth until the dark angel grabbed the torch and set Sting on fire. The Stinger stumbled around, before free falling from the top to the stage below in an incredible moment. Stagehands and medical personnel surrounded Sting, putting out the flames as they wheeled him away for immediate attention.

Backstage, Pamela approached Eric Bischoff, who said with Goldberg lose and everything else going on, the big surprise was off.

WCW World Title Match

Jeff Jarrett d. Kevin Nash

Before the bout could start. The Cat came to the stage and announced The Filthy Animals as special ring announcer, timekeeper and belt keeper. Miller made himself the special enforcer referee outside the ring, and the match was ready to start. After Big Sexy shoved Jarrett into the corner repeatedly, The Animals came up on the apron, distracting Nash, and allowing The Chosen One to strike. Nash came back and soon the fight was in the crowd, where they fought to the back of the arena and then back toward the ring. As Kevin stepped over the guardrail, The Animals attacked his left knee. Jarrett immediately went to work on the left leg, taking advantage of Big Sexy. The WCW Champion locked on a figure four leglock, trying to do permanent damage to the already weakened knee. After unsuccessfully attempting to reverse the hold, Nash finally got to the ropes for the break. Konnan attacked with the bell, but Kevin kicked out after two. Big Sexy fired up and dropped the Animals one by one until being stopped again with a shot to the knee. With Mickey Jay down, The Cat became the official referee. The Outsider went on a rampage and laid out The Animals again, as he squashed Jarrett with a Jackknife powerbomb. The Cat counted two before “getting something in his eye.” Nash powerbombed him as well for his troubles and gave Jarrett another one. With no one to count, the Goldberg monster truck stormed into the arena. Goldberg came to the ring and crouched for the spear. But, instead of hitting Jarrett, he nailed Nash, telling the champion to make the cover. Mickey Jay counted three as Goldberg stood center ring, staring down on Nash. Bischoff and Russo walked to the ring and as they slowly approached Goldberg, he hugged them both, solidifying himself as an official New Blood member.


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