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Sunday, July 18, 1999 in Dayton, Ohio

The show opened with promos by Taz, Danny Doring & Roadkill, Nova & Chris Chetti, Jason, The Dudley Boyz, Steve Corino (w/Tajiri, Rhino & Jack Victory), Justin Credible & Lance Storm, Jerry Lynn & Rob Van Dam, all talking about who the hottest star of HeatWave would be. The Dudleys chose Balls Mahoney, teasing a fire spot. The audio & video were out of sync while Corino was talking. Rob Van Dam, sporting the brand new RobVanDam.com tee, said he and Fonzie were alright with him teaming with Jerry Lynn which brought Sabu out. Dissension is still running between The Whole F’N Show & Sabu. After the promos Joey Styles welcomed everyone to the show.

Super Nova/Chris Chetti pinned Danny Doring/Roadkill
– Doring and Roadkill made their way to the ring as Doring picked up the microphone and worked the crowd by even proposing to the woman that accompanied him to the ring. She accepted as he placed a condom around her finger instead of a ring. Chetti then made his way out with a new look as the match began. Chetti was phenomenal in the match hitting a double-jump-moonsault among other maneuvers. He also did his Ricky Martin routine with the woman that Doring proposed to. Nova quickly broke them up, as she slapped Chetti by accident. Chetti then hit a death valley driver and a powerbomb as Nova hit the kryptonite krunch on Danny Doring. Chetti then hit tidal wave finisher for the pin.

Jazz pinned Jason
– The momentum of this match changed constantly with Jazz ending it by bringing in a steel chair to which she hit Jason on the crotch with. Jason then tried to hit a powerbomb on the steel chair which was in the middle of the ring, however, Jazz reversed it and hit her face buster maneuver for the pin.

Super Crazy pinned Little Guido
– The match swayed back and forth with Super Crazy excelling at his high-flying maneuvers. Little Guido was able to gain control thanks to Big Sal E. Grazziano’s interference. Super Crazy hit three moonsaults although he did slip off of the top rope on one of them. He was, however, able to gain back the control as he hit a plancha on Sal E. Guido kept trying, but he could not finish off Super Crazy. Crazy then hit a tiger bomb for the pin.

Spike Dudley/Balls Mahoney pinned The Dudley Boyz *Tag Team Championship*
– Bubba came out and challenged the whole town as Balls and Spike Dudley made their way out to the ring. Balls quickly grabbed the microphone and announced that this match would be a street fight. All four men brawled for a while while Balls and Spike hit their finishers at the same time. As they were about to finish off the match, Sign Guy Dudley grabbed the referee and pushed him outside. Spike then ripped Joe Gertner’s mask off as the Dudley’s were about to hit the 3D on him. Balls quickly school-boyed Bubba for the win to become the new tag team champions. After the loss, the Dudley’s set up two flamming tables. D’Von then powerbombed Spike through one and Bubba threw Balls on another table which didn’t break. Both new champions were unconscious as New Jack returned to ECW by destroying the Dudley Boyz.

Tommy Dreamer’s Announcement and Brawl.
– Tommy Dreamer and Francine came out to the ring as Dreamer announced ECW’s deal with TNN. He also thanked all of the fans for their support and explained that they should be the #1 organization in the world if they play they cards right. He then began to fake crying and made believe that he was going to retire as Steve Corino’s music errupted over the loud speakers. Corino along with Rhino and Jack Victory made their way to the ring with Corino trashing hardcore wrestling. Corino then began to say that “wrestling” is why they were all there and that since Dreamer can not wrestle on TNN, then he should pass the torch to him. Dreamer refused which caused Corino to attack him. Dreamer quickly set him up in the corner as Francine hit a bronco buster followed by a spinning-DDT for the pin. Quickly after the match, Tajiri ran out and attacked Dreamer and kicked Francine.

Taz versus Yoshihiro Tajiri *Heavyweight Championship*
– Another match that was a see-saw battle with both men having their high and low points. The match made its way to the outside of the ring as Taz shoved Jack Victory off of his wheelchair and nailed him with the same one. He then powerbombed Tajiri on the ramp and followed up with a tazplex through a table. Taz then grabbed some barbwire and chocked Tajiri. Eventually, officials came out and got Taz off of Tajiri. At the end of the match, Joey Styles explained that the camera men were staying on a wide angle because the shots could get them thrown off of pay-per-view. This match seemed to be a No Contest.

Jerry Lynn/Rob Van Dam pinned Justin Credible/Lance Storm
– Van Dam set Credible on top of a table and was about to put him through it when Sabu quickly ran in and hit a springboard legdrop on Credible through the table. In the ring at the same time, Lance Storm and Jerry Lynn were fighting and Storm had Lynn pinned when RVD attempted a 5-star-frog splash but missed and landed on Lynn instead. After a few near falls, Van Dam connected with a van daminator on Storm while Lynn hit a cradle piledriver for the pin. Following the conclusion of the match, Van Dam and Sabu argued as Sabu shoved Van Dam into Lynn causing all three men to begin brawling with each other.

Source: Adam Silverstein

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