November to Remember

Apr 3, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

The Pay Per View began with the ECW New York announcer trying to interview Jack Victory in a Parking Lot. Victory said New jack deserved the attack which he received on the TV Show last week. New Jack then came from out of the blue and attacked Victory. Security has to restrain the Original Gangsta as Victory screamed in pain.

Joey Styles then welcomed the crowd in New Orleans and all the PPV Watchers to the PPV. He went down the announced card.

Appearing at the top of the stand was none other than Terry Funk sporting a Black Funk U T-Shirt. He made his way through the crowd and entered the ring. Funk made sure the crowd recognized him as the Living Legend, the Professor of Funk U and that he could say whatever he wanted because he was very knowledgeable on cruel behavior. He grabbed the mic. He stated he never got an invitation to come to Louisiana on the PPV. He said Funk U to Styles, directed it to Paul Heyman and to none other than Tommy Dreamer. Funk told about how 6 years ago Dreamer had come to him saying he needed a mentor, because his father was a crackhead and his mother was a whore. Funk said he wanted to be the mystery partner so he could show his double flip to the fans but Dreamer never contacted him. Dreamer came out and said he thought he gave Funk all he wanted. Funk said he ought to slap Dreamer in the face like he slapped his relatives. Funk left the ring.

Blue Meanie/Super Nova pinned Danny Doring/Roadkill

-During the beginning of the match Terry Funk once again came down the aisle, dragging a camera man with him. Meanie & Nova had the early advantage with several nice moves. Funk then threw the time keeper to the floor and became timekeeper for this opening match. Terry “critqued” the match, so to speak. Meanie showed a lot of ability for a big man. Doring & Roadkill made several miscues hurting each other. A shoving match began between the Dastardly & Amish ones. Nova connects with a suicide dive through the rops onto his opponents. Back in the ring The Blue Meanie mocks Rocky Maivia by hitting a People’s Legdrop, yes Legdrop. Terry Funk got on the ring apron and began a fist fight with the Meanie. This gave Doring & Roadkill the easy advantage. On the outside Funk put himself through the table, obviously this is going somewhere. Doring performs his Dastardly Shuffle. Funk continues distracting Meanie. The match begins slowing down as Roadkill is showing off his mat wrestling ability. Just when I say that Roadkill hits a Frog Splash from the top rope. Very Nice. Setting up Nova again Roadkill misses a Top Rope Elbowdrop. Doring is tagged in and makes several near falls, including a 2 count off of a Top Rope Legdrop. Nova fires back with a Powerbomb/Elbow-to-the-Groeing combo. They set Doring up in the middle of the ring and Nova hits a Frog Splash followed by a Meanie Sault. Blue-Light Special! 1-2-3. After the match Funk attacked both Nova & Meanie with a piece of table. When security tried restraining Funk, he attacked them.

Tommy Rogers pinned Tracey Smothers

-The FBI accompanied Tracey Smothers to the ring including, what seems to be, a new FBI Member Ulf Hermann, who’s from Germany. Chris Chetti came out with Tommy Rogers. Rich immediately started taunting the Louisiana crowd. Rogers followed up by taunting the FBI. The match was very slow-paced, Smothers and Rogers trading the advantage several times. Early interference by Ulf Hermann prompted Chris Chetti to chase Hermann to the back. Smothers now had a 3 on 1 advantage. Little Guido continuously interfered in the match. Several near falls by Smothers. Nice Double Paizan-Elbowdrop by Smothers & Guido as Rich distracted the referee. Rogers finally gained some momentum and connected with a Side Russian Legdrop. Rogers fights off Guido and Rich and connects with a Powerslam on Smothers. Tommy went to the top rope but missed a splash. Smothers connects with a Spinning Cross Body Block from the top rope for a 2. Rogers was able to kick out of Smothers new Powerbomb/Suplex Combo finisher. Rogers fired back with a Tomikaze for the 3 count. The Tomikaze is the move which Christian “stole” as his finisher last week on Heat. The FBI teased a breakup after the match but ended up attacking Rogers with the mock Itallian flag. Chris Chetti made the save and connected with a Triple Jump Moonsault on Tommy Rich as Rogers counted the 3. This prompted Hermann to come back out but he brought yet another new FBI Member, none other than MABEL! Mabel manhandled Chetti & Rogers. They set Christ Chetti up on a table and Mabel went to the top rope. But just then Highway to Hell blasted through the loudspeakers and Little Spike Dudley, the Giant Killer, entered the ring.

Spike Dudley pinned Mabel

-Spike was immediately manhandled and set up on the table. Spike moved as Mabel went through the table. Spike hit an Acid Drop on Hermann and followed that up with an Acid Drop on Mabel landing on Hermann. Rogers & Chetti counted the 1-2-3. That was great! ECW is really taking it to the Extreme with this Dudley/Giant Killing Gimmick. After the matches Mabel held up the FBI T-Shirt.

Lance Storm pinned Jerry Lynn

[Tammy Sytch and Mikey Whipwreck Special Referee’s]

-Tammy Lynn Sytch was the last to come down to the ring, sported a skimpy referee outfit, and walking down to Ravishing Rick Rude’s music. Nice mat wrestling to start out. Sytch was referee inside the ring while Mikey officiated from outside the mat. Lynn took control of the match outside connecting with a flying head scissor and a somersault plancha. Bytch interfered and gave Storm the advantage. Storm connects with nice aerial assault. Sytch continuously favored Lynn with the officiating, counting much quicker for Jerry. Lynn regained the advantage with a Powerbomb followed by a Pedigree. Sytch repeatedly is counting slow as heck for Storm. Lynn hits a nice Suicide Plancha on Storm outside. Bytch interfered and Sytch stripped her of her clothes once again. Mikey Whipwreck entered the ring, shoved Sytch, Whippersnappered Bytch, Whippersnappered Lynn and got lowblowed by Storm. Storm only got a 2 count when pinning Lynn. Sytch whippersnapped Lynn, Mikey whippersnappered Sytch, Storm got the 1-2-3. Weird set of events. After the match Funk gave an interview with Styles in which he apologized for his actions and said he’d walk out of the building right now. Quoting him he said “The Hardcore Legend is going home…. FOREVER”

Balls Mahoney/Masato Tanaka pinned Dudley Boyz

-The Duds were in control of the first 5 minutes of this match until D’Von attempted a People’s Headbutt but missed. Balls was tagged in and double teamed the 4 time champs with Tanaka. Masato connects with a suicide dive that draws ECW chants. Bubba replied with a suicide dive of his own. The referee was knocked out inadvertently by Tanaka which resulted in Big Dick Dudleu interfering, connecting with the Big Dick Driver on Tanaka. Axl Rotten entered the ring and attacked Dick only to be manhandled by Sign Guy & Joel Gertner. Balls entered the ring and hit the Nutcracker Suite on Sign Guy, followed by a swing and a miss with a chair towards Gertner. All 4 men were now guarded by steek chairs and did their normal chair shot routine. The Duds had the advantage at first, KOing Balls & Tanaka but they got back up almost immediatly. Jeff Jones came out and made a 1-2-“Oh I’m hurt” count. Normal heel referee Jones stuff. Tanaka confronted Jones as Jones looked up words in a Japanese dictionary. Rotten hit Jones with a chair. 3D on Tanaka for only a 2 count. The Dudleyz began an argument followed by a shoving match. D’Von slapped Bubba. They ended up both getting hit by steel chairs for only a 2 count. Nutcracker Suite/Tornado DDT simultaneously on the Duds for another near fall. Unbelievable. Duds with a pair of low blows. D’Von piledrives Mahoney on a steel chair. Bubba tigerbombs Tanaka on a pair of chairs. A pair of tables enter the ring. But here come Rob Van Dam & Sabu. Double Frog Splashes through the tables. 1-2-3 TANAKA & BALLS WIN!

Tommy Dreamer/Mystery Partner pinned Justin Credible/Jack Victory

-The Mystery Man is………. JAKE “THE SNAKE” ROBERTS. Wow. Complete brawling, slow-paced match to start. Jack Victory was virtually unable to compete in the match because of the incident which he was involved in with New jack earlier in the night. Loads of interference from Chastity, Jason, Nicole Bass & Lance Wright. Roberts is finally tagged in and signals for the DDT. But out comes One Man Gang & Rod Price. They immediatly attack Roberts & Dreamer. The crowd begins New Jack chants. OMG with a 747 Splash on both Dreamer & Roberts. And Natural Born Killaz begins playing over the speakers. Out come New Jack & Kronus who turn the match into a total slugfest. Of course the former Tag Champs have tons of weapons they’re using. Weapons include Golf Clubs, Shopping Carts, Frying Pans, Baseball Bats, etc.. Kronus hits a 450 Splash on Credible. OMG with a 747 Splash on Kronus. New Jack off the top rope with a Flying Chair Shot. Dreamer connects with a Frog Splash on Credible for a near fall. Tommy hits a Spicolli Driver and in comes Lance Wright who gets clocked by the Snake. Chastity interferes only to be piledriven by Tommy Dreamer. Nicole Bass enters only to be low blowed by the Snake, followed by a DDT. Dreamer grabs the Singapore Cane and knocks out Victory. Dreamer slams Credible on a Steel Ladder. Jake hits a DDT on Credible on the ladder. 1-2-3. Dreamer & The Snake have won the match. After the match Terry Funk once again came down the aisle and complained about how Dreamer picked Roberts instead of Funk. Roberts immediately walked by the two arguing men. Dreamer repeatedly said “You didn’t want to be my partner.” Tommy got in Funk’s face and allowed Funk to attack him. Terry continued to hit Dreamer with the microphone. Barely any crowd reaction. Funk taunted Dreamer before he finally left, asking for Dreamer to apologize.

Rob Van Dam/Sabu/Taz pinned Triple Threat

-Before the match, The Dudleyz rushed out and attacked Sabu & RVD. It was 5 on 2 as Taz had yet to make his way out. The lights went out and here came Taz. Taz connected with Suplexes on Candido, D’Von & Bubba before getting attacked by Bam Bam Bigelow. Match went all over the building. Douglas & Candido focused on Sabu as the Dudleys left. RVD nailed Bigelow with a steel chair. Sabu with a suicide dive on Candido & Douglas. RVD with a nice Flying Splash. Brawling for the next few moments. Triple Jump Moonsault by Sabu on Douglas. Candido piledrives Sabu followed by a Delayed Vertical Suplex. Douglas tagged in and connects with a shoulder breaker. Candido back in but is victim to a Springboard Side Kick that TKOes No Gimmicks Needed. RVD comes in and takes over, abusing Douglas and Bigelow. Bigelow fires back with a shoulderbreaker of his own. RVD with tons of quick, Aerial Assault. Taz desperatly wants the tag and finally gets it, manhandling the whole Triple Threat. Taz and Douglas are now the only men in the ring. RVD somersaults on Bigelow in the crowd. Katsahajimi! Sabu off the top rope hits a Arabian Face Buster but hits Taz as well, yet still gets the 1-2-3. Sabu, RVD & Taz win. Taz shoves Sabu as he’s angry because he wanted to get the win. Taz told Sabu not to mess with him anymore. He left separately. This match was definitely the best of the night.

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