November to Remember

Apr 19, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, November 5, in Chicago, IL

Hosted by Cyrus and Joey Styles

ECW November to Remember: Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs. Christian York & Joey Matthews

N2R started off with Styles and Gertner doing their usual opening segment. Simon Diamond came out and said he had a problem. Simon said his partner was injured at the hands of Christian York and Joey Matthews, but Gertner never mentioned it. He said if he were a fat wanna-be wrestler spewing out profanity all the time, that maybe they would mention his name. Gertner said that he likes Simon, even his name, but that he couldn’t remember his name at the moment since he was just an undercard schmuck. Simon punched him out, then Joey Styles jumped on his back. Swinger came out and fought him off. Then Tommy Dreamer came out and beat up Diamond and Swinger. York and Matthews came out next and the match started. Diamond and Swinger were knocked outside and then were taken down by a nice double suicide dive from Matthews and York. Back in the ring Diamond stomped away at York. York went for the Tornado DDT but Diamond fought out. Swinger got in the ring and the two hit a nice suplex/neck breaker combo. Swinger & Diamond picked up the win with their Problem Solver move. After the match Kid Kash ran to the ring and threw Swinger & Diamond out. Then he hit a springboard plancha on them.

ECW November to Remember: CW Anderson vs. Kid Kash

Kash whipped Anderson into the steel guardrail and then chopped away at his chest. Then Kash hit a body splash on Anderson. He smashed him with a steel chair and then got back in the ring. This time Anderson got the upper hand with a stiff left hand followed by a clothesline. Then he slapped on a submission hold but Kash fought out. Just when Kash was getting the advantage, Anderson nailed a TKO type move. Kash tried a sunset flip but Anderson kicked. Anderson fought back with a sweet spinebuster, but Kash still kicked much to the surprise of a stunned CW. Kash went for the Money Maker but it was blocked. Kash surprised everyone by hitting a swinging DDT out of nowhere, and winning the match.

ECW November to Remember: Julio Denaro, Chris Hammerick & EZ Money vs. Roadkill & Danny Doring

Hammerick said that since Kash can’t come out and be Roadkill & Doring’s partner, it would be unfair for him to wrestle. Then he punched Doring to the ground. Doring was being stomped into the mat by Hammerick when all of a sudden we heard AC/DC come onto the speakers. As Highway to Hell rang out in the background, Little Spike Dudley sprinted to the ring. Roadkill grabbed EZ Money and slammed him to the mat with a powerslam. Both Doring and Spike got in the ring and helped Roadkill hit a triple-team Lancaster Lariat of Lust. Doring went for the Bareback, but EZ Money reversed it into a nice release vertical suplex. Hammerick tug in and went for a Confederate Crunch on Spike but missed. Then Julio went for a top-rope clothesline and missed that too. Spike rolled EX Money up but he kicked out. Out of nowhere Spike hit his Acid Drop to win the match.

ECW November to Remember: Nova vs. Chris Chetti (Loser Leaves ECW Match)

Lou E. Dangerously came out with Chetti. Lou said Chetti was the toughest man in Chicago right now, and that he wants a Loser Leaves ECW Match with Nova. Nova came out and the match started. Chetti went for a Samoan Drop but Nova reversed it into a roll up. Chetti kicked out. Chetti was lying in the corner like he was seriously hurt. All of a sudden he got up and clotheslined Nova. By now both men were busted wide open from the outside guardrail. Nova hit a sidekick on Chetti and then whipped him to the corner. He went ballistic on him and punched him repeatedly. Nova was going for a powerbomb when Lou E smashed a cell phone to the back of his head. Nova ended up winning the match with his Kryptonite Krunch move off the top-rope.

ECW November to Remember: Balls Mahoney & Chilly Willy vs. Da Baldies (Flaming Table Match)

Ihe match went to the crowd quickly where Balls smashed Devito over the head with a trashcan. Chilly Willy and Angel went up to a balcony. Willy hit Angel with a cup of beer. Chilly Willy suplexed Angel and then kicked him in the stomach. A second later Angel smashed him with a chair. Balls hit an uppercut on Devito and knocked him to the ground. Da Baldies drove Willy into some chairs and then set a table up in the ring. Balls kicked Angel and gave Devito a DDT. Balls and Willy soaked the table with 2 bottles of lighter fluid. They lit the table and the flames were 3-4 feet high! Balls powerbombed Angel right through it to win the match!

ECW November to Remember: New Jack vs. Rhino

New Jack smashed a road sign over Rhino’s head, which knocked him right off the apron. New Jack whipped Rhino into the guardrail. Back on the inside he broke out a kendo stick on Rhino. Jack whipped him into the turnbuckle and then nailed him with a trash can. He picked up a guitar and smashed it over his head. When he got up he speared Jack through a table setting in the corner. Rhino easily pinned New Jack.

ECW November to Remember: FBI vs. Mikey Whipwreck & Tajiri

Tajiri and Guido started off with a test of strength. Tajiri kicked Guido in the stomach during it. Then he went for a pin but Guido kicked. Tajiri kicked Guido in the face and on the outside, Mikey smashed his head into a table. Big Sal got in the ring and went to splash Tajiri, but he moved and hit Tony Mamaluke. Somehow, Mikey Whipwreck got hurt (worked, I think) and the paramedics took him to the back. Super Crazy came out to fill in for Mikey. Crazy hit a sideways powerbomb and then a swinging DDT, but Guido still kicked. In the crowd Crazy and Big Sal fought. Crazy went up on a balcony and hit a Moonsault from 15 feet in the air. In the ring Tajiri had Tony Mamaluke in the Tarantula. Guido pulled him off and hit a bulldog to win the match.

ECW November to Remember: Sandman vs. Justin Credible vs. Steve Corino vs. Jerry Lynn (Double jeopardy match)

The Sandman is supposedly passed out at a bar in Chicago. Credible was stomping away at Lynn when his music hit. Corino stepped in and helped stomp Lynn down. 20 minutes later, after The Sandman’s entrance, he got up on the apron and smashed Lynn with his kendo stick. Credible, now a bloody mess, got into a chopping contest with Lynn. On the outside of the ring Sandman whipped Corino into the railing. After a Tombstone from Credible and a DDT from Corino, The Sandman and Lynn were eliminated. Corino whipped Credible up and over the top rope. Back in the ring Credible turned Corino’s chest red with wicked Knife-Edged chops. Credible repeatedly smashed the kendo stick over Corino’s head. Out of nowhere, Corino won the match and became the new ECW World Champion with a super-kick!

Source: Zach Ziegler


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