Great American Bash

May 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, June 13, 1999 in Baltimore, MD

*Backstage, Curt Hennig introduced himself to a just-hired, Master P., who was with his bodyguard Swoll and No Limit Soldiers. Hennig said he loved rap music and asked for an autograph. Once he received it, Hennig said, “This is what I think of your autograph,” as he threw it to the ground.

*Hak (w/Chastity) defeated Brian Knobs (w/Jimmy Hart) via Pinfall.
-Brian Knobs came out to new entrance music. He called the crowd losers. He said it was Mrs. Nasty’s birthday, and for her present, he would destroy Hak. Knobs wanted to get rid of all the weapons in the match and just duke it out. Knobs ended up tricking Hak, as he hit him with a kendo stick. As Knobs continued with his advantage, he gave Hak the Pit Stop. Despite the match being one where you used kendo sticks only, other objects were used, such as trash cans/lids, kendo sticks, tables, ladders, and chairs. Jimmy Hart decided to get on the apron and hold up a chair, which Knobs accidentally crashed into. Hak then nailed Knobs hard with a kendo stick to take the win. Hugh Morrus then entered the ring to add on to post-The First Family attack on Hak. Morrus gave Hak a No Laughing Matter Moonsault with a ladder on top.

*Backstage, Buff Bagwell thanked Ric Flair for his current position in WCW, saying his opponent would be Disco Inferno later in the show and he would get the ball. Flair said something to the effect of, “I told you I would take care of you.” Bagwell then said he would have Flair’s back later in the show.

*Van Hammer defeated Mikey Whipwreck with the Cobra Clutch Slam.
-Van Hammer dominated Mikey Whipwreck with his power. The match spilled to the outside, where Hammer used the guardrail to his advantage. Whipwreck attempted to gain the advantage, but Hammer was onto him as he executed the Cobra Clutch Slam for the win.

*Buff Bagwell defeated Disco Inferno with the Blockbuster.
-The crowd immediately chanted “Disco sucks” as Disco Inferno and Buff Bagwell locked up. At one point, Bagwell went for the Blockbuster, but Disco countered. Disco then started to work on Bagwell’s neck to his advantage. Bagwell went for the Blockbuster once again, but fell down after Disco crashed into the ropes. Disco hit the Last Dance on the outside of the ring. As the match continued, after two more attempts, Bagwell finally hit the Blockbuster for the win. Bagwell would no “be handed the ball,” according to Tony Schiavone.

*Konnan and Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeated Curt Hennig and Bobby Duncum, Jr. via Pinfall.
-DJ Ran hyped up the crowd. He introduced Master P. and the No Limit Soldiers to their ringside seats. Curt Hennig and Bobby Duncum, Jr. came out to their own country-western music, which was Hennig and Duncum singing “Rap is Crap.” Konnan and Rey Mysterio, Jr. then hyped up the crowd and gave a shout out to Master and No Limit Soldiers. Hennig insulted Konnan and Mysterio for saying the “hoolie hee” line, which is used by Master and his soldiers. Hennig and Duncum were slapped on the outside of the ring. In the match, Hennig and Duncum worked slowly on Mysterio. At one point, Mysterio tagged in Konnan, but referee, Johnny Boone didn’t see it. After Konnan was finally tagged in and started to clean house, Barry Windham ran down. Master’s bodyguard, Swoll, clocked Duncum, which let Mysterio take the pin. Master himself and the rest of No Limit Soldiers went at Windham. Security removed Master and his entourage, as Mysterio was hog tied.

*Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Onoo) defeated Horace with a Spinning Heel Kick.
-Horace said he saw Ernest Miller hit him with a crowbar the previous Monday on Nitro after reviewing the tape. Miller said he wanted Scott Norton out there and not Horace. He said if Norton wasn’t out in the ring in three minutes, he would go to the car and get his karate gear to beat everyone in the arena. Miller ended up getting another member of the NWO Black and White, as Horace entered the ring for the match to get underway. No reason was given why Norton didn’t work the match. There was some type of shoe that Sonny Onoo had in his briefcase, which let Miller take the win with a Spinning Heel Kick.

*Ric Flair (w/Arn Anderson, Asya) defeated Roddy Piper by Disqualification, to remain the President of WCW.
-Roddy Piper first took down Ric Flair with several boxing punches. Knife-edge chops were thrown by Flair as the match continued. Piper later hooked up Flair with the Sleeper Hold, but Piper went down after Flair clocked him with brass knuckles. Flair went for the pinfall, but wasted too much time, so Piper kicked out. Flair then strapped Piper in the Figure-Four Leglock, with Arn Anderson providing the leverage. Buff Bagwell then entered the ring to help Piper, which caused the referee to call for the bell. Piper, for some reason, nailed Bagwell, as Bagwell returned fire. Anderson entered the ring to take down Bagwell. As Anderson and Flair held back Bagwell, Piper slapped Bagwell with a belt. Tony Schiavone said, “Is this what carrying the ball is all about?”

*Falls Count Anywhere: Sting and Rick Steiner went to a No-Contest.
-At one point during the match, Sting went for the Stinger Splash on the outside of the ring, but hit nothing but the guardrail after Rick Steiner moved. As the match continued, Sting strapped Steiner in the Scorpian Deathlock, but Steiner made it to the ropes. Sting and Steiner then brawled down the aisle, near the Internet location, where Chris Jericho was doing play-by-play. They went to the backstage area, where Tank Abbott, Scott Steiner, and actual dogs attacked Sting. The cameras were then taken off the screen, as the crowd booed. Scott and Rick Steiner then entered the ring and told the referee that his brother pinned Sting in the backstage area, but it wasn’t shown on camera.

*The Triad (Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon, w/Bam Bam Bigelow) defeated Perry Saturn and Chris Benoit via Pinfall, to capture the Tag Team Titles.
-Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon both used excellent teamwork to work slowly on their opponents. At first, they worked on Chris Benoit. When Saturn was tagged in, he took the advantage for a brief period of time, until DDP and Kanyon once again gained it. As the match went on, Benoit hit his diving headbutt. As Saturn came down, he was nailed with the Diamond Cutter. Dean Malenko then made his way down to help Saturn. Benoit had the Crippler Crossface going, but the referee was distracted. Bam Bam Bigelow then entered the ring, and he and DDP nailed Benoit with the combination of Greetings from Asbury Park and the Diamond Cutter for the win.

*Kevin Nash defeated Randy Savage (w/Gorgeous George, Madusa, Miss Madness) by Disqualification, to retain the Heavyweight Title.
-Randy Savage’s women got their cheap shots throughout. As the match continued, Randy Savage hit his Big Elbow, which was reinstated thanks to Kevin Nash, but Nash kicked out of the pinfall. Nash gained the advantage, as he had Savage eat his boot. Nash put Savage through the Jack-Knife Powerbomb and had the pinfall, but Savage’s women interfered. They all went at Nash, but Nash took them all out. A returning Sid then entered the ring and took down Nash. Sid put Nash through a powerbomb, and received a load of cheers. As Sid yelled out, “Who is the man?,” Tony Schiavone speculated that Sid was the driver behind the hummer that crashed in the limousine Nash was in.

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