Hardcore Heaven

Apr 19, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, May 14, 2000 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The live PPV broadcast began with our hosts, Joey Styles and Joel Gertner in center ring. They welcomed the fans in the building, as well as the viewers watching around the world.

Our first match of the evening features the Hardcore Chair Swingin’ Freak, Balls Mahoney, who came out to an incredible ovation. His opponent, longtime friend and rival, Masato Tanaka. They were former ECW World Tag Team Champions, but tonight, they will renew their legendary feud.

Cyrus then appeared in the broadcast booth, berating Joel Gertner. Joel was more than willing to take on Cyrus, but Kintaro Kanemura was there with Cyrus, and grabbed Joel from behind, choking him out with a sleeper hold. Cyrus has stormed the announcers booth, and taken over the color commentator position!

In the ring, the match began, with Masato and Balls trading holds. Tanaka went to work on the arm of Balls, but then Mahoney came back with a single leg takedown, which he turned into a single leg Boston Crab. Balls then went to fisticuffs, sending Tanaka to one knee. Masato came back, ducking a clothesline and hitting a bodypress for a two count. Tanaka hit an armdrag, but Balls scored with a short arm clothesline for a two. Balls went over the top rope on a spin kick attempt, then Masato followed with a pescado, but was caught. They battled on the floor, with Balls whipping Tanaka into the rail. Tanaka brawled with Balls to the runway, then hit a running chair shot right to the head. Tanaka then stood on the chair and hit a Tornado DDT onto the ramp. Balls and Tanaka got back into the ring, and it was time for dueling chairs! Mahoney hit three straight shots, but Tanaka still kicked out, then rose to his feet! Balls hit a superkick when Tanaka went for a chairshot, sending the chair into Masato’s face. The incredible punishment continued, with Balls attempting a Nutcracker Suite into a pile of chairs, but Masato reversed it into a DDT for a near fall. Balls then ducked a roaring elbow, and Balls hit the Nutcracker, but again, Tanaka kicked out. Balls missed a running chairshot, and Tanaka hit Diamond Dust for a two count, as Mahoney would not be pinned! Tanaka piled some chairs, but it ended up backfiring on him, as Tanaka was given the Nutcracker into the pile. Tanaka still kicked out, so Balls went to the second rope for a legdrop, but missed. Tanaka hit the Roaring Elbow, but Balls kicked out. Tanaka then hit a top rope chairshot, but Balls was still standing. Not for long though, as Masato hit the Roaring Elbow and got the pin. Tanaka and Balls shook hands in an act of mutual appreciation after the match.

Justin Credible then had his turn to talk about tonight’s World title match, which will be his first title defense on PPV.

Lou E. Dangerously then brought his Dangerous Alliance to the ring, and expounded on the virtues of the lovely Elektra. Lou laid out an open challenge for his Alliance, and the challenge was answered by Jazz, who cleaned house on all three men. She then ripped off Elektra’s jacket and T-shirt, giving the fans an eyeful! The Dangerous Alliance regrouped and beat down Jazz, when Kid Kash hit the ring to save her! The Dangerous Alliance tried to leave through the crowd, but Kash followed them, by diving off the top rope into the second row!

Jazz had been helped form the ring area, and the bell rang, as we now have C.W. Anderson going one-on-one with Kid Kash! Kid started fast, then took the battle to the floor, giving Beautiful Billy a rana on the floor. Back in the ring, Kash chopped and punched Anderson, and took him down with a headscissors. A rana attempt didn’t quite work out, as Anderson held on and powerbombed him. Anderson was now in control, and threw Kash to the floor with a thud. Billy then tossed Kash throat first over the rail, then rolled him in where C.W. got a two count. Kid Kash then did a double springboard out of nowhere into a bodypress to get a two count. Anderson then hit a clothesline, but when Kash went for a moonsault, he was caught, and given a snap suplex. Anderson then applied a single arm camel clutch, but Kash fought back to his feet. Anderson hit a powerslam, but Kash still had some fight left in him. Billy and Lou tried to get involved again, but Lou accidentally hit Billy with his portable phone. Anderson took matters in his own hands, hitting a superkick. He then climbed to the top rope, but Kash met him there, hit an incredible rana with both men standing up top, and got the win.

Rob Van Dam then got to talk about his return to action tonight, and promised Scotty Anton that he could have a ringside seat tonight, and see “everyone’s favorite wrestler”, Rob Van Dam!

BREAKING NEWS: Joey Styles informed us that Tommy Dreamer arrived at the building a bloody mess. He was attacked by Justin Credible, and due to his condition, was told to take the night off. However, Dreamer refused, and a bloody and bandaged Tommy Dreamer will compete tonight for the World Heavyweight Title in the Three Way Dance with Justin Credible and Lance Storm.

Speaking of Three Way Dances, it’s time for a tag team Three Way, with Da Baldies, Nova & Chris Chetti and Danny Doring & Roadkill. Nova and Chetti took the early advantage with a pair of suicidal dives, then kicking out Da Baldies. Doring & Roadkill then faced off with them, and Doring hit the Bareback on Nova. Chetti and Doring squared off, but DeVito and Angel got in, and soon were cleaning house on everyone. Roadkill hit a top rope clothesline on both Baldies, and Nova hit a senton bomb on DeVito for a two count. Doring and Roadkill hit the Lancaster Lariat of Lust on Nova. Da Baldies hit a double flapjack on Roadkill, then tossed him onto a pair of chairs. Nova hit a DDT/Stunner combo on Da Baldies, and Doring dropped an elbow on Angel, when Grimes ran out! Doring hit a Bareback and legdrop on Grimes, but Angel took the guitar that Grimes had brought out and hit Doring with it to get the pin. Doring and Roadkill have been eliminated.

The brawl continued outside, and Roadkill got some revenge by putting Grimes through a table on the floor with a top rope splash, taking him out of the equation. It was down to two teams in the ring, as Da Baldies battled Nova & Chetti. Nova hit a Stunner off the ropes, and Chetti scored with Amityville Horror, followed by a Tidal Wave, on DeVito, for the pin. Your winners are Nova & Chris Chetti, in a match that was just too hard to follow, there was so much action!

Da Baldies were not happy with the loss, so they attacked Nova & Chetti. ‘Natural Born Killaz’ then blared, and New Jack is here at Hardcore Heaven 2000! Jack had his can of weapons, including his staple gun and fork. DeVito was soon bloodied, as The Original Gangsta exacted revenge. Jack and DeVito battled into the crowd, while back in the ring, Chetti and Nova took care of Angel. New Jack took DeVito to the floor and laid him on a table, while Nova and Chetti held Angel in the ring, forcing him to watch the carnage about to occur. New Jack climbed into the balcony, and dropped over 15 feet to the floor, sending DeVito through the table to the concrete! Back in the ring, New Jack got to play some music on Angel’s head, bashing him with a guitar as Nova & Chetti held him up. New Jack then had a final bit of revenge, hitting the 187 diving chair, and scoring the pin over Angel, finally, on PPV.

Steve Corino, with Jack Victory, came to the ring to battle Yoshihiro Tajiri. After insulting the Japanese superstar, Corino was kicked, and the match was underway. Corino actually went hold for hold with Tajiri, until he was caught in the Tarantula. Tajiri then pulled him onto the runway, and delivered his brainbuster right on the hard surface! A now bloody Corino crawled into the ring, and Tajiri bit into the wound. Tajiri then hung Corino in the Tree of Woe, and hit a devastating baseball slide kick. Tajiri then introduced a chair to the match, and Corino was bleeding profusely now. The chair was placed in front of his face, but he escaped and hit a superkick, thanks to distraction by Jack Victory. Corino then took the chair, but had it kicked back at him. Tajiri then dropkicked the chair into Corino’s face. Tajiri then set up a table, and dropkicked the edge into the chest of Corino! Tajiri then came off the top onto the runway, hitting Corino and Victory with a clothesline. Tajiri then charged Corino, but was backdropped into the ring, and through the table. Steve Corino then hit a fisherman’s suplex for a two count. Corino hit a Northern Lights suplex for another two. Victory passed a table to Corino, and after setting it up, Corino hit Tajiri with a leg lariat, sending him from the ring. Tajiri went under the ring, and came out the other side. Tajiri’s advantage went from kicks to Corino applying an abdominal stretch, which Tajiri then reversed into an Octupus! Victory tried to interfere, but Tajiri blasted him with the green mist! Corino hit a powerslam, but Tajiri then went ballistic, raining down with kicks and blows. Corino was laid out on the table, and Tajiri went to the top rope, leaping off and putting Corino through it with the double stomp! Tajiri easily got the pin after that incredible manuver. Kintaro Kanemura then hit the ring, attacking Tajiri, and soon Victory joined in on the attack, when Dusty Rhodes hit the ring, cleaning house on Kanemura and Victory with bionic elbows! Dusty was going after Corino, when Rhino hit the ring.

Suddenly, ‘Enter Sandman’ hit!

Dusty Rhodes and Jack Victory brawled to the back, as did Tajiri and Kanemura. A bloody Steve Corino slowly made his way to the dressing room. It will be Rhino vs. The Sandman, one-on-one, for the ECW World Television Championship!

The two rivals stared each other down during the introductions, then the battle began. Rhino pounded the Hardcore Icon early on, but Sandman came back, tossing Rhino to the floor. They brawled at ringside, and after draping Rhino over the guardrail, Sandman dropped a legdrop from the ring apron across his back. Sandman tossed a table in the ring, but the battle continued on the floor. They struggled near another table, which Sandman slammed Rhino headfirst into. Sandman viciously whipped Rhino into the rail, then took him to the opposite end and did it again. They began to battle on the ramp, with a table propped against the ropes. Rhino then set up a chair, and took a running start for a chair launch into a Gore, but Sandman moved, and Rhino went headfirst through the table. Sandman then hit a piledriver on the flat table in the ring for a two count. As he went for another, Jack Victory hit the ring, but Lori Fullington followed, and caned Victory. Steve Corino came back out as well, and soon Sandman was defending his wife, which led to him getting laid out on the ramp. Rhino grabbed Lori, and gave her a piledriver off the apron through a table on the floor! Rhino then lined her up for a Gore in the corner, through a table, but Sandman tried to break it up, only to be gored through it himself, as he held his wife! Rhino then got the pin on the Sandman to retain the ECW World Television Championship.

Time for our second main event of the evening, as Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Dam renew one of the greatest feuds in the history of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Lynn came to the ring alone, while Van Dam was accompanied by the Manager of Champions, Bill Alfonso, and his best friend, Scotty Anton.

Van Dam received a huge ‘Welcome Back’ chant from his fans, which he acknowledged with a bow. The two began feeling each other out, trading waistlocks and takedowns. Van Dam applied a side headlock, and the two were soon crisscrossing and outmaneuvering each other, but neither could stay on top of the other. It was a breath taking exchange, and the crowd roared. Van Dam flipped out of a backdrop attempt and hit a spinkick, followed by a backflip splash for a two count. Lynn hit a dropkick to the back when Van Dam posed for the crowd, and backdropped RVD to the apron, then knocked him to the floor with a springboard dropkick. Lynn then hit a slingshot into a somersault senton on the floor. They battled on the outside, with Lynn getting crotched on the railing, then hit with a springboard sidekick off the opposite rail. Lynn was hung out over the rail, and as Bill Alfonso held a chair over him, Van Dam sandwiched Jerry with a legdrop off the apron. Van Dam went for a moonsault off the rail, and Lynn moved, sending RVD crashing to the floor. Lynn rolled him in for a two count, then hit a gourdbuster. Lynn came off the second rope with a legdrop to the back of the head, and got another two count. Lynn chopped RVD, then hit a DDT when RVD tried to lift him. Lynn continued on the offensive, stomping Van Dam in the corner, but ended up on his back after a series of reversals saw both men get decked with clotheslines. A chair came into play, and was tossed back and forth, with RVD getting it in the face. Another series of back and forth with the chair saw Lynn legdrop RVD face first into it. They traded suplex attempts, and RVD hit a spinning heel kick. Van Dam got a two count, laid a chair on Lynn, and hit the rolling somersault senton splash for another two. Van Dam delivered an inverted atomic drop, then hit a flying kick with a chair into the corner, crushing Lynn’s face. Van Dam went for his monkey flip into a chair, but Lynn managed to turn it into a mid air powerbomb for a two count. Lynn put Van Dam on the top rope, and went for a superplex, hitting it perfectly. Van Dam kicked out at two, and both men were starting to show signs of fatigue. Lynn stayed one step ahead of RVD, legdroping him between the ropes during a series of reversals. They ended up on the apron, and after struggling above a table, Lynn managed to send RVD headfirst through it with a bulldog, sacrificing himself to bring RVD down. Scotty Anton tried to help up RVD, and Lynn hit him with a senton off the apron. Lynn took Van Dam into the ring, slammed him, and went to the top. Bill Alfonso crotched him, and set him for a Van Daminator, which RVD completed from the top rope. Van Dam then went for the five star frog splash with a chair on top of Lynn. Steve Corino and Jack Victory went to the ring, as Van Dam completed his maneuver. Rhino and Cyrus ran out as well, and the odds were too much for Mr. PPV to handle. Van Dam managed to battle back to his feet, and laid out Rhino with a reverse spinkick, and a top rope sidekick. Cyrus was given a Van Daminator, and Jerry Lynn, who was out for most of this, recovered and took our Bill Alfonso, only to be given a Van Daminator as well! Van Dam went to the top rope, but Scotty Anton shoved him off, into the guardrail! He tossed RVD back in, and Jerry hit the cradle piledriver, but Van Dam kicked out! Lynn then delivered a second cradle piledriver, this time on a chair, and got the pin on Rob Van Dam. Jerry Lynn is your winner.

Scotty Anton turned on his friend, The Network continued their campaign against Rob Van Dam, and Jerry Lynn finally got his long awaited victory over Mr. PPV, in fact, the first pay-per-view loss ever for Rob Van Dam.

Time for our final main event of the evening, a Three Way Dance for the World Heavyweight Championship. Justin Credible came to the ring with Francine, and said that he had unfinished business with Lance Storm tonight. He threatened to throw away the World title and leave the company if anyone other than Storm came out. Tommy Dreamer, bandaged on the forehead from the earlier attack came to the ring. Justin, who had thrown away the World Tag Team Titles, was serious about destroying the credibility of the ECW World Heavyweight Title, and Paul Heyman, ECW Executive Producer, begged Dreamer not to step into the ring. Justin had managed to take Dreamer out of the picture before the bell even rang, by literally threatening the integrity of the World Championship. Dreamer relented, and instead we will apparently see the former Impact Players collide, one-on-one. Storm came to the ring with Dawn Marie, and had brief words with Dreamer before getting into the ring.

Lance went on the offensive early, running Credible to ringside. Credible got back in the ring, but Lance sent him back out again. Lance went for a pescado, but was hit with a caneshot as he came down. Justin started trading chops with Lance, who was now bleeding from the forehead. Justin worked over Lance on the floor, then rolled him back into the ring. Justin set up a table on the ramp, but Lance brought the champion back into the ring, and the two were soon exchanging blows again. Justin hit a pull out powerbomb for a two count. Justin applied a reverse chinlock, but Lance came back with a sunset flip for a two count. Justin hit a lariat, then began trading chops with Lance. Justin poked Lance in the eyes, then went back to the chinlock. Lance again fought back, hitting a hurricanrana, and a springboard reverse elbow. Lance followed with a jawbreaker and a dropkick, but Justin kicked out. Justin and Lance then traded tombstone attempts, but Lance instead went to a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Justin hit a perfect superkick, but Lance kicked out. Neither man, it seemed, could maintain the advantage. Justin set up a chair, and the bloody head of Lance was soon bashed into it. Justin went for a top rope bodypress, but Lance rolled through for a two count. They traded hiptoss and abdominal stretch reversals, ending with Justin being tossed over the top rope through the table that had been set on the runway. Lance brought Justin back in for a two count, then hit his rolling single leg crab. Francine broke it up, and Dawn Marie entered for the CATFIGHT! Justin pulled them apart, and delivered That’s Incredible to Dawn. Lance took the cane and hit Justin, then followed with a piledriver for a two count. Lance then went for That’s Incredible, but Justin reversed it, hit the move, but Lance kicked out! Both men struggled to their knees, trading blows. Justin hit a swinging DDT, but the match continued. Justin set up a double underhook, but Lance pulled his legs out and hit a slingshot. Justin managed to get into a pinning position, but only for a two. Lance climbed to the top rope, but Justin pulled him off into That’s Incredible to get the pin. Justin Credible remains the ECW World Heavyweight Champion.

Tommy Dreamer then hit the ring, hitting Justin with his own cane! Dreamer then had Francine, the woman who had cost him the World Heavyweight Championship, cornered. Francine tried to make nice with Tommy, hugging him and laying the belt at his feet. Tommy returned the hug, then picked up Francine, and delivered a Spicolli Driver! The crowd erupted into a chant of ‘ECW’ as the night ended.


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