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Sunday, July 16th in LA, California

Quick Results: Sal E. d. Balls, Kid Kash Roadkill and Danny Doring d. Diamond Swinger and CW Anderson, Jerry Lynn d. Steve Corino, Nova & Chetti d. Da Baldies, Tajiri d. Guido & Psicosis, Rhino d. The Sandman, RVD d. Scotty Anton and Justin Credible d. Tommy Dreamer.

Heatwave started off with the Blue Boy and Jasmine on a beach. The Blue Boy started making fun of a man and the man was ready to beat up Blue Boy. Jasmine got behind him and low-blowed him then Blue pushed him down.

Right behind Blue was The Sinister Minister who said when Heatwaves come to California there are usually riots. Then he talked about tonight’s Stairway to Hell match and below him was Mikey Whipwreck buried in sand.

Joey and Joel Gertner did their usual intro. Cyrus came to the ring and said he was the one who stripped Tajiri of the TV Title, and was the one who took the title off of RVD. Cyrus said Joel is gutless and that he’s never paid a due in this business and proceeded to call him a “gutless piece of sh*t”. Joel said that he went to an Ivy League college and didn’t need this BS. Joel said he was leaving ECW and started exiting the ring. Cyrus turned around and got jumped by Gertner! Security quickly broke the fight up.

Sal E. vs. Balls Mahoney

Sal came to the ring and began assaulting all the referees in the ring. Then Balls came out with his chair. Balls turned around and got flattened by Sal. Sal nailed a huge chokeslam on Balls. Then Sal hit a suplex on Balls and then smashed him with a big squash and easily pinned him.

Backstage RVD talked about the “Van Terminator”.

The clips from ECW on TNN where Bobby Eaton made his return were shown.

Simon Diamond, Swinger & CW Anderson vs. Kid Kash, Roadkill & Danny Doring

Simon and Swinger said the solution to their problem arrived and brought out CW Anderson.

Kid Kash and Diamond started the match off with a quick technical series. Kash whipped Diamond into the corner and lit his chest up with rapid knife-edge chops. Swinger went to the outside and wasn’t looking when Kash hit an awesome slingshot hurricanrhana. Diamond and CW brought the match back inside and double-teamed Kash. CW tried a nice T-bone suplex then once again tug Swinger in. Swinger hit a belly-to-back suplex. Swinger and CW showed great teamwork in this series by tagging each other in and out quickly and often. Later on the match Doring superkicked CW’s head off and followed it up with the G-Spot sweet. Doring had his back turned and received the Swing Thing from Swinger, but he could only get 2. Doring started chopping away at CW’s chest and for his troubles got the damnedest right hand I’ve ever seen from CW. Roadkill tug in for the first time tonight and hit a sidewalk slam, then a Dirt Road slam on Diamond. Anderson hit a spinebuster on Kash and went for the pin but a leg drop broke up the attempt from Roadkill. Doring hit the “Wam bam thank you ma’m” on Swinger. Kash then grabbed Swinger and hit the “Money maker” which is a double underhook piledriver to win a hell of a match.

In the back Rhino said that he liked putting Sandman’s wife in the f’n hospital and liked hearing about his kids standing over her bedside. Rhino said he’s the big f’n deal and tonight would kick Sandman’s ass.

(New School vs. Old School) Jerry Lynn vs. Steve Corino

Lynn was already in the ring when Corino made his way ringside. Corino slid under the ropes and was immediately stomped by Lynn. Corino was propped up in the corner by Lynn, who proceeded to chop away at him. The match spilled to the outside where Lynn nailed a tornado DDT on Corino which busted him wide open. Back in the ring Lynn jammed his thumb down the huge gash on Corino’s forehead. Jerry put Steve up in the corner mount and began to pound away at his head until Corino hit a powerbomb onto a steel chair. Corino regained the advantage and started mocking the American Dream Dusty Rhodes by using the Bionic Elbow. Jack Victory helped out a little on the outside then tossed Lynn back in. Corino T-bone suplexed Lynn and then back-kicked him between the legs. A few minutes later, Lynn took Corino’s blood and rubbed it all over his face as war paint, and then wrote “Die” on his stomach with it. Lynn celebrated to the crowd and when he turned around he got is head superkicked off. Lynn rolled Corino up, but got his head smashed by Victory with the cowbell. A series of roll ups and pinning combinations was next which got the crowd on its feet. A few seconds later Corino hit the Cradle Piledriver to win the match.

Nova & Chetti vs. Da Baldies

In the back The Sandman was sitting with his wife. Sandman said he was going to kick Rhino’s ass for what he did. Rhino jumped Sandman and smashed him with the cane then took Lori. Rhino put Lori’s head in the toilet until Sandman saved her. The fight was quickly broken up by security.

Dawn Marie was welcomed to the broadcast booth; she will be doing color commentary.

New Jack started making his way to the ring for an interview because his leg is broken. Halfway there he was attacked by Da Baldies. Da Baldies began assaulting him until Nova and Chetti’s music hit. Nova started off with Devito but didn’t get far. Devito used his fists and then tug Angel in. Chetti was also tagged in, and used his quickness to take it to Da Baldies. He later went for the Swanton bomb but missed. Devito then went for a moonsault, but missed that. Nova hit a piledriver on Devito but hung on. Nova hit another one and then a third one but was clotheslined by Angel before he could do anymore damage. Angel was taken down with the Amniville horror and was finished off by the Tidal Wave. Nova and Chetti are your winners.

Dreamer was in the back and finally broke his silence. Dreamer said he was sick and tired of being on a network that doesn’t give a damn and seeing the big 2 capitalize on ECW. Dreamer said he was sick of Credible and would break him tonight.

(International 3-way Dance) Psicosis vs. Tajiri vs. Guido

The announcer was introducing the wrestlers for this match when Mikey Whipwreck’s music hit. I guess Mikey is now a part of this match… Mikey got in the ring and quickly got his head taken off with a buzzsaw kick from Tajiri. Tony Mamaluke came to the ring next. Tony was destroyed and quickly left. Psicosis hit a Guillotine leg drop on Mikey and Guido quickly rolled over and pinned him. Psicosis and Guido fought on the outside, but were smashed to the ground when Tajiri hit a springboard moonsault. Guido took a beating next; he got hit with a superplex and then a corkscrew plancha but still was able to kick out. Tajiri eliminated Psicosis with a German Suplex. Guido was put in the Tarantula but showed his resilience by not giving up. Tajiri propped Guido upside down in the corner and laid a chair on his face. Tajiri hit a baseball slide kick to the face on Guido. Guido went for the Kiss of Death on the chair but got sprayed in the face with the green mist. Tajiri hit a brainbuster on the chair to win the match.

**NOTE** Psicosis is the Mexican spelling of Pyschosis.

(ECW Television Title Match) Rhino (c) vs. The Sandman

Sandman punched Rhino over and over in the early stages. Rhino took the fight to the outside and whipped Sandman into the railing. Then he smashed a chair into Sandman’s back. The Sandman regained control when he whipped Rhino into a section of guardrail that he brought into the ring. Sandman nearly won the match when he hit a Hennicanrhana (SP? I’m too young to drink, I don’t know how to spell it…) on the steel guardrail. The Sandman once again nearly won with a bulldog onto the guardrail. The Sandman then powerslammed Rhino and laid the guardrail on top of him and hit a somersault senton. Nearfall! Victory and Corino came to the ring and attacked Sandman. Little Spike Dudley hit the ring to even the odds. Spike nailed Jack with a cane and then with the help of Sandman hit the 3D on Corino. Rhino speared LSD and then piledrived him through a table off of the ring apron a la last PPV and Lori Fullington. Rhino got back in the ring and speared Sandman onto the guardrail to win the match.

Scotty Anton vs. Rob Van Damn w/Fonzie

RVD took it to Scotty from the beginning. The match went to the outside and RVD knocked Scotty down. RVD climbed the ropes and hit a cork screw plancha on Scotty. Back on the inside RVD benched Scotty and dropped him to the mat, then followed it up with a standing moonsault. Fonzie tried to put the chair in Anton’s face but Scotty hit him with it. Then he threw it at RVD and knocked him off the top rope. Anton hit Rob with the chair again and then hit an awesome bulldog off the apron into the crowd. Anton picked RVD up and squashed him into the corner, then brought him out and squashed him into the other. Scotty tried to get RVD to submit with a surfboard but it didn’t work. RVD started his comeback with an atomic drop followed up with a chair/dropkick to the face. RVD laid the chair on Anton’s body and hit a somersault back splash on him. Anton put Fonzie in the Clapper but RVD knocked him out of it with the Van Daminator. Then he nailed a huge 5-star Frog Splash from 3/4 of the way across the ring. The fans chanted “Terminator, Terminator” and then IT happened. One of the greatest moves I’ve ever seen in my life. The Van Terminator! Anton was laying in the corner with a chair in his face, RVD went to the outside of the opposite corner. Van Dam hit a springboard dropkick to the steel chair from 20 feet away!!! You have to see it to believe it.

(ECW World Heavyweight Title Stairway to Hell Match) Tommy Dreamer w/Jazz & George vs. Justin Credible w/Francine (c)

Before the match started off a drunken fan tried to grab Francine…needless to say he was escorted away quickly.

The fight quickly went to the crowd where we could hardly see anything for the mass of humanity. Dreamer got a ladder and set it on a merchandise stand and then climbed to the top. Justin was awaiting at the top in a balcony and he pushed Tommy and the ladder down to the concrete. The match went back into the ring where Tommy was whipped into the corner onto an awaiting ladder. Francine was smashed by Tommy then George and Jazz got in the ring. Jazz went to attack her but George tackled her. Jazz recovered and ripped Francine’s bra off exposing breasts painted with x’s on them. Dreamer hit the Tommyknocker but Justin kicked out. Dreamer climbed the ladder to get the barbed wire and brought it down with him. Francine nailed Credible by mistake with the cane. Dreamer hit his DDT but Justin still kicked out. Justin Credible then hit 2 Tombstone’s on the barbed wire to win the match. Justin celebrated as the show came to an end.

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