Living Dangerously

Apr 19, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, March 12, 2000 in Danbury, CT

Extreme Championship Wrestling’s annual March pay per view Living Dangerously kicks off live from The O’Neill Center in downtown Connecticut with James Vandenberg talking about the seven deadly sins of Extreme Championship Wrestling which he describes the sins with a wrestler in one of the many main events later tonight. After he laughs they go out to a wide shot of the O’Neill Center. Joey Styles and Joel Gertner are in mid ring with huge chant of ECW. They also missed the que and we got some of Joey Styles warming up the crowd. After Joey and Joel bring in themselves with promos “The Network” Don Callis enters the arena to a chorus of boos. Callis then tells Gertner to take a hike and let him take over. Gertner then tells Callis to get to stepping and tells Callis that he is a very poor commentator. Callis then tells Gertner to leave or he will kick his ass right here right now. When Gertner accepts the challenge Callis chickens out and tells Gertner that he can have the pay per view. Gertner turns around to celebrate and is then met by a Callis super kick and Callis begins to stomp on Gertner until Styles breaks it up and we cut to the ECW Pay Per View Opening.

As we come back from the opening segment we see Jack Victory and Steve Corino are in the ring. When Steve is talking another promo is qued as another production mistake by ECW. Steve then makes fun and then points out the biggest one in his opinion, The Sandmans wife Lori. He then drags her into the ring after calling her a whore and as Rhino and Jack Victory hold her down to proceed to give Steve Corino a well lets put it in initials BJ. Sandman then comes in and hits Corino when he turns around he is met by a huge Rhino clothesline then they set up Lori Fullington and Rhino spears her and what a spear it was through a table and all. Then Sandman goes over to her, puts his body over hers and they stomp him until security comes out and stops them. After the ring is clear Sandman takes her wife out and is looking for his kids, and then finally leaves the arena.

Steve Corino gets back in the ring says one whore down, one to go and proceeds to call out Dusty Rhodes. Dusty comes out and the announcer introduces both men as the bull rope match begins. While a major brawl ensues in the stands, Dusty Rhodes is cut open badly around the eye area. Steve Corino takes control of The Dream after he vigorously attacks the eye of The Dream with the end of the cowbell. Dusty then takes the advantage with using some techniques he learned in past matches and twists the rope to trip Corino in an odd position. The Dream on the offense cuts open Corino and toys with him giving him some bionic elbows and then Corino tries to take control back but in the end The Dream came back with a huge hit with a chair and after a long and bloody battle Dusty ‘The Dream’ Rhodes gets the win as Joey Styles updates us and tells us that Lori Fullington is being rushed to the hospital.

Cyrus then makes a network announcement and tells everyone that Rhino automatically advances to the finals due to Sandman being with his wife in the hospital.

The Dangerous Alliance comes out with Lou E. Dangerously and Lou E. then introduces them to a not so eager crowd. The Amish Chicken Pluckier Roadkill and Danny Doring come out with Electra. The match starts quite fast as Danny and Roadkill are both coming with surprise double team and destroying CW Anderson and Billy Wiles. Billy then had an excellent counter gave the control and momentum of the match back to his team. After CW and Billy exchanged some tags Danny Doring comes in and takes the control back to his team. After then going back and forth for some time Roadkill goes way up top until Electra tripped up Roadkill then Lou E. Dangerously celebrates with Electra, CW gets the spinebuster, the win, and we add a new member to The Dangerous Alliance.

Simon Diamond comes down to the ring with “The Prodigy” and Mitch his personal assistant. Kid Rock’s hit single “Bawitaba” plays as Kid Kash comes out. When Simon starts his intro Judge Jeff Jones and Mike Awesome come in the ring. Mike Awesome then challenges anyone. Simon and his entourage leave but Kid Kash then attacks Mike Awesome. Awesome attacked Kash, then Kash took control springboarded into the stands. After that Kash never really had the match at his helm again. Kash then after somewhat of a short lived comeback he was Awesome Bombed then gets a table and with one hand off the top rope jumps and throws Kash off the top onto a table and gets the win. Ouch!

Simon Diamond then comes back into the ring with Jado and Gedo and tells them to attack Jazz. Nova and Chetti come into the ring to save Jazz and the match ensues. Nova and Chetti have some great double team hot dog moves on the two Japan superstars. Chetti then got hurt on the outside and in comes Jado and Gedo to double team on Nova. Nova then finally makes a tag after a while of getting double-teamed. Chetti comes in and plants both Jado and Gedo, Jado and Gedo then do comeback, but in the end Chetti and Nova hit the title wave and got the win. Great match.

Little Guido and Super Crazy are now on one on one to determine who goes on to fight Rhino in the finals of the TV Title Tournament. What an unbelievable match this is, to hard to write a summary for. After moonsaults off the top over the guardrail and a backwards flip off a chair reversed into an arm bar Little Guido and Super Crazy fight over a steel chair in the ring. Super Crazy gets it and takes control of the match he ten punches both Little Guido and Sal E. After that Super tries for a jump off the top onto a grounded Guido, misses and then Sal and Guido take control and whip him numerous times with Sal E.’s belt. Sal E. then brings in a table and they both set up Super Crazy on the table. Little Guido on Sal’s shoulders misses and then Crazy then tries to cover Guido, gets a two but is determined to win the match and in the end does as he gordbusters Guido on top of an already broken table for the win.

Balls Mahoney will be going up against the Japanese version of himself in Kanemura. Well Kanemura didn’t last long as after a nutcracker on the chair Kanemura lost. After the match Da Baldies came in the ring, set Balls up on the table and Grimes does a flip off the top rope onto Balls as New Jacks music starts and New Jack comes out. New Jack had control until all of Da Baldies came in and triple teamed him. After that Grimes and New Jack broke away from the bunch and were brawling in the crowd, after they did that for a while they climb up on a scaffold with two tables awaiting the loser on the outside. New Jack and Grimes both fall off, miss most of the table and Grimes is flung onto New Jack before his fall and landing all of his fall on New Jacks head/face area. New Jack is very hurt and ECW cuts to a view of the crowd and then goto a promo of upcoming events.

The Three way match for the ECW World Tag Team Titles starts off quite slow, but got better with time. Raven and Mike Awesome were eliminated very quickly after a rolling elbow by Masato Tanaka. After some more back and forth brawling Tommy Dreamer although bloody and Masato Tanaka take control. The Impact Players then get helm of the Tanaka/Dreamer team get the finisher and cap off the match with the pin. They win it and Cyrus goes down there very happy and celebrates with The Impact Players and says that they are the ‘network’ chosen champions.

After two very non-TV14 rating more like TV X by Paul Heyman and Joel Gertner, the Super Crazy vs. Rhino match begins. Rhino and Super Crazy brawl on the outside of the ring for the first part of the match, basically even. Rhino then brings Super Crazy into the ring and misses Super Crazy when he tries for a spear through a table. Super then takes control, but only for a while. Rhino takes control back but is reversed as he tried a powerbomb. Super then takes control all up until Tajiri then comes out with Victory and Corino. They all beat on Super Crazy until RVD comes out in a Bobby Duncum Jr. jersey and he takes care of Rhino, then Super Crazy does a flip off the top and gets the win and the title. But after is attacked yet again by The Network until Sandman comes out and clears the ring.

credit: Zafar Jafri


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