November to Remember

Apr 6, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, November 7, 1999, in Buffalo, NY

The PPV opens with Cyrus coming down to the ring. He gets on the mic, and says that all the smart marks can rejoice because he is back on PPV. Then Taz’s music starts, and he comes down to the ring to confront Joey Styles about ‘not answering his phone calls.’ Taz challenges Styles to fight. The Joey leaves the ring. Then Joel Gertner comes down, harasses Taz, then Taz puts the Tazmission on Gertner. Then he gets on the stick and harasses Rob Van Dam, saying that he will find out why people call him “The Human Suplex Machine.”

Simon Diamond and his “close personal friend” Dick, come out to the ring. Diamond and Big Dick cut a hilarious promo. Jazz comes out [huh?] and says a few words to Big Dick, and she slaps him. Big Dick then picks up Jazz and bodyslams her down. Simon says he is the giant killer. Then Spike Dudley comes down to the ring.

Simon Diamond w/Big Dick vs. Spike Dudley

— Spike comes in and immediately hits acid drops on both men. Spike off the ring apron with a rolling shoulder block on Simon. Spike follows up by coming off the top with a chair to the outside on Simon. Simon is busted open. Back in ring 2 snap suplexes and a front face slam by Simon on Spike for a 2 count. Spike headbutts Simon right in the groin and hits the acid drop for the 3 count.

Winner – Spike Dudley

Little Guido and The Big Salbowski come out and are kicking the life out of Spike Dudley. Nova comes out and makes the save for Spike. Then Guido and Sal attack Nova, until Chris Chetti comes out. Then Roadkill and Danny Doring come out and attack Chetti and Nova.

Jerry Lynn vs. Tajiri vs. Super Crazy

– Yoshihiro starts the match out attacking both men. Lynn and Super Crazy fight back an fourth, Yoshihiro then applies the rope submission on Lynn. Yoshihiro and Jerry Lynn continued to fight, Jerry Lynn dove onto Crazy on the outside. Yoshihiro hit an moonsault off the ropes and onto the outside, nailing Lynn. Super Crazy landed a massive moonsault off the guardrail and onto the wrestlers on the outside. Crazy applied the surfboard on Tajiri, Lynn attacked Crazy during the submission hold. Super Crazy gets eliminated with a submission hold. Fast paced match, Jerry Lynn gets the win with a massive pile driver.

Winner – Jerry Lynn

Da Baldies vs. Balls Mahoney/Axl Rotten/New Jack

— Balls and Axl are taking on all four Baldies. Balls starts off with some punches on two baldies until him and Axl start getting a beatdown. New Jack’s music plays over the loudspeakers. New Jack comes to the ring with a cart full of weapons of course and takes out all the Baldies. New Jack gets out the vacuum cleaner and hits one of the Baldies right in the crotch with it. New Jack pulls out the staple gun and gets one of the Baldies right between the legs with it. Inside the ring two of the Baldies double suplex Balls. Skull comes off the top with an elbow on Balls. Meanwhile, towards the back of the arena, Axl and New Jack are setting up a tall ladder. new Jack places the ladder against the basketball rim withthe ECW logo sign in front of it. New Jack climbs atleast 6 feet above the rim/sign and dives off onto one of the Baldies through a table. Back at ringside New Jack hits one of the Baldies with a Nintendo. Inside the ring New Jack is attacking Skull with the staple gun. New Jack turns his back and Angel lays him out with a guitar and gets the pin.

Winners – Da Baldies

Sabu vs. Chris Candido

Fonzie conducted an interview before the match. Tammy Lynn Sytch was along side of Chris Candido as he made his way to the ring. Alphonso accompanies Sabu to the ring. This match made its way outside right after the bell rang. Sabu hit a massive triple jump legdrop off the ropes! Sabu tosses a table into the ring, Candido hit a elevator slam to break up his advantage. Candido sets Sabu up on the table, and jumped through the table after Sabu moved! Camel Clutch applied by Sabu on Candido. Candido broke free and rolled to the outside, Sabu hit him with a massive dive behind the guardrails. Candido sprawled out on the table, Sabu slammed him through the table. Followed by a missed triple jump moonsault. Candido hit fallaway slam on Sabu, then a pile driver. Sabu regains control when he caught Candido in air with a leg drop as Chris jumped off a chair. Sabu pulls yet another table into the ring. Alphonso wrestles Tammy down, as Tammy was trying to knock Sabu off the top rope. Ariabian face buster on Candido, followed by Camel Clutch, Candido taps out!

Winner – Sabu

ECW World Heavyweight Title Match
Mike Awesome (c) vs. Masato Tanaka

– Awesome match, many hardcore moves. Tanaka absorbed many chair shots, and still had enough to go on. He landed a roaring elbow on Awesome. Judge Jeff Jones set up a table at ringside, Awesome tiger powerbombed Tanaka right through the table and on to the outside! Tanaka gets up and suplexes Awesome through a table from the top rope! Mike Awesome hits an Awesome splash off the top rope, and Tanaka kicks out of the pin. A sit out Awesomebomb by Mike Awesome gets him the victory over Tanaka! Winner – Mike Awesome, to retain the ECW World Title

ECW World Television Title
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Taz

– This match included many technical moves. Taz power slams Van Dam, and applied a massive cross face. Taz plants Rob Van Dam with a tiger Tazplex, knocking RVD senseless. Just when RVD started to fight back, Taz plants him into the mat with a giant clothesline right to the jaw. Taz caught Van Dam’s leg and threw him through a table with a Tazplex. Taz finds a chair in front of his face, Van Dam nailed a Vandaminator off the top rope! Frog splash by RVD, followed by the pin.

Winner – Rob Van Dam, to retain the ECW World TV Title

Impact Players and Rhino vs Tommy Dreamer, Raven, and Sandman

— The Impact Players and Rhino are accompanied by Dawn Marie and Jason. Dreamer, Raven, and Sandman are accompanied by Francine. Sandman is the last one to make his way to the ring coming through the crowd drinking beer and smoking a cigarette. Sandman pours a full beer down a fan’s throat.

Match starts off with Sandman and Rhino going at it. Sandman kicks Rhino between the legs and grabs him by the hair throwing him hard down to the mat. Storm and Dreamer going at it now. Dreamer hits a side Russian leg sweep on Storm prompting Storm to tag in Justin. Justin canes Sandman. Double team by Storm and Justin on Sandman. Rhino powerbombs Sandman off the top turnbuckle for a 2 count. Triple team on Sandman. Storm misses a frogsplash off the top. Raven tagged in and literally cleans house. Raven goes for the evenflow but Rhino makes the save with a spear. Dreamer clotheslines Rhino to the outside. Storm follows out with a plancha on Dreamer. Rhino spears Storm by accident after Sandman moves out of the way. Sandman canes Rhino four times. Dawn Marie jumps on Sandman’s back. Francine comes in and a catfight breaks out. Sandman grabs Francine by the hair acting like he is going to hit her but kisses her instead. Raven nails Sandman with the cane. Justin with the “thats incredible piledriver” on Sandman for the 3 count.

Winners: Impact Players and Rhino

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