Living Dangerously

Apr 3, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, March 21, 1999 in Asbury Park, NJ

Taz Interview.
-Show opens with a Taz interview. Taz runs down Sabu and Steven Prazak says the unification Title match is unique. Taz says he’s going after Sabu’s jaw. For those that don’t know, Sabu’s jaw is already fractured and this past week on ECW Sabu was wearing a bandage on it. Taz says after tonight he will still be World Champ, but will also get the FTW Title back.

Super Crazy versus Tajiri
-These two have had some awesome matches in their short history with ECW. Tajiri gets control early on. Both wrestlers showing thier skill early. Tajiri runs and suicide planchas right over the ropes onto Super Crazy. Super Crazy hits the ramp with a headscissors takeover. Firemans Carry now and Tajiri gets planted. Three moonsaults by Super Crazy, but not enough to put away Tajiri. Super Crazy now hammering away with 10 count punches on Tajiri. Tajiri with a kick to the small of the back. Springboard Moonsault for a 2 count by Tajiri. Tajiri with some more big kicks to Crazy. Crazy is down. Crazy misses a Moonsault. Tajiri rolled up by Crazy only gets a two count. Crazy goes for a springboard but slips on the top turnbuckle and out come the chants of “You [messed] Up.” Tajiri going for a Dragon Suplex, but Crazy goes low. Crazy hit a powerbomb and then gets a two count. Super Crazy gets the win out of nowhere, which according to Styles ends their feud in ECW.

Steve Corino versus Balls Mahoney
-Steve Corino in the ring talking about how he’s better then people and all that and how he doesn’t use steroids. He bashes Tajiri and Crazy saying he is better then them. Challenges anyone from the back to come out and here come the Sid Chants. But its not Sid, its Balls Mahoney. Big Frog Splash by Mahoney, but Corino kicks out of that. Mahoney up top, but he misses the New Jersey Jam on Corino. Corino trying to be Hardcore. Corino nails Mahoney with a Superkick. Mahoney nails Corino HARD with a HUGE Steel Chair Shot and then makes the cover and gets the three count over Corino. Corino still down as they roll a promo for some of the matches later on in the show.

Little Guido versus Antifaz Del Norte
-Antifaz Del Norte hits the ring and here comes Little Guido riding the shoulders of Big Sal E. Guido moving up from opening the PPVs to the third match, atta guy pizan. Antifaz hits a cork screw plancha on Guido outside of the ring. When they get back into the ring Guido starts to go to work with some chops on Antifaz. Guido hits a side italian leg sweep from the 2nd turnbucle. Clothesline by Guido, and then a 2 count. Antifaz with a dropkick to the back. Antifaz on the outside and Big Sal puts him through a table. Antifaz rolled back in and Guido locks on the Sicilian Crab and Del Norte taps out to the eXtreme Stud. Smothers and Rich then come out and they attack Guido and Sal E. Sal E. then runs them off to the back.

Jerry Lynn versus Rob Van Dam *Television Championship*
-Rob Van Dam set to defend the TV Title against Jerry Lynn. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lynn take the Title. Lynn NOT Flynn, just to make sure people get that. Arm wringer by Lynn. 1 count on Van Dam. Fans chanting “RVD, RVD.” High Cross Body by Lynn on RVD after some back and forth moves and counters. Inverted Atomic Drop by Van Dam. Van Dam slows down the pace. Clothesline by Lynn and that sends Van Dam to the outside. Lynn hurls himself onto Van Dam who was outside of the ring. Lynn into the ring now. Van Dam sent up and over into the first row by Lynn. Springboard into a high cross body by Lynn who is impressing everyone thus far. Lynn drops Van Dam onto the guardrail after RVD went for a springboard. Springboard plancha off the guardrail by Van Dam. Lynn clutching his right knee. Backbreaker by Van Dam and Fonzie puts a chair in the ring now. Van Dam with some kidney shots on Lynn. Inverted surfboard now. Lynn launched into the air and he comes crashing down on the steel chair. RVD misses a monkeyflip. Lynn almost gets the three. Rocker Dropper on RVD, almost…a NEW F’N Show chant goes out. Van Dam misses a Split legged moonsault. A bunch of near falls and roll throughs. German Suplex and another close count by RVD. Swinging DDT from the turnbuckle by Lynn through a table and neither wrestler is moving. Tumbling Senton Splash by Van Dam. Awesome match so far. Tornado DDT countered to a Northern Lights, no DDT by Lynn. Cover….2 count. The bell rings and apparently its a Time limit draw. Finnigan(the ref) giving Lynn the win? Lynn doesn’t want it and 5 more minute chants go out. 5 more? I’ll take 25 more. Finnigan is going to let it go for 5 more minutes. Piledriver by Lynn. Lynn is winning alot of people over in Asbury. VanDaminator in the middle of the ring….RVD up top…Five Star Frog Splash by Van Dam….Cover….1….2….3….Rob Van Dam holds on to the Title.

Lynn could have had the Title but he asked for 5 more minutes. After that time limit had expired I guess the ref could have awarded a winner, Lynn turned it down and said he wanted a pin fall victory. He didn’t get it and Van Dam got the win. Awesome matchup.

New Jack versus Mustafa
-Mustafa coming down to the ring to face New Jack. NBK begins to play and Asbury throws the X up. New Jack with a huge garbage can. Jack with a golf club and he hits Stafa about 170 yards. New Jack using tons of stuff. Garbage Can to the face of New Jack. Metal pan for New Jack. Stafa taking the advantage on his former partner. New Jack takes an elbow. New Jack gets himself busted open. NBK cuts off and they’re brawling in the crowd. New Jack head first into the wall. Stafa pounding on New Jack’s bloody head and drops an elbow. Chair across the back of the neck now by New Jack and Stafa is down and New Jack is setting up a table. Stafa on the table and New Jack has electrical tape. New Jack now taping Mustapha to the table. New Jack in the balcony 20 feet up. Wow! New Jack just about kills Mustapha through that table. A doctor comes out. New Jack and Mustapha being helped back to the ring to finish this one off. New Jacks music begins to play again. New Jack makes a cover…and the Original Gangsta New Jack gets the win on Mustapha. New Jack hit kinda short on the Dive, but it was still awesome and here come the Dudleys to attack New Jack. D-Von stomping down on New Jack now. Joel with a pathetic slap on New Jack. Gertner grabs the mic.

Joel says he’s not a playa, he just crushes alot. Gertner does his usually stuff with his usually funny lines. Joel “Mama said knock you out and I just did” Gertner. Bubba on the mic. Calls New Jack old news. Bubba says ECW doesn’t have the guts to get a tag team to face them. I guess an open challenge is coming, and here it comes…so Spike’s music comes on…Here comes Spike and Nova. Timekiller. Spike and Nova being killed. Spike Gorilla pressed into row #2. 3D Dudley Death Drop on Nova. Artese saving Nova, but getting attacked. 3D on the ring announcer. Bubba back on the mic. Saying there’s no one left. “We have destroyed all of your heroes.” Calls the fans white trash, Bubba’s neck is redder then Gillbergs, so I don’t know why he’s talking. They’re challenging folks in the crowd. Sid time, eh? And here comes the Judge. Triple J Judge Jeff Jones, and that means one thing? Sid is about to start living Dangerously. Bubba talking trash to Sid. Dudleys attacking Sid. A double team. Double clothesline by Sid. DOUBLE CHOKESLAM. D-Vons powerbomb is coming. D-Von goes down. Bubba’s is coming. D’Von on a stretcher. Sid choking D-Von and Spike is in the ring after being passed around the crowd. D-Von off the stretcher. Spike with a springboard legdrop on Bubba. Sid throws the stretcher on D-Von. Spike with the Acid Drop on Bubba! Spike with a cover, three count and Spike gets the win…or somethin’ like that. Spike needs to get away from Sid. Powerbomb on Spike. Powerbomb off the ramp through the table and to the floor!

Dreamer/Douglas versus Credible/Storm
-Credible and Storm against Dreamer and Douglas is next. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck plays and Credible/Storm come out. Douglas and Dreamer then come out with Francine. RIP Bob Artese courtesy of 3D we now have a new ring announcer for the rest of the night. Douglas wants JC to start. Lockup, kneelift and right by Storm. Clothesline by Storm. Neckbreaker by Dreamer! Douglas in and Douglas with an inverted rolling necksnap! Credible in. Going back and forth. Rolling Suplex. JC up top. And caught into an inverted atomic drop and then a flapjack! Dreamer in. Storm is in. Douglas in, runs and decks Credible. Dropkick in the corner by Storm. Douglas into the buckle. Sliding dropkick misses, Credible goes groin first into the post. Tag to Dreamer. Storm with a piscotto. Storm gets whipped into the rail. Douglas and Credible brawling on the floor. Dreamer Driver on Storm in the ring and a 2 count. Credible and Storm yank Dreamer out of the corner. Jawbreaker by Dreamer now. Credible to the second rope and a forearm drop. Double Suplex on the ramp. Storm in. Storm suplexes Dreamer and sliding dropkicks Douglas. Francine has a ladder! Dreamer has it now. Dreamer has Credible on his shoulders AND HE DROPS HIM ONTO THE LADDER! Douglas with a flying bodypress on Storm for two count. Inverted Atomic Drop on Storm by Douglas. Whip by Storm. Dreamer DDTs Credible on top of Storm. Francine hits Credible with the Singapore Cane and then Douglas with a Pittsburgh Plunge into an inside cradle on Credible for the three count and Dreamer and Douglas win.

Taz versus Sabu *Heavyweight Championship/FTW Combination Match*
Before the World/FTW Title Match gets underway I’ll pass along that Van Dam and Lynn will fight at the next ECW PPV, the one in May. Out comes Sabu with his jaw all taped up. Sabu from Bombay, Michigan. Taz makes it a falls count anywhere match. Sabu dives at Taz, Taz moves. Waistlock by Sabu, reversed. Sabu blocking the crossfaces, takeover by Sabu. Crossfaces by Taz and a stomp. Boot by Taz. Sabu with a springboard leg lariat for a 2 count. Sabu with a slingshot somersault legdrop for 2. Taz to the floor. Taz over the rail. Sabu sets up a chair. Double jump plancha, but he jumps right into a chair shot by Taz. The match spills into the crowd now. Going up to the bleachers now and a chop by Sabu. Slugfest in the crowd. Chairshot by Sabu! Taz no sells basically. Taz gets whipped into the guardrail now both men are on the ramp. Springboard plancha off the ramp. Now back on the ramp and Taz tosses Sabu off the ramp and into the crowd. Back into the ring now finally. A table comes ringside now via the crowd…it gets bridged from the ring apron to the steel guardrail. He gets belly-to-belly suplexed over the top rope and through the table so hard, the camera went out! Taz drops Sabu’s injured chin on the rail. Sabu bleeding from his jaw. Sabu off the ramp again. Fonzie pissing Taz off, not a good move. Taz runs Fonzie off. Sabu dragged now into the ring by Taz. Sabu kicks Taz then hits him with a Rocker Dropper…2 count. Almost a new Champ. Sabu may actually be bleeding inside of his mouth, not his chin. Frankensteiner by Sabu off the top rope! Another Frankensteiner attempt gets turned into a powerbomb by Taz. Styles calls it a “Taznado Bomb” thats the bottom of the barrel joey, lower then Cole. Now to the outside. Sabu reversed a whip into the rail. Sabu tried a sunset powerbomb to the floor, but didn’t hit it. Taz on a table. Sabu into the ring, going up top. Splash through the Table! Cover….2 count only. ARABIAN FACEBUSTER! Sabu makes a cover by Taz’s foot is on the rope. Sabu with a chairshot. Sabu with a Triple Jump Moonsault…but then only a TWO Count. Head and Arm Tazplex. Now Sabu springs off again and a legdrop onto Taz. Taz with a Tazplex now. Belly to Belly Tazplex from the top now! Sabu gets up and a table is coming into play. Taz sets the table in the corner of the ring. Taz preparing Sabu for that Tazmission Tazplex into the table possibly to break Sabu’s neck. Taz now with a Dragon Suplex through the table. Kick out somehow! Tazmission locked on Sabu! The arm being lifted up, once, twice and for a third time. Taz holds onto his World Title and gets the FTW Title. Taz unifies the belts. Taz wanting to shake Sabu’s hand. They shake and Styles recaps the night.

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